Moving on: Silver Spoon's story

by Hollyfern

First published

one filly coping with moving on in life

COMPLETE! NOW WITH SEQUEL!Diamond Tiara has moved away to Manehattan leaving behind a lonely and friendless Silver Spoon. Depression slowly sets in, but one Cutie Mark Crusader extends the hoof of friendship. The sequel The Spoon That Refused Polish


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The air rang with the excited screams of fillies and colts as they poured from their afternoon confinement. Lagging behind the pack, one gray filly hung her head and ears as she trailed behind, followed by her fuchsia teacher, Cheerilee.

Silver Spoon sat alone, her monogrammed saddle bag as her sole company. Tears welled in her violet eyes. She removed her glasses and wiped away her tears, wishing her sorrow would be as easy to get rid of. She knew her tears wouldn't fix anything. Only the one pony she cared deeply for, Diamond Tiara, could fill this expanding void in her young life. A void that became known one month ago today when her dear friend moved away to Manehattan. The isolation grew whenever she felt alone or, at times like this, when her classmates enjoyed their time with their friends. To make matters worse, Silver Spoon’s birthday was approaching and she had no true friends to celebrate with. She knew all too well her classmates would attend, but merely for the festivities and not for her. For the first time in a long time, she truly felt alone.

Stupid ponies! she inwardly growled as she eyed her frolicking class mates with blurred eyes, her sadness smoldering over into hate and malice.

"Silver Spoon?" a familiar voice called from behind her, concern rang in its tone.

The gray filly knew the voice belonged to the class teacher, Cheerilee. She replaced her glasses and wiped her eyes once more then turned, offering a false smile. "Yes, Miss Cheerilee?" she managed to evenly speak.

"I've noticed you haven't been playing with anypony else since Diamond Tiara left," her teacher sat next to her and placed a hoof on the fillies shoulder. "You must be taking it kind of hard."

Oh what do YOU know? Silver Spoon thought to herself though maintained her façade. "Oh, I'm fine Miss Cheerilee."

In a rare sight, Cheerilee’s eyes narrowed and any previous softness immediately vanished, which surprised Silver Spoon. To see her typically cheerful teacher offer such a serious look; it seemed as if she could tell she was being lied to. After a few moments of staring, the mare smiled. Cheerilee turned her head to the playground, eyeing four fillies in particular amongst the few other students that waited to be picked up. "Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Twist," Cheerilee called out.

Silver Spoon groaned as she rolleed her eyes. Despite the cold and sarcastic façade she put on around Diamond Tiara that masked her uncanny intelligence, she could tell exactly where this was going. And she didn't like it.

Reluctantly, the four students in question dropped what they were doing and reported to their teacher.

"Yes, Miss Cheerilee?" they sang simultaneously.

"Care to include little Silver Spoon in your little game?" Cheerilee chirped, more a command than a request.

The four fillies all just stared for a moment at their fallen former tormentor. Silver Spoon sat with an attitude. She looked straight ahead, with no intent to acknowledge the looks of her classmates.

The mild orange pegasus huffed. “Actually I was just about to jet.” Scootaloo returned to the playground, stopping for a moment to fetch and mount her signature scooter then zipped off before any word of protest could be voiced.

“Uhh...” The next filly, a pale yellow student, her tangerine eyes darted about searching desperately for a convenient excuse as she toyed with the bow in her fiery red mane. “Oh! Ah promised Apple Jack ah’d help with the applebuckin t’day!”

Before anypony could pose a question, Apple Bloom darted off leaving Twist and Sweetie Belle. Silver Spoon scoffed at the sight. I expected as much... The only pony she wanted was the one that got away, one that understood her. And neither of the two that remained were her.

Cheerilee loosed a tired sigh. Obviously her hopes at socializing Silver Spoon were scattered in the wind. She gave the two remaining fillies a weak smile and a pleading look in hopes to reassure them.

“Well...” The powdery white unicorn started, placing a hoof to her chin. “I wouldn't mind playing with Silver Spoon!”

Silver Spoon’s ears perked, and her eyes widened. She was bewildered and surprised by those words. She’s...she’s lying! She refused to believe the unicorn’s words, not after all she put Sweetie Belle and her friends through. The bullying and name calling...there was no way I deserve a second chance!

The lankier earth pony nodded in agreement. “Ath’ually, I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her either, but I gotta go home,” Twist, said as she offered a smile to Silver Spoon, then trotted off, her frizzy red mane bouncing in the wind.

Cheerilee stood, a satisfied smile across her face as she looked from Sweetie Belle to Silver Spoon. “Well, I hope you fillies have fun together!” the mare chirped before returning to the school house, leaving the fillies to themselves.

Sweetie Belle sat next to Silver Spoon, a grin across her face that Silver Spoon returned with a look of confusion and doubt. “Since you did that just to please Miss Cheerilee, you can go now Sweetie Belle,” the gray filly huffed as she pushed up her glasses. I don’t need anypony’s pity! Silver Spoon distanced herself from her classmate and began tapping her hoof on the ground.

“I’m serious!” Sweetie Belle protested. “I noticed that you have been acting different since Diamond Tiara left, you don’t even call me a Blank Flank anymore.” The young unicorn offered a warm smile as she scooted closer and closed the distance. “I just thought you would want to be friends, after all, everypony needs a friend.”

“R-Really?” Silver Spoon felt a small fleck of happiness spark inside her as she cast a sideways look at Sweetie Belle. “You mean it..?”

“Well, sure!” the young unicorn squeaked. “I’m sure the other crusaders will be your friends too, if you try.” Sweetie Belle thought for a moment, her eyes widened as a smile ran across her face. “Why don’t you come over to my house? We could help each other with our homework with Scootaloo and Apple Bloom.”

Silver Spoon tossed the offer around in her mind. Though her stomach knotted up at the fear of being rejected, her heart skipped a beat in hopes that she wouldn't be alone anymore and the prospect of friends that would be there for her if she should need them. “Al... Alright...” Silver Spoon bashfully replied.

“Great!” Sweetie Belle squeaked, offering a smile to Silver Spoon.

Silver Spoon giggled at her classmates’ odd level of joy over something so simple. For the first time in awhile, Silver Spoon smiled sincerely. Though her gut still cautioned her, her heart was more than willing to accept a lie, as long as it meant not being alone.

“Sweetie Belle, dear,” chirped an approaching voice. “Ready to go?”

Both fillies turned their attention to the voice's source. Silver Spoon recognized the mare immediately, as she did her heart and hopes sank. Those regal deep amethyst curls of her mane and tail, the sparking cerulean eyes and well kempt white coat all belonged to the unicorn known as Rarity. Sweetie Belle’s big sister and a witness to Silver Spoons past cruelty. There’s no way she will let me and Sweetie Belle be friends... Silver Spoon sighed as her ears went limp.

“Rarity!” Sweetie Belle eagerly chirped back. “Would it be alright if Silver Spoon came over for a bit?”

“S-Silver Spoon..?” Surprise flickered across Rarity’s face. She caught the disheartened look on Silver Spoons’ face and tried to play her shock off with an awkward smile.

I knew it... The defeated silver earth pony quietly whimpered.

The younger unicorn stomped her hoof, a little upset at her sisters’ reaction. “Please?” Sweetie Belle pleaded.

“W-Well,” Rarity’s eyes darted between the scowl of her sister and Silver Spoon, who was staring at the ground. It was plain to Silver Spoon that her past actions were back to haunt her now. She looked up from her staring contest with the dirt and recognized a pony approaching. A tall, formally dressed rich onyx coated stallion approached, his silvery mane blew lazily in the breeze, one of her butlers.

“Are you ready to depart, Miss Silver Spoon?” His thick aristocratic tone hailed distinctly from Canterlot, and he paid no mind to the other two ponies, as his steely gray eyes stayed on his young mistress as he awaited a response.

Silver Spoon cast one glance at the two sisters, then turned back to her upright butler, her mind made up. “...Yes Seabastion,” she sharply replied in a more regal tone. The gray filly stood and gathered her saddle bag, then went to her butler’s side. However, she was stopped by somepony stepping on her tail.

Silver Spoon glanced over her shoulder and saw it was Sweetie Belle who was stopping her from going. “But I thought you were coming to my house!” the young unicorn protested.

“It’s alright... thank you for the offer, Sweetie Belle.” Silver Spoon quickly turned away as tears formed in her eyes. She inhaled deeply, getting a little control over her emotions, but not daring to cry in front of everypony. Despite some part of her wanting to go, she clearly wasn't welcome.

Guilt gripped Rarity as made clear by her frown and at the display in front of her for doubting the little filly's feelings. “Silver Spoon, you are more than welcome to drop by if you like,” she offered, with a smile.

“If you would prefer, I can pick you up from Carousel Boutique at sunset, Miss Silver Spoon,” Seabastion suggested with a slight turn of his head.

UGH! I don’t need anypony’s PITY! I can’t believe I almost bought those LIES!! Silver Spoon bit back a groan and merely offered a shake of her head. “That’s quite alright, Seabastion, as I have grown weary and wish to return home now.”

“As you wish, Miss Silver Spoon,” the black stallion said with a nod. He took the lead as Silver Spoon followed behind.

Sweetie Belle’s impatience hit its peak. She stamped a hoof and called out to Silver Spoon, “Fine! You’re coming by tomorrow though right?” she ordered as opposed to giving as option.

Sweetie Belle’s offer fell on deaf ears. Silver Spoon ignored the young unicorn and kept pace with her butler. She knew if she were to turn back now, there would be no hiding the tears she fought back, and that was something she refused to allow.


This evening had turned out like all the ones prior to it since Diamond Tiara left. The walk home only made her feel even more isolated; Seabastion never spoke unless spoken to. Once they arrived home, the maids and butlers greeted them as they normally did, offering hollow and meaningless smiles as if they were mocking her. Her dinner was delivered on a silver covered platter to her room to eat alone. The aroma drifted about the room meaninglessly. The gray filly didn't have much of a hunger for food; she hungered for affection, for Diamond Tiara.

Tears once again formed in her violet eyes. It seemed literally everything had something to keep it company... except one whimpering gray filly. She placed her glasses on the bedside window sill and clapped her hooves together, turning off the light. She climbed into her over sized bed and slid under the soft velvety sheets. She finally stopped fighting the tears, and cried as much as she needed to like she did every night, until her pillow was soaked and she fell asleep. For this filly, today was nothing more than routine.

Something a little different

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Silver Spoon loosed a tiresome sigh into her breakfast. She sat alone in a massive dining hall at one end of an almost equally as long dining table, set for three, as it usually was. One for her, her mother, and her father. Diamonds hung from the chandelier, which provided light to the entire room.

She groaned and pushed her meal away. It wasn't what she was used to eating, even if it was on a silver platter, and the thickness of her oatmeal allowed a small sugar cube to sit atop her meal. She sighed again; she wasn't feeling particularly hungry this morning anyway.

"Emerald," she finally called out.

Within moments, a blond pegasus appeared from the kitchen on the other side of the room wearing a chef’s hat and apron which had an exaggerated-'Bam' written on the front. As he approached, the stallion’s eyes caught sight of his uneaten dish. "Is the meal not to your liking, Miss Silver spoon?" He asked, raising a brow at his uneaten dish.

"Actually Emerald,” Silver spoon said as she stood from her chair. "I find myself without an appetite this morning."

The chef nodded and picked up the platter, then returned to the kitchen without another word.

Seabastion entered the room. Silver spoon noticed an odd spark behind his usual regal and poised eyes. Something had made him happy maybe? He placed her saddle bags by the door, then looked up with a slight smile. "Miss Silver spoon, it is time for you to depart for school," he said while trying to hide a smile

Something DID make him happy! But...what? "Seabastion, what has you in such good spirits this morning?” Silver Spoon walked over and picked up her saddlebag, all while keeping a curious look on her butler.

"It would appear that Miss Rarity and Miss Sweetie Belle have offered to walk you to sch.."

Her butler’s words began to fade into a murmur. Even as he spoke, she couldn't believe him. How could she after yesterday? But...Seabastion has never lied, he has no reason to...

"...Shall I send them away?" He offered, his slight smile disappeared, replaced by his usual stoic aristocratic look.

"N-no!" Silver Spoon half pleaded. "I-I mean...I..."

Seabastion’s smile returned as he nodded. "Well, it would be very unbecoming of you to keep them waiting Silver Spoon."

She noticed her butler put more emotion into what he said; Seabastion was happy for her. She didn't think any of her staff cared about her more than what was necessary.

Silver Spoon and her butler approached the towering wooden doors. The filly’s heart began to race; she was excited yet slightly scared. What if they left? What if they changed their mind and didn't want me to walk with them?

Seabastion pressed open the doors. The light temporarily blinded her, but once her eyes adjusted her heart skipped a beat.

"Silver spoon!" Sweetie Belle squeaked.

"H-Hi Sweetie Belle!" A smile gradually grew on Silver Spoon’s face. Maybe she had been wrong yesterday. Maybe Sweetie Belle was being sincere and really did want to be her friend!

"Run along now, Miss Silver Spoon. I will pick you up at sunset." Seabastion gently nudged Silver Spoon outside.

The filly turned and looked up, a slightly confused look in her eyes. Wasn't he coming too? She liked the fact that Sweetie Belle and Rarity came but...without Seabastion, she didn't feel right.

The stallion butler returned the young filly’s worried gaze with a warm, reassuring smile. As if to say, 'It'll be alright.' Silver Spoon slowly nodded like she understood, then stood uneasily next to Sweetie Belle who was smiling eagerly.

"Come now little ones, you do not want to be late!" Rarity led the two fillies away from the mansion and toward the school. Sweetie Belle began talking to Silver Spoon, however the filly’s attention was drawn elsewhere.

The gray earth pony constantly cast glances over her shoulder, as if she were expecting her faithful butler to be right behind her. Yet just as the mansion shrank the further they got, sodid Seabastion. The stallion smiled proudly as his little mistress went off on her own. He stood in the doorway until they were well out of sight. As chance would have it, and as unprofessional as it was, something changed in that stallion in that instance.


On the way to school, Silver Spoon thoroughly enjoyed herself. Sweetie Belle told a few tales of her adventures with the other Cutie Mark Crusaders, and the worry she had melted away around Sweetie Belle. She didn't feel pressured to look cool, as opposed to being in Diamond Tiara’s presence. Their other classmates began to pass by, signaling that were close to the school.

"Here we are darlings," Rarity chirped. "Have a wonderful day Sweetie Belle." The fashionista hugged her little sister tightly and smiled.

Silver spoon watched, a little envious, but she smiled at the warm display nonetheless. She is lucky... The little earth filly inwardly sighed.

Rarity caught sight of Sweetie Belle's new friend and decided Why not?

"You have a wonderful day too, Silver Spoon." The mare hugged the earth pony tight, making sure their guest didn't feel left out.

Silver Spoon didn't know how to react. She certainly wasn't expecting this. Unsure of what to do, she did what came naturally and hugged back.

Rarity giggled as she attempted to break the embrace. She tried to move but found that the earth pony clung tightly to her neck. "Silver Spoon, dear, you can let go now."

Silver Spoon quickly released Rarity and turned away with a slightly flushed face. How embarrassing! she chided herself

"It's no problem, dear," the mare giggled. "I look forward to your visit later. Now, in you two go. Go on," she shooed the two fillies into the school.

The school was already moderately full, with only one or two of their classmates missing. Cheerilee was busy at the blackboard writing today’s lesson.

"I'll see you on the playground Silver Spoon!" Sweetie Belle waved a hoof as she went to her seat.

Silver Spoon followed in suit and sat at her desk next to Apple Bloom, who was giving her curious looks. The filly ignored her neighbor and pulled out her notebook and a pencil from her saddlebag, sitting straight up and at attention.

"Alright class," Cheerilee announced as she turned from the blackboard. "Today we will learn about Sea-ponies!"
A few ponies groaned. Then again, what pony would believe in a pony that lived its life in the ocean?

Silver spoon sighed. She knew the tale already and quickly tuned her teacher out. She turned her attention to her notebook as she opened it and flipped past a few doodles and drawings she did. They weren't exactly great but, unlike her classmates' drawings, you could actually tell what was a hoof and what wasn't. She felt slightly proud of herself as she found a loose blank page. She picked up her pencil and went to work. For some reason, Miss Cheerilee was on her mind so she worked around that subject.

After about a half hour of work, Silver Spoon finished a rather well hoof drawn picture of Cheerilee among a bed of bright yellow sunflowers on a typical afterschool evening. The various colored pencils she used slightly cluttered her desk. She sat up with a huff and a bright, proud smile on her face. She signed her name in cursive on the bottom of it, but still felt eager to do more.

Still bit by the inspiration bug, or rather boredom, she flipped through her notebook searching for another page. She didn't realize that, in her haste, she knocked off her recent art work, and as if by fate it slid under Apple Bloom’s desk.

The filly didn't notice the drawing just below her hooves. She was too wrapped up in the lesson. Every now and again she wrote down things she thought might be important.

"...And that's why most ponies believe Sea-ponies in fact, exist!" Cheerilee chirped as she finished some odd diagram on the board. She turned to her class, smiling as she always did. That is, until she noticed a scrap of paper under Apple Bloom's desk. "Apple Bloom, you really should put your trash in the trash can."

Silver Spoon didn't catch what her teacher pointed out. Once again she was wrapped up in an art project.

Apple Bloom, on the other hoof, looked puzzled as she spotted the piece of paper under her desk. As she bent down to get it, her cherry colored tail grazed Silver Spoon’s flank, which didn't break her concentration.

"Wow..." the filly gasped when she saw the picture of Miss Cheerilee. She tried to make out the name at the bottom but found it hard to decipher. Apple Bloom returned to her seat and raised her hoof in the air. "Miss Cheerilee! Miss Cheerilee!"

"Yes, Apple Bloom?" Cheerilee turned to her eager pupil to see that she was being beckoned to the desk. She smiled as she approached Apple Bloom’s desk. "What"

Their other classmates left their desks to see what the fuss was about. It wasn't until then did a certain gray earth pony notice a missing drawing.

Oh no... Her heart sank as she knew what everypony was looking at. She lost her sense of confidence.

Cheerilee read the signature at the bottom of the page, recognized the writing, and looked over at Silver Spoon, who seemed to melt in her seat as if she were trying to disappear. She decided not to say anything and return the drawing after class, however...

"Hey! This is Silver Spoon’s name!" Archer, a deep blue filly pointed out.

"Wow, Silver Spoon this is really awesome, eh?" Snails added, his attention along with the rest of the class turned to the now meek and shy earth pony barely peeking above her desk.

Silver Spoon said nothing. She only looking pleadingly at Miss Cheerilee. She didn't like this much attention, she felt alienated. Different from when she was with Diamond Tiara who typically took charge of a situation like this because now, she was the center of attention and alone with no clue how to react.

Cheerilee nodded, silently understanding her student’s feelings. "Alright, class. We still have a few more things to cover before recess."

Nopony moved away, they were still ogling the drawing. “That is, unless you want homework." Cheerilee added, cocking a brow.

Everypony quickly scrambled back to their respective desks. Just the mention of homework was powerful enough to command their attention.

"That's what I thought,” Cheerilee giggled as she returned to the blackboard. "Now we are..."

Silver Spoon sighed happily now that the awkward moment passed. The reality that her classmates were amazed set in, and she admittedly felt a little proud.

Apple Bloom placed the drawing on Silver Spoon’s desk and smiled. "Wow Silver Spoon, this here is good! Ah'd never would 'ave pegged ya fer the artistic type!"

Silver Spoon blushed at her classmate’s compliment. She offered a nod and smile, amazed that Apple Bloom, a filly that just yesterday ran from her, now praised her talent.

A change in plan

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After about another hour and a half the recess bell rang, releasing the students from their dreadful imprisonment. Without waiting to be dismissed every filly and colt in class bolted out of the classroom, except for a small group of fillies.

"That pith'ure you drew made mith' Cheerilee look 'thooooo preth'ious!" Twist chirped as she cooed over the drawing again.

"Yeah, it's really good!” Sweetie Belle added. "I'm surprised your cutie mark isn't a pencil and a...and..." the filly stopped short, words escaped her as they sometimes did.

"Big whoop!" Scootaloo snorted. "She probably traced it for all we know!"

"No she didn't!" Apple Bloom protested. "Ah was sittin’ next to her the whole time and..." she picked the drawing up and thrust it in Scootaloo’s face. "This here is hoof drawn!"

Silver Spoon didn't think too much of her drawing. Nothing to argue over, but she had been in class long enough to know that Apple Bloom and Scootaloo argued on a daily basis. In that moment it was clear that becoming friends with that pegasus will be hard.

"You two, quit arguing!" Cheerilee chided. "It's recess, go play nice my little ponies."

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo took one last furious glance at each other, then began laughing as if nothing happened. Silver Spoon didn't understand those two. They seemed to hate each other’s guts one moment, then be the best of friends the next.

The group of fillies left the classroom and headed for the playground. Everypony seemed to be enjoying themselves. The Cutie Mark Crusaders galloped off, leaving Silver Spoon and Twist behind. She wanted to join them, but she felt out of place.

"Aren't you going with them?" Twist asked as she too watched the Cutie Mark Crusaders go.

"O-oh, no," Silver Spoon sighed. "Wait, aren't you their friend?"

"I am," the amber-gray earth pony proudly stated. The filly saw the hint of sadness in her classmate’s face and knew just what to do. "I have 'thomething that'll make you 'thmile!" Twist hurried back inside to retrieve her 'surprise.'

Silver Spoon shrugged. She looked off at the swing set where the Cutie Mark Crusaders were most likely about to attempt to find their own cutie marks. Just watching them play discouraged her a bit. They all had something in common that she would never experience again.

...It just means that she's full of potential. Sweetie Belle’s words from Diamond Tiara’s ‘Cutecinera’ echoed in her mind.

