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I'm just your average Brony. I love trains, I love history, I love writing stories, and I really, really love wolves! But most of all, I love writing my stories here for your enjoyment!

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The bitch Princess Sunbutt thought she would have domain over the Earth when she arrived. She thought that all would bow down to her conversion bullshit. There is one factor she never put to thought though. If you mess with the US Navy, you will fucking get the full fucking force of the US Navy thrown right back at you.

This is my very first TCB story so if it seems very weird and out of touch, sorry about that.

Chapters (1)

King Dainn and the Caribou armies are poised to launch their invasion of Equestria, starting with the Crystal empire. In preparation for the conquest, Dainn orders a few of his elite guard to kidnap a crystal mare. However, they come back with a interesting discovery.

Well, the ponies are hermaphrodites. This, naturally, complicates matters.

(Important Note: I do NOT like FoE stories. I just don't. However, I DO love the story 'Going Native', by Gyvon. And while reading that, this just popped into my head. So yeah, please don't complain too much.)

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After a fleet of Separatist ships reactivates (some just fail to be completely shut down) over Muunilinst at the end of the clone wars, a single Providence-class Dreadnaught escapes into unknown space in a randomized jump, and the Battle Droids on board meet everyone's favourite pony princess. Join Princess Lu- I mean, Princess Twilight and her friends as they try to make sense of the giant metal bathtubs from the sky and their strange occupants.

(Big thanks to my friend Dawny and my new editor Mine_Menace for editing this story for me, as well as Zaten for helping me proofread on later chapters)

WAIT, WHAT? I got featured? 05/27/2019
And apparently again 08/07/2019

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It is the closing year of World War II. Discord is sad that one of the most chaotic events he has seen in the multiverse is about to end. To make himself entertained, he decides to bring some of the human's favorite "Toys" to his world...tanks. However there is one problem,... They don't have sentience to cause chaos. Well Discord can fix that!

Chapters (4)

Inspired by the song Bismarck by the amazing band Sabaton!

When the Allies sunk the great battleship Bismarck, they thought it would be gone for good, left at the bottom of the Atlantic to rust as the Second World War raged on. What they didn't know was that the ship never made it to the ocean floor. Instead, the hulking battle machine was transported to someplace entirely unknown to mankind, with its sole survivor taken along for the ride.

The Gryphon Empire had been expanding its borders for centuries, gaining power and influence over the majority of the planet while at the same time stretching themselves ever thinner. Now, with food shortages threatening to tear the Empire apart, they look towards the only hope of salvation they have, Equestria.

Yet the pride of a predatory race would never allow for them to stoop to begging or trading for what they need. In their very blood there is a cry for war that cannot be denied if they are to save all that they have built. However, only a fool would dare go against the magical might of the pony nations, even taking into account the abysmal state of their military. Yet all of that changes when the hulk of a massive war vessel appears on the shores of their homeland, with a very strange pony the only being aboard.

Will Equestria fall under the power of one of mankind's most infamous warships? How will our lone human-turned-pony react to being in both a new body and world? You'll just have to take a look inside and see for yourself.

Thank you to my new Editors Grau and Helping Hoof for their help in making this an even better book for all of you to enjoy.

Chapters (6)

OCTOBER, 1945.

Humanity's biggest bloodiest conflict has ended no more than a month ago. Many countries are in ruins while many more were untouched. The Soviet Union controls over half of Europe with the Allies still in control of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the U.K.

In the Pacific, the United States has total dominance over the ocean since the defeat of Japan.
With peace restored the U.S begins to degrade it's military forces in the Pacific. But one day, something out of this world happens.

A rift between space and time opens up within the Midway atoll. On the other side, an enemy like nothing we've ever seen before attacks the island base and the moored 2nd US Pacific Battlefleet. But with greater numbers and firepower, U.S Pacific forces overpower the attackers and pushes them back through the rift. In response, the U.S Government organises a campaign to find and bring those responsible to justice.

An expeditionary fleet, led by Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, is sent through the rift where they are transported to a world that defies everything we know. The arrival of Nimitz' battlefleet will not only make contact with an intelligent Equine race, But an ancient evil that once brought this world to ruins a thousand years ago has returned with a cold vengeance and a powerful army, unleashing a new war that will bring both worlds to ruins.

(Story is undergoing a total rewrite and extended with a brand new storyline. There will be major changes in locations, time, new characters, and the new storyline will follow on from an alternate WWII timeline. More changes will be listed as they come. So for the time being, all work on the sequel is on hold till then.)

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It was quite the usual day for the bustling street of Manehattan, ponies went on their day and minding on their business. Rarity, the rest of the Mane Six and Spike is preparing to depart from Manehattan after their stay here accompanying Rarity participating on 'Fashion Week', but something unexpected happened. There was a lot of shouting, mixed with a terrified scream of ponies. Many fled, but also many approached just to see what is happening. That includes the Mane Six aswell.
And there, just a few miles away from the shores of Manehattan with all of its Pride and Glory, those who stared are all in awe of its Might.

The proclaimed King of the Sea: Bismarck.

Chapters (2)

The seas of Gaia are filled with privateers and warmongering pirate lords. With the slow progress of naval advancement, these vile people have roamed free of judge. One stormy day that all changed. The sea summoned a judge, jury and executioner of justice. This judge is the soul of Admiral Hanz Ravenmark and his ship H-44 GERMANIA!
Do not own this beautiful artwork thank you Deviant Art For existing

WE DID IT! AS OF Feb 1st of 2020 This story has reached 1000 views

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((Edit: Wooo, we made the front page. Yes! *Hoof pump*))

A German Panzer column during world war 2 gets pulled into Equestria where they stumble upon the crystal empire. Meanwhile, Equestria's hostile northern neighbour, The Gryphon Empire, is gearing up for war. Will the Germans be able to turn the odds in Equestria's favour?

Chapters (9)

He had done it. The giant demon that had masterminded the invasion of Earth was dead, and Hell was in shambles. All that was left was to backtrack through Hell and go home to help rebuild the ruined planet...
But of course, it's never that easy. Just one wrong turn, and he arrives from Hell itself into a land filled with pastel-colored ponies. How will the man who had just destroyed Hell adjust to the sudden peacefulness after all he had been through? And is Hell really destroyed for good?

Chapters (21)
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