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The chances are very slim as the book I'm currently writing I've been enjoying a lot more over my fanfics being how it's on the 1 thing I love most in this world. Trains.

Well I am sorry to hear you have moved from writing fanfiction, your writing showed improvement over the installment of the story. I do recognize life can take us places where writing can be difficult ( I say this as someone who has never written a story or being able to write directions to walk out of room without getting writer’s block). Perhaps one day the interest will come back to you, but I am glad to have gotten to read what have written to date:twilightsmile:

As great as that sounds, I've moved on from writing fanfiction. As my main page says I've retired from making them. I've moved onto other things such as college, work and since this summer writing a book. While there's been times I've considered doing it again, the chances are very unlikely as I got less interested in it and wanted to end it, which is what I did.

👍 no prob, have you ever thought of combining all the stories into long story? I don’t think the narrative would be hurt and the stories essentially all show the progression of TwiSet’s relationship as the go through ( at least to the point I have read) their last year in high school and starting their lives together. Merely food for thought.

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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