Yeah the possibilities are like... Endless! Scootaloo’s words followed.

Silver Spoon looked at her own cutie mark and half wished it would disappear. She was no longer full of potential, she was defined. Her possibilities are no longer endless, she found that end.

What kind of cutie mark is a spoon anyway? A spoon is a tool! Maybe...that's what I am. A tool... Silver Spoon thought on it and realized that was just how Diamond Tiara treated her. As an accessory, as a tool.

A tear crawled down her cheek at the realization that she had no real friends. Being alone was how she had been living.

"Here!" Twist said through clenched teeth, between her teeth she held a green and white candy and offered it to her sobbing classmate.

"I can't accept this," Silver Spoon sniffled as she wiped away a tear. "Thank you though, Twist."

Not happy with the answer, Twist placed the candy cane snugly behind Silver Spoons ear. The gray filly looked slightly confused as her generous classmate smiled warmly at her. Again the question: Why are they treating me so...nice? came to mind. For all the things Silver Spoon knew, this completely baffled her. She loved the fact that she was being given a second chance, save for Scootaloo that is, but she still felt guilty about all the teasing she did. Her conscious gnawed at her relentlessly constantly making her feel worse.

"Hey! Twist! Silver Spoon!" Sweetie Belle called from over at the swing set. "Are you two coming? Scootaloo is going to see if she can get a cutie mark for..."

"C'mon 'thilvy." Twist giggled. "Let'th go!"

Silver Spoon smiled and nodded. Admittedly, this curly maned filly began to grow on her. The pure generosity she has shown refreshed her to a degree.

Both fillies joined the Cutie Mark Crusaders at the swing set as the ever adventurous mild orange pegasus pulled back on the swing as far as it allowed. She grounded her hind legs and tightly gripped the swing seat with the other two. Slowly she flapped her wings and gradually increased their speed until her wings were moving too fast to see. Scootaloo picked her hind legs up and as soon as she did she went soaring straight forward...into a tree. The four fillies rushed over to their friend, who hung upside down with an embarrassed smile.

"Scootaloo are you alright?" Sweetie Belle called up into the tree.

The pegasus loosened herself and fell on top of Silver Spoon, who collapsed underneath the weight.

"Hopefully... that did it!" Scootaloo grunted as she got to her hooves. Not bothering to check on her safety cushion, she quickly turned and looked at her flank which still remained blank. "Well... that idea didn't work."

"You're WELCOME!" Silver Spoon grunted as she stood. Her glasses, upon closer inspection had a crack that ran the length of her left lens. "Oh great... thanks a lot blan-" Silver Spoon bit back her words. She had something nice going and she knew if she finished that sentence it would be over.

Scootaloo didn't bother to apologize. Obviously becoming friends with this filly would be harder than Silver Spoon expected; Scootaloo hasn't forgiven her.

The group of fillies played together, this time including Silver Spoon. Although due to a certain pegasus, she was always 'it' or the monster. Gradually though, Scootaloo began to seem like a certain friend of Silver Spoon’s.

Before long the bell rang to return to class. Everypony dragged their hooves back inside; for them recess was never long enough.

"Silver Spoon!" Scootaloo called from behind her.

The earth pony cast an angry glance over her shoulder. With her glasses broken, she had to strain her eyes to see the orange pegasus beckoning her away from the rest of the class. She had something to say and judging by the look on her face it wasn't good. She sighed and against her better judgment walked over to Scootaloo.

"What?" She impatiently inquired.

"Listen here, you might have my friends buying this pity play you've got going on but you don't fool me! And..."

I figured as much... Silver Spoon tuned the angry pegasus out. She nodded now and again to feign like she was paying attention. "Are you done?" Not waiting for an answer, the gray pony headed inside.

"I'm watching you," Scootaloo growled as she followed.


Despite the little run in with Scootaloo, Silver Spoon couldn't wait for the bell to ring to dismiss them. Her mind raced with the things they would do. Make overs? Games? Shopping? Before the little filly knew it, the bell had rung again, dismissing the class. This time Twist and Silver Spoon were among one of the first outside.

"Thank you again for the candy cane, Twist," Silver Spoon offered with a smile. The candy cane still rested behind her ear and she had no plans of eating it. After all it was a gift.

"It'th alright, 'Thilvy." Twist proudly smiled. "Tell me how it taste'th! I can make all different kind'th of flavor'th!"

"But, it's a gift from you. I'd rather not eat it."

"Non'then'th, it'th candy! You're 'thuppo'thd to eat it!" Twist smiled at Silver Spoon expectantly waiting for her to eat it.

The earth pony smiled back and decided to try her gift. She removed it from its plastic wrapping and placed the straight end in her mouth, as she did her eyes lit up. The sharp minty taste spread over her tongue like wild fire. "Mmmmm!!!"

The Cutie Mark Crusaders appeared behind them and Sweetie Belle ran over to Silver Spoon, obviously excited about her coming over to the Carousel Boutique.

"Are you ready Silver Spoon?!" The young unicorn eagerly asked.

"Ready for what?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Silver Spoon is coming over my house today!" Sweetie Belle proudly stated. "This is going to be sooo much fun!"

"Aww! I want to come too!" Whined Apple Bloom.

"Yeah, me too, Sweetie Belle!" Scootaloo added.

Keeping to her word I see. Silver Spoon huffed. An opportunity like this she decided to use to get on Apple Blooms' good side at least; Scootaloo will be another story. "Hey, why not all of you come? It's sure to be a lot more fun that way!"

Sweetie Belle gasped. “You know I didn't think of that! Good idea Silver Spoon!"

"I gue'th I'll go 'thoo," Twist added. "I’ll meet up wi'th 'thu later."

"Are you girls ready to go?" Rarity called to the little group of fillies as she approached. "Silver Spoon! Whatever happened to your lovely glasses?"

"They..." the earth pony glanced at Scootaloo and sighed. "They fell."

Rarity lifted the glasses from the little filly’s face and, in a flash of light, repaired them. She made them similar to the glasses she wore when working.

"There." She placed the glasses back on Silver Spoon’s face and smiled. "Good as new, now, le-"

"Rarity! Can the other Cutie Mark Crusaders and Twist come too?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"F-Five fillies?" Rarity reeled at the thought of five young fillies running amok in Carousel Boutique. "Sweetie Belle darling, I just don't think-"

"We can go to my house!" Silver Spoon unconsciously blurted out. What did I just say?!

"Really?" everypony gasped.

She had caught herself in a bad situation. Even Scootaloo seemed surprised and maybe, just maybe, she could get closer to her.

"W-well, yeah," Silver Spoon finally said. "I'm sure Seabastion and the others wouldn't mind. Plus my house is plenty big for all of us, Miss Rarity."

"Dear, what about your mother an-"

"They don't care," Silver Spoon quickly interrupted, an echo of sadness in her voice.

Rarity understood and merely nodded uneasily, obviously not too thrilled at the last minute change of plan. But it would please the little ones at least. "Well, you little fillies better get going!" The older unicorn smiled. "I'll inform your parents where you are."

"Thank you Rarity!" The fillies sang as they galloped off.

The Great Cupcake Massacre!

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The bright afternoon sun beamed down on the group of five fillies that had just arrived at Silver Spoons' three story tall home. Silver Spoons' guests marveled at the size of the massive dark brown twin wooden doors.

"Thi'th i'th your home..?" Twist gasped in awe.

"That was what I said when Rarity brought me this morning!" Sweetie Belle giggled. "I didn't get the chance to go in though."

"Eh, it's nothing like the houses they have in Cloudsdale," Scootaloo waved her hoof dismissively. "Rainbow Dash’s house is a lot cooler than this."

"I'm sure." Silver Spoon shrugged. She will be singing a different tune after she sees the inside! the filly confidently giggled to herself.

"Well what're we waitin’ fer!" Impatiently, Apple Bloom knocked as hard as her little hoof allowed.

The doors eerily creaked open and a white unicorn mare appeared in a maid’s outfit. Despite her eyes being visibly shut, she turned to Silver Spoon and nodded.

"We were not expecting you back so soon, Miss Silver Spoon." She reeled as she realized the company Silver Spoon was with. "And... these… err... ponies?" She motioned with a hoof at Twist and Co.

"August Hoof, these are my guests," the young mistress proudly smiled. "I am sorry that this is last minute." Silver Spoon dipped her head in respect to her maid.

August Hoof looked over the group through half opened eyes then sighed. "Very well." She widened the door to allow their guests in. The young fillies entered and were instantly struck with awe.

The wide, spiraling. pearly white staircase was accented with shimmering golden railings. A glass elevator ran through the middle of the staircase up the three flights for ease of access. A grand chandelier loomed above, decorated with several crystals reflecting light through the foyer. A red carpet ran all around, to the left where Silver Spoon had (or rather hadn't had) breakfast this morning, and to the right, which led around to the back of the house.

The mare relieved the fillies of their saddlebags and hung them on a rack behind the door. "Your saddle bags will be by the front door," August Hoof instructed. "And do try not to touch the priceless pieces of art on the corridors of the second floor. Lastly, the large door on the third floor at the end of the hallway has a sign that says, and I quote, ‘DO. NOT. ENTER.’ I trust you know what that means. Just in case however, DO. NOT. ENTER.”

Unbeknownst to August Hoof, the fillies had left her by the front door talking to nopony since the beginning of her speech. "This was an unexpected turn of events..." She mused to herself.

The fillies were already busy in another part of the mansion: the back corridor on the first floor. A seemingly endless string of lights on the ceiling lit their path as Silver Spoon started their tour.

"Wooooow..." Sweetie Belle admired. "Your family has aloooooot of bits... what does your family do?"

"My family was one of the first in Ponyville, back when the population was hoof counted," Silver Spoon proudly stated. "We also own a lot of land too."

"Mah family is kinda like that too!" Apple Bloom eagerly added. "'Cept all we own is the farm."

"If I remember correctly," Twist said as she pushed up her glasses. "The Apple family and the 'thilver family are two of the oldest in Equestria!"

"So being a snob runs in Silver Spoons' family!" Scootaloo snickered. "No surprise there."

Ok, I TRIED being nice. One more snarky or sassy remark, just ONE, Scootaloo...’ Silver Spoon inwardly threatened.

"I guess you could say that, let's keep going." Silver Spoon purposely pushed the disrespectful pegasus out of her way as she continued down the corridor.

"Watch where you're going!" The orange filly retorted. "Heh, then again you are wearing glasses."

Silver Spoon abruptly stopped. Just as she was about to turn and tell Scootaloo off she heard Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle whispering. The word 'sorry' was thrown around a bit. She decided to pretend she didn't hear anything, but she wasn't about to pass up this opportunity.

"What did you say Scootaloo?" Silver Spoon turned with a giggle and innocent smile.

The whispering continued on for a moment more, ending with a defeated sigh from the pegasus.

"I'm sorr-e miss snob!" Scootaloo giggled. Sweetie Belle prodded her friend’s side, wearing an irritated look. "Fine! I'm sorry Silver Spoon. There I said it." She pouted.

Silver Spoon continued her tour with a sense of satisfaction. The first floor tour consisted of a large indoor swimming pool with water so clear one could see the family cutie mark embedded at the bottom. The back corridor led to the 'ginormous' kitchen.

A hoof full of ponies shuffled about the kitchen. A plethora of scents filled the fillies' noses. Emerald approached the group smiling from ear to ear.

"Well well, what have we here?" He chuckled. "You girls hungry? I can whip you up something like BAM!" He struck a goofy pose, winking and pointing his hoof at the girls.

"Are any of you hungry?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Ah could eat!" Apple Bloom chirped.

"Me too!" Sweetie Belle added.

"If it'th not too much trouble." smiled Twist.

"Yeah,” Scootaloo nodded. “Count me in too. What can you cook?"

"Well for my little misses’ filly friends I have something just for the occasion. Go and look around some more, I'll send for you when I'm done." Emerald stamped his hoof three times in succession, and three other ponies came to him. The chef whispered something and the others went to work.

"Hey, how about we go to my room?" Silver Spoon suggested.

"Hey yeah!" Sweetie Belle chirped. "I wonder if it's as big as I think."

"Knowing miss prissy, it's huge," Scootaloo giggled.

"Actually, Scoots," Silver Spoon giggled. "It is."

"Don't call me that!" The orange pegasus growled.

"Oh?" Silver Spoon stalked around Scootaloo wearing a devious smile. "How about Scooty? Scooty-loo?" Serves you right. She giggled as she egged the pegasus on. "Calm down you dodo, I'm just playing."

"What is it with you and Sweetie Belle saying that?! What does that even mean?" Scootaloo groaned.

"Oh don't you worry about it Scooty. Come on! My room is on the third floor." Silver Spoon lead the group back out into the foyer, and Apple Bloom whizzed by her to the elevator.

"Hey! Can we take the elevator up?" the yellow filly squeaked.

"Yeah!" Sweetie Belle added.

"Well..." Silver Spoon thought for a moment. "I guess, yeah." She nodded.

"Cool!" Scootaloo chirped.

"Cool?" echoed Silver Spoon. "Scooty, thank you."

"Err... I-I mean it's like not every day you ride an elevator in somepony's home you know?" The pegasus nervously chuckled. "Yeah, let's go with that."

"I 'thwear 'Thootaloo, you're 'tho weird 'thomtime'th," Twist giggled as she joined Apple Bloom in the elevator.

The pegasus groaned as she and Silver Spoon joined the others. Once inside, Silver Spoon pushed a lever back until the number '3' was highlighted. A light mechanical hum started and the lift slowly rose from ground level. As it climbed to the second floor, the fillies caught sight of several marble busts atop pedestals extending down both directions of the hallway.

"Those are my ancestors, past ponies of the Silver family tree," Silver Spoon stated. "Only the colts and fillies that bear a variation of the Silver Spoon cutie mark inherit the family fortune."

"So, what if you had a brother?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Only one of us would inherit the fortune, the other usually becomes a servant or moves out."

"Ain't that kinda’ mean?" Apple Bloom inquired, cocking an eyebrow in confusion. "Ah mean why not just share the money? That's family after all."

Silver Spoon just shrugged. Even she knew that made sense. No answer she could think of felt right. She had just accepted that fact and was partially thankful she was born an only foal.

"That's how a snob works, Apple Bloom." Scootaloo turned her nose up in disgust. "Selfish and always looking out for themselves."

The pegasus' words wounded her. Was that true? It does seem cruel, after all, to think of yourself over your family. A light 'ding' signaling that the elevator reached the appropriate floor broke her train of thought.

The group exited the elevator and unanimously turned left, towards the door at the end of the hallway. The door seemed to call to them, the allure of the forbidden secret door. A sign hung from the door knob: 'Do Not Enter.'

"What's behind the door?" Scootaloo asked, her growing anticipation glowing in her eyes.

"I don't know," Silver Spoon responded with a shrug. "My parents told me I can't go back there until I come of age."

"So, you're going back there on your birthday?" Sweetie Belle tilted her hear to the side.

"Uh, no. When I become a mare, head of the family after my dad. Come on, my room is down the other way." The gray filly led her group down the other end of the hallway.

"Ain't ya even curious about what's back there?" Apple Bloom asked as she cast backward glances at the tantalizing door.

"No," Silver Spoon curtly replied a hint of frustration in her voice. "From the little glimpses I've seen it's only books anyway."

"Maybe it'th be'tht if we ju'tht drop it..."Twist meekly suggested.

"Yeah, sorry Silver Spoon," Sweetie Belle added.

"It's alright." The filly sighed as they arrived at a decorative pink door with her cutie mark. "Here we are." She gave a half-hearted smile.

Much like with most of her home, when Twist and the Cutie Mark Crusaders laid eyes on her room, they were impressed, to say the least. Maybe it was the spaciousness of the room, or the oversized bed that could easily fit all five of them. Maybe the tall tri-fold vanity mirror complete with a little make up kit or possibly the seemingly endless walk-in closet filled with assorted dresses in a variety of colors.

"Want to see something else cool?" Silver Spoon cockily smirked. "Watch this."

The group turned to see their hostess open a small panel next to the door, revealing several buttons and a small speaker. Silver Spoon pressed one of the buttons and began to speak. "Emerald, are you finished?"

A little buzzing sound rang for a moment followed by the chefs voice. "Sending the first batch up now, miss Silver Spoon."

On command a knock came to the door. Twist opened it and was greeted with a silver tray presented by one of the unicorn butlers.

"Whatcha’ think they made?" Apple Bloom removed the lid revealing a tray full of sweet smelling cupcakes.

"Plenty more where that came from," Emerald's voice chuckled. "Just give me a ring and more will be there like-BAM."

Each of the fillies sampled the chef’s cupcakes, chewing slowly as if they were critiquing them.

"They're alright..." Scootaloo said as she took another bite. "Nothing like a Pinkie Pie cupcake though."

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom nodded in agreement. "Everypony knows that Pinkie Pie is one of the best bakers in all of Equestria." Apple Bloom commented.

"Hmm..." Silver Spoon recalled Diamond Tiara’s cuteceniera and shook her head, remembering how burnt those cupcakes were. "Uhh, no. Those cupcakes at Diamond’s cuteceniera were HORRIBLE!"

Apple Bloom blushed and laughed nervously. "Actually Silver Spoon... ah made those..."

"No way!" Silver Spoon gasped.

"Huh, I thought 'thomthing wa'th off with miss Pinkie'th baking that day," Twist giggled.

"How can your sister rock at baking and you kinda... I don't know, don't rock at it?" Scootaloo chuckled. "I mean really, Applejack’s baking is almost as good as Pinkie Pie’s!"

Apple Bloom’s yellow face turned bright red from a mix of feelings. "Oh shut up dodo!" The filly threw a cupcake at Scootaloo, scoring a perfect headshot right between the eyes. Apple Bloom laughed as the pastry slid down her friend’s face leaving a trail of blue icing.

For a moment a deafening silence fell over the room. Then a delightful idea struck Silver Spoon. "Emerald, send more cupcakes-NOW!" she whispered into the intercom knowing what was about to happen next.

"You... you..!" Scootaloo armed herself with two cupcakes and struck the laughing filly with both, then laughed at the icing covering her mane and face.

"Oh. It. Is. ON!" the yellow filly dramatically threatened.

The two smiled as they reloaded. Then they proceeded to pelt one another with cupcakes. Before long Twist, Silver Spoon, and even Sweetie Belle took up arms as part of their playful war.

Hours passed as more plates of cupcakes magically appeared in the room. They were quickly emptied as their contents were fired about Silver Spoon’s once tidy space. Playful squeals echoed through the battlefield as cupcakes blazed about, covering the walls, the windows, the floor, the ceiling, and the door. These soldiers created a colorful mess of a once civil place of respite. Once the laughter of war ceased and ammunition ran dry, the five little bodies laid down about the battlefield. These brave souls fought their hardest and it showed. Their manes, tails, and coats were covered in several different colors from their heated battle. Yes, this battle shall forever go down in history as the Great Cupcake Massacre.

Silver Spoon panted as she lied strewn across her sticky, ruffled bed alongside her partners, Sweetie Belle and Twist. "That...was...incredible." She laughed between breaths.

"Ye'th!" Twist streched and giggled. "I haven't had fun like that in a while!"

"Totally!" Scootaloo chirped from behind the vanity mirror. "Like that one part where I hit Silver Spoon and her glasses came clean off!"

"Oh yeah! Where are my glasses anyway?" The gray filly strained her eyes as she scanned the multi-colored room for her glasses.

Out of the corner of her eye she caught Sweetie Belle point a hoof straight up at the ceiling, then burst into uncontrollable laughter. The other fillies followed in suit, breaking into their own laughing fits. As it turned out, somehow Silver Spoon’s glasses were held hostage by blue icing.

"Good Heavens!" Sweetie Belle cringed at the sound of that all too familiar voice. "What happened here?!"

The fillies sheepishly turned and saw a dumbfounded Rarity as she looked around the remains of Silver Spoon’s room.

"We were playing a game!" Sweetie Belle replied, not really comprehending the trouble that was about to ensue.

"Uhh...well! Would ya look at the time!" Apple Bloom pointed to the cupcake smeared window, wearing an uncomfortable smile. "Ah best be gettin’ back home t' Applejack!" The yellow filly tried to sneak past Rarity, but a very sturdy white hoof stamped down in her way.

"Why all the ruckus?" Rang a voice that made Silver Spoon facehoof. August Hoof came into view and her face was instantly struck with horror. "My word..!" She gasped before turning her scorn on the fillies. "Who is responsible for this?!"

The fillies hung their heads. They knew punishment was coming and it would probably involve them being barred from Silver Spoon’s home.

I can't let that happen! Silver Spoon quickly thought of an excuse that would at least take most of the blame off Twist and the others. "Me," she firmly announced as she hopped from the bed and approached the two mares. "I threw the first cupcake so what happened here is my fault."

August Hoof was taken aback, obviously expecting one of her friends to be the culprit. "S-Surely you wouldn't purpo-"

"August Hoof! You heard me."

Everypony, even Rarity, remained silent. The air felt tense, as if something else were about to happen.

"...Very well. It will be taken care of immediately,” the maid said with a nod. She cast one last disgusted glance that, thankfully Rarity didn't catch, then left the room.

An odd awkwardness hung in the room for a while, until Rarity broke the silence. "W-well, come along Sweetie Belle. Apple Bloom. Twist. Scootaloo. It's late, time to go." Rarity waved a hoof for them to follow her.

Begrudgingly, each filly got to their hooves and began to leave.

"Bye Silver Spoon..." Sweetie Belle waved.

"Yeah, this was fun-even for you," Scootaloo teased. This time though, without the normal snarkiness behind her voice.

"We should really do this again sometime!" Apple Bloom chirped.

"'Thee you at 'thool tomorrow 'thilvy!" Twist giggled.

