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The most important thing to Night Light is protecting his daughter. She's so smart, and learning so much, but there's dangers that no child can understand.

But tonight's not about that. Tonight is just a bedtime story.

Cover art by Bakki, used with permission.

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I read it. Sweet and poignant. Good work, man.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

This is some top-tier storying right here, man.

A delightfully light-hearted story with some great subtle and not-so-subtle undertones woven through the story with the story and the narration. You've really managed to capture a tone that meshes very well with the show, and yet manages to have its own voice. Bravo.

Nicely done! Oro-bro-ro pointed me this way and got me to read the first non-Oro fic I've read in an unfortunate number of months. I was not disappointed, :pinkiehappy:

Way to go Night Light!

A very sweet story. Thank you for writing this, it was fantastic to read. :twilightsmile:

Keep on writing! Allons-y!

A fantastic one-shot. Carry on!

Story Approver

Simple and to the point, yet you’ve done a good job of putting together a cohesive narrative. :twilightsmile:

Funny, cute and hearthwarming. Night Light is very clever doing this stunt. I wonder if Velvet knows???

With great power comes those who would abuse it. And, thankfully, those who work to protect it. Especially when it happens to be their child. Great moment for Night Light. Thank you for it.

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