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I only like the good adventurous fics! Don't try and send me any clop fics I won't read them! Also no grimdarks I've already read three and never again! Sad and adventurous! Those are it! Brohoof!/]


favorite fanfics! · 8:03pm Aug 22nd, 2012

HELLO BRONIES OR PEGASISTERS WHO SEEMED TO STUMBLE UPON MY PROFILE!! HOLD ON LET ME TURN OFF MY ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE... much better! so i'm gonna tell you about my FAVORITE mlp fan fictions! ok starting with my all-time favorite "on a cross and arrow" by conner cogwork. i adore the adventourousness! If you dont know what it's about heres a breif description: So Twilght tries a new spell that was SUPPOSED to take them to manehatten it ends up sending the mane 6 to an alternate dimension where

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