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Fuck the filibuster · 4:27am Feb 26th, 2021

Not to put too fine a point on it but the senate filibuster is not in the constitution, and these days it only ever serves to derail progressive legislation. Republicans got rid of the filibuster for supreme court nominees to ram through their trio of ideologues, and the remaining filibuster never stopped them from cutting taxes for the super-rich.

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Yet Again I Must Say That Black Lives Matter · 9:13pm Aug 1st, 2020

Some good news: Seattle is seriously working on defunding its police by at least fifty percent. And remember how my last blog post was about how the feds were being awful in Portland? Well, as of a few days ago, they've started to reduce their presence there, and what do you know?

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Black Lives Matter Now More Than Ever · 4:00am Jul 17th, 2020

But beyond that... have you heard about what's happening in Portland?

Because holy shit, it's turning into a literal fascist police state. Here's an article with some info. Or you can just check many many threads on Twitter to see horrifying videos in real time.

Black lives matter. Defund the police. Abolish the Department of Homeland Security.

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Black Lives Still Matter · 10:51pm Jun 29th, 2020

I kinda felt awkward making another version of this post? Because, like, it's repetitive and whatever?

But then I remembered that, holy shit, they haven't even arrested the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor, and they only even fired one. The police who murdered Elijah McClain haven't even faced any sort of disciplinary action, and he was younger than me.

He was younger than me.

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Black Lives Matter · 4:42pm Jun 4th, 2020

That's it, that's the post

Here's some ways to help out

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No Sleepless Knights post tonight · 3:53am Oct 12th, 2019

Like the title says, I'm afraid I don't have the ability to pump out Fifth Knight tonight. The outline isn't really working yet and I don't have time or energy to fix it, particularly with certain IRL stuff getting in the way.

In my defense, though, I wrote a 5600 word chapter yesterday and I freaking nailed it.

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Cinema Verite · 7:28pm Sep 20th, 2019

I don't exactly have a lot of followers so it seems a bit silly of me to boost someone who has more, but... go read Cinema Verite. It's really good, it stands alone, and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

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Tales from the fuckhouse (and other stories of BC19): Part 2 · 5:22pm Aug 6th, 2019

Keep in mind this is being written several days after the events that transpired. Things are gonna be fuzzy, and things might end up being recounted on different days than they actually happened. If I forgot to mention meeting you I promise it's not out of malice. It's just that there's a lot.


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Tales from the fuckhouse (and other stories of BC19): Part 1 · 10:57pm Aug 5th, 2019

This post is for my own benefit as much as anyone else's. Bronycon was a real trip and I had a blast, and I'm also worried that it'll all blur together soon and I won't remember it very well. So, uh, let's enumerate what happened, while I have any hope of dredging it up from the addled depths of my memory.


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I did it · 3:59pm Dec 1st, 2018

I wrote 50000 words during this NaNoWriMo

My brain is a fine mist right now but I did it

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