Before long, Silver Spoon was alone. She stretched and sprang to her bed, where the moon shone down on Equestria from high in the night sky. She hadn't realized it had gotten this late; somewhere in the frenzy, somepony must've hit the light switch. She sighed and hoped that they could do something like that again. But, for now, she had to get cleaned up. As she made her way to her restroom, the laughter of the Great Cupcake Massacre rang fresh in her ears.


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Silver Spoon groaned as the setting evening sun’s gentle orange rays interrupted her rest. The filly had been bed ridden all day, due to a stomach ache brought on by too many sweets the day before. She sighed as she cast her gaze out the window. Silver Spoon longed to be at school right now, she missed the arguments from the Cutie Mark Crusaders already!

Earlier that morning she knew she felt sick, but she tried to keep anypony from being the wiser. Unfortunately, the weightless feeling on the elevator caused her to throw up, and needless to say, blew her cover. The filly giggled quietly to herself at the fiasco which threw the entire mansion into a state of panic. Everypony was still on high alert. Constantly peeking in on her was mainly Emerald, who felt responsible for her current condition. She had to order the poor stallion to take the day off.

The door to her room crept open and August Hoof stepped in, carrying a small tray. From the smell of it, it was time for her second dose of medicine.

"No... not again, August Hoof," Silver Spoon complained as she hid her head beneath the sheets.

"I must say, you put on quite a show this morning young lady," her maid giggled. "But, this is Nurse Tenderheart’s orders, Miss Silver Spoon."

"No. Go 'way," she waved a hoof under the sheets, shooing August Hoof away like a little foal.

The unicorn couldn't help but giggle at her young mistress' odd defiance. She glanced around the room, then closed and locked the door.

"Silver Spoon," she started, her voice taking on a motherly yet serious tone in place of her usual one. "Well, there is something I want to talk about."

The gray earth pony peeked from beneath the sheets at August Hoof. Her maid sat next to her on her bed and sat the foul smelling tray down. "Yes?" She asked.

"First, I want to apologize for the way I treated your guests yesterday... I thought they were... like her." August Hoof’s face reflected disgust as a certain magenta filly came to mind. "I can see I was wrong. Now, tell me something, and I know you have an answer. You're a bright filly, after all." August Hoof proudly smiled. Something that, until then, Silver Spoon thought was genetically impossible for her normally strict maid. "Do you know about the relationship between the Diamond family and ours?"

Silver Spoon nodded. "Of course. I've known for as long as I can remember. The Diamond family was a mining family that bought a small patch of land from my ancestor, Miracle Spoon and found their fortune when Diamond 'Rocky' Mane found the biggest reserve of raw diamonds in Equestria."

"That's right," August Hoof nodded knowingly. "Our two families have been close business partners and friends ever since. You will be the next head of the family, that means making A LOT of enemies, ruthless ponies who just want nothing more than money in this world-"

"Like my mother..." Silver Spoon sighed as she hung her head.

"Silver Spoon, take it from me," the aged unicorn lifted Silver Spoon chin and warmly smiled. "She does her best. And you are proof of that. I can say, for a silver, you've changed within the last month. You're..." Her maid paused as she searched for the right word to describe her young mistress. "...Different."

"D-Different?" The filly tilted her head. She didn't feel any different... aside from being sick that is.

"Well, take last night for example. The old Silver Spoon would have never raised her voice at me, especially not to defend those... oh what's the word?" August Hoof tapped a hoof on her forehead, trying to remember the nickname Silver Spoon gave Apple Bloom and her friends. "No flanks?"

"Blank Flanks..." Silver Spoon sighed. Memories flooded in of the endless cruelty she and Diamond Tiara put the Cutie Mark Crusaders through. The more she thought on it, the less she felt they would accept her.

"Yes, Blank Flanks. You just might be the breath of fresh air our family needs." August Hoof caught the depression on Silver Spoon’s face, smiled, and gently patted the sick pony on her head. "An honest pony with some real heart."

Silver Spoon smiled a bit, reassured by her maid’s words. "Hey, August Hoof, how do you know so much about my family? I don't recall Seabastion or anypony else knowing these things."

"That's my secret." The unicorn playfully winked. "Now, medicine time!"

"Fine..." Silver Spoon rolled her eyes and groaned.

The lid floated off the tray, revealing a clear bottle of green goo. The gray filly reeled as August Hoof opened the bottle. The rank smell intensified, yet, did not faze her maid in the least. The unicorn smiled as she poured a little in a measured cup.

"Open," her maid commanded.

For a moment, Silver Spoon stared at the goop, doubting if it would actually make her feel better. In truth, the sight and smell made her only served to back her doubts. She opened her mouth to protest, but before she could make a sound, the thick goo shot into her mouth and assaulted her taste buds, making her lips pucker on contact. She gagged for a moment and flailed her hooves about as she held it in, then painfully swallowed. As it went down, she shuddered and panted, making August Hoof giggle at the sight as she put the tray away.

"Now, August Hoof, give me an honest answer," Silver Spoon sternly said. "How do... OOooOoooOohhHh..." Before she could ask her question, her stomach churned making her feel queasy for a moment.

The maid cleared her throat and dropped her motherly tone. "Get some rest deary." She smiled and along with the tray, August Hoof left Silver Spoon to herself.

The gray filly sighed and went to window gazing. Her energy slowly began to build back up, and with that, she became increasingly skittish. Silver Spoon caught a reflection of herself and giggled at how messy her usually braided and kempt mane looked. With boredom settling in, she restlessly shifted about her bed, desperate to do something.

"Miss Silver Spoon," Seabastion’s voice called from behind her room door. "Are you awake?"

Silver Spoon groaned. She remained silent and laid back on her bed. Her full attention was on finding something to do right now, not to be bothered with more medicine.

"Can you give her thi'th?" the much welcome sound of Twists' speech impediment rang from behind her door.

"Yeah, tell her that she better feel better soon too! Last night was awesome!" Judging only by the word 'awesome', Silver Spoon assumed that voice belonged to Scootaloo.

"How sick is she?" Sweetie Belles' silky angel voice added.

"Ah hope she really does feel better." The final voice along with that unmistakable accent belonged to Apple Bloom

Those voices...! Silver Spoon gasped as a smile grew on her face. She eagerly sprang from her bed and rushed to the door. Upon opening it she saw the faces of four fillies light up as they laid eyes on their friend. "You came! You came! You came!" the gray filly sang as she bounced around her guests.

"Well 'course we came silly filly!" Apple Bloom giggled.

"Why wouldn't we?" Sweetie Belle added.

"It's just... I didn't think you guys wanted to be my friend..." Silver Spoon admitted.

"Now why the hay would ya go and think that nonsense, Silver Spoon?"

"I used to be so...mean to you all," she shrugged.

"Exactly!" Scootaloo nodded. "You used to be. That's all ancient history now. And... I guess I'm kinda sorry I gave you a hard time and all. After what you did yesterday, you're alright in my book!"

"Yea!" Apple Bloom nodded. "Water under the bridge, as Big Mac would say."

"Everypony needs a friend, Silver Spoon," Sweetie Belle added.

"And you are our'th!" Twist smiled.

Silver Spoon was struck speechless. They had finally forgiven her. Now, what happened in the past was now put to rest. Apple Bloom, Twist, Sweetie Belle, and even Scootaloo called her their friend.

"We made you card'th!" Twist presented a small drawing, with the words 'Get well soon Silver Spoon. The inside depicted a sick Silver Spoon with a thermometer in her mouth and an ice pack on her forehead, in addition to a mini green and white candy cane. "It wa'th 'Thweetie Belle'th idea!"

"Do try not to overexert Miss Silver Spoon, she does still need her rest until she fully recovers," Seabastion said. His words fell on deaf ears, the five fillies seemed to have forgotten he was even still there. With a smile, he nodded approvingly and disappeared down the hallway.

"I did one too!" Scootaloo proudly added as she presented a more dynamic version very becoming of the pegasus' personality.

Each of the fillies presented their unique and colorful 'Get Well Soon' cards, each reflecting their individual personalities. Silver Spoon grinned ear to ear like a certain pink pony, her heart warmed by this unexpected display for her well-being. "I...I...thank you soo much!" The gray filly collected her cards and led her new friends into her room.

"Y'know something, I think you look better with your mane down," Scootaloo pointed out as she and the other fillies followed. "And I'm usually the last pony to care about all that frou-frou stuff."

"Scootaloo has a point," Apple Bloom chuckled. "When she is the voice of fashion somethin’ is HORRIBLY wrong." Everypony, even her punch line laughed at that truth.

Silver Spoon laughed along with her friends as she sat her gifts on her bed. "I haven't brushed it today is all." She ran a hoof through her messy mane and giggled. "So, you all... really forgive me, huh?"

"Of course!" Scootaloo confidently replied.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" the Cutie Mark Crusaders chanted as they made odd gestures which left Twist and Silver Spoon with dumbfounded looks.

"What...what was that?" Silver Spoon chuckled, slightly confused yet amused by the movements and rhymes.

"That's what we call a Pinkie Pie promise!" Scootaloo stated.

"An that's the kinda promise friends keep," Apple Bloom continued.

"A promise, forever!" Sweetie Belle finished.

"Forever?" Twist echoed.


Twist and Silver Spoon jumped at the eerie voice that echoed from the hallway. The Cutie Mark Crusaders just laughed, they knew the culprit behind the ominous voice. The ponies turned their attention to the doorway to see the pink pony in question standing, eyeing the group as if she had been there the whole time.

"What are ya doin' here Pink?" Apple Bloom asked, using the pet name her older sister uses.

The dark look vanished from her face in an instant, replaced with her natural, bubbly smile. "Oh, I was sent by Applejack to fetch you four!" Pinkie Pie paused as something just crossed her mind. “You know... that's a little odd, because I'm not a dog... You'd think that if she wanted you girls fetched, she would have sent Winona..."

"How... how did she..?" Silver Spoon’s head tried to make sense of how the mare before her could do that.

"Oh, it's just Pinkie Pie." Scootaloo shrugged. "You kinda get used to it."

"More like ya gotta get used to it," Apple Bloom added.

"Oh! 'Thpeaking of which," Twist turned to Silver Spoon, who was slowly beginning to develop a phobia of a pony that could be anywhere at any given time. "Where will your party be?"

"Paaaaarty?" Pinkie Pie cheerfully echoed. The gray filly backed away from the increasingly fearsome pink pony. "Oh you've GOT to let me throw it!" Pinkie Pie dashed over to Silver Spoon. She stopped and balanced on the tips of her forehooves, their faces mere inches from each other.

"Y-Yes..." Silver Spoon whimpered. "I-It's f-four days away..!" The poor filly cowered underneath Pinkie Pie's energetic gaze.

The pink mare’s jaw dropped as she gasped. "Four days! Oh boy, this will be a toughie to pull off!" She tapped a hoof on her chin, pondering her course of action as she rounded the corner down the hallway, leaving an unfortunate victim in her wake. "C'mon girls! I got work to do!" Pinkie Pie called.

"Sorry about that, Pinkie Pie tends to pop up whenever somepony does her promise." Scootaloo chuckled knowingly as she caught the horror-stricken look about Silver Spoon’s face. "Don't worry though! Hangin’ with us, you'll get used to it!"

"Girls!" The mare called in a high pitched squeal.

"You know, we better get going," Sweetie Belle drably pointed out.

The other fillies nodded in agreement as they left Silver Spoon alone and still coping with the entity that is Pinkie Pie.

She...she must've been around the corner out of sight...yeah that's it. Hiding. The filly nodded as reason alleviated some of her fear. Although… there's only one way to be sure. Silver Spoon closed her door and pressed a button on the knob, locking the door. She climbed into her bed and moved her cards to the window sill. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes tight in case the pink mare did appear. "Cross... my heart..." she shakily began. "H-Hope to... to fly..." She gulped as she silently mouthed the end of the chant, then voiced it. "Stick a cupcake I-in my eye..."

Silver Spoon slowly opened one eye and glanced around her room for any sign of her innocent pink tormentor. After a few rounds she sighed happily, she found herself alone and for once liked it.


She slowly turned to her window and loosed an inaudible shriek as her violet fearful eyes met with those of an ethereal Pinkie Pie in her window. The filly frantically scrambled away from the sight until she fell off her bed and bumped her head.


The pink themed room of a certain filly that now resided in Manehattan was littered with giant stuffed dolls of various creatures, all offering the same fixed smile about their face. One doll in particular was filly sized and lay in a bed alongside its owner. The doll’s gray cloth and realistic silver mane and tail were as soft as the filly it resembled. As soft as Silver Spoon herself. The doll’s owner cuddled and nuzzled it as it offered the same stoic smile as the rest of the dolls. But, to the magenta filly that cared so deeply for the pony it represented, it was much more than just stitches and stuffing. Memories of the time spent together with Silver Spoon.

"Bump bump sugar-lump rump!" The filly chanted as she tossed the doll in the air and caught it in a hug.

"You are aware the Miss Silver Spoons' birthday is approaching, right Princess Diamond Tiara?" One of her butlers asked as he entered her room.

"Like, duh," the filly chuckled as she rolled her eyes. "Silver Spoon is my best friend! Plus it would be totally rude not to grace all of Ponyville with my presence.

"Very good," the servant nodded. "I shall RSVP immedia-"

"No wait!" Diamond Tiara interrupted as a thought came to mind. "I think I'll make it a surprise for her." She nodded as she hugged her doll tight. "Celestia knows that filly doesn't have a single friend since I left."

"As you wish." Her butler remained silent as he dipped his head in respect and backed out of the filly's room.

"Oh Silver Spoon," she affectionately sighed as she imagined the real deal in her hooves instead of the life-less doll. "I totally can't wait to see you again."

Bump Bump Sugar-Lump Rump

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The doors to the Ponyville School erupted open with cheers and flying papers, all the little fillies and colts racing out with wide smiles. Among them was the newly forged group of friends who were laughing and giggling right along with all the others. Cheerilee watched with a smile as the ponies bounded off towards town. She walked back into the schoolhouse to enjoy her little break before class began anew next week.

"This is gonna be AWESOME!" Scootaloo chirped. "A whole week to find our cutie marks!"

"We should head fer the club house t' get started!" Apple Bloom said as she picked up her pace to a slight gallop. "We ain't got no time to spare!"

"Alrighty!" Sweetie Belle squeaked. The Cutie Mark Crusaders began galloping off in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres, leaving leaving two confused fillies in their wake.

"What...what do we do?" Twist asked, giving Silver Spoon a worried look.

The gray filly shrugged and shook her head. "I... I don't know, Twist."

"Hey!" Apple Bloom shouted from a distance. "Aren't yall comin?" The pale yellow filly followed by the others trotted back to the duo.

"But...Twist and I aren't Cutie Mark Crusaders," Silver Spoon pointed out.

"Yeah, are we even allowed to 'thee the club hou'the?" Twist added.

"Well 'course yall are," Apple Bloom said as she gave a confused look. "Why wound't yall be allowed?"

"Wait, I think they have a point," Scootaloo nodded. "The can't see the club house because they're not one of us!"

"Scootaloo that's so mean!" Sweetie Belle protested, a little surprised by the pegasus' words.

"No no no!" she said, waving a hoof. "See, I really mean that we should let them join!"

"Huh...not a bad idea," Apple Bloom admitted. "Even though both of 'em have their cutie mark, there isn't a rule keeping them from joining I guess."

"Yeah! And maybe they know some way to help us get our cutie marks too!" Sweetie Belle smiled.

"Cutie Mark Crusaders Group Meeting!" The three fillies shouted before huddling up and whispering amongst themselves.

Twist and Silver Spoon anxiously awaited the others to finish their meeting. "What do you think they're talking about?" Silver Spoon whispered to Twist, her heart pounding from the excitement of the possibility of becoming a Cutie Mark Crusader.

"Beat'th me." the filly replied with a shrug. "But... it would be neat to be a Cutie Mark Crusader, don't you think?"

"Alright!" Apple Bloom proclaimed. "We have decided that in order to join yall have to swear an oath!"

"An oath?" Silver Spoon echoed with a slight chuckle.

"Yea!" Scootaloo nodded. "A promise that as ponies with your cutie marks, you pass on what you know and help us get ours!"

"What she said!" Sweetie Belle comically added.

"Ok!" Twist eagerly grinned. "I promi'th t-"

"No wait!" Apple Bloom placed a hoof over Twists mouth. Her eyes darted around to everypony as if she were looking for a spy. "Not here, at the club house!" she whispered.


The group of fillies approached the quaint rustic red tree house. The wooden light blue painted steps in particular caught Silver Spoon’s eye, the craftsmanship showed.

"Wow..." Silver Spoon gasped. "Your sister built this for you all?"

"Well... not exactly," Apple Bloom admitted as she rubbed a hoof on the back of her head. "It was fallin apart at first, but ah fixed it up." A faint blush ran across her face

"Well you three did a pretty good job!" Silver Spoon admitted.

"I didn't help much," Sweetie Belle said. "I was busy cleaning up."

"Me neither, I made the map!" Scootaloo proudly added.

"'Tho... that mean'th you did thi'th by your'thelf Apple Bloom?"

The pale filly blushed slightly as she opened the door. "Aw shoot, yall make it seem like such a big deal."

"Well it IS impressive," Silver Spoon muttered as she and Twist followed the others in.

The inside of the club house glowed yellow. A crudely drawn map of Ponyville hung on the back wall; for some reason Silver Spoon couldn't figure out each major spot was crossed out. Sunlight shone in from behind a flower patterend pink and red curtain covering the window. A small miniature red piano sat in the corner along with a ponyquin, complete with assorted colorful fabrics, including one glistening gold color and a hoof powered sewing machine.

"Now, future cutie mark crusaders," Scootaloo started. "ATTENTION!" the pegasus commanded.

Both Silver Spoon and Twist decided to play along and stood at attention. Both, wearing a serious expression that masked their laughter.

"To be one of us its more than just fun and games!" Apple Bloom continued. "Since y'all already have your cutie marks, y'all have to promise t' help us in our quest to find ours!"

"Yes ma'am!" Silver Spoon and Twist proudly answered.

"Girls," Sweetie Belle laughed. "This is a bit silly. Why not just have them recite the theme?"

"Well, yea." Apple Bloom nodded as she giggled. "That would be alot easier, I just got wrapped up in what Scoots was saying."

"Repeat after me," the young unicorn commanded before clearing her throat.

"Look, here are three little ponies
Ready to sing for this crowd
Listen up, 'cause here's our story
I'm gonna sing it very loud!... "

Sweetie Belle’s voice echoed beautifully through the room. Silver Spoon and Twist listened in awe at the unicorn’s uncanny gift for projecting her voice fully and holding notes with such perfection that normally takes ponies years to train for. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo smiled proudly, knowing all too well of Sweetie Belle’s talent.

Her voice is beautiful! Silver Spoon admitted. I don't think even Sapphire Shores can sing this well!

"...We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders
On a quest to find out who we are
And we will never stop the journey
Not until we have our cutie marks
We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders
On a quest to find out who we are
And we will never stop the journey
Not until we have our cutie marks!"

By the time Silver Spoon and Twist began singing along in addition to Scootaloo and Apple Bloom, everypony was winded and laughing, panting heavily as they all sang at the top of their lungs.

"Th... That was... The song... from the talent show," Silver Spoon said between breaths. "Except... it sounded... GOOD this time." She giggled.

"Yeah!" Twist nodded. "'Thweetie Belle... why didn't you 'thing at the talent 'thow?"

The unicorn replied by shaking her head. "I can't sing in front of a crowd... besides, I did the costumes and scenery!"

"And I did choreography!" Apple Bloom proudly stated.

"Well, to me it sounds like you all have your roles completely out of place." Silver Spoon said. "I don't mean any offence, but obviously Apple Bloom should have done scenery and costumes with her wonderful taste in color, and the fantastic job she did with the clubhouse." The filly gestured to the shelter around them. "Sweetie Belle’s beautiful voice should have been the focus of the vocals and Scootaloo... hmmm..."

"Well Scootaloo taught me how to spin." Apple Bloom nodded knowingly. "More or less that is."

"I don't get it." Twist said as she tilted her head to the side. "'Thiver 'Thpoon i'th right."

"Well, I just don't like singing to crowds." Sweetie Belle waved a hoof dismissing the thought. "Plus, I wanna be a designer like Rarity!"

"Sweetie Belle!" Silver Spoon whined. "You have a gift! Plus, trust me, you don't want to spend your life being like somepony you're not." She nodded knowingly.

Sweetie Belle shook her head as she trotted over to the sewing machine. "No, I'd rather be like Rarity." The unicorn’s horn flickered in a rare display of her magic heritage. A rich deep blue fabric shuddered as a small magic bubble formed around it, probably one of Rarity’s finer materials. Sweetie Belle concentrated harder, and the fabric fell over and unrolled right out the door. "Dumb fabric..." The filly sighed as she gave chase to it.

Silver Spoon giggled as she and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders followed the unicorn out the door.


"Oh no!" Sweetie Belle cried out.

Silver Spoon saw the unicorn retrieving the drenched dark blue fabric from a small pond. "What are... were you going to do with that fabric, Sweetie Belle?" The filly asked as she helped fish out the material.

"Twist and your capes." Sweetie Belle sighed. "But, it might have to wait..."

"Oh 'Thweetie Belle!" Twist squeaked. "Thank'th 'tho much!" The gangly filly grinned at the thought of showing off her new status as 'Cutie Mark Crusader.'

"That's very sweet of you," Silver Spoon warmly said. "You don't have to go out of your way though." The gray filly rolled the fabric away from the pond.

"Nonesense!" the unicorn protested. "You and Twist are officially Cutie Mark Crusaders now!" he proudly stated. "Although, I was thinking of making both of your capes blue to show that you have your cutie mark already."

"That's a good idea," Scootaloo nodded as she helped roll the fabric up to a nearby picnic table.

