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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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Inspired by stories written by the Owtcast and Carapace.

Thorax wasn't a normal changeling. He wanted friends to share love with, not victims to feed off of. He leaves the hive behind and finds himself in the Frozen North at the Crystal Empire. Follow him on his journey to his ultimate goal of being the first changeling to make friends with ponies.

The story takes place during and after the episode The Times They Are A Changeling, but it doesn't transpire the same way.

I have several chapters completed, but will only release each one after I've edited them and feel they are ready to be released. I'm also rating this teen for the time being, but I may change it to mature because of some ideas I have for later chapters.

FEATURED 10/7/2022
FEATURED 10/8/2022
FEATURED 10/9/2022
FEATURED 10/21/22
FEATURED 10/23/22

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While a thunderstorm brews outside the Zephyr Heights palace walls, a teenage Zipp Storm reads her sister a bedtime story.

Featured on-site 10/6/2022 - 10/8/2022
Featured on EQD 10/24/2022
Live reading by StraightToThePointStudios

* Proofread by LevelDasher
* Cover art by ScribblePotato
* Inspired by scenes from TYT & MYM
* Takes place several years before the start of G5

Chapters (1)

Beyond the mirror of opposite-Equestria, Thorax is tyrannical and bloodthirsty. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the hive when he decides to crown himself king.

Co-written with the wonderful BezierBallad.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to This Is What It’s Like

Pharynx was considered a nuisance to the Hive for quite some time. He was destructive, he wasn’t nice enough, and so he was resented.

Eventually, he reformed, and everyone couldn’t be happier for it.

Excluding Pharynx.

Maybe Changelings just aren’t meant to change, after all.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Young Warrior: Pharynx's Journey

Head General Fortuna Larynx has never chosen an apprentice before. She's never seen a changeling nymph that had the qualities she was looking for. That is, until Pharynx Elytron, the oldest child of Chrysalis-regina, reaches the apprenticing age. Fortuna knew from the stories she had heard that no other warriors would be able to turn Pharynx into the changeling she knew he was capable of becoming. So, it's time for her to finally select an apprentice to mentor. Fortuna can only hope she'll be able to encourage Pharynx to be his best self without too much interference from his mother.

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Rob the earth pony has not had an easy life. Alongside his crippling social anxiety, dead-end job, and general poor looks, he also suffers from a severe aversion to a certain facet of songwriting. Sure is a good thing his fellow citizens of Maretime Bay aren't prone to bursting into spontaneous musical numbers!

... Is that an electric guitar I hear on the horizon?

A surreal (horror?) comedy about xenophobic radicalization.

Warning: Contains excessive and potentially traumatic quantities of rhymes! Caution is advised!

Proofread by PoisonClaw and Max Bet.

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Granny Smith is making sure her grandfoals are okay through these troubled times. She’s keeping everything in apple-pie order for them.

She’s perfectly fine. She’s doing it for them.

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This story is a sequel to The Young Warrior

As a young changeling, Pharynx Elytron was known by all his fellow nymphs as the toughest, most ferocious of them all. And if you touched his brother, you were guaranteed to be beaten up later. When it was time for them to be apprenticed, they all hoped to be picked by the best of the best, the legendary Aureum in Generali, Fortuna-domina. The changeling had never taken an apprentice before, but with two royal children in the newest batch of apprentices, the nymphs were sure she had to make her appearance. Yet, when it was time for the nymphs to be matched with mentors, Fortuna chose Pharynx, the one changeling that they were all sure didn't need the guidance the rest of them deserved.

...Or did he?

Chapters (10)

Flash Sentry has gone missing. Sunset is desperate to find out what’s happened, and contacts Twilight to ask about the Flash in her world, but it seems as though nobody else really cares.

Proofread by BezierBallad.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The King of Love Bugs

Following Princess Twilight's coronation, Celestia and Luna retire and take an extended vacation touring Equestria. The final stop on their trip takes them to see a dear friend, and to experience, once more, what it feels like to be a changeling in his hive.

* Featured 8/15/2022 - 8/17/2022
* Part of the Love Bug Continuity!
* Proofread by LevelDasher
* Commissioned & Edited by Double R Forrest
* Cover art by CitreneSkys/PaintedSnek

Chapters (2)