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It is the 41st Millennium in the Equestrian Imperium. It has been nearly 10,000 years since Empress Celestia banished Nightmare Moon, thus ending the Lunar Heresy. The Goddess-Empress of Ponykind senses Nightmare Moon returning to conquer the Equestrian Imperium. Space Marine Librarian Twilight Sparkle is summoned by the Empress to find five more Space Marines across the galaxy to eventually face Nightmare Moon.

Now, Twilight Sparkle and her trusty cyborg baby dragon assistant, Spike, travel the galaxy in search of these five ponies. Little does she know that in many parts of the galaxy, there is no harmony. In many parts of the grimdark galaxy...

There is only war.

(A Ponified Warhammer 40k fanfiction I hope to complete someday.)
(Thanks to Angel of Speed for proofreading this, and to Matthais Unidostres his support.)

Chapters (4)

Twilight Sparkle was born on the moon, and her mother, Nightmare Moon, is hell bent on revenge against her sister for banishing them.

Of course, Twilight gets released early, before her mother, and Beautiful chaos ensues.

Chapters (9)

Sunset, instead of fleeing to another dimension, talked it out with Celestia and decided to stay in Equestria. As she continues her studies, Celestia gets a new student.

A young purple prodigy, Twilight Sparkle!

Celestia tasks her with taking care of the young filly, which she is not too keen about. All Sunset wants to do is study magic with Celestia. What kind of scenarios are these two young unicorns going to get into?

Rated "Teen" because of themes, language, and a bit of violence. Sex tag because of raunchy/steamy innuendos. Violence tag because of light descriptions of violence and injuries.

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Temporary Rulers

Several months have passed since the Siege of Canterlot, and things have begun to mostly return to normal. Twilight's reborn friends are settling in well, and the cleanup is going rather smoothly.

So of course something has to happen to upend it all. When she receives a message out of the blue, Twilight is shocked to see who it is from.

Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder and one of the two near-mythical Dragon Aspects, herself, wants to meet her and Pearl. But why, and why does she seem so interested in Pearl herself?

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Book 1 - Prisoner and Savior

After narrowly surviving an attack at a Mandor Fueling Station, Princess Twilight Sparkle is slowly getting entrusted into an interstellar war that will soon reach out to her beloved homeland, Equestria. As of now, Twilight's main goal was to head back home and rally her fellow ponies and friends to fight back against the encroaching invaders. Can Twilight rely on her new friends to help protect Equestria from the alien invaders or will her people fall under total enslavement for life?

*Spoiler warning: I already followed up with Midnight Light's first story in MLP Fimfiction and she said that she is no longer continuing where she left off in Prisoner and Savior. So, I'm using my own imagination to help finish the rest of the story my own way so that no one will get confused or offended by it.*

*For those who don't know how this story went down to this point, I strongly recommend you all to read the sequel first.*

Chapters (20)

Twilight Sparkle was merely sent to the caves beneath Canterlot in canon, but what if Chrysalis, who'd recieved a large power boost recently, and who'd realized that putting Cadance and Twilight in more or less the same place might be a bad idea, decided to use a spell she'd learned a long time ago, but never had the power to pull off. Twilight was sent to a parallel world. In this universe, or perhaps I should say multiverse, parallel worlds come in two flavors. 'Line' worlds, which are like parallel lines, never touching, even if they're an atom apart, and 'Mirror' worlds, which are essentially alternate worlds that closely resemble their counterpart, save for a couple differences. Now on a quest to return home, what adventures await Twilight? Note that this is a crossover, and I claim nothing in here for my own. I will mostly use video games and shorter anime as the worlds she'll visit, though OCs might exist.

Chapters (22)

Twilight will be forced to undergo a long battle with the forces of Chaos in order to return home to Equestria, after the disguised Chrysalis sent her to another dimension to get the only one who was suspicious of her out of the way. She will gain new powers and skills, and realize some things about herself that she hadn't before.

Chapters (3)

Sunset Shimmer, personal student of Princess Celestia, is the most gifted Unicorn in Equestria. She has long-neglected personal connections in favor of studying and ambition. Celestia, concerned by her student's behavior, searches for a way to help her student grow as a pony. As a last resort, her thoughts turn to Starswirl's Magic Mirror, that it could show Sunset a new way, or to a path of darkness, but then something or rather somepony comes as her solution. Sunset now finds herself teaching her own student, a bookish and anti-social young Unicorn named Twilight Sparkle. Can the two form an actual connection, or will their anti-social tendencies lead to disaster?

(A What if scenario where instead of showing Sunset Shimmer the Magic Mirror Celestia brings Twilight Sparkle to her to teach)

Chapters (1)

Life before she got her cutie mark was simple. Ponies would wave and smile at her, while her family was like any other. Yet on that fateful day, her mask fell, and they all discovered what she really was..

As time goes on, puzzles pieces fit together, secrets are told and some are made. Yet the truth lies in the shadows... as the day blinds the darkness...

08/08/22- Uh, not sure what this was, but I all I know is I'm not continuing this-

Chapters (1)

Unhappy that her future as a member of the monarchy is denied by Celestia, Sunset Shimmer escapes through Starswirl's mirror into another world, planning to take it over to prove once and for all she was fit to rule. What she didn't expect—besides a species change—was to arrive in a world already conquered.

TvTropes Page (Just created! Needs Help!)

Art (Will contain spoilers)

Sunset Shimmer - Bloody Sunset

Spoilers Ch. 11+: Angel - Angel and Sunny
Spoilers Ch. 18+: Princess - Comic
Spoilers Ch. 121+: Alejandra Acevedo - Flying at the speed of death
Spoilers Ch. 161+: Apple Bloom - Bloom
Spoilers Ch. 180+: Food - Sunset's Party Dress
Spoilers Ch. 185+: Fugue - Fugue by Rametep
Spoilers Ch. 197+: Exhausted

(Art is always welcome!)


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