"Well," Apple Bloom started as she looked over the ruined portion of the expensive material. "At least not all of it's wet, you can use what is dry to make both of their capes with plenty left over." The pale yellow filly nodded.

"You think so?" Sweetie Belle asked, tilting her head to the side and sizing up the dry fabric. "Doesn't look like it."

"Well, yea!" Apple Bloom confidently nodded. "Now, yall help me hang this thing so it can dry."


"Here you go!" Sweetie Belle proudly squeaked as she presented the new recruits with their blue and gold underlined capes.

"Wow..." Silver Spoon gasped. Though the filly was used to recieving formal wear far more exquisite, and many of which were made with cloth more expensive than what the cape was made of, something about it made it feel invaluable. Cutie Mark Crusader. Silver Spoon reveled in this warm thought.

"Now ah told ya we'd fine 'em here!"

The Cutie Mark Crusaders turned and saw a smiling fawn colored mare wearing a cowgirl hat, accompanied by Silver Spoon’s faithful butler, Seabastion. It wasn't until then that Silver Spoon noticed the warm orange glow cast on the horizon, signaling the day’s end.

"Clearly." The black stallion lightly chucked. "Miss Silver Spoon it is time to go."

"Do I have to?" the filly whined.

"Spring break has begun and tomorrow is the weekend," Seabastion pointed out. "You are free to return tomorrow."

Silver Spoon begrudgingly nodded. She gathered her saddle bag and decided to wear her cape on the way home.

"Well, Ah'll be." The fawn mare nodded approvingly.

"Silver Spoon," Scootaloo said. "We meet here around lunch-time every day, so try to be here, ok? "

The filly eagerly nodded an answer and joined her butler as the clubhouse shrank the further they got, skipping along. A smile beamed on her face; she knew that tomorrow would be her first day as a Cutie Mark Crusader.


"Ugh!" August Hoof reeled in disgust. "What IS that appalling scrap you're wearing?!" The unicorn gestured disdainfully to the newly acquired Cutie Mark Crusaders cape which the gray filly wore with pride while humming a recently learned tune.

"It's not scrap!" Silver Spoon protested with a stomp of her hoof. "It's my Cutie Mark Crusader Cape!" The little gray filly ran around her room, letting the blue cape carelessly flow behind her. "Twist and I are the newest members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders!"

"I... I see." The unicorn uneasily nodded. "Here, let me at LEAST make it presentable." Using her magic, August Hoof tried to take the cape from the frolicking filly, who defiantly held on to her precious gift.

"No!" Silver Spoon whined. "It's perfect as is!"

August Hoof nodded and let the cape rest upon the filly’s back. "Hehehe... alright Miss Silver Spoon."

"And stop calling me that," the filly said with a roll of her eyes. "My name is Silver Spoon."

Learning to laugh

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Silver Spoon paced up and down the inside of the Cutie Mark Crusader clubhouse with her azure cape proudly flowing behind her. The filly arrived exactly at lunchtime as instructed, expecting to see her friends there. Only to find she was the only one there.

They didn't forget did they? She thought to herself as she peered out the window to the laden apple trees of Sweet Apple Acres. Her gaze found nopony; she was all alone. Maybe all of this was just a joke... Silver Spoon sighed as she hung her head.

"Silver Spoon?" A familiar voice called. "What are ya doin’ here?"

The gray filly’s heart jumped at the sound of that voice. She snapped her head to the direction of the voice and saw Apple Bloom just trotting in, sitting her saddle bag down by the door. The pale yellow filly returned Silver Spoon’s look with one of surprise.

"O-Oh well, Scootaloo said to be here at lunchtime," she sheepishly replied, her ears drooping down as she avoided eye contact. "A-Am I too late..?"

"Oh naw." Apple Bloom chuckled. "Yer too early. Nopony is ever really here this early 'cept fer me."

"Oh ok. I'll leave then," Silver Spoon quickly said as she stiffly trotted past Apple Bloom.

"Naw ya silly filly," the pale yellow filly said as she caught Silver Spoon’s tail under her hoof. "Yer already here, ya may as well stick around."

"W-Well, alright." She nodded, her violet eyes lighting up a bit. "What do you usually do by yourself?"

"Ah usually make sure the clubhouse is ship shape," Apple Bloom proudly explained. "Checkin’ fer all sorts of stuff."

"That reminds me," Silver Spoon said as she placed a hoof to her chin. "How did you do all..." The filly gestured to the clubhouse around them. "This by yourself?"

"Well it wasn't all that hard," she frankly replied with a shrug. "Ah learned most of what ah know from Big Mac an' AJ, other n' that ah taught mahself the lil’ things."

"Still though, this is quality work!" Silver Spoon said, demonstrating her point by stamping her hooves. "I really don't get how you three don't have your cutie marks already."

"AppleJack said these things take time." Apple Bloom nodded knowingly. "Ah've tried lotsa’ things with Scoots an' Sweetie Belle, but we ain't got nothin’ so far."

"Lucky..." Silver Spoon muttered at the thought of discovering ones cutie mark. I envy them...

"Woah, hey now what's wrong Silver Spoon?" The pale yellow fillys eyes reflected her concern for her fellow crusader.

"Oh, nothing," the gray filly lied, waving her hoof dismissively as she trotted up to the map for no particular reason, anything to throw Apple Bloom off.

"Oh don't give me that!" Apple Bloom chided as she approached the suddenly distant filly. "We are a team now!"

"Well... it's just... I kinda envy you all," Silver Spoon admitted, turning her head so her violet eyes met with sparkling orange ones. "You all are actually good at something... I'm just a figurehead."

"What 'chu talkin’ 'bout, Silver Spoon?" The pale yellow filly asked.

"My cutie mark was guaranteed from birth," she replied with a shrug of her shoulders. "All it means is I'll inherit my family fortune. I'm not good at anything like carpenting or singing or… or even dancing!" All of Silver Spoon’s doubt and sadness poured through as she spoke those last words. "I can't do anything..."

"Aw c'mon Silver Spoon." Apple Bloom chuckled. "Yer smarter t' know yer more n' that!"

Silver Spoon looked to her friend, her eyes wide in disbelief and confusion. "Wh-What are you talking about?!"

"A cutie mark is what ya make it." Apple Bloom nodded. "Pinkie tells me that our cutie marks could mean anything; some ponies don't even know what their cutie mark means! Take that mail pony fer example. Derpy has bubbles on her flank."

"So..?" Silver Spoon tilted her head, unable to make any obvious connection.

"So what ah'm sayin’ is, you're worried fer nothin’!" Apple Bloom smiled as she playfully prodded her friend. "You've got yer cutie mark, be thankful fer that much. Yer not so bad when it comes t' art neither!"

"I... I guess you're right..." Silver Spoon admitted with a nod of her head. "Thanks Apple Bloom," she offered with a genuine smile.

"Ya need t' loosen up some Silvy!" Apple Bloom said pointing an accusing hoof. "Wait here," the energetic filly commanded before she galloped off, leaving Silver Spoon to herself.

The gray filly sat patiently inside the clubhouse, awaiting the return of her fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders. Her gaze fell upon the map of Ponyville. The drawing irked at her.

I could like, do WAY better! Silver Spoon peered outside, nopony coming. With that assurance, she raced back in and gently removed the map from the wall. She placed it on the floor and gathered up a few art supplies.
With a satisfied sigh of relief, Silver Spoon drew away from her drawing and smiled happily down at a revised version of a map of Ponyville. Complete with the train station, a compass rose and extensions to other cities, Fluttershy’s cottage and even Cloudsdale!

The revision itself only took up a little more than a half hour, but it was definitely a great waste of time. A familiar sarcastic tone echoed in her mind. This is like, much better than that foalish eyesore. She thought to herself with a nod of satisfaction. Realization hit her in that moment, she was showing off. Her old tendencies were returning What if they kick me out? Her mind swirled with those questions, all pointed toward her ending up at square one again, being all alone.

"I'm telling you Sweetie Belle, I KNOW that filly is in there right now!" Scootaloo’s voice rang from outside. "It's just like her to be so... prompt."

Silver Spoon’s heart sank. That was literally the last voice she wanted to hear. And, it sounded like she was talking to somepony else too.

"All I'm saying is, Silver Spoon always showed up late to other parties," Sweetie Belle pointed out. "Then again... that was the old Silvy."

"Omigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigosh!" The gray filly was in full panic mode now. She frantically paced around the room, trying to think of something. A gentle breeze blew in from the window, spurring an idea. Silver Spoon quickly snatched up the map and balled it up. She chucked it through the window only to have the wind blow it back at her face and roll to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle’s hooves.

"What are you..." The orange pegasus looked at the crumpled up scrap of paper before her then back up at Silver Spoon, casting an accusing look at the filly whose eyes were already watering.

"I-I'm sorry, I j-just wanted t-to-" Terrified, Silver Spoon couldn't even form a straight thought together, her mind spurring to the worst case scenario as she backed into a corner.

Too late. Scootaloo’s brows furrowed as she recognized the paper. Sweetie Belle remained blissfully unaware as she opened and smoothened out the paper. Her eyes widened in amazement as she laid eyes on the map.

"Wooow..." Sweetie Belle gasped.

Scootaloo looked back at the paper and her anger faded to confusion. "Silver Spoon, did you do this?" She inquired, her eyes slowly widening in amazement like Sweetie Belle’s.

"Y-yes," the gray filly sobbed. "I didn't mean to! I just wanted to help so, I drew a better map! N-Not that yours isn't good Scootaloo, it's just-"

The orange pegasus grinned ear to ear, which only served to confuse Silver Spoon all the more. "This is AWESOME!" She squeaked. "This will make getting around ALOT easier!"

"I made it!" A voice squeaked from outside. "And I brought candy cane'th!" Twist trotted in, beaming a warm smile as she strutted about, proudly showing off her cape.

"So... wait, Scootaloo, you AREN'T mad at me..?" Silver Spoon said, a little hope in her voice.

"Well, not really," the pegasus admitted. "Though, if you wanted to do this, you could have just asked." She shrugged.

"Besides, Silver Spoon," Sweetie Belle continued. "You are pretty handy when it comes to drawing."

"That's what ah told her!" Apple Bloom giggled as she trotted in, drenched with sweat and panting. "An t' loosen up!"

"Hi Apple Bloom!" Twist chirped. "Why are you ‘tho all worn out?"

"Well, I figure the best way t' loosen up is t' have a bit of fun!" The pale yellow filly replied with a wide Pinkie-esque grin. "Come outside an' I'll show ya!"

The Cutie Mark Crusaders trotted out after Apple Bloom, who proudly presented a small makeshift maze made out of cardboard boxes and assorted toys with twists and turns, ending near the pond.

"What's... what's this Apple Bloom?" Sweetie Belle asked, her eyes wide in amazement.

"It's a maze, you have to get from the front, to the end!" The pale yellow filly stated. "There is a catch though..." Apple Bloom picked up a few blindfolds and smiled.

"So..?" Silver Spoon looked at the blindfolds questioningly, slowly beginning to put two and two together. "We have to wear them..?"

"Oh!" Twist giggled. "I know thi'th game! One pony 'thand'th at the end of the maze and call'th out to another pony the direction'th!"

"Yea!" Apple Bloom nodded. "Silver Spoon, who do you want to lead you?"

"W-Well..." The gray filly looked over her fellow crusaders, her eyes stopped on Sweetie Belle, a light blush rolled across her face. "Sweetie Belle, I wouldn't mind if you led me."

"Sure, Silvy!" The young unicorn squeaked. Sweetie Belle raced to the other end of the maze and stood grinning as she awaited the start of their little game.

"Scootaloo," Apple Bloom said as she turned to her pegasus friend. "Twist will lead you!"

"Alright!" The orange pegasus smiled to her partner. "Hey, what will you be doing?" Scootaloo asked as she turned to Apple Bloom.

"Well somepony has to make sure y'all don't step out of line!" She proudly stated. "Now..." The pale yellow crusader blindfolded both Scootaloo and Silver Spoon, and then coaxed them along to the starting line.

Silver Spoon grinned behind her blindfold. Heart raced, and her flank brushed one of Scootaloo’s wings. The gray filly giggled as her excitement built until she was bouncing in place.

"Are you ready Silver Spoon?" Sweetie Belle giggled as she called out.

"Yes!" The gray filly excitedly replied as a large grin streched across her face.

"How about you 'Thootaloo?" Twist asked, a grin of her own coming around.

"I'm good to go!" The orange pegasus cockily replied.

"On your mark..." Apple Bloom’s voice rang out right behind the two blindfolded ponies. "Get set..."

Silver Spoon grinned as her heart raced. "This feels great!" the gray filly squeaked, garnering giggles from her fellow crusaders.

"Go!" Apple Bloom announced.

"Ok, come forward a little Silver Spoon," Sweetie Belle instructed "Then, go to the left..."

"'Thootaloo 'thep forward about ten 'theps!" Twist instructed.

Ten huh...? Silver Spoon giggled as she hastily trotted forward, keeping Twist’s calculations in mind.

"WAIT!" Sweetie Belle cried, causing Silver Spoon to freeze just before she took her eighth step. "I said a little!" The unicorn playfully chided. "Go to the left!"

"Go to the right 'Thootaloo!" Twist called.

Wha..? Silver Spoon backed up and stood, unsure of which way to go. "Sweetie Belle, my left or yours?"

"Uhhh... mine!" Sweetie Belle replied. "Hurry!"

Silver Spoon nodded and turned to her left, quickly but carefully trotting along. The side of her hoof brushed the boundary slightly; she listed away from it and accidentally bumped into Scootaloo.

"Oh, so that’s how you want to play huh?" The orange pegasus playfully snorted. "Ok then!" Scootaloo shoved Silver Spoon down, then quickened her pace.

"Hey, Apple Bloom!" Sweetie Belle cried out. "That isn't fair!"

"Ah never said they couldn't mess with each other, as long as they stay inside the maze!" The temporary referee declared.

"Go left!" Twist shouted. The earth pony giggled and shot Sweetie Belle a playfully competitive glance, comfortable with the increasing gap between the racers.

"Alright then miss smarty flank!" Silver Spoon playfully growled. "It. Is. On." The gray filly started up at almost a gallop, being mindful of where her hooves landed and her pace.

"Go right!" Sweetie Belle shouted with more vigor behind her voice as she got caught up in the excitement.

I must be falling behind! Silver Spoon thought to herself as she quickly cut right. Her heart began to race; she wanted to win! She sped up, and Sweetie Belle didn't sound an objection. Scootaloo’s tail gently brushed against her nose, Bingo! Within a few more steps Silver Spoon rammed Scootaloo aside and cackled at her revenge.

"Go right!" Sweetie Belle called out as she laughed. "Serves you right," she teased Twist, sticking her tongue out.

"You're gonna pay for that, Silver Spoon!" Scootaloo grunted as she recklessly galloped after the gray filly.

"'Th-'Thcootaloo go left!" Twist quickly shouted. "LEFT!"

Apple Bloom fell to the ground in a laughing fit as she watched Scootaloo hound Silver Spoon. "Better keep it up, Silvy!" the filly cheered. "Don't let her get away Scooty!"

"Right!" Shouted Sweetie Belle to Silver Spoon.

"Left!" Twist ordered to Scootaloo.

Silver Spoon was now in a full gallop. She could hear Scootaloo laughing behind her. All she had to do was keep it that way and this race was hers.

"Now right, 'thootaloo!" Twist commanded.

Sweetie Belle huffed. The competition was heating up and getting to this normally composed filly. "She’s in front of you, hurry go left!"

"Right, again!" Twist ordered.

"LEFT!" Sweetie Belle shouted.

"RUUUUNNN!!!!" Both fillies screamed.

Must be the last leg! Silver Spoon pushed her legs to their limits, the sound of Scootaloo flapping her wings sounded behind her.

"SILVER SPOON!!!" The pegasus roared out, her voice startling the gray filly, causing her to speed up out of fear.

"Come on!" Sweetie Belle cheered.

"A little more 'Thootaloo!" Twist cheered as her partner competed with Silver Spoon.

"And the winner is...!" Apple Bloom crouched near the finish line,"Stop!" She cried just as both ponies arrived.

Silver Spoon tried to skid to a stop, unfortunately Scootaloo didn't stop. The pegasus' body collided into her competitor sending both ponies into the pond with a loud splash.

Silver Spoon surfaced and gasped for air. She removed her blindfold and laughed. Scootaloo came up next, also laughing hysterically.

"Scootaloo, you klutz!" Silver Spoon giggled.

"I'll admit," the pegasus started as she splashed at the gray filly, her own blindfold floating in the water. "I thought you'd be in a huge fit right now!"

Huh...she's right. Silver Spoon knowingly nodded to herself. Normally, anyway...

"Well, you tried and I'll admit I'm surprised you could move like that," Scootaloo giggled as she climbed out of the pond drenched, her dull purple mane drooping over an eye as water droplets fell. "But, I won."

"What! No way!" Silver Spoon protested, climbing out of the pond, and narrowing her eyes. "You ran into ME, you were behind me, so I won!"

"Actually," Apple Bloom giggled. "Neither of you won!" The pale filly declared. "While you two were shovin, both of you crossed the border!"

Both Scootaloo and Silver Spoons jaw dropped at the sound of the results. "So..." Silver Spoon started.

"...We did all that..." Scootaloo continued.

"...FOR NOTHING?!" Both drenched ponies shouted.

"Well what did you two expect?" Sweetie Belle giggled. "Both of you got too competitive."

"Though it wa'th hillariou'th!" Twist laughed.

Both soggy ponies glanced at one another and grinned mischievously before splashing water at their fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Twist shrieked happily as the torrent of water drenched their coats, mane, and tail.
"Sweetie Belle, Twist!" AppleJack called to the clubhouse. "Rarity an' Bon Bon are here fer yall!"

The sun began to recede behind the orchard of Sweet Apple Acres; a golden glow graced the fields, Celestia’s job was nearly complete. Soon, Luna would raise the moon in her prolific display of star constellations.

Inside the clubhouse the five filly friends sat, happily enjoying their candy canes as they dried off in a circle. Giggling in the middle of their current game,they were deaf to the fawn farm pony’s call due to a game of 'Rabbit, Rabbit, Hare'.

Twist circled the other crusaders calling out 'rabbit' until she came around to Silver Spoon and grinned. "Hare!" she cried out as she playfully bumped into the gray filly, who in response, sprang up and gave chase.

The three grown mares approached the clubhouse door, the laughter leaking outside the door. "Sweetie Belle, dear it is time to..." Rarity opened the door and saw the fillies enjoying themselves. Silver Spoon was chasing Twist around the room.

"Twist?" Bon Bon, a light creamy mare called to the filly in question, brushing a hoof through her blue-green mane streaked with magenta highlights.

"Awwwww!" The Cutie Mark Crusaders simultaneously grieved at the sight of the older mares.

"A little longer aunt Bon Bon!" Twist pleaded. "We are in the middle of a game!"

"No buts," Bon Bon chided. "Come along now."

The young curly maned filly hung her head as she brought herself over to her aunt of a similar, candy themed cutie mark. Twist waved a hoof to her friends before she disappeared with her aunt.

"You too, Sweetie Belle," Rarity called to her younger sister. The younger unicorn sighed, waving goodbye to her fellow crusaders and trotted over to her elder sister.

"I'll go with you, Sweetie Belle," Scootaloo offered as she trotted up to Rarity. "See ya, Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom!" She waved to the fillies respectively.

"What about you, Silvy?" Applejack asked the gray pony.

Silver Spoon thought for a moment, mulling around if she even wanted to leave. "Oh, Seabastion should be along soon."

"Well, alright." Apple Jack nodded. "Y’all come 'round front before sunset, ya hear?"

"Alright AJ!" Apple Bloom replied.

The six ponies left the club house, leaving Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom to themselves.

"I want to thank you, Apple Bloom," Silver Spoon admitted, once she was sure they were alone. "For earlier. Well, for today in general, really."

"What cha talkin 'bout?" Apple Bloom asked, cocking a brow.

"You said I needed to lighten up, and today was wonderful!" The gray filly hooked her hooves around Apple Bloom’s neck and giggled.

"Well ah said ah'd get ya t' lighten up!" The pale filly giggled as she hugged Silver Spoon back. "If ya... ah don't know, wanna hang out again or if ya need somepony t' talk to, ya can find me if ya come early."

"Thanks!" Silver Spoon giggled.

"Miss-Err... Silver Spoon," a familiar voice called.

In stepped Seabastion. Silver Spoon groaned. She knew it was time to go now. Her butler smiled warmly as his young mistress trotted over.

"Bye Apple Bloom..." Silver Spoon hung her head as they left the clubhouse. Another end to another wonderful day. The gray filly mused to herself the things she would do tomorrow. Games, adventure, whatever! "If only the day could last longer..."

A kind voice

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The laughter of yesterday’s events had faded into a dull aching pain in Silver Spoon’s body as she came to consciousness. Her legs burned and her back bore an alien sensation that she never once felt before. A knot of pain that hurt with the pride of accomplishment. Her pampered body was still coping with recovering from the race, as her legs involuntarily twitched with the motions of overexertion.

However, that pain dulled when the sense of accomplishment and pride welled up in her heart once more. She had stepped out of her now predictable and boring comfort zone to enjoy herself along with her new friends. Experiencing something that she never would have attempted before. This newfound pain was now a badge of honor.

Without her glasses, Silver Spoon’s violet eyes strained, forcing the trappings of her room into a distorted focus. Her once beloved objects now felt flea market cheap and bland. She mused the thought of meeting up with her fellow crusaders at lunch. Nothing could replace the feverish feeling she felt yesterday. A smile came about as she sat with her face in her hooves on the window sill, watching as a few birds flew by. She even caught the faint rainbow trail of a certain weather pegasus and the comical flight patterns of a special mail mare.

