• Published 23rd Sep 2011
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Moving on: Silver Spoon's story - Hollyfern

one filly coping with moving on in life

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Something a little different

Silver Spoon loosed a tiresome sigh into her breakfast. She sat alone in a massive dining hall at one end of an almost equally as long dining table, set for three, as it usually was. One for her, her mother, and her father. Diamonds hung from the chandelier, which provided light to the entire room.

She groaned and pushed her meal away. It wasn't what she was used to eating, even if it was on a silver platter, and the thickness of her oatmeal allowed a small sugar cube to sit atop her meal. She sighed again; she wasn't feeling particularly hungry this morning anyway.

"Emerald," she finally called out.

Within moments, a blond pegasus appeared from the kitchen on the other side of the room wearing a chef’s hat and apron which had an exaggerated-'Bam' written on the front. As he approached, the stallion’s eyes caught sight of his uneaten dish. "Is the meal not to your liking, Miss Silver spoon?" He asked, raising a brow at his uneaten dish.

"Actually Emerald,” Silver spoon said as she stood from her chair. "I find myself without an appetite this morning."

The chef nodded and picked up the platter, then returned to the kitchen without another word.

Seabastion entered the room. Silver spoon noticed an odd spark behind his usual regal and poised eyes. Something had made him happy maybe? He placed her saddle bags by the door, then looked up with a slight smile. "Miss Silver spoon, it is time for you to depart for school," he said while trying to hide a smile

Something DID make him happy! But...what? "Seabastion, what has you in such good spirits this morning?” Silver Spoon walked over and picked up her saddlebag, all while keeping a curious look on her butler.

"It would appear that Miss Rarity and Miss Sweetie Belle have offered to walk you to sch.."

Her butler’s words began to fade into a murmur. Even as he spoke, she couldn't believe him. How could she after yesterday? But...Seabastion has never lied, he has no reason to...

"...Shall I send them away?" He offered, his slight smile disappeared, replaced by his usual stoic aristocratic look.

"N-no!" Silver Spoon half pleaded. "I-I mean...I..."

Seabastion’s smile returned as he nodded. "Well, it would be very unbecoming of you to keep them waiting Silver Spoon."

She noticed her butler put more emotion into what he said; Seabastion was happy for her. She didn't think any of her staff cared about her more than what was necessary.

Silver Spoon and her butler approached the towering wooden doors. The filly’s heart began to race; she was excited yet slightly scared. What if they left? What if they changed their mind and didn't want me to walk with them?

Seabastion pressed open the doors. The light temporarily blinded her, but once her eyes adjusted her heart skipped a beat.

"Silver spoon!" Sweetie Belle squeaked.

"H-Hi Sweetie Belle!" A smile gradually grew on Silver Spoon’s face. Maybe she had been wrong yesterday. Maybe Sweetie Belle was being sincere and really did want to be her friend!

"Run along now, Miss Silver Spoon. I will pick you up at sunset." Seabastion gently nudged Silver Spoon outside.

The filly turned and looked up, a slightly confused look in her eyes. Wasn't he coming too? She liked the fact that Sweetie Belle and Rarity came but...without Seabastion, she didn't feel right.

The stallion butler returned the young filly’s worried gaze with a warm, reassuring smile. As if to say, 'It'll be alright.' Silver Spoon slowly nodded like she understood, then stood uneasily next to Sweetie Belle who was smiling eagerly.

"Come now little ones, you do not want to be late!" Rarity led the two fillies away from the mansion and toward the school. Sweetie Belle began talking to Silver Spoon, however the filly’s attention was drawn elsewhere.

The gray earth pony constantly cast glances over her shoulder, as if she were expecting her faithful butler to be right behind her. Yet just as the mansion shrank the further they got, sodid Seabastion. The stallion smiled proudly as his little mistress went off on her own. He stood in the doorway until they were well out of sight. As chance would have it, and as unprofessional as it was, something changed in that stallion in that instance.


On the way to school, Silver Spoon thoroughly enjoyed herself. Sweetie Belle told a few tales of her adventures with the other Cutie Mark Crusaders, and the worry she had melted away around Sweetie Belle. She didn't feel pressured to look cool, as opposed to being in Diamond Tiara’s presence. Their other classmates began to pass by, signaling that were close to the school.

"Here we are darlings," Rarity chirped. "Have a wonderful day Sweetie Belle." The fashionista hugged her little sister tightly and smiled.

Silver spoon watched, a little envious, but she smiled at the warm display nonetheless. She is lucky... The little earth filly inwardly sighed.

Rarity caught sight of Sweetie Belle's new friend and decided Why not?

"You have a wonderful day too, Silver Spoon." The mare hugged the earth pony tight, making sure their guest didn't feel left out.

Silver Spoon didn't know how to react. She certainly wasn't expecting this. Unsure of what to do, she did what came naturally and hugged back.

