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"r5h, your story was also weird in that you had like some of the cleverest jokes in the contest and also some of the dumbest" -Aragon

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Pinkie has one month to throw a party that's out of this world. Which is exactly where she'll receive the training she needs.

Can she brave the trials of artistic integrity, heavy rainfall, an actual literal gun, and thinking too hard about why she went to Equestria in the first place?

Written as an entry for Aragon's Comedy (is Serious Business) contest.

Prereading and editing were done very graciously by Oroboro and Pearple Prose. Cover art by Lia Aqila.

Story is complete and will be updated daily!

UPDATE: Placed fourth in the contest!

Featured by the Royal Canterlot Library!

Chapters (8)

Chrysalis knows the world is a simple place. There's people who have power, and people who don't.

Sunset Shimmer is about to make things complicated.

Earned second place in Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Changing Seasons.

Chapters (1)

The most important thing to Night Light is protecting his daughter. She's so smart, and learning so much, but there's dangers that no child can understand.

But tonight's not about that. Tonight is just a bedtime story.

Cover art by Bakki, used with permission.

Chapters (1)

Applejack can't hide her deep, romantic, pure, but also totally freaky-deaky love for Rainbow Dash one minute longer. But Rainbow Dash is training with the Wonderbolts—what is Applejack to do? The solution: Disguise herself as a pegasus, despite the fact that she can neither fly nor walk on clouds. What could possibly go wrong?

Absolutely nothing.

This story was cowritten by KwirkyJ, whom I thank for writing at least half of the actual words.

Entered into the fourth AppleDash group contest with the categories "Deepest, Darkest Secret" and "A Place Outside of Ponyville".

Chapters (5)

The Doctor, the Doctor's companions, the Doctor's friends, the princesses, various one-shot characters... with all these characters, there's going to be too many stories to tell and not enough time in the main fanfiction.

Which is where The Merely Mundane Tales come in. They tell various short stories set in the same world as The Majestic Tale (of a Mad-Pony in a Box). You won't need to read these stories to make sense of the main plot (though I may drop minor pieces of foreshadowing in here). Anyway, enjoy!

Chapters (9)

Traveling between parallel universes is impossible, especially during the process of regeneration, but the Tenth Doctor doesn't have time to question the facts. He's just been thrust through a tear in the fabric of reality, gotten a new body, and landed on a planet called Equestria. Specifically, he's landed in the worst possible place in all Equestria – somewhere that's ready to unleash a “big ol' storm of chaos”.

That's just the beginning of the Doctor's strange new lease on life: there's a whole host of mysteries to explore. Who is Derpy Hooves, the gray pegasus who understands more about him than even she knows how to explain? How does Princess Celestia already know him? And what's the truth behind the Order?

Above all, the Doctor needs to discover if this new universe can heal the wounds he suffered in the last. Only one thing is certain: there's an awful lot of running left to do.

(Warning: For those of you who haven't watched up to the Doctor Who episode 'The End of Time'... spoilers. Also, this story begins between Seasons 2 and 3 of FiM, and things start to... diverge from there.)

Side stories can be found at The Merely Mundane Tales (of a Mad-Pony in a Box).

Chapters (22)
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