Though serene, the sight quickly lost interest in Silver Spoons eyes. The Cutie Mark Crusaders won’t meet until lunchtime... so what to do. The filly’s mind wandered back to the almost unreal memories of the Diamond Tiara that only she knew. Memories that contrasted her public facade in every aspect. Times Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had fun without anypony being the punch line.In private with nopony else around, only while alone is where her magenta friend let down her stalwart persona and showed only Silver Spoon tenderness. I understood her and she understood me. Silvy nodded. My little miss perfect.

Let’s go shopping, Silver Spoon!” even now, Diamond Tiara’s voice echoed in Silvy’s ears. “Like, hurry up you silly filly!” the sarcastic tone, even in Silver Spoon’s imagination, commanded attention.

But, the Diamond Tiara she knew behind closed doors is where Diamond Tiara’s true colors shined. The Diamond Tiara she befriended. Her cruelty to other ponies was a means of protection against her mother and her own emotions, emotions only I see. Silver Spoon knowingly nodded.

Inside, both ponies a type of solace found in one another, making them very close when alone. Able to almost read each other’s feelings. Though, Diamond Tiara sometimes hinted to something more. Silvy’s eyes watered as she little by little became lost in her own reverie.

A light knock came to her room door; she shook her head and wiped away her tears, dislodging the bittersweet thoughts. “Come in...” Silver Spoon let out long weary yawn, covering her mouth in embarrassment.

“Hi, Silver Spoon!” Sweetie Belle chirped as she trotted in.

Silver Spoon snapped awake, her ears alert and pricked at the sound of the unicorn’s voice. “Sweetie Belle?” She strained her eyes. Without her glasses, the unicorn filly looked like a glob of marshmallow. “What are you doing here?” Silvy giggled at the thought, reaching for her glasses on her bedside window sill.

"Rarity sent me," the young unicorn proudly replied. "Something about measurements."

"Measurements?" Silver Spoon echoed, cocking a brow. "Like for a dress? A saddle maybe?"

Sweetie Belle placed a hoof to her chin then shook her head. "Hmm...she didn't say."

Silver Spoon placed a hoof over her mouth as she loosed a long yawn. "Well," she stretched. "Give me a moment..."
Silver Spoon sighed happily. The sun warmed her coat along with her brushed straight mane and tail. She and Sweetie Belle made their way to town; a few ponies trotted about, tending to their own business and offering warm greetings to the two fillies as they approached Carousel Boutique. They laughed as they reminisced about yesterday.

“Why were you giving me the wrong directions, Sweetie Belle?” Silver Spoon giggled.

“I was not!” The unicorn protested. “It was just... a little confusing.”

“Umm...Silver Spoon?” a somewhat familiar voice sheepish called from behind the two fillies.

Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle stopped and turned. The voice came from a messy green maned gangly orange unicorn colt. He blushed lightly as his blue eyes met with her violet ones. His dumbfounded expression made him look all the more familiar.

I know him from somewhere... Silver Spoon looked closer at him, his name escaping her at the moment, though she definitely recognized the simple look on his face.

“Ummm...hi!” The colt grinned goofilly.

“,” Silver Spoon offered with an awkward smile.

“Hi Snails!” Sweetie Belle waved a hoof with a smile.

Oh yeah! That’s his name. Silver Spoon nodded to herself. “Did you want something from me, Snails?”

The orange colt seemed to melt at the sound of his own name, his face becoming bright red as he chuckled nervously. “Uhhh...hi Silver Spoon!” He offered again with a grin.

Ok... weird. Silver Spoon mused to herself. “Hello, Snails.” The gray filly giggled.

“Are you... ok?” Sweetie Belle asked as she noticed Snail’s face feverishly red and sweating.

Snail’s ears perked up, Sweetie Belle’s voice snapping him out of his daze. “I-I-I gotta go!” He half shouted before galloping off in the opposite direction.

“What was... that?” Silver Spoon asked, her ears dropping down as she watching the colt go. Oh no...did I scare him away..? “D-Did I do...? Was it something I said?”

Sweetie Belle shrugged a reply, obviously just as confused. “I don’t know,” she said, shaking her head. “Snails is kinda on the weird side though, so don’t worry about it.” The young unicorn nodded knowingly. "Come on, Rarity is waiting on us!"
“Well darling, I’m glad to see you could make it.” Rarity giggled as tape measure ran the length of Silver Spoon’s back.

Silvy stood taut yet comfortable. Being fitted was nothing new to this filly. "May I ask a question, Miss Rarity?"

"Silver Spoon, please, I'm not a 'Miss' as of yet." The fashionista giggled, measuring the waist next.

"Yes ma'am." Silver Spoon nodded as she went through the motions of being measured for clothes.

Rarity groaned in response. "What is it dear?"

"What are you fitting me for?"

The unicorn winked and giggled. "That is my surprise."

A light meow interrupted Silver Spoon’s concentration. She looked down and saw a somewhat overfed snowy white persian, offering a bemused look as sat atop some fabrics, watching Rarity work.

Rarity didn't seem to notice her feline companion’s call. A red fabric slid from under her, causing Opal to slide onto the next one. The fashionisa narrowed her eyes through her glasses as she held the fabric to Silver Spoon’s gray coat.

"Mmm..." Rarity rhythmically tapped her hoof to her chin. She placed the red fabric down and brought over a yellow piece, but quickly discarded that after giving it a glance. "You have such a beautiful cool gray coat, Silver Spoon..."

"Th-Thank you..." Silvy blushed, humbled and taken aback by the generous comment.

Several times from head to flank, Rarity’s pristine azure gaze seemed to be analyzing the filly before her, down to the last detail like a piece of fine art. Silver Spoon shifted uncomfortably under the Seamstress' gaze; it was then that the unicorn’s gaze fell upon the turquoise keepsake around Silver Spoon’s neck.

"Ideeeeaaaa!" Rarity sang, surprising Silver Spoon a bit.

“Thank you, Silver Spoon,” Rarity offered. “I’m sure you’ll find Sweetie Belle in the back, probably putting something together herself. Just stay away from my back room.“ The unicorn shuddered as something crossed her mind. “I do not wish for another incident to happen again.”

“Yes ma’am.” Silver Spoon nodded as she stepped down and wandered through the stately store.

Silver Spoon’s eyes widened at the beautiful sights of the gorgeous saddles and dresses, all expertly hoof stitched. It puzzled her as to why such a talented Seamstress wasted her time in a town where ponies seldom wear such lavish formal wear, if any clothes at all. Ponyquins sat in the display up front, sporting an example of Rarity’s expertise. Silver Spoon remembered when Sapphire Shores and Hoity Toity visited to put in a commission. That must've been an honor. Silver Spoon nodded as she admired the detail of each dress she passed.

"Thread by thread, stitching it together..."

Sweetie Belle’s voice rang from within the store. The unmistakable sound of her angelic tone lead Silver Spoon by her ears. She rounded a corner and saw her unicorn friend hard at work behind a sewing machine, much like her big sister. Curious, Silver Spoon quietly trotted up behind Sweetie Belle and looked on.

The young unicorn continued singing, blissfully unaware of her audience. The rhythmic sound of the sewing needle going up and down provided an odd metronome for her timing.

"What are you doing?" Silver Spoon whispered, startling Sweetie Belle a bit.

"Oh! Silver Spoon!" The unicorn exclaimed. "I didn't know you and Rarity were done."

“Yeah, what are you doing?” Silver Spoon posed the question again, looking at what seemed like a scarf.

“Uhh...nothing!” Sweetie Belle half shouted, blocking Silver Spoons view of what she was working on.

“Then what were you singing just now?”

“Oh, a song I heard Rarity singing,” Sweetie Belle sheepishly replied.

“You sing so well,”Silver Spoon complimented. “Would you mind singing something for me?”

“Oh no...I can’t,” Sweetie Belle said, covering her mouth with her hoof and shaking her head.

“Alright,” Silver Spoon replied with a shrug. “That reminds me, thank you Sweetie Belle.”

The young unicorn tilted her head to the side, obviously baffled by the sudden thanks. “What for..? Not singing for you?”

“No,” Silver Spoon giggled as she shook her head. “For giving me a second chance.”

“Oh, well you're welcome!” Sweetie Belle smiled. “Its like I said, ev-

“Everypony needs a friend,” Silver Spoon interrupted, smiling. “I know, there is one thing I want to talk to you about though... promise to keep this between just us?”

Sweetie Belle nodded. “Cross my-”

Silver Spoon quickly placed a hoof over Sweetie Belle’s mouth before she could summon Pinkie Pie. “Just a yes will do.”

Sweetie Belle nodded as Silver Spoon removed her hoof. “What did you want to talk about?”

Silver Spoon remained silent for a moment, eyeing the ground and wondering if she should really bring up the subject or not.

“Whats wrong, Silvy?” Sweetie Belle asked, placing a hoof to her friend’s shoulder.

Come on now, you can talk to Sweetie Belle... Silver Spoon looked up, and caught the worry in her friend’s eyes. That was all the reassurance she needed. “I feel that you're the only pony I can talk to that will at least try to understand...” The gray filly fidgeted where she stood. “What if... I still thought of Diamond Tiara as my friend?”

Sweetie Belle didn't respond. She stared into Silver Spoon’s hopeful violet eyes struggling between the truth and what she knows. “Diamond... Tiara huh..?”

“I know, I don’t want to seem ungrateful to you all or anything, it’s just... Diamond has been there for me. I still want to be a Cutie Mark Crusader, I still want to be your friend.”

Sweetie Belle sat, absorbing what Silver Spoon was saying. The silence put Silver Spoon an edge, she bit her lip. I should have kept quiet! She scolded herself as she began shrinking away from Sweetie Belle.

“I think I understand,” Sweetie Belle finally said. “I don’t think I’d be able to stop being Apple Bloom or Scootaloo’s friend either.” She offered Silver Spoon a warm smile, reassuring the filly. “Who knows, maybe she has changed too!”

“Yeah.” Silver Spoon nodded. “I hope she can make my birthday party...”

“What about me and the others?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Well... maybe since you’re all my friends now she might ease up...” Silver Spoon sighed. She knew better than that; some part of her yearned for that to be true. Her mind spurred to the worst situation if Diamond did show, it wouldn't be pretty. “Actually, it’s probably best I don’t get my hopes up, I’m sure Diamond Tiara has friends in Manehattan.”

“But you just sai-” Sweetie Belle was silenced again by Silver Spoons hoof.

“I know what I said, but heh, you uhhh... you know Diamond.” Silver Spoon nervously laughed.

Sweetie Belle shrugged. “I guess.”

“Maybe we could hang out until the crusaders meet?” Silver Spoon suggested, desperate to change the subject.

“Sure!” Sweetie Belle squeaked, enthralled by the idea.

Silver Spoon smiled, sure that if nopony else Sweetie Belle was definitely the one pony she felt closest too.

Loyalty Unfaltering

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Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon trotted out of Sugar Cube Corner, laughing as the ever gleeful Pinkie Pie bounced out behind them. "That was FUN girls!" Pinkie chirped in her energetic fashion she was know for. "Thanks for the help!" The pink pony bounced past them into town humming as she blended into the noon bustle of the day.

"I told you, Pinkie isn't all that scary," Sweetie Belle giggled, prodding Silver Spoon playfully in her side. "Just takes some getting used to is all."

Silver Spoon nodded and rolled her eyes playfully, her past fears of the pink pony now only a funny memory. "Alright alright, I see,” she giggled. “I gotta say, when you suggested we hang out with Pinkie, I was kinda hoping she wasn’t gonna be home!”

“Told you so!” Sweetie Belle giggled as she shook her head, apparently still amazed that anypony could fear the friendliest pony in Ponyville.

"Hey, it's almost time for us to meet with the others," Silver Spoon pointed out, covering her eyes from the glaring sun with hoof. “What do you think we will be doing today?”

Sweetie Belle shrugged. “I don’t know. Apple Bloom or Scootaloo usually come up with the ideas, maybe they have something in mind.”

“Well, we should get going don’t you think Belle?” Silver Spoon giggled.

Sweetie Belle lightly blushed at the sudden casual tone Silver Spoon took. “B-Belle?”

“Another word for elegant, if I remember right,” Silver Spoon plainly stated. “I didn’t mean anything by it, I just thought... you know it was alright.” Though it doesn’t hurt that that’s also the name of my favorite story book princess too. She inwardly giggled.

“It’s alright, Silvy,” Sweetie Belle giggled. “I don’t mind, now, let’s get go-”

“Hey! Sweetie Belle!” A familiar voice called to the fillies from above the two fillies.

Both fillies looked to the sky and saw a cyan pony looking down at them as she descended. Silver Spoon recognized the pegasus in front of them as Rainbow Dash. The mare looked around then sighed. “Doesn’t look like she’s here either.”

“You looking for Pinkie Pie?” Sweetie Belle asked. “She just left.”

"Drat," Rainbow Dash groaned, taking her frustration out by kicking a small pebble. "I was supposed to help with baking or something like that today... thanks girls," A little disheartened, the pegasus took to the sky once again, her trademark rainbow trail streaking behind her.

Just as the end of the rainbow disappeared, a light buzzing sound echoed growing louder by the second.

“What.. is that..?” Silver Spoon asked, giving Sweetie Belle a confused look.

“Sounds like Scootaloo,” Sweetie Belle replied. “Must have saw Rainbow Dash.” She giggled.

Just like Sweetie Belle predicted, Scootaloo came to a screeching stop. She removed her blue and white helmet, whipping her matted mane around frantically. “I SAW!! DASH!! HERE!!! WHERE?!” The pegasus blurted out, her eyes frantically shifting between the sky and the ponyfolk.

“Just missed her, actually,” Silver Spoon said.

“Ahh darn it!” Scootaloo groaned, letting her forehead fall onto the handle bar of her scooter, her helmet making an audible clack as it fell to the ground. “I was gonna ask he--”

SWEET-IE BELLE!!!” A roar pierced the air, causing the fillies and a few other ponies in the market to jump.

Silver Spoon and Scootaloo froze in fear. Sweetie Belle, however, cringed at the all too familiar tone.

Rarity approached, eyes blazing like an ursa on the prowl. A vaguely familiar cloth floated in the vice grip of her magic. Other ponies scampered to get out of her war path, she paid them no mind. Her focus at the moment was her little sister. “Mind explaining this..?!” The enraged unicorn dropped an orange makeshift scarf to the ground. Sweetie Belle could only return a weak smile under her sisters murderous gaze.

The young unicorns ears drooped down as she stared at the fabric, or rather what’s left of it, and sighed. “Umm... I-I’m sorry Rarity.”

“Sorry won’t cut it!” Rarity snapped. “I’ve told you time and again NOT to touch my fabric, I even gave you your own,” Rarity sighed, calming down a bit as she saw her sister staring at the ground in front of her, pawing with a hoof. “It pains me to have to do this, but you're grounded for the rest of the day.”

“What! But, Rarity—” Sweetie Belle whined.

“Ah-Ah, no buts, Sweetie Belle. You should have known better,” Rarity chided. “Come along now."

“Fine...”Sweetie Belle groaned. “Guess I’ll have to see you girls tomorrow... bye, Silvy and Scootaloo.”

Glad I don’t have any older siblings! Silver Spoon nodded to herself.

Both Silver Spoon and Scootaloo both waved a hoof as Rarity led Sweetie Belle home. Both still sort of stunned by the mare’s outburst. “We...I-I guess we better get to Twist and Apple Bloom then.” Silver Spoon said, breaking the silence between the two ponies.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure let’s... let’s go,” Scootaloo nodded.

Both fillies went side by side. An awkward silence between them, as they made for Sweet Apple Acres. Silver Spoon glanced over at her fellow crusader and sighed.

She doesn’t fully trust me, I can feel it... Silver Spoon thought to herself, casting another sidewards glace at Scootaloo cruising along on her scooter. Silver Spoon inwardly groaned, the silence was beginning to get to her slowly. She couldn’t place her hoof on it ,but she needed to get through to this stubborn pegasus.

“Hey, that reminds me...” Scootaloo said in something of a hushed whisper.

Silver Spoon didn’t catch what the filly said, too wrapped up on the thought of how to get Scootaloo to warm up to her.

“Silver Spoon, I have something of a question for you,” The orange filly looked over to see Silver Spoon in a whole other world right now, led only by her hooves and possibly the sound of Scootaloo’s buzzing wings. “Silver Spoon!”

Silver Spoon jumped slightly as she was torn away from her thinking. “Y-yes?”

“What was the deal with you and Diamond Tiara?” Scootaloo bluntly said. “Why the sudden change of heart?”

“It’s complicated,” Silver Spoon quickly replied with a sigh.

"Uncomplicate it," Scootaloo snorted, not satisfied by the short answer.

Persistent one... Silver Spoon inwardly chuckled. "Fine, long story short, you don't know Diamond like I do."

"Fair enough," Scootaloo shrugged. “But, what about us?”

“What do you mean?” Silver Spoon asked. Is my loyalty being drawn into question?

“I’m not blind, I can see you aren’t as bad so long as that snobby princess isn’t here,” Scootaloo said.”No offence.” She quickly added. “But, are you REALLY our friend?”

“Of course!” Silver Spoon sharply replied. “I really like you girls, and it’s nice that I don’t have to pretend to be somepony else in public for a change!”

Scootaloo smiled and nodded. “Alright then.”

"Though... I do envy you all..." Silver Spoon confessed.

"What?" Scootaloo asked, lightly chuckling. "Envy me?"

"Well, to be honest Scootaloo," Silver Spoon started. "Each of you has something I wish I had."

Scootaloo stopped dead in her tracks, obviously still stunned by Silver Spoon's words. "YOU envy us?"

"Yes," She replied with a nod. "Like you, for example. You are your own mare. You don't cling to somepony else like I did."

“What?” Scootaloo asked tilting her head to the side.

“I've heard a few things from other classmates. Rainbow Dash… She's your idol, but you don't live on her every word like I used to with Diamond Tiara,” Silver Spoon admitted, hanging her head.

“I like Dash and all, but I don't want to be like her,” Scootaloo scoffed

“What?” Silver Spoon’s eyes widened. “But, you—”

“I want to be BETTER than her!” Scootaloo added with a confident smile. “It’d be no fun if i were EXACTLY like her, y’know?”

Silver Spoon nodded slowly, smiling as Scootaloo’s words seemed to make perfect sense. “You know... I never thought of it that way.”

“Really?” Scootaloo chuckled. “I figured for all your smarts, YOU would have known that!”

“Whatever!” Silver Spoon stuck her tongue out and blew a raspberry. Scootaloo only smiled and shook her head as the sight.

“When did you start seeing the fun side of things?” Scootaloo giggled, pulling the bottom lid of her eye and sticking out her tongue.

Silver Spoon burst into laughter at Scootaloo’s distorted face. “Alright you win! Though, if you keep on making faces like that it might get stuck!”

“You should try it!” Scootaloo giggled. “For you though, it might be an improvement!”

“Oh yeah, as IF!” Silver Spoon laughed, bounding off toward Sweet Apple Acres.

“Hey!” Scootaloo laughed. “Where do YOU think you’re goin!”

Scootaloo’s wings beat in overtime, whipping up a small gale. She bolted clean past Silver Spoon like an orange typhoon, causing the fillies mane and tail to be blown completely out of style as she spun on her hooves. Her mane stuck out in every direction like a bush. Her tail followed suit, looking like the aftermath of a hurricane.

SCOOOTALOOOO!!!!!” Silver Spoon playfully cried as she picked up her glasses. She then gave chase, their laughter echoing through the town.

The Curious Generosity of a filly named Twist

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Silver Spoon, along with Scootaloo, panted heavily as they stood just outside the Cutie Mark Crusader club house. Both fillies were sweating and laughing as their pseudo race ended. Silver Spoon reveled in her new found bond with the young orange pegasus. The tension she previously felt melted away.

“A…Again,” Scootaloo panted. “I never thought you could keep… keep up!” The little pegasus parked her scooter near the tree.

Silver Spoon nodded, wiping away sweat from her forehead. “I didn’t know I had it in me either! I’m gonna be sore all over again…” she sighed, remembering the pain she felt once before after the last race she had with Scootaloo.

“C’mon, we better join Bloom and Twist,” Scootaloo suggested, beckoning Silver Spoon to follow. “I’m sure the girls will hardly BELIEVE what they are about to hear!”
“Ah jus’ don’t believe it,” Apple Bloom chuckled to herself as she shook her head. “Out of all ponies, Sweetie Belle... grounded.” She turned her gaze up to the two fillies standing before her as a grin spread across her face, her eyes narrowed towards her friends. “Ya’ll got to be pullin’ mah leg!”

“No really!!” Scootaloo protested, standing on her hind legs as her forehooves shot into the air for emphasis. “I thought that Rarity’s mane was going to catch fire like I heard about when Twilight gets mad!”

“What?” Silver Spoon glanced over at the pegasus, wondering who this Twilight pony was. “I think that might be over-exaggerating it, Scootaloo....” she rolled her eyes.

“Well, yeah...” Scootaloo smiled sheepishly as she rubbed the back of her neck with a hoof. “But I was serious when I said she was MAD!”

“‘Tho, what do we do?” Twist asked, working a candy cane around in her mouth.

“I don’t think we should go off crusading without Be—err... Sweetie Belle,” Silver Spoon added. “I mean, it wouldn’t be the same for you girls, right?”

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo nodded. “Ah guess yer right,” Apple Bloom said. “Wouldn’t want her feelin left out ‘n all. Guess ah’ll see if AJ need help in th’ orchid t’day!”

“‘Thay, ‘Thilver ‘Thpoon, do you wanna hang out today?” Twist asked, looking at the gray filly expectantly.

“Huh? Well, sure.” Silver Spoon nodded. “But, why the interest in just me?”

“Well everypony el’th ‘theem’th to have had a heart to heart with you, ‘tho I figure it’th my turn!” Twist giggled. “Be’thide’th, I could u’the ‘thomepony to te’tht my new candy cane flavors! Bon-Bon i’th te’thting me.”