Rarity giggled as she attempted to break the embrace. She tried to move but found that the earth pony clung tightly to her neck. "Silver Spoon, dear, you can let go now."

Silver Spoon quickly released Rarity and turned away with a slightly flushed face. How embarrassing! she chided herself

"It's no problem, dear," the mare giggled. "I look forward to your visit later. Now, in you two go. Go on," she shooed the two fillies into the school.

The school was already moderately full, with only one or two of their classmates missing. Cheerilee was busy at the blackboard writing today’s lesson.

"I'll see you on the playground Silver Spoon!" Sweetie Belle waved a hoof as she went to her seat.

Silver Spoon followed in suit and sat at her desk next to Apple Bloom, who was giving her curious looks. The filly ignored her neighbor and pulled out her notebook and a pencil from her saddlebag, sitting straight up and at attention.

"Alright class," Cheerilee announced as she turned from the blackboard. "Today we will learn about Sea-ponies!"
A few ponies groaned. Then again, what pony would believe in a pony that lived its life in the ocean?

Silver spoon sighed. She knew the tale already and quickly tuned her teacher out. She turned her attention to her notebook as she opened it and flipped past a few doodles and drawings she did. They weren't exactly great but, unlike her classmates' drawings, you could actually tell what was a hoof and what wasn't. She felt slightly proud of herself as she found a loose blank page. She picked up her pencil and went to work. For some reason, Miss Cheerilee was on her mind so she worked around that subject.

After about a half hour of work, Silver Spoon finished a rather well hoof drawn picture of Cheerilee among a bed of bright yellow sunflowers on a typical afterschool evening. The various colored pencils she used slightly cluttered her desk. She sat up with a huff and a bright, proud smile on her face. She signed her name in cursive on the bottom of it, but still felt eager to do more.

Still bit by the inspiration bug, or rather boredom, she flipped through her notebook searching for another page. She didn't realize that, in her haste, she knocked off her recent art work, and as if by fate it slid under Apple Bloom’s desk.

The filly didn't notice the drawing just below her hooves. She was too wrapped up in the lesson. Every now and again she wrote down things she thought might be important.

"...And that's why most ponies believe Sea-ponies in fact, exist!" Cheerilee chirped as she finished some odd diagram on the board. She turned to her class, smiling as she always did. That is, until she noticed a scrap of paper under Apple Bloom's desk. "Apple Bloom, you really should put your trash in the trash can."

Silver Spoon didn't catch what her teacher pointed out. Once again she was wrapped up in an art project.

Apple Bloom, on the other hoof, looked puzzled as she spotted the piece of paper under her desk. As she bent down to get it, her cherry colored tail grazed Silver Spoon’s flank, which didn't break her concentration.

"Wow..." the filly gasped when she saw the picture of Miss Cheerilee. She tried to make out the name at the bottom but found it hard to decipher. Apple Bloom returned to her seat and raised her hoof in the air. "Miss Cheerilee! Miss Cheerilee!"

"Yes, Apple Bloom?" Cheerilee turned to her eager pupil to see that she was being beckoned to the desk. She smiled as she approached Apple Bloom’s desk. "What is...Wow...is this...me?"

Their other classmates left their desks to see what the fuss was about. It wasn't until then did a certain gray earth pony notice a missing drawing.

Oh no... Her heart sank as she knew what everypony was looking at. She lost her sense of confidence.

Cheerilee read the signature at the bottom of the page, recognized the writing, and looked over at Silver Spoon, who seemed to melt in her seat as if she were trying to disappear. She decided not to say anything and return the drawing after class, however...

"Hey! This is Silver Spoon’s name!" Archer, a deep blue filly pointed out.

"Wow, Silver Spoon this is really awesome, eh?" Snails added, his attention along with the rest of the class turned to the now meek and shy earth pony barely peeking above her desk.

Silver Spoon said nothing. She only looking pleadingly at Miss Cheerilee. She didn't like this much attention, she felt alienated. Different from when she was with Diamond Tiara who typically took charge of a situation like this because now, she was the center of attention and alone with no clue how to react.

Cheerilee nodded, silently understanding her student’s feelings. "Alright, class. We still have a few more things to cover before recess."

Nopony moved away, they were still ogling the drawing. “That is, unless you want homework." Cheerilee added, cocking a brow.

Everypony quickly scrambled back to their respective desks. Just the mention of homework was powerful enough to command their attention.

"That's what I thought,” Cheerilee giggled as she returned to the blackboard. "Now we are..."

Silver Spoon sighed happily now that the awkward moment passed. The reality that her classmates were amazed set in, and she admittedly felt a little proud.

Apple Bloom placed the drawing on Silver Spoon’s desk and smiled. "Wow Silver Spoon, this here is good! Ah'd never would 'ave pegged ya fer the artistic type!"

Silver Spoon blushed at her classmate’s compliment. She offered a nod and smile, amazed that Apple Bloom, a filly that just yesterday ran from her, now praised her talent.