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This story is a sequel to Where Trouble Goes

Twilight's parents invite her to dinner... and get all her new friends as well. And they discover first-hoof what a unique group of ponies the Advanced Projects group is...

For more of this series, see: Who Needs Enemies.

And also check out the entire series, beginning with Not Exactly Friends.

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Meet Twi Sparkle,
Her bro, Shiny,
Mama Twilight,
Night, her dad!

(I wanted to do a Flintstones parody instead, but I couldn't get past the second line.)


Hmm, I would have thought Grubber would get a bit more dinner conversation. All of them are familiar with Spike, sure, but Night Light and Twilight Velvet would not be familiar with Grubber.

Yet another good story with the Advanced Projects group!

A fellow Jetsons fan, eh?

What about (don't say I didn't warn you...):

Meet the Sparkles
They're the well-known Advanced Projects Team

From the
Royal City
They're an AU off the canon stream

Let's ride
With the team into the fray
They'll make
Harmony 'twixt Night and Day

When you're
With the Sparkles
They'll make everything all right with...
Light up the sky with...
Their Field of Har-mo-nyyyy...

(Cheese Sandwich made me do it. Put down that chainsaw...)

You saw how nervous he was when he walked in the door. I can only imagine what Tempest threatened to do to him if he got out of line...

Bravissimo, that's a lot better than I would have come up with!

Honestly, credit for the idea goes to Chuggaaconroy. Enjoy.


So none of them have tried snuggling up to the only guy in the group at night (in their sleep or otherwise) yet, and instead default to dreaming about books and magic as usual?

Admirable dedication to the job. Or they're all asexual/don't swing that way, which is fine. Or the "season" hasn't hit yet.

Velvet stared at her husband, amazed. "What's wrong with Mister Light, I'd like to know?"

Night Light wrinkled his snout. "It makes me sound like a diet beverage."

As opposed to aging chess?

And my mom... I didn't know her all that well. And it... kind of went downhill from there...

I really need to reread Trixie's debuting story now.

"No, it's okay," Trixie said, holding up a hoof. "It's just... well, there was just one pony who made Trixie feel she was wanted and loved when she was little. And now... well, she's gone..."

"I'm so sorry, my dear."

Trixie nodded. "You're not the only one," she said quietly.

Yup, still heartbreakingly sad. Even more potent since we know exactly who she's talking about but they don't.

"Exactly!" Velvet said. "It's like a house of cards, and Twilight's right in the middle of it. They all depend on her. And they're the Heroes of Equestria now, which means they're pretty much isolated from everypony else. They only have each other to rely on."

The foreshadowing of some schism in the group later down the line perhaps?

Yeah I was getting serious Flintstones vibes at one point in this story. Can't remember the exact moment that set it off though. "Button" as a nickname made me think of "Coraline" though so it's not like I need a lot to go on.

Nice slice-of-life :)

"Then... why the long face, huh?"


"But did we?" Velvet asked, finally putting her hoof on what had been bothering her. "Each of those girls has her own kind of pain, her own quiet misery. So what if the same is true for Twilight?" She stared at Night Light, worried. "What if there's something we missed? Something we just couldn't see?"

Apparently it's that you passed down a propensity for unwarranted-but-it-turns-out-really-warranted self-doubt.

God, I love this AU. What an awesome entry to this! Also... that foreshadowing is killing me. Now I half expect Twilight to breakdown and all of a sudden the friend group dissolves into factions! Oh God- DISCORD PUT DOWN THE GUN.

Excellent work on the exchanges, characterizations, general wrap-up and future story set-up in this one-shot, Definitely understood the discussion concerning their latest adventure as well as the frustrations of the stuff with the crowd of fans. Also enjoyed Twilight introducing her friends to her parents (with the obvious exception of Spike, who already knows Twilight's parents quite well).

All in all, quite an enjoyable post-big-adventure slice-of-life with some great foreshadowing.

Please, author, please have Tempest and Twilight get together. I feel so much romantic tension between the two, it hurts. It hurts so much.

Thanks for commenting! And just checking, have you read First of Many yet? That might have what you're looking for.

Thanks much, Comickook -- yes, this was intentionally a quieter, slice-of-life kind of story, as a break between the larger drumbeats in this series. And it's great to hear that it works well for you.

Oh thank you lord

Thanks so much! It's great to hear that it works so well for you, given it's more of a "serious" in-character series, as opposed to parody one-shots. As always, we aims to please!

This was really good! Great job with this, seems like there's a looming foreshadowing in Velvet's words though

... when is twilight’s Kirin Ancestry being brought up?

Or consider the alternative - Twilight breaks down and nothing else bad happens, because it turns out she didn't bring anything to the group after all and everything everyone said this story is a hollow platitude.

Ah. That's one alternative I guess lmao.

Even missed two, what is wrong with me?

Velvet stared at her husband, amazed. "What's wrong with Mister Light, I'd like to know?"

Almost sounds like someone from a video game, if you ask me.

Night Light wrinkled his snout. "It makes me sound like a diet beverage."

...Or that.

Ah, a fellow Chugga fan, eh?

Hey, RuBoo -- and thanks for reading. It's always nice to see a regular stop by!

Oh, Lord...

The horrors that poor Cheese Sandwich would go through!!


"Then... why the long face, huh?"

You’re ponies, you all have long faces.

It is also possible that Cheese is simply too slick for them to catch. Notice how, when all of them were on the floor, he deployed a hammock and stayed on the ceiling. After that discussion in the Livingroom it makes sense that he would stay nearby but well out of reach, and likely vacate entirely when they go into season.

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