“Testing you for what?” Silver Spoon asked, cocking her head to the side.

Twist playfully rolled her eyes. “Well duh, the Chocolade is run by her,” she stated matter of factly. “‘The’s my mentor and aunt.”

“I guess.” Silver Spoon shrugged. “Though, if you ask me, I kind of have a personal favorite for those green stripey ones...” She began to imagine the sharp taste dancing around on her tongue, her mouth lightly watered.

“‘Thpearmint.” Twist corrected, snapping Silver Spoon back to reality. “The new kind’th I want to be ‘thofter and ‘thmaller.”

“It’s minty!” Silver Spoon excitedly squeaked, obviously addicted to the treat after her previous taste from the filly. “Ohhh! You’ve GOT to... toooo....” her voice faded, realizing she just embarrassed herself and acted like a newborn foal over candy.

“Are you seriously getting worked up over candy?” Scootaloo snickered.

Silver Spoon lightly blushed and rubbed the back of her neck with a hoof, too embarrassed to reply after her out of character outburst.

“Ah swear t’day just gets weirder an weirder,” Apple Bloom chuckled. “Well, Scoots, ya mind lending me a helping hoof?”

A rainbow trail streaked across the sky, heading for the Sweet Apple Acres farm. Scootaloo was mesmerized by the signature symbol of her pegasus hero. A grin stretched across her face. “Bloom,” Scootaloo said, as her eyes widened. “I know what I’m gonna do today!”

“I swear I’ve heard that somewhere before...” Silver Spoon whispered to Twist.

Twist giggled and nodded. “I know right!”
“What’s it taste like?” Twist asked, her eyes lighting up as Silver Spoon placed a fresh miniature mint in her mouth.

“Too chewy,” Silver Spoon groaned, hanging her tongue from her mouth and wiping the failed test into a nearby bin to join its other failed experiments. “I swear I couldn’t tell if that was gum or not,” she joked.

Twist frowned; she and Silver Spoon had been going at this for about an hour. Every batch of peppermints didn’t come out right. Too soft, too hard, or too weird tasting. In one instance, the outcome was a tangy gum like substance.

“Well,” Bon-Bon snorted as she trotted in from the kitchen. “It seems you have learned nothing from me in your time as my apprentice, Twist,” The older mare chided, a slight smirk on her face. “What is my number one rule?”

“Pay attention in the kitchen,” Twist sighed, disheartened.

“Wait...” Twist turned to her mentor and noticed the coy smile about her face. “When did you get in the kitchen Bon-Bon..?”

Bon-Bon giggled as she trotted past the fillies. “It is my job to make sure you learn and grow. Even if that means taking things into my own hooves.”She left laughing, casting one last glance at her pupil before mixing in with her customers, leaving the fillies to themselves.

“I... I think ‘the messed with my cooking!” Twist laughed, shaking her head. “And here I am thinking I wa’th doing ‘thomething wrong...”

“Are you gonna try again?” Silver Spoon asked, reeling a bit at the thought of another disgusting disaster.

“Nah,” Twist shook her head. “But thank’th for thi’th, ‘Thilver ‘Thpoon!”

Silver Spoon blushed lightly and gigged. “It’s nothing really.” She waved a hoof dismissively. “I’m glad I could help... more or less,” she added with a shrug. "I honestly didn't do much."

“Mmm...”Twist placed a hoof to her chin, then grinned. “I know!” she squeaked. “Wait here!”

The filly excitedly bolted back into the kitchen. Silver Spoon’s stomach turned at the thought of another ‘sweet’ being brought back for her to taste.

The gray filly could hear Twist hard at work in the kitchen judging by the rapid sounds of her hooves. She sighed and took in the sights of the pseudo Cafe candy store. Small circular tables sat around the room, big enough to seat a small group of about four ponies each. The kitchen was behind the bar, a display of other little treats sat near the edge of its surface. The scent of coffee wafted about through the room, slightly overpowering the faint trace of candy. A few ponies sat at tables either chatting or in a few cases writing.

Bon-Bon was busy at a table taking an order on a note pad. A thought came to Silver Spoon’s mind. I wonder how she manages this herself? She watched as Bon-Bon expertly balanced trays with practiced precision on her back and head.

The alluring scent of a sharp, familiar candy found its way into Silver Spoon’s nostrils. “Spearmint!” she gasped as she turned and saw Twist offering the object of her recent obsession. The filly squealed as she snatched it up and tore the wrapping open.

“I’m glad you enjoy it!” Twist grinned. “Though, It’th ‘thill taking ‘thomegetting u’thed to.”

“Wot?” Silver Spoon asked through a mouthful of candy as she cocked her head to the side “Gettin used to?” she echoed, working her delightful treat around in her mouth.

“Twist!” Bon-Bon called from across the room. “I need you to go check on that new batch of oatmeal cookies for me while I tend to table two.”

“Ye’th ma’am.” Twist nodded then turned back to Silver Spoon. “You, ‘thilly filly!”
“...Thank you, come again!” Bon-Bon called as the last few ponies trotted out of her cafe. “Glad it’s closing time!” she squealed, bouncing upstairs.

Silver Spoon yawned and rubbed her watery eyes. Thanks to a bustling crowd, she and Twist didn’t spend as much time together as she had previously hoped. “Oh well...” she shrugged with a sigh. “This afternoon was something of a waste...”

The chairs sat atop the tables, the only other pony in the room with her was one of Bon-Bon’s employees, a rather stocky unicorn stallion. All he was doing was sweeping, which his cutie mark represented.

“‘Thorry we didn’t get to hang out much today, ‘Thilver ‘thpoon...” Twist grimaced as she trotted out of the kitchen, hanging her head and ears. “Today wa’th busier than I thought it would be.”

Silver Spoon could see her friend felt bad about how the evening turned out to be. “It’s alright, Twist,” she smiled, waving a hoof dismissively. “We can still hang out until Seabastion or August Hoof shows.”

“No, it’th alright.” Twist shrugged.

“Or you could spend the night.” Silver Spoon quickly offered.

What?! The gray filly chided herself, reeling back slightly after realizing the words that escaped her mouth.

“‘Thpend the night?” Twist echoed, her eyes widened in shock.

Oh great! Now you gotta follow it up..! “Uhh yeah!” Silver Spoon said, quickly forming a plan in her mind. “W-we could brush each other’s manes, tell stories and stuff.” Just like Titi and I used to do... Her memories of Diamond Tiara flickered in her mind, the laughter and precious time spun together was enough to bring down her mood.

Twist blushed and shook her head, her dismal look replaced with a cheerful grin. “Nah, I wouldn’t want to impo’the.”She giggled. “Thank’th for the offer though!”

“O-Oh!” Silver Spoon perked up, breaking away from her reverie. “Maybe some other time then?” she added, still shaken by the sudden memories.

“Are... are you okay, ‘Thilvy?” Twist asked, edging closer to Silver Spoon.

“Oh I’m fine!” Silver Spoon lied as she playfully rolled her eyes.

“I’m not much, but you’ve got friends now.” Twist stated, oddly enough without her lisp. “You don’t have to rough it by your’thelf anymore, rely on u’th!”

Silver Spoon nodded. “”I know, thank you.” She smiled. I didn’t see that one coming...

Twist’s words echoed relentlessly in her mind. All her new friends felt genuine; they accepted her. Yet, something still felt wrong.

“Twist, I’m going out to meet Lyra--” Bon-Bon looked up and saw how close Twist and Silver Spoon look then placed a hoof over her mouth as she giggled. “Oh~,” she sang. “I didn’t know Silver Spoon was still here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Ms. Bon-Bon,” Silver Spoon, smiled feeling like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. “I was just about to leave.”

“Twist, why don’t you walk Silver Spoon home?” Bon-Bon suggested with a giggle.

Twist eagerly nodded. “Alright!” she smiled as she trotted over to Silver Spoon.

Silver Spoon smiled at her escort, noticing her blush slightly behind her red curls. “Thanks Twist!”

“Let’th go!” Twist squeaked, pressing the bottom half of the door open, letting the orange glow of the setting sun inside. “Wow, I didn’t realize it wa’th getting that late already!”

“Yeah,” Silver Spoon nodded, yawning slightly. “We better get moving.”

"Stop by anytime, Silver Spoon.” Bon-Bon called as the two fillies faded into the distance.
Rely on them huh? I guess that doesn’t sound do bad... Silver Spoon mused to herself as she climbed in bed. With a weary yawn, the little filly removed her glasses and tossed them onto the nightstand. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on getting sleep. The last rays of the day peeked thought her curtains, and she took one last look as she smiled. Silver Spoon spotted Twist trotting for home practically bouncing.

Facets and Flaws

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Silver Spoon sighed happily as she rolled over in her bed. “Today is the day!” she giggled. “MY day!”

A faint scent wafted into her nose. A vaguely familiar fragrance that held a hint of vanilla in it. The smell was perfume, an expensive brand she recognized. No way... that’s Clive Canterson..! Silver Spoon opened her eyes and was greeted with two large blue orbs staring down at her.

“Good morning sleepy head!” The magenta filly squeaked as nuzzled Silver Spoon.

Even without her glasses, there was no doubting that expensive perfume, the sound of that voice and the color of her coat. ”DIAMOND TIARA!!!!!” she screamed, springing up and tackling her friend in a tight hug.

The two fillies’ laughter filled the air as they rolled around in a blur of pink and gray. For a moment, it felt as if everything was back to normal, as if the last month never happened and Diamond Tiara visited on her daily schedule.

“Happy birthday Silver Spoon!” Diamond Tiara giggled, breaking free of Silver Spoon’s surprisingly solid grip. “You could swear you haven’t seen me in forever!”

“Well it feels that way!” Silver Spoon replied, playfully nudging Diamond Tiara. “And I noticed you’re still wearing that perfume too!”

“Yeah!” Diamond Tiara nodded. “Daddy always brings me another bottle when one runs out.”

“As a matter of fact, how have you been?” Silver Spoon grinned.

“Oh, you know.” Diamond Tiara shrugged, averting eye contact with Silver Spoon. “The usual.”

“I’m so glad you could—” A light rapping came to the door, grabbing Silver Spoon's attention.

“Must be The Help at the door,” Diamond Tiara scoffed, in her usual condescending tone.

“Miss Silver Spoon, Miss Pinkamina Dianne Pie wishes to speak to you,” Seabastion’s voice called from behind the door. “Shall I send her away?”

Pinkie Pie? Silver Spoon tilted her head to the side. “No, I’m coming!” she replied. “Coming Titi?” Silver Spoon giggled.

Diamond Tiara blushed lightly at the sound of her old nickname. “Come on now!” she chided. “That is like so lame, I think I’ll check out your wardrobe,” the magenta filly waved a hoof dismissively, then disappeared into Silver Spoon’s closet.

That’s probably for the best anyway. Silver Spoon nodded.

Silver Spoon followed her butler out onto the balcony of the foyer, where she could see Pinkie Pie examining the house. The mare’s tongue stuck from her mouth comically as she looked about. “...Think I’ll need to make some adjustments to the cannon for this one!” Pinkie Pie mumbled, tapping a hoof to her chin.

“The use of ballistics are prohibited indoors.” Seabastion chuckled, distracted by Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie.

“Hi Silver Spoon!” Pinkie squeaked. “I was wondering, where are your parents?”

“The master and mistress of the house are out.” Seabastion quickly answered.

Silver Spoon nodded. “Yeah, just talk to either August Hoof or Seabastion.” She looked up to her aged butler and smiled warmly. They are kinda like grandparents at this point.

“Oh, Pinkie Pie.” Diamond Tiara’s voice rang from upstairs. “What’s going on, Silver Spoon?”

Silver Spoon’s eye darted between Pinkie, who returned to sizing up the estate, and Diamond Tiara, who approached via the stairs. “Uhh... Pinkie is planning my party..?”

“Oh,” Diamond Tiara shrugged, casting another glace upstairs. “That’s cool. Hey, wanna go shopping?”

“Sure!” Silver Spoon smiled. “Seabastion, if I have any other ‘guests’ tell them... I’m kind of busy at the moment.” At least until I can tell things won’t blow up between Diamond and the others.
“I hope those Blank Flanks haven’t been giving you much trouble while I’ve been gone, Silver Spoon,” Diamond Tiara said as the two trotted through the bustling Ponyville market.

“Err... n-no,” Silver Spoon replied, her eyes darting about for any sign of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. “No trouble at all...”

Diamond Tiara looked out the corner of her eyes; she could see Silver Spoon frantically looking about as if watching out for danger of some unforeseen sort. "What’s wrong Silver Spoon?” Diamond Tiara warmly whispered to make sure nopony else heard her.

“I’m fine,” Silver Spoon unconsciously answered, paying little to no attention to Diamond Tiara.

Diamond Tiara frowned up for a moment, then regained her public composure, pretending as if they never had the conversation. “Whatever...” she mumbled.

“‘Thilver ‘Thpoon!” a voice called.

Silver Spoon froze for a moment. The signature lisp of her friend was the last thing she wanted to hear at the moment. She could see Diamond Tiara beginning to turn around. In a moment of panic, she shoved Diamond Tiara into the nearest store, hoping to lose Twist.

"What was that about?!” Diamond Tiara barked, her cheeks burned red. “Why did you shove me into Quill and Sofa of all stores!?”

“What are you two doing here?” a tanned stallion asked as he approached his visitors, cocking a brow, his quill and sofa cutie mark instantly identifying him.

“S-Sorry Mr. Davenport,” Silver Spoon said, peeking outside.

“Ugh, you’re acting so lame...” Diamond Tiara rolled her eyes.

Davenport shook his head, confused by the fillies. “Just, don’t scratch anything. Then again, you two could afford anything in the store.” He chuckled, going back to his business.

Silver Spoon sighed, relieved she could no longer see Twist amongst the crowd. “Coast is clear...” she nodded.

“Really, what’s your damage, Silver Spoon?” Diamond Tiara whined. “I know something is up, are you hiding something from me?”

Those words stabbed at Silver Spoon’s heart. She mentally reeled back, wishing she never heard them. A cold chill traveled her spine as guilt settled in her stomach like frigid stones. I am... but... it’s for her own good, right? Silver Spoon turned and met Diamond Tiara’s gaze. She offered a false smile and shook her head. “It’s just that...” No matter how hard Silver Spoon tried, she couldn’t find a convincing excuse, rather a convincing lie.

“I’m sure you have your reasons...” Diamond Tiara sighed in an uncanny moment of clarity. “Thinking on it, you were probably hiding from that nerd.” She giggled.

“Twist!” Silver Spoon sharply corrected. “Err... at least if I remember right,” she quickly added.

“Oh. Yeah.” Diamond Tiara shrugged. “I guess.”

“How were the stores in Manehattan?” Silver Spoon asked, keen to change the subject.

“Oh they are totally more your thing, Silver Spoon.” Diamond Tiara giggled. “All sorts of weird little knick knacks and stuff,” the filly squealed.

“What are you so excited for?” Silver Spoon chuckled.

“Oh. You’ll se~e~” Diamond Tiara sang as she trotted outside.
True to her flair, Pinkie Pie managed to transform the main foyer of Silver Spoon’s home to a festive explosion of colorful streamers, confetti, music, and foodstuffs, complete with a huge frilled pink and white birthday cake in the centre of the dining hall. Enough for everypony in her class and then some. Definitely worthy of the pink party pony’s reputation.

The birthday song had just ended and Silver Spoon attempted to weed out her friends from everypony else, though the gifts in the corner of the dining hall assumed her attention more than once.

“The second and third floors are OFF LIMITS during the party,” August Hoof called above the crowd.

“Oh c’mon grandma!” Pinkie said, grabbing the aged mare. “Loosen up! It’s a PAR-TAY!!

August Hoof opened her mouth to object, then she caught sight of Seabastion mingling with some of the older guests. “I swear...” she groaned.

Where are they? Despite her efforts, Silver spoon couldn’t find her friends, Cutie Mark Crusaders included. Everypony from Cheerilee’s class seemed to be there, even Cheerilee herself. Yet no sign of those she held dear.

"Hey, Snails,” Silver Spoon called, approaching the gangly orange unicorn. “Have you seen Sweetie Belle or the others?”

The colt blushed lightly and shook his head. “Err... no, sorry.” He goofily giggled.

“Oh...well thanks anyway.” Silver Spoon sighed.

“Oh, wait, I think I might have saw Diamond Tiara upstairs, eh?... but, didn’t she leave?”

Her comeback must not be official. Silver Spoon giggled. “Alright, thanks, Snails!” She smiled, heading into the foyer. Snails sighed dreamily as Silver Spoon trotted away.

Silver Spoon arrived in the foyer and instantly spotted Diamond Tiara beckoning her to the third floor. The magenta filly disappeared around a corner. Most likely going to my room, I wonder why... Silver Spoon easily shrank away from the festive party, despite her maid’s rule to the confinements of her room. Diamond Tiara awaited with a huge grin on her face.

“You came!” Diamond Tiara squeaked.

"Well, you were acting a bit off,” Silver Spoon teased, sticking out her tongue.

“Whatever!” Diamond Tiara giggled. “Hey, I have a surprise for you!”

“For me..?” Silver Spoon gasped.

Diamond Tiara nodded. “Turn around, and close your eyes too!”

“Fine...” Silver Spoon playfully rolled her eyes and did as she was told. Within moments, Silver Spoon peeked over her shoulder, only to be met with playful scorn from Diamond Tiara. The magenta filly batted at Silver Spoon’s nose until she turned back around.

“I knew you’d try to sneak a peek!” Diamond Tiara sang.

“Oh, riiiight!” Silver Spoon giggled. “Can you blame m—eep!” Silver Spoon yelped lightly at the feeling of Diamond Tiara working her hooves around her neck, unhooking her necklace.

“Hold still...” Diamond Tiara cautioned as she worked something cold in place of her usual jewelry. “There,” she giggled. “Open your eyes and tell me what you think!”

Silver Spoon opened her eyes and instantly turned to her mirror. Much to her surprise she found herself sporting a whole new necklace altogether. A thin, silver necklace, donning a heart shaped pendant that seemed to change color the more she looked at it. “W-Wow...” Silver Spoon gasped.

“Look at the back of the heart! Look!!” Diamond Tiara impatiently giggled, bouncing in place.

Silver Spoon took the pendant in her hoof, turned it over, and read the inscription aloud: “Only the best, for my bestest BFF.”

“Sorry about the ‘bestest’ part, heh I may have gone a little overboard with it,” Diamond Tiara admitted, rubbing a hoof on the back of her neck. “Do... do you like it..?”

“I love it, Titi!” Silver Spoon smiled, hugging Diamond Tiara, then going back to marvel at her gift. “Just... wow...” The heart changed colors from red-orange to a deep crimson.

“According to this,” Diamond Tiara said as she looked over a scrap of paper. “You had... mixed emotions, now you’re excited!”


“Moochick Crystal,” Diamond Tiara answered. “They are all the rage at the new school I go to, but this one is one of a kind. Custom made.”

Maybe, just maybe, Diamond Tiara has grown up a bit, Silver Spoon silently hoped. She looked at the smiling filly before her and could hardly imagine her being so cynical and cruel.

“C’mon, we better make an appearance before your maid goes off and gives birth to a cow,” Diamond Tiara teased.
The duo made their way back downstairs, easily blending in with everypony like nopony ever noticed their disappearance. Ponies passed by offering their best birthday wishes to Silver Spoon. Though, she still noticed a certain group of fillies had yet to show. Silver Spoon looked to her pendant and noticed it was now gray. Anxiety maybe? she giggled. Maybe it’s for the best if Diamond doesn’t find out, at least not yet.

“I’m gonna go grab something to eat, what about you?” Diamond Tiara asked.

“Oh, you go on ahead,” Silver Spoon replied with a smile. “I’ll catch up later.”

“Ok...” Diamond Tiara shrugged before blending in with the other party guests.

“Hey! Silver Spoon!” Scootaloo’s voice called.

Silver Spoon caught sight of Apple Bloom and Scootaloo among the crowd of ponies. Luckily Diamond Tiara was headed in the opposite direction. “Hi girls!” Silver Spoon squeaked as she approached the fillies, only to notice they were a few short. “Where is Sweetie Belle and Twist?”

“Oh, they’re gonna be a lil late,” Apple Bloom answered. “They’ll be along though.”

Scootaloo nodded in agreement. “Totally, no way they would miss a party thrown by Pinkie, AND it’s your birthday.”

“Why, we wouldn’t miss it fer the world!” Apple Bloom added with a smile.

“Thanks girls.” Silver Spoon beamed, warmed by the compassion she felt from her friends.

“Now, I don’t know about you two, but I’M gonna go do some damage to that cake!” Scootaloo chuckled.

“Ah second that motion!” Apple bloom said between giggles.

“Well well if it isn’t my FAVORITE blank flanks!” Diamond Tiara’s cynical voice rang from behind Silver Spoon.

No no no!! Silver Spoon’s coat stood on end, both Apple Bloom and Scootaloo shot her questioning looks as their eyes shifted between Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

“These losers bothering you, Silver Spoon?” Diamond Tiara giggled.

“Ooh... I see what’s going on!” Scootaloo dryly chuckled, which sent a chill up Silver Spoon’s spine.

“So... you haven’t changed after all!” Apple Bloom snorted. “Still as snooty as the day ya left!”

Silver Spoon reeled back, her plan began to backfire. Diamond Tiara and the Cutie Mark Crusaders had met and already they were bickering, her whole world began to fall apart.

“Come on,” Diamond Tiara called to Silver Spoon with a crack of her tail. “Let’s ditch these LOSERS,” she scoffed.

Silver Spoon hesitated to move, the worst possible scenario now played out right before her and she felt powerless. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo both awaited a response from her, and the longer Silver Spoon took to decide, the more Diamond Tiara grew impatient with her.

