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Famous for their daring and ingenuity, they're invaluable scouts when it comes to dangerous and hostile lands.

Masters of the frontier, they once roamed the land and made their own fortunes...

Now, this Hunter must live up to this reputation when he finds himself in a new and foreign land.

His light will be tested, and he will be made stronger.

I do not own destiny.

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Sweetie Belle has made it her desire to cook, and since Rarity can't afford a new house. She brings her to the only person oblivious enough to actually try to teach her...

The local human, Pablo.

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This story is a sequel to Ponies Get Punched

Captain Falcon has gained the Mane Six as his fold. Captain Flutter, Captain Apple, Captain Fashion, Captain Rainbow, Captain Lunar, Captain Solar, and finally, Captain Book. Together, they will fight the evil named Mary Sue, the pony of many overpowered abilities, the one that shant be named due to the fact that his name is ridiculously long.

The band of Falcons will face...

Overpowered Red and Black Alicorn OC.

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Ponies get punched, repeatedly. In the face.

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Almost every little kid has dreamt of flying like Superman, running fast like the flash, or anything. But sometimes what you think is an amazing gift or ability might fall apart when put them into everyday life.

Take for example, me.

I got powers, and from a sketchy little gem that belonged to Vlad the Impaler my dad dug up during one or his digs. And my dumb ass had to touch it. Textbook comic starting.

Get sent into Equestria; every Brony's quiet fantasy right?

Everything should be happy-go-lucky Mary-suetastical, right?

Well, when your very presence causes ponies to fall ill, that wouldn't be the case. Haemopotent Replication (double speak for the ability to bite into your throat and say "now I have your power!"), though I have to drink a gallon of the stuff for it to actually last long. Noskinetic Constructs ( If you get a cold I can make a sword out of it, handy huh? Can't use the sickness I give to ponies though). Fire-lightning breath (I don't even)and last but not least my "favorite" power, Osteokinetic Constructs...I can make bone armor.

Bone. Armor.

Thought the tiny drawback is the fact that if you force your bones to grow, shift, and displace...

It hurts! Like a lot!

And the icing on the cake, a stinger. A prehensile stinger tail. With poison, that I can control.

All that, plus the fact that my very being causes illness, really doesn't help my chances with the ponies.

Well, when life gives you lemonade...

Kill them with disease.

A story inspired by the Superpower Lottery Challenge created by Wheenesss

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(Inspired by a weird dream)

The Dovah(chic)kiin of legend goes on a quest for the blacksmith of Windhelm. To retrieve the sword of Queen Freydis inside of Uttering Hills camp. Though, Skyrim is a dangerous place.

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A man who has been blind his entire life has somehow ended up in Equestria. Though, something is. . . off about him. The ponies seem slightly less afraid of him due to his handicap, but looks can be deceiving.

(I'm not the best writer out there, no not even close. Also this is just an experiment, lets see where it goes. Criticism is welcome, inspiration and encouragement is welcome also.)

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A man whose made his career in the manipulation and entertainment of other people, whether it be by the slide of hand, a tap of the shoulder, the picking of a lock, or the usage of another persons voice, gets sent into an equestria where the humans are non-sentient. They are treated as common house animals and are viewed as such. Will his lifetime mastering the art of deception be enough to secure his survival, or will he end up on a lab table?

(Inspired by a story called, "Chains" and a movie called "Now You See Me"...watch it.)

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Listen, i'm not some pathetic whiner who complains about how my life sucks.

I'm not a shut in who blames the entire human race for the actions of a select group.

Those idiots die first.

I do know how to use a door, I have a drivers license, and I have a good social life.

You have to blend in to be able to avoid these jackwagon's.

MLP jumper crossover.

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Have you ever had those wild and crazy ideas for an HiE fic, but it never got ahead of the idea stage? I always had that problem.

That is why i'm dedicating this to those wild and crazy ideas that pop into your mind, but never really came to completion.

If you have any wild idea's, feel free to comment them.

Let's see just how creative the human imagination really is!

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