• Published 23rd Sep 2011
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Moving on: Silver Spoon's story - Hollyfern

one filly coping with moving on in life

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Good news everypony!

To everyone who's read and fav'd I think you will be pleased to know that Silver Spoon's life continues the next year with more ongoings as she copes with growing up in her family. There will be subtle hits at quite a bit more going on and even one thing in this story that remained untouched. So far, Silver Spoon's sequel is three chapters in. And, to those who had concerns with the grammar, I think you will be pleased to know that has been taken care of as well.

Now, as an extra-special thank you, I'll go movie trailer on y'all!




The mare slightly frowned for a moment then regained her distant expression. “I see I am still not welcome,” She turned to leave, looking to Seabastion. “Seabastion, if you will pass on the news? I am quite sure she will listen to you.”

“As you wish, mistress.” Seabastion dipped his head. He entered Silver Spoon’s room and closed the door behind him. The emotion he was masking manifested in a deep sorrowful look, ageing the stallion where he stood. “The return of mistress Sunset has also brought other news as well..."
As the sunset, the stage seemed to glow with an ethereal aura in the dusk.

"Mares and gentlecolts, please!" announced a voice seeming to come from behind the lavish blood red curtains of the stage. A popping sound was heard over the giddy and excited conversation of the crowd. A spotlight sputtered on and tracked to center stage where a head seemed to suspend mid-air.

"Woah!" Silver Spoon reeled. What IS that?! Sweetie Belle cooed, and along with a few other ponies in the crowd, began a round of applause at the simple trick.

"Tonight, we proudly present our opening act as a pony merely heard about in legend." Just then, however the head moved, seeming to scan the crowd. Then, it tipped its hat. "My, my what a generous audience today!" The head seemed to speak. The rest of it's body was far more elongated than a normal pony. even without the stage the pale horse probably stood taller than anyone in Ponyville.
"Seabation... you've been acting strangely for awhile now..." Silver Spoon quietly said. "What have you been keeping from me?"

The old stallion was silent for a moment, the age in his face seemed to appear all at once. "It is not... out of the realm of possibility," Seabastion began. "That I have come to care for you as my own granddaughter of sorts. Trust that I do not act to cause you worry."
"Remember, Silver, no matter what happens, no matter what path you walk in life, you will always be daddy's little girl." The sandy stallion cuddled Silver Spoon. "Whatever your decision, leave it to daddy to take care of you. Always."

The sequel- The Spoon That Refused Polish

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Final fantasy victory fanfare played in my head when I saw that you had updated! Can't wait to read some more! :twilightsmile:

1205114 Hahaha! This is letting everyone who read this that there is something going on with Silvy after this.:raritywink:

1205129 well this was a really great story, and I'm enjoying the next one so far. :twilightsmile: I can honestly say that your stories are among my absolute favourites.

1205147 :raritystarry: Ohmigosh! Thank you~ :heart: :raritywink:

Oh, I've got chills! Thank you so much! :heart::raritywink::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

1205934 It's a reference. :raritywink:

1206128 Hahaha! Someone else thought of that now, too I see! :pinkiehappy:

1206330 Shhh. :raritywink: I'll tell you, you're quite observant. :duck:

I will check out the sequel later. By the way do I sense hints of Batman in that trailer? :trixieshiftright:

1221044 I tend to have that effect on ponies. :raritywink:

1224532 Merci~ :raritywink: Do enjoy.

1224607 Hahaha! You're one of the few that noticed! :raritystarry:

1224641 Please, you flatter me. :twilightblush: Your compliment is greatly appreciated. :raritywink:

1224765You've never done that? I mean, granted your friends and family would never buy you cupcakes again, but the experience in itself is fun!

hell yes im so there! :D faved this and thumbed on to the sequel!!

1229926 That's pretty much how I imagine somepony meeting Pinkie for the first time. Not exactly all laughs and giggle to begin with. :duck:

1263925 Really adorable Icon. :raritywink:

I found this through EqD, I thoroughly enjoyed it. A wonderful and charming look at Silver Spoon. I eagerly look forward to the sequel, but for now must away, my copy of Borderlands 2 isn't going to pick itself up (the lazy git :rainbowlaugh:)

1295055 You too? BL 2 is my priority as well! :raritywink:

1296274 What system you get it for? I got it for xbox, if you did too we oughta rock some co-op :rainbowlaugh:

1296977 PS3, naturally. PSN: Miles_Teel

Aaah, I remember reading this from before I even had a fimfiction account! Good stuff!

I am convinced now that Silver Spoon is best filly. This was really a joy to read and I can't wait to dive into the sequel! :rainbowkiss:

Not bad, but with Spoony's cutie mark, I get the impression that you're going blatantly against canon. They're supposed to earn their mark, when they discover their special talent. But with Silver and Diamond, I don't get that impression.

*hugs* It's okay wittle Cwuwess fiwwy. :rainbowkiss:

1467215 First and foremost, thank you for being honest. I remember at the time thinking I wanted to leave room for the fact that other things are going on beyond the end of the story. I suppose I fumbled that. :duck: But, thank you again for that~ :raritywink:

1478923 Actually, yes there is! I need to re write it though but I do have plans for her.

I really, really enjoy this fanfic. It is by far the best I've ever read, and I recommend it to anypony. This has really changed my perspective on characters.

1500892 Thank you so much! I hope I can continue to capture your interest in the future~ :heart:

2310939 Sure, go right ahead! I'd be honored! :pinkiehappy:

2414693 You'd be the first... reading now... wow.

I love this. You completely captured Silver Spoon's character and there's absolutely nothing you should change. This is amazing.:pinkiehappy:

How could you say that?!

I really enjoyed your story, thanks for sharing it.


I did said semantics,You know

3240539 Yes, but I'm both sleep deprived and moderately insane, so I didn't bother to look up what that meant.

I am relieved to know DT has patched things up with Silvy.:pinkiehappy:

how is that pronounced, as in Tee Tee or Tity because either one doesn't sound very flattering.:twilightsheepish:

Hazzah, I finally found it!
I discovered this fanfic a really long time ago, and totally fell in love with it, but when I searched it here on fimfiction, it got no results! Now I have rediscovered it thanks to Harmony Charmer :heart:

6434887 I see. Wait... what about 50 Shades of Grey? Is there a difference?

Very nice job all who worked on this! A bit of advice: you need more attention grabbers. I phased in and out of this story for a while until I finally got it done, not because I didn't like it, but because I wasn't taken in by the story.

7426579 just saying they asked how something could be done in a world with magic.

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