“Hurry up!” Diamond Tiara barked, stomping her hoof.

Silver Spoon didn’t budge, she felt torn in two and didn’t know who to turn to. She clamped her eyes shut, silently praying to just disappear or awake from the nightmare.

“You can’t be serious...” Diamond Tiara growled. “Are you REALLY friends with those losers, Silver Spoon?”

Silver Spoon kept her silent vigil, looking down to the floor as if it held the answer to her problem. The gift from Diamond Tiara now seemed to mock her; it now resembled an empty black void.

“FINE!” Diamond Tiara cried, storming off in the opposite direction.

Silver Spoon followed behind her, desperate to try and make things right. “Diamond Tiara--”

“YOU’VE made your choice.” Diamond Tiara sniffed. “It’s obvious you want new friends... this is what I get for letting somepony get too close.”


“I... I hate you, Silver Spoon!” Diamond Tiara cried as she galloped away.

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom stood by, speechless and in shock. Silver Spoon was frozen, her eyes wide and about to water. She took a deep breath and composed herself best she could as to not draw unwanted attention

“S-Silver Spoon..?” Scootaloo finally said, cautiously approaching the dazed filly.

Silver Spoon slowly turned her head, looking to the two as if they were foreign ponies to her. She sighed, her heart suddenly aching as well as she hung her head. “I... need to go...” she coldly said, making her way up to her room.

Precious Gems

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Silver Spoon sat in her room atop her bed, trying her best not to break down and cry anymore. Tears already soaked her face and the whites of her eyes were now pink and puffy. I deserved it, she thought to herself, worsening her mood.
Diamond Tiara’s words drove a spike through her heart. She was at a total loss as she stared down at the tear soaked floor. Her mixed feelings only made matters worse, namely an unusual pang of anger she felt at herself for letting things go the way they did.

The music from her party still echoed upstairs despite the guests beginning to filter out as the sun began to cast it’s final orange glow on Ponyville. Nopony really noticed she was missing; Apple Bloom and Scootaloo gave her the space she asked for.

The pendant Diamond Tiara gave her sat next to her on the bed. She couldn’t stand to wear it anymore. “I hate you, Silver Spoon!” those words echoed endlessly in her ears, tormenting and driving the fact that she drove away her dear friend.

The prospect of being alone seemed more and more inviting each passing moment. At least when she left she was still my friend...
A knock came to her room door. She silently whimpered, hoping whoever was knocking would just go away. “Hey... uhh... Silver Spoon..?” Scootaloo’s voice rang from behind the door. “C-Can I come in?”

Silver Spoon didn’t answer.
The door slowly creaked open, then slowly closed after Scootaloo entered. “Hey...” Scootaloo cooed, climbing into bed next to her. “I don’t exactly know what to say, but I’m not gonna leave you hangin.”

Silver Spoon looked out the corner of her bleary eyes and saw Scootaloo looking back, offering a weak smile.

“Oh, what do you know!” Silver Spoon sniffed, narrowing her eyes at the pegasus. “I’ll bet you’re enjoying this more than anypony!”

Scootaloo took a deep breath then sighed. “A few days ago, maybe,” she admitted. “I don’t know why you hang around Diamond Tiara, and honestly I’m sure you’ve got your reasons, but if she doesn’t want to be your friend it’s her loss!”

“You don’t understand...” Silver Spoon distanced herself from Scootaloo as far as she could. The filly rested her head on the wall and sighed. “Just go away, Scootaloo.”

“Well, I’m kinda trying here!” Scootaloo groaned. “Throw me a bone or something, GEEZE!!”

Silver Spoon didn’t reply, she already muted the pegasus out best she could.

"Alright, FINE!” Scootaloo yelled. “I’m tired of your little pity party already! I come up here and try to help you, make you feel better and I’M the one getting the cold shoulder?! Maybe you haven’t changed at all, you’re being selfish!”

“...Take that back...” Silver Spoon growled.

“Stop me when I’m wrong.” Scootaloo challenged. “You know I’m right.”

Silver Spoon hung her head, and chuckled lightly. “I can’t believe I’m being talked down to by Scootaloo...”

"And what’s that supposed to mean?” the pegasus asked, eyeing Silver Spoon. “I came up here because I didn’t want to see you going at this alone!”

Silver Spoon rolled her eyes. “So, it’s because you feel sorry for me?”

“Quit being difficult to somepony who only wants to talk!” Scootaloo barked, causing Silver Spoon to whimper. “Keep this up and I’m gone!”

“I-I guess...” Silver Spoon shrugged, wiping tears from her eyes. “I’m sorry, Scootaloo.”

For a few moments there was silence between them, an uncomfortable silence. Look at what you’ve done now... Silver Spoon scolded herself.

Scootaloo sighed. “That’s cool, I shouldn’t have let it get to me like that.” Scootaloo nodded, calming down a bit. “If you talk, I’ll listen. I’m not one to leave a friend hangin.”

Silver Spoon nodded.

“Good," Scootaloo nodded "Now, what’s the deal with you and Diamond Tiara? You two are real close, but you aren’t half as irritating as her. At least, not any more.”

I figured that would be her first question. “We are... were friends,” Silver Spoon began choked on those words. “Diamond Tiara is really special to me...” she added. “She trusted me... and I let her down...”

“How, exactly did you do that?” Scootaloo inquired cocking a brow. “From where I was standing she just over reacted.”

“She trusted me. I was her only friend, Scootaloo.” Silver Spoon sniffed, her emotions welling up again.

“Hey, don’t go crying on me again.” the young pegasus closed the gap between Silver Spoon and herself then placed a hoof on the earth pony’s shoulder. “Trust me when I say, tears have never helped anypony.”

“What do you mean?” Silver Spoon asked, curiously eyeing Scootaloo.

The young pegasus sighed and groaned. “I’ll bore you some other time alright? Right now it’s all about you.”

“Alright, thanks.” Silver Spoon nodded, a warm feeling building up inside. It’s a little odd seeing her care for me... “As far back as I can remember, Diamond Tiara has always been the way she is. I used to get bullied by her too, but I didn't care. My self esteem was pretty low back then...”

Scootaloo’s eyes widened as Silver Spoon continued, “And here I thought you two have always been friends!”

“No,” Silver Spoon replied, shaking her head. “It was by chance she ended up as my neighbor. Our mothers became friends and began going out, then Diamond Tiara and I began doing the same. After spending so much time around her I ended up wanting to be like her.”

“Why?” Scootaloo asked stifling a chuckle.

Silver Spoon reeled, shooting the laughing filly a dirty look. “You find something FUNNY?!!”

“Err, sorry,” Scootaloo uneasily smiled. “It’s just, from what you’re saying, you’ve always had some issues with being yourself.”


“Seems to me like you’re always eager to fit in and be like somepony.” Scootaloo said with a shrug of her shoulders. “And, if that’s the case, were you really ever Diamond Tiara’s friend?”

“So, it’s like you said before,” Silver Spoon lightly smiled. “Don’t aim to be like somepony, be better than them.”

“Exactly!” Scootaloo grinned, pleased to be quoted on something. “Stick with me, kid, and you’ll turn out alright.” the pegasus joked.

Silver Spoon playfully rolled her eyes. “I may have blindly followed her in front of everypony, but I will always be there for her.”

“You will, will you?” Scootaloo cocked a brow. “Well, as a friend, if you don’t mind me saying, you’re doing a pretty bad job just sittin here doing nothing.”

“I can’t go to her, what do you expect me to do?” Silver Spoon shook her head. “There’s no way she would talk to me if I did!”

“Well, I don’t see why you’re so down then. If you can’t help it, move on.”


“But, nothing! Come on!” Scootaloo groaned. “I can’t BELIEVE I’m about to say this, but if you want that filly to change, be the friend she needs and not the one she wants. Really knock her down a few pegs!”

“I don’t see the point.” Silver Spoon shook her head. “When nopony is looking, we are the best of friends.”

“So, what, you two are like secret friends then?” Scootaloo chuckled, narrowing her eyes playfully. “Sounds lame to me. Plus everypony already knows you two hang out, it’s no secret.”

“Yeah, but I just don’t know, Scootaloo.” Silver Spoon sighed. “What if I only make things worse..?”

“And I thought Fluttershy had confidence issues...” Scootaloo rolled her eyes. ”Can’t be any worse than what they are now.” she frankly stated. “I mean she already hates you.”

Silver Spoon narrowed her eyes at Scootaloo. Though she knew the pegasus’ words rang true, there was no point in getting mad. “You sure..?” she sheepishly said.

“Positive!” Scootaloo beamed. “Y’kno, one of these day’s I’m gonna have to toughen you up some.”

“Maybe later.” Silver Spoon smiled. “Knowing Titi, there is one place in Ponyville she will go.”

“That’s the can do spirit I like to see!” Scootaloo exclaimed as if rallying a crowd. “Now, what do ya say we get back to your party, or rather what’s left of it.”

“Thanks alot, Scootaloo.” Silver Spoon sheepishly smiled. “And, I know this is way overdue, but I’m sorry about all the name calling.”

“Aahh don’t mention it, Silvy.” Scootaloo waved a hoof dismissively. “If there is one thing Scootaloo values, it’s loyalty! You’re a Cutie Mark Crusader now! You can always count on me! If things go south with Diamond Tiara, you still got us.” she smiled, her eyes shimmering with satisfaction.

Odd, Scootaloo and I had a moment here. I can feel a warm bond forming between us... Silver Spoon mused on this thought. Scootaloo was the last pony she would ever have thought would cheer her up or offer some of the advice that was given.

“You done moping around?” Scootaloo teased, hopping from the bed to her hooves. “Or do I REALLY need to buck some sense into your head?”

“No,” Silver Spoon giggled. “And thanks again, Scootaloo.”

The orange filly groaned. “Really, it’s cool. Don’t go getting all mushy on me now! I get enough of that from Apple Bloom...”
The party was already beginning to reach it’s final stage as only few ponies were left, including Pinkie Pie. Even the party pony sensed one of her parties was closing down, she was busy helping Emerald with the dishes

“Y’know, Miss Pie, you’re very handy in the kitchen!” Emerald heartily laughed. “Are you sure you’re not long lost kin o’ mine?”

“Naaah.” Pinkie giggled. “Just good at baking things I guess!”

“So THAT’S where you were!” August Hoof called as Scootaloo and Silver Spoon came downstairs. “The upstairs were off limits as I recall!” The mare chided, tapping a hoof to the floor.

“I’m sorry, August Hoof.” Silver Spoon warmly smiled at the mare. “I needed Scootaloo’s help with something.”

August Hoof eyed the two fillies then shrugged. “I suppose, I just wish you would have said something.” the mare groaned, disappearing into the manor

“Silver Spoon!” Sweetie Belle called as she trotted over to the filly and hugged her. “I was so worried! I heard what happened. Are you ok?”

Silver spoon nodded. “Yes, thanks to Scootaloo here.” she giggled offering a smile to the orange pegasus.

“It’s nothing.” Scootaloo blushed. “She just needed a little push is all. Though next time I might not be so gentle!”

Silver Spoon blew a raspberry at the pegasus. “I’ll just have to be careful then, won’t I?”

“Did I mi’th ‘thomething?” Twist giggled. “Are ‘Thilver ‘Thpoon and ‘Thootaloo really getting along..?”

“Yer guess is as good as mine, Twist.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “Ah think they’re clones!” she joked.

“I’m so happy you two are friends now!” Sweetie Belle squeaked. “This is great!”

The Cutie Mark Crusaders all began laughing at the odd level of energy Sweetie Belle displayed. Silver Spoon looked at each one, Scootaloo’s words ringing in her ears. Don’t aim to be like somepony, be BETTER than them... Be the friend she needs and not the one she wants... Easier said than done, Scootaloo... Silver Spoon dreaded having to approach Diamond Tiara. She knew it was for the best and she will have the Cutie Mark Crusaders there to help her through trying times.

“‘Thilver ‘Thpoon?” Twist chimed in, pulling the gray filly from her thoughts. Her team all offered worried looks in light of recent events.

“I’m alright, girls.” Silver Spoon replied. “Belle, do you think it’s alright if I spent the night with you?”

A wide grin spread across Sweetie Belle’s face at the prospect of having a sleep over. “I wouldn’t mind!”

“What about yer sis?” Apple Bloom asked. “Ya think it’d be alright with her?”

Sweetie Belle frowned. “Right...” for a moment her face lit up. Obviously scheming up an idea. “Unless it was a certain filly’s birthday wish.” an odd, almost sly smirk appeared on her face. All eyes turned to Silver Spoon, all sporting the same devious smile.

“Wh-what?” Silver Spoon flinched, suddenly feeling alienated.

“I ‘thee what ‘Thweetie Belle i’th ‘thaying...” Twist giggled.

“Yeah!” Scootaloo added. “Good idea, Sweetie Belle!”

“Ah swear, this is somethin ah expected from Scootaloo!” Apple Bloom giggled.

“What?” Silver Spoon whined, suddenly nervous.

“I’m saying that you should just write it off as a birthday wish!” Sweetie Belle proudly stated. “I don’t think she would refuse you then.”

“Wow...” Silver Spoon gasped. “That’s... oddly devious of you, Sweetie Belle!”

“Have plans, Little Miss?” Emerald’s voice rang, chuckling heartily.

“Yes,” Silver Spoon nodded. “Tell Auguest Hoof and Seabastion I will be spending the night at Carousel Boutique.” she giggled. “Let’s go girls!”

“Yeah!” Twist added. “On ward’th an upward’th!” she chirped.

The five fillies trotted off laughing as they left the mansion behind, Emerald fondly watching. “Boy the Master ‘n Missus would be proud to see you now.” He chuckled, closing the door.
A light illuminated Sweetie Belle’s room in Carousel Boutique. The moon was already high in the sky, and squeals erupted from the filly’s room. Rarity decided to join after reluctantly agreeing to host their little get together. Each of the slumber party guests wore an odd lime green mud mask as they sat in a circle. Partnered up in pairs’ of two, each pony had another in their mane. Apple Bloom tended to Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle to Silver Spoon and Rarity to Twist.

“I’ll admit,” Rarity giggled. “I am enjoying myself, though do not make a habit out of this, every once in awhile is fine.” The mare ran a comb through Twist’s curly red mane, though it didn’t seem to have any effect.

Silver Spoon’s mane was now styled into a bang, slightly covering one of her eyes. Sweetie Belle was busy now applying eye shadow to Silver Spoon’s eye lids.

“Remember what I taught you, Sweetie Belle.” Rarity cautioned. “Even strokes.”

“I think I might try glitter...” Sweetie Belle inspected Silver Spoon’s face, observing it from different angles. “Just a little on the cheeks...”

Scootaloo squirmed as Apple Bloom worked a brush through her mane. “How did Rarity even talk us into this..?” Scootaloo groaned. “I feel lied to.”

“Oh hush, silly filly.” Apple Bloom giggled. “Ah’ll admit, this is more fun than I thought. Never would have thought ah’d brush yer mane though, Scooty.” she playfully winked. “Ah think ah have just the look fer ya, hun. Now sit still!”

Scootaloo blushed and shrugged. “Fine...”

Silver Spoon giggled. “H-How’s it look Sweetie Belle?”

“Almost done...” The young filly replied, applying a light amount of turquoise glitter. “There!” Sweetie Belle squeaked.

Rarity and the Cutie Mark Crusaders looked up and all gasped.

Silver Spoon opened her eyes and flinched at their stares. “Wh-What?” she blushed now painfully aware of the make over Sweetie Belle gave her. Her young fashionista held up a mirror and Silver Spoon reeled at the reflection that stared back.

“, Sweetie Belle..!” She observed herself. The eye shadow brought out the depth of her eyes. The bang added an odd aesthetic touch to her face. The sparkling glitter sparsely bedazzled her cheeks, seeming to add to the shine of her violet eyes.

“Try not to move too much, I want a picture of this!” Rarity giggled. “Silver Spoon, now you do Sweetie Belle.”

"Yes ma’am,” Silver Spoon squealed.

Sweetie Belle bounced as she sat,obviously wired to be getting a make over. “I wonder what you’re gonna do.”

Good question. Silver Spoon nervously giggled. “Well, let’s see...”
“Now smile girls!” Rarity sang. “This time, Scootaloo don’t cover your face. And Twist, darling, stop messing with the chop sticks in your mane.”

Twist quickly lowered her hoof from her updo styled mane. A few tastefully stray strands of her hair bounced in her face. “Thi’th i’th amazing!” she gasped, admiring her own reflection.

“Alright...” Scootaloo groaned. Her mane ran down in a cascade of curls, the blush on her face seeming to grow brighter.

“Aw c’mon, ah think ah did a real good job on you!” Apple Bloom protested, pouting slightly. “Ah tried real hard too...” Her mane was spiked and styled to gravity defying proportions and combed down in the front for a bang.

“You did,” Scootaloo admitted. “I just...” she sighed. “I like it, Apple Bloom.” the filly smiled. “Just don’t know how to react I guess.”

Apple Bloom’s face lit up in a large grin. “Really?”

“Totally,” Scootaloo examined herself in the mirror then smirked. “I guess this does look pretty cool; something I’d have to get used to is all.”

Sweetie Belle squealed, grinning ear to ear at Silver Spoon. “I look sooo pretty!” Silver Spoon managed to get Sweetie Belle’s two tone mane to flow in waves accented by a flower manepin.

Silver Spoon blushed. “I-It was nothing really...”

“Girls, picture?” Rarity said, preparing the camera. “Ready..?”

The five fillies smiled, some grinning as the flash went off, forever immortalizing that moment.

“Great!” Rarity beamed. “Unless you think you can handle it in your sleep, you may want to wash off the make up, girls.”

Twist yawned, placing a hoof over her mouth. She caused a chain reaction, her yawn spread from one pony to another until the entire small group loosed a weary yawn.

“Well, you girls are free to try to stay up through the night,” Rarity stretched. “I will be going to bed.” The mare stood and headed for the door, then paused. “Absolutely NO pillow fights!” she added before exiting the room.

“I think Rarity has the right idea.” Scootaloo yawned again, climbing into Sweetie Belle’s bed and grabbing a spot.

“Ah second that motion!” Apple Bloom added, following Scootaloo’s lead and climbing into bed.

The others followed suit. The bed was big enough for the fillies to fit in and still have ample room left over. Silver Spoon laid close too the edge, staring out the window. Her mind rehearsed what to say to Diamond Tiara, searching for something that might get through to her.
What am I going to do... She sighed, unable to sleep. The confrontation with Diamond Tiara kept her up, though she feared what her dreams might bring. She sat up and looked to the others, who were already fast asleep.

The friend she needs...

“Silvy?” Sweetie Belle’s weary voice rang as she slowly opened her eyes. “Are you ok...?

“Oh, I’m fine.” She smiled. “I didn’t mean to wake you, Belle, go back to sleep,” Silver Spoon whispered.

The young filly sat up, a worried look replacing her weary one. “You’re lying.”

Silver Spoon flinched, then hung her head. “I was that obvious... huh?”

“Kinda, but not really.” Sweetie Belle shook her head. “In fact you just admitted to it, I didn’t know.”

Silver Spoon chuckled. “I never would have guessed you had a devious streak, Sweetie Belle.”

“What’s wrong?” Sweetie Belle asked, being careful not to raise her voice too loud.

Silver Spoon remained silent, staring down at the sheets.

“So...Diamond Tiara..?” Sweetie Belle cocked her head to the side.

Silver Spoon nodded. “Scootaloo said I should be the friend she needs, and not the friends she wants.”

Scootaloo said that?” Sweetie Belle giggled. “Wow...”

“I don’t think I can do it though, Sweetie Belle.” Silver Spoon snifffed. “I’m... afraid.”

Sweetie Belle nodded. “Yeah,” she whispered. “I can see why you’d feel that way.” The filly turned her gaze to their sleeping beauties and smiled. “But, you’re not alone anymore, see?”

Silver Spoon turned and smiled weakly at her friends. She’s right.

Sweetie Belle hugged Silver Spoon and smiled. “Thru thick ‘r thin,” she giggled, mocking Apple Bloom’s accent. “Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Twist and you’ve always got me. If you need us, all you have to do is say the word.”

“Yeah...” Silver Spoon nodded, feeling newfound confidence. “Well... it’s for her own good... I’ve often thought of the meaning of her cutie mark...”

“What did you come up with?” Sweetie Belle cocked a brow.

“Well, maybe it’s just because I’m so used to following her lead, but I think it’s for leadership.”

“Huh, never would have thought of... that.” Sweetie Belle yawned.

“Go back to sleep.” Silver Spoon smiled. “Thanks for listening too.”

The young filly nodded and laid back down, leaving Silver Spoon awake. The gray filly sighed happily, feeling as if a terrible weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She rested her head on the pillow. The warm thoughts of the Cutie Mark Crusaders backing her up lulled her to sleep within moments.

The Best Policy

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“You sure you want to go through with this, Silvy?” Sweetie Belle’s voice rang with a tone of worry behind it. “We will come with you if you like...”

Silver Spoon smiled warmly at her young unicorn friend. “I’m sure I can do this alone.” she nodded. “Diamond Tiara is my best friend and I’m sure she still thinks the same.”

“I dunno,” Scootaloo said shaking her head. “I’d feel alot better if at least I came along to make sure you go through it.”

“Yea,” Apple Bloom added with a nod. “No offence, Silver Spoon, but yer kinda soft hearted.”

“Are you ‘thure you don’t want u’th coming along?” Twist offered.

“I-I think... I can do this.” Silver Spoon shakily said. “This is something she needs and... and I-I’m the on-only one she listens to... mostly,” she giggled.

"Ah guess so...” Apple Bloom said, obviously not assured.

“If you can’t get through to her, you still have us, Silvy,” Sweetie Belle noted, hugging Silver Spoon.

