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Twilight's life changes when she is accepted into a new college: the Canterlot College of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

There, she will make new friends, but also enemies, who will help her fulfill her destiny. One that she was not expecting.

Based on the "Harry Potter" film saga

Volume 1 (The Unicorn's Stone): Prologue - (In progress)

Chapters (4)

In a world where Sunset Shimmer did not go through the mirror, she tries to become a better pony.

In a world where Sunset Shimmer tries to become a better pony, she helps Celestia's new student, Twilight Sparkle

In a world where Sunset Shimmer helps Twilight Sparkle, well... a lot of things change

(cover by NightFuryStriker)

Chapters (4)

Twilight Sparkle the greatest strategist of Celestia’s holy army.
Rainbow Dash the greatest warrior of Luna’s holy army.
Both disillusioned and want to be more then puppets to ones who claim to be gods.
They make a deal. They will rebel and open up a third front in the eternal war.

Chapters (9)

The Witch of the Everfree... a tale that has spread among all who live by the ever illustrious forest, to whom the witch truly is, no one knows apart from the one herself... until now. Twilight Sparkle had lived in the Everfree throughout most of her long life, since the corruption she was alone until not long ago when she met few companions. Trained along side her sisters through bond in arcane magic, given true immortality, she continued her studies alone only every now and again seeing how her race fared. Now, forty years after she was dubbed a witch by her race, three little girls stumble through her woods in search of the ever mysterious "witch", what could really happen? read to find out.

FEATURED: 16/03/14

Many have wondered what Twilight looks like and such so to clarify, she does not look like a human female, she retains her fur coat, she is of human height and has hands. The facial structure is more detailed such as where the eyebrows should be there is a darker patch of coat much in the color of her mane.

The story starts a few episodes in, around halfway through season one I would say, some shall stay canon whilst some with alter, I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Twilight is still Twilight in every way, though she has been with little to no contact throughout her life apart from when the Everfree retained people, in such her words would become haggard sometimes so that's why you will probably go "huh" when you first see her talk to the CMC.

That is all for now.

Chapters (12)

Twilight Sparkle is a normal pony.

As normal as a pony can get as Princess Celestia's personal protogé, The Element of Magic and being the Savior of Equestria twice over that is.

She lives in Ponyville and is the librarian of Golden Oaks Library, she is the best of friends with five of the greatest mares in Equestria.

She is not some extremely powerful unicorn who has to closely monitor how much magic she has so as not to destroy anything by accident, she is not somepony who has infinite arcane knowledge at her disposal.

And she most certainly does not have Runes covering her entire body from horn to hoof.

This idea just randomly popped into my head when I saw the cover art, I have gotten permission to use it so YAY FOR ME~!
Tell me what you think of it! =^~^=

Chapters (2)

Equestria is a husk of what it was before.

Friendship never existed, the windigos took over the world completely.

All that remains are insane alicorns, gods, and monsters.

As the remaining ponies cower in fear and hide away from the constant battles, two alicorns clash once more only to experience something new.

Now, Midnight Sparkle and Nightmare Moon must work together to uncover what could have been. They start with the other alicorns.

C̷̨̦͖͙̭̤͙͕͊̾̅͗̅̄̓̔ͅe̸̤͉͉͔̲̟͕̒̇́͜ͅl̷̢̪͇̟̙͈͕͙̆͊̕e̵͖̝̲͈̒͐̕̚s̸̹̽t̷̢͍̖̭̙̄̆̂̆̓̚͝ỉ̴͉̎̈͑̚͝͠͝å̴̢̡̨̛͙̫̱̤͋͋̊̿̕͘Daybreaker. M̸̡̜̲̮̳̣͑̂̀͘í̸̢͈̙͆̑̓ ̶̛̳̣͓͂̀̈́́̚͠͝A̷̩̮̰͐̃̈́̔̇̓̈́̃͆͝ͅṃ̶̩̲̟̰̣͎̬͐̆̿ō̵͍̳̝̣̪͛̅r̶̡̖͈͕̜͇̤͙̠̾͋̄̑̆̅͗͘ȅ̶̝̜̘̙ ̷͙̠͂̔̔̏̂̒̑̍̀Ĉ̷̛̛̘̼͉̅̓̒͐̓̈͝a̷͈̟̦͑̄̇͐̔̎͋d̸̥̳͓̖̠͍͔̗͑e̶̻̬͈̳̺͈̳̖̣̣̓͋͑n̸̢̩̹̳̲̖̦̲͂̓́̉̑͜͝ͅz̶̢̤͈͔͙̪͚̜͐̑̏̊̚a̵̝͓̱̖̞͕̰̓̓͆͠Heartbreaker.

It wouldn't be easy. They didn't care.

An experimental AU. Set to be less than 20k words, and uploads will be as I write the chapters.

Romance will come in later chapters. You have been warned.

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Harmony Among The Stars

The ES Harmony has returned home, Princess Twilight has been reunited with those she holds dear and everything has returned to complete normality.

Then there is the mirror portal to Canterlot High, which she and the senior staff of the Harmony had discussed at one point in their journey, filling the Princess' curiosity. It has been closed for around two millenia, so who knows what could be on the other side?

And then there is Discord. He seems to know something, and urges the Princess through.

All this, so the Princess can meet some very enterprising people. Discord has brought the popcorn.

(Featured on 12/12/2017)

Chapters (2)

Sunset has always wondered who her father is. Her mother, Princess Celestia, described him as kind, but can get very angry when woken up not on his own terms. When the Anon-A-Miss incident rolls around years later, she finally gets her chance to meet him - the Mighty Firebird. He will stop at nothing until those who have tormented his daughter have been punished severely.

The Suicide/Self Harm tag is for when Sunset nearly tries to end it all.

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle has quite a few amazing adventures when she was young and had a lot of friends contrary to popular belief... Only they weren't ponies. In this story, I strive to write the world in my head, and I hope you guys enjoy the ride.

Changeling hype and secret heirs aside, let's get into it.

Chapters (6)

In a alternate world Twilight is a Thestral who often has to fight her own predatory instinct. Trixie is not so good with magic, but is vary fond of her friends. Derpy try's hard to help her friends and hates conflict. And Diamond Tiara has to say good bye to her old life when going to the orphanage after her parents death. The four of them live together in the same orphanage. But when the bullying and the fact no one cares about them have the four run away. What will happen?
Warning spoilers Gore tag because blood will be mention in future chapters

Update 6/9/17
Finally got a cover image on this. but there were no filly Thestral Twilight ones. Oh well.

Chapters (8)