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Yet Again I Must Say That Black Lives Matter · 9:13pm Aug 1st, 2020

Some good news: Seattle is seriously working on defunding its police by at least fifty percent. And remember how my last blog post was about how the feds were being awful in Portland? Well, as of a few days ago, they've started to reduce their presence there, and what do you know? The protests since then have all been peaceful. (Almost as if—gasp—the police and feds were the ones causing the violence!) Those protests are still focused on BLM, and on stopping police violence.

Less good news: Trump's DHS is trying to move more federal officers into other cities. But I'm hopeful that they'll meet the same kind of resistance in those other cities as they met in Portland.

To everyone who's protesting: keep up the good work.

Black Lives Matter, and fuck fascists.

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Good news has been very scarce these past few months.

Thanks for posting this. :)

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