“That means alot, Sweetie Belle.” Silver Spoon smiled, returning the filly’s hug. “Right, I’m off!” She headed to the front door, a faint smile on her face highlighted by a weak feeling of confidence.

“I’m not sure you can handle this,” Scootaloo snorted. “I’m coming with you—at least to her house, anyway.” The pegasus trotted up next to her friend and smiled. “All for one and one for all!”

“Ah like that...” Apple Bloom nodded. “All fer one and one fer all huh...” she echoed, a smile slowly appearing on her face. “Cutie Mark Crusader policy!” the filly announced as she joined Scootaloo at Silver Spoon’s side.

“I’m coming too!” Sweetie Belle eagerly added. “I hope things work out between you two.”

“Don’t back down, no matter what!” Twist smiled. “We’re rooting for you!”

“Thanks girls...” Silver Spoon looked to the gift she received from Diamond Tiara the other day. It glowed gray, almost blending in with the tone of her coat. Slowly the gray began to turn to a pinkish color, reminding her all the more of Diamond Tiara.
The fillies arrived at Diamond Tiara’s manor. The white and gold trimmed outside was a dead giveaway. The filly’s house was a lot more lavish than Silver Spoon’s; a balcony overlooked them from above, and two others protruded from the house at separate areas.

Silver Spoon turned her head to the balcony on the far left, where she knew Diamond Tiara’s room would be. White curtains were lapping at the breeze. For just a beat, Silver Spoon’s heart stopped, thinking she caught just a brief flash of pink among the pale curtains. She’s home...

Apple Bloom raised a hoof and knocked on the door. Her knock boomed as it echoed on the inside. For awhile nothing happened. Silver Spoon tensed up, the silence unnerved her as she waited patiently with her friends. Maybe she really doesn’t want to see me... The filly teared up.

“Hey...” Silver Spoon felt Sweetie Belle’s hoof on her shoulder. “It’s alright...”

“Yeah,” Scootaloo confidently added. “It’s her loss!”

The sounds of hooves came from the other side of the door. Within moments, the door creaked open; one of Diamond Tiara’s maids smiled upon the fillies. “Ah, Sterling’s filly, Silver Spoon, correct?”

“Yes, would Diamond Tiara happen to be home?” Silver Spoon asked, casting another glance to the balcony.

The maid frowned up, “U-uh, the young princess is not quite in the mood for visitors this evening, perhaps some other time?”

“Please,” the gray filly pleaded. “I need to talk to her!”

The maid sighed then moved out of the filly’s way. “Maybe her friends can put her in a better mood...” she mumbled.

Apple Bloom slightly reeled. “But we ain’t—” The filly was silenced by Twist and Sweetie Belle’s hooves. The two fillies glared at her for a moment, then allowed her to speak. “We noticed her actin funny the other day...” she trailed off, not even wanting to complete the sentence.

The party made their way upstairs, following Silver Spoon who trotted about as if it were her own home. Her heart began to beat louder the closer she got to Diamond Tiara, until she could hear it beat in her ears.They arrived by her room door, embroidered by her initials set in, of course, diamonds.

A silence fell among the group. They turned to Silver Spoon, expecting her to open the door.

“Well,” Sweetie Belle said, breaking the silence. “We’re here.”

Silver Spoon nodded. “Y-yes.” The filly slowly reached for the door, her hoof trembled.Come on... I-I have to..!

Before she could reach the knob, the door creaked open itself. Diamond Tiara stood staring her in the eye. The magenta filly cocked a brow. “What?” she rolled her eyes. “You’re no friend of mine, why are you here?”

Silver Spoon shrank back, trembling like a leaf under Diamond Tiara’s gaze. Her courage and resolve quickly dashed.

“Figures.” Diamond Tiara shook her head.

“Hey!” Scootaloo stepped to her gray friend’s defense. "If I were you I’d watch talking to the only one of us who actually WANTS to try and make up with somepony like you!”

Diamond Tiara turned her icy blue gaze to Scootaloo. “Quiet, orphan.”

“Wh-WHAT did you just CALL ME?!”

“Woah now, honey!” Apple Bloom caught Scootaloo by her mane, rearing her back. “You’re better ‘n that, Scootaloo, she’s just messin with yer head.”

“Whatever, hayseed.” Diamond Tiara snorted. “Why are any of you losers here anyway?”

“Yer goin th right way t’ lose some front teeth, Diamond Tiara.” Apple Bloom growled. “If it ‘twernt fer Silver Spoon, ah... well, s’ probably best ah don’t say.”

“Are you alright, Silver Spoon?” Sweetie Belle asked.

Silver Spoon stood and nodded. “I’m fine” She smiled to Sweetie Belle and Twist. “Diamond Tiara, you’re NOT going to talk to MY friends that way!”

Diamond Tiara flinched. “I—I’ll talk to anypony anyway I want!”

Silver Spoon approached the filly, then shook her head. “I understand you feel hurt, but I’m the one you should be mad at.”

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo silently nodded to one another, leaving the two friends time to themselves. They joined up with the other crusaders and disappeared out of ear shot.

Thanks girls.

Once the door shut, Diamond Tiara edged closer. “I’m glad you came...” she smiled.

"Don't act like what just happened didn't." Silver Spoon stepped back. “Truth be told though, I missed you, Titi.” she admitted sniffling a bit. “I missed you so much, I was so happy to see you at my birthday party, so glad to see that you still thought of me.” Mustering up what little resolve was still there, Silver Spoon’s violet eyes met with Diamond Tiara’s watery blue ones. An all too familiar gaze stared back: the look of a pony who was all alone.

Tears fell from Diamond Tiara’s eyes as she buried her face into Silver Spoon’s chest. “B-But then...why?” she whined. “Why do you need more friends! Why them? I should be all you need! I thought I was special to you...”

“Of course you are.” Silver Spoon smiled. “I know you too well... you... you’re b-being selfish.” She choked on those last words. As soon as Diamond Tiara heard them a horrified expression came across her face.

“I’m not... it’s not my fault!” Diamond Tiara protested

“Diamond, what you said to Scootaloo was cruel, and you know it,” Silver Spoon snapped. “Then Apple Bloom, you shouldn’t have said what you said!”

Diamond Tiara began to back away, tears in her eyes. “Th-That’s not fair, Silver Spoon. S-Stop it.”

“You know I’m right, why can’t you be the way you are when we’re alone, Titi? I know firsthoof Mr. Rich didn’t raise you that way.”

Diamond Tiara fell silent, staring at her small puddle of tears.

“Why..?” Silver Spoon asked, going to the filly’s side. “You aren’t a bad pony, why do you pretend to be like that?”

“Mean, nice, none of it matters.” Diamond Tiara sniffed. “I didn’t care what anypony else thought... nopony but the one I cared for more so than myself, the pony I knew I was special to.”

“Maybe it’s partly my fault too.” Silver Spoon sighed. “You wouldn’t need to be so cold to everypony if I would just speak up. You know, that’s something the others have taught me though.”

Diamond Tiara looked over and saw that her gift still hung proudly around Silver Spoon’s neck, a weak smile appeared as she made eye contact with the gray filly. “You really... like it huh?”

“It’s a gift from you, of course I’ll treasure it, silly.” Silver Spoon smiled, embracing Diamond Tiara in a hug.

“I... just feel like you replaced me,” the magenta filly admitted, clinging to Silver Spoon. “I hated those Blank Flanks for that, for taking you away from me...”

“Diamond Tiara, I could never replace you nor would I want to.”

“I didn’t mean those things i said...”

“I know you didn’t.” Silver Spoon smiled. “My Diamond Tiara would never say those things.”

Diamond Tiara blushed and giggled. “Yeah.”

“Listen, Titi,” Silver Spoon said, breaking their hug.

“What’s wrong?”

“Sweetie Belle and the others are my friends now, too.” Silver Spoon sternly stated. “They forgave me and accepted me, heck I’m even a crusader now!” She proudly smiled. “I cannot thank them enough from giving me a second chance and helping me realize so much in the past few days.”

Diamond Tiara forced a smile as she listened to Silver Spoon continue. “I wanted to be that pony...” Diamond Tiara sighed.

“Of course, I learned from you too, you know.” The filly smiled, nuzzling Diamond Tiara.


“Of course,” Silver Spoon giggled. “You are really good at taking charge of things, even though sometimes you come off as mean. But, nopony can deny that!”

Diamond Tiara blushed brighter now, a goofy smile on her face.

“Come to think of it.” Silver Spoon looked to the tiara that represented her friend’s talent then nodded. “I think that’s your talent, Diamond.”

“What is?” she asked, cocking a brow.

“Being a leader! Think about it.”

“I guess...” Diamond Tiara shrugged. “Doubt I’m fit to lead anypony...”

“It’s alright,” Silver Spoon smiled. “Just try being a little friendlier and less prickly.”

“I... No,” Diamond Tiara sighed, staggering back. “I... can’t, I don’t want to go through that again!”

“Diamond Tiara, just list-”

“NO!” the filly barked, stomping a hoof. “You should know better than anypony...”

Silver Spoon paused. “Just give it some thought, if I kept on acting like that, I wouldn’t have had the guts to approach you like this. YOU should know that better than anypony...”

“You may trust those fillies to see the real you, Silver Spoon,” Diamond Tiara shook her head. “But they will only turn around and hurt you in the end.”

“Then that will be my mistake to make,” Silver Spoon sharply retorted. “You’re so afraid of opening up again, what about me? I’m still here and you know I would never in my right mind want to harm you.”

“...I can’t” Diamond Tiara admitted. “I don’t want to feel that way ever again.”

“Think about it, please.” Silver Spoon rested her head on Diamond Tiara’s shoulder. “You let me in, and I will never betray you.”

Diamond Tiara paused. “I’m... I’ll... I’m sorry.”

“Fine...” Silver Spoon shrugged.

“I almost wish I didn’t have to go tomorrow...” Diamond Tiara sighed.

“Hey..!” Silver Spoon’s face lit up. “Come by my place tomorrow! I have a wonderful idea!!”

“Umm... yeah...” Diamond Tiara nodded. “C-can I ask one thing of you though..?”

“Sure,” Silver Spoon smiled. “What is it?”

“Mind... spending the night?”

Silver Spoon sat watching the rest of the crusaders help Applejack collect the apples that fell from the trees, their capes trailing behind them. The gray filly sat, her face in her hooves; she was in no mood to do much. Only one filly seemed to be on her mind at the moment.

The whining of a brown and white dog caused her to look up, narrowing her eyes at the canine as if it was the sole source of her misery. The dog approached. She began to scoot away; the hair on her neck rose the closer the dog came. For a moment, it almost seemed as if the dog enjoyed Silver Spoon’s resistance.

“Hey, you. Dog!” Silver Spoon shakily said, backing away. “You-You stay away dog!” She tumbled back, then hid behind her cape.

The dog approached, no ill intention in it’s stride what so ever. The fearful filly backed herself into a tree, then began trembling.

Silver Spoon flinched as the dog sniffed her. She barked happily. Silver Spoon whimpered and shut her eyes tight. For a moment nothing happened. Silver Spoon slowly opened one of her eyes and peered from behind her cape. She saw the dog offering her head. Cautiously, the filly slowly ran a hoof across the friendly dog. Silver Spoon smiled, feeling oddly at ease now.

“The ol’ girl knows who she likes,” Applejack called, watching along with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. “Winona can often tell when somepony needs a friend.”

”Yer still thinkin ‘bout Diamond Tiara, huh?” Apple Bloom said as she and the crusaders approached her.

“C’mon Winona,” Applejack called to her companion. “Seems like this ain’t our place.”

Winona barked, then licked Silver Spoon’s cheek before hurrying to the mare’s side. The two went about their own business amongst the other apple trees.

“No point in keeping it to yourself,” Scootaloo frankly noted. “We all knew from the get go. You aren’t exactly the type to sit out.”

“Yeah,” Sweetie Belle nodded. “What are you going to do now?”

Silver Spoon replied with a shrug.

“That ain’t the Silver Spoon ah’ve come t’ know,” Apple Bloom said.

“Yeah,” Scootaloo added. “So, what, you’re just gonna sit here on your haunches and cry? I don’t want to sound mean, but you did what you had to do.”

“You can alway’th count on u’th.” Twist smiled.

“Ask yerself: Is she really worth being down about all the time?” The other fillies slightly reeled at the edge Apple Bloom’s words had to them. “What? It’s true. A real friend wouldn’t want another friend being sad all the time.”

“That’th true.” Twist nodded.

“What happened to you the other day though?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“I spent the night at her place, we talked but...” Silver Spoon sighed. “I don’t know if I actually got through to her. I even gave her my turquoise necklace to remember me by before she left...”

“Then, have a little faith in her.” Sweetie Belle smiled. “You have done all you can, the rest is up to her.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right. Thanks Belle.” The gray filly weakly smiled. “I still wish she didn’t have to leave though...”

“Ah, don’t start that again.” Scootaloo groaned.

“Yeah,” Twist added. “It’th not like you won’t ever ‘thee her again. It’th kinda like ‘thaying ‘thee ya later, not goodbye.”

“Thanks girls.” Silver Spoon turned her attention to Diamond Tiara’s gift and smiled. She had something to remember her by and Diamond Tiara now had something to remind her of Silver Spoon. Diamond’re missing out.

“C’mon, silly filly.” Apple Bloom chimed in. “We best get to catching up with AJ! You comin right, Silvy?”

“Sure!” Silver Spoon chirped, now full of pep. “Can’t let stuff like that get me down and keep me there, after all.”

“Yeah!” Scootaloo cheered.

The five fillies wandered through the apple trees. Silver Spoon followed at a somewhat slower pace, taking in the lush greens and reds of the ripe wooden guardians. Wow...I can’t wait until it’s Zap Apple season. She mused the thought of dressing as a rabbit with the others, hopping around and painting polka dots.

“What’s so funny?” Sweetie Belle’s voice rang in her ears. The unicorn filly trotted next to her, the others ahead in the distance. “You had as awkward smile on your face a second ago.”

“Like you’re one to talk about awkward.” Silver Spoon giggled. “I was thinking about Zap Apple season. I think you would look so cute in the bunny suit!” she teased, shoving Sweetie Belle playfully.

“So would you!” Sweetie Belle giggled, returning the shove.

“Do you think... one day, Diamond Tiara might change?”

Sweetie Belle shrugged. “Maybe, I don't know for sure. Some ponies change and some don’t.”

Silver Spoon flinched at those last words. I hope she does...

“Let’s hurry up, the others are leaving us behind!” Sweetie Belle galloped off, Silver Spoon keeping pace.

I suppose I tried, I have new friends now. Wonderful friends. I pray to Celestia that Diamond Tiara will experience the feeling I’m feeling at this moment.
---Few months later---
“C’mon girls! We haveta make sure things are right as rain before the next sign!” Granny Smith called as she easily leaped over a watering pail. “Hasta be done the ol’ fashioned way! No need fer none o’ then new fangled whatcha mahoosits!”

The Cutie Mark Crusaders followed behind the aged mare in bunny suits of their own.

“What’s a ‘fangled whatcha mahootis’?” Silver Spoon laughed.

“Ah honestly got no clue,” Apple Bloom replied shaking her head.

“Apple Bloom!” Granny Smith’s voice echoed.

Silver Spoon turned to see a large cauldron fixed on Granny Smith’s head. For a old mare, she sure is resilient! She inwardly giggled.

“Comin Granny Smith!” Apple Bloom hurried over to the mare, a large spoon in her mouth. “Ya ready?”

“Let ‘er rip yung’un!”

Apple Bloom reared back then struck the cauldron, causing it shake strongly, throwing Granny Smith off balance, but not off her hooves.


Silver Spoon slightly flinched at the sight. “Is she going to be alright..?”

“Yeah,” Scootaloo nodded. “If there’s anything I’ve learned, Granny Smith’ll surprise ya. And That's saying something.”

“Hey girl’th, where did Granny ‘Thmith go..?” Twist asked, looking around.

A faint buzzing sound echoed; it started off soft and grew louder by the second.

“Must be time for the bees!” Sweetie Belle excitedly said.

“B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-” Silver Spoon grew pale, shuddering as the buzzing became louder.

“Uhh... Silver Spoon? You alright?” Apple Bloom asked.

Granny Smith approached, a buzzing beard of yellow and black hanging from her face. “Apple Bloom be a darlin and get me the jars. In the mean time, ah’m gonna see how our buzzing buddies have been!”

One of the bees landed on the end of Silver Spoon’s face. She went to scream but nothing came out. In a matter of moments the world began to spin and things began to fade to black, then the filly fainted.

“...Ah swear that filly is about as useful as a pogo stick in quicksand.” Apple Bloom giggled.

Silver Spoon groaned. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself in Apple Bloom’s bed.

“Silver Spoon!” Sweetie Belle chirped. “Hey! Are you ok?”

“You fainted.” Scootaloo chuckled. “Because of a bee...”

“Ya should have said something.” Apple Bloom chided. “If yer afraid of bees ah’d have warned ya.”

“Sorry.” Silver Spoon’s cheeks burned red from embarrassment. “Did I miss anything..?”

“Not really,” Twist said. “The be’tht part ha’thn’t come!”

“Still gotta paint the farm house with polka dots be-”

“Polka dots!!” Silver Spoon sprang up. “Well C’mon!!! Let’s go!!”

“Did... did that just happen?” Scootaloo smirked. “Over... polka dots..?”

Silver Spoon eagerly worked, painting a large dot on the wall. I’d never hear the end of this if I did it at home! she giggled, musing the thought as she continued. There is still one more thing though.
Ponies lined up to a stand at Sweet Apple Acres; a line that stretched back down the road, all waiting for a taste of the famous Zap Apple Jam. Silver Spoon anxiously sat, glazing over the line of ponies, looking for one pony in particular.

“Lookin fer Diamond Tiara, ain’t cha?” Apple Bloom’s voice rang.

“I’m kinda curious to see if she changed,” Silver Spoon said, smiling weakly.

“Ah s’ppose ah’d like t’ see too.” The pale yellow filly nodded. “Ah can’t quite put mah hoof on it, but ya kinda have a way with words, Silvy.”

“Really?” Silver Spoon blushed. “I mean, it’s nothing all that special.”

“...As always Granny Smith, it is a pleasure.” A familiar voice rang.

Mr. Rich!

“Ohh, you needn’t worry yerself ‘bout that, Filthy.” Granny Smith said. “Tell yer yung’un hai fer me!”

The tan stallion groaned and shook his head. “Rich...” The stallion gathered his jars of the rainbow treat. “Oh, Silver Spoon,” he smiled. “Hello.”

“Hi Mr. Rich.” Silver Spoon returned his smile.

“Thank you...” he muttered.

Silver Spoon giggled. “Did... did Diamond Tiara come..?”

“I am terribly sorry, she did not come,” he said, shaking his head.

“Oh... I see. Alright.” Silver Spoon sighed.

“It’s the strangest thing, really, she was invited to somepony’s party. I tried to talk her out of it, but she said you would understand.”

That can mean two things...

“I must be off now,” Filthy Rich said, dipping in respect to Granny Smith and Silver Spoon.

“Bye Mr. Rich!” Silver Spoon waved.

“So,” Scootaloo’s voice called. “You think you got through to her?” The other crusaders gathered around Silver Spoon, slightly on edge.

“I sure hope so...” Silver Spoon paused. “No, I’m confident I did. Mr. Rich said she was off at some party, so I guess I don’t have to worry about her.” I’m kinda curious. I wonder what it is she is doing. The gray filly looked to her pendant and smiled at the cool blue hue. She could picture Diamond Tiara in a somewhat similar situation. I don’t have to worry about her though. After all Belle and the others have taught me, I hope her new friends can teach her; hopefully they’re patient enough. She giggled at the last thought.


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Good news everypony!

To everyone who's read and fav'd I think you will be pleased to know that Silver Spoon's life continues the next year with more ongoings as she copes with growing up in her family. There will be subtle hits at quite a bit more going on and even one thing in this story that remained untouched. So far, Silver Spoon's sequel is three chapters in. And, to those who had concerns with the grammar, I think you will be pleased to know that has been taken care of as well.

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The mare slightly frowned for a moment then regained her distant expression. “I see I am still not welcome,” She turned to leave, looking to Seabastion. “Seabastion, if you will pass on the news? I am quite sure she will listen to you.”

“As you wish, mistress.” Seabastion dipped his head. He entered Silver Spoon’s room and closed the door behind him. The emotion he was masking manifested in a deep sorrowful look, ageing the stallion where he stood. “The return of mistress Sunset has also brought other news as well..."
As the sunset, the stage seemed to glow with an ethereal aura in the dusk.

"Mares and gentlecolts, please!" announced a voice seeming to come from behind the lavish blood red curtains of the stage. A popping sound was heard over the giddy and excited conversation of the crowd. A spotlight sputtered on and tracked to center stage where a head seemed to suspend mid-air.

"Woah!" Silver Spoon reeled. What IS that?! Sweetie Belle cooed, and along with a few other ponies in the crowd, began a round of applause at the simple trick.

"Tonight, we proudly present our opening act as a pony merely heard about in legend." Just then, however the head moved, seeming to scan the crowd. Then, it tipped its hat. "My, my what a generous audience today!" The head seemed to speak. The rest of it's body was far more elongated than a normal pony. even without the stage the pale horse probably stood taller than anyone in Ponyville.
"Seabation... you've been acting strangely for awhile now..." Silver Spoon quietly said. "What have you been keeping from me?"

The old stallion was silent for a moment, the age in his face seemed to appear all at once. "It is not... out of the realm of possibility," Seabastion began. "That I have come to care for you as my own granddaughter of sorts. Trust that I do not act to cause you worry."
"Remember, Silver, no matter what happens, no matter what path you walk in life, you will always be daddy's little girl." The sandy stallion cuddled Silver Spoon. "Whatever your decision, leave it to daddy to take care of you. Always."

The sequel- The Spoon That Refused Polish