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Moving on: Silver Spoon's story - Hollyfern

one filly coping with moving on in life

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Learning to laugh

Silver Spoon paced up and down the inside of the Cutie Mark Crusader clubhouse with her azure cape proudly flowing behind her. The filly arrived exactly at lunchtime as instructed, expecting to see her friends there. Only to find she was the only one there.

They didn't forget did they? She thought to herself as she peered out the window to the laden apple trees of Sweet Apple Acres. Her gaze found nopony; she was all alone. Maybe all of this was just a joke... Silver Spoon sighed as she hung her head.

"Silver Spoon?" A familiar voice called. "What are ya doin’ here?"

The gray filly’s heart jumped at the sound of that voice. She snapped her head to the direction of the voice and saw Apple Bloom just trotting in, sitting her saddle bag down by the door. The pale yellow filly returned Silver Spoon’s look with one of surprise.

"O-Oh well, Scootaloo said to be here at lunchtime," she sheepishly replied, her ears drooping down as she avoided eye contact. "A-Am I too late..?"

"Oh naw." Apple Bloom chuckled. "Yer too early. Nopony is ever really here this early 'cept fer me."

"Oh ok. I'll leave then," Silver Spoon quickly said as she stiffly trotted past Apple Bloom.

"Naw ya silly filly," the pale yellow filly said as she caught Silver Spoon’s tail under her hoof. "Yer already here, ya may as well stick around."

"W-Well, alright." She nodded, her violet eyes lighting up a bit. "What do you usually do by yourself?"

"Ah usually make sure the clubhouse is ship shape," Apple Bloom proudly explained. "Checkin’ fer all sorts of stuff."

"That reminds me," Silver Spoon said as she placed a hoof to her chin. "How did you do all..." The filly gestured to the clubhouse around them. "This by yourself?"

"Well it wasn't all that hard," she frankly replied with a shrug. "Ah learned most of what ah know from Big Mac an' AJ, other n' that ah taught mahself the lil’ things."

"Still though, this is quality work!" Silver Spoon said, demonstrating her point by stamping her hooves. "I really don't get how you three don't have your cutie marks already."

"AppleJack said these things take time." Apple Bloom nodded knowingly. "Ah've tried lotsa’ things with Scoots an' Sweetie Belle, but we ain't got nothin’ so far."

"Lucky..." Silver Spoon muttered at the thought of discovering ones cutie mark. I envy them...

"Woah, hey now what's wrong Silver Spoon?" The pale yellow fillys eyes reflected her concern for her fellow crusader.

"Oh, nothing," the gray filly lied, waving her hoof dismissively as she trotted up to the map for no particular reason, anything to throw Apple Bloom off.

"Oh don't give me that!" Apple Bloom chided as she approached the suddenly distant filly. "We are a team now!"

"Well... it's just... I kinda envy you all," Silver Spoon admitted, turning her head so her violet eyes met with sparkling orange ones. "You all are actually good at something... I'm just a figurehead."

"What 'chu talkin’ 'bout, Silver Spoon?" The pale yellow filly asked.

"My cutie mark was guaranteed from birth," she replied with a shrug of her shoulders. "All it means is I'll inherit my family fortune. I'm not good at anything like carpenting or singing or… or even dancing!" All of Silver Spoon’s doubt and sadness poured through as she spoke those last words. "I can't do anything..."

"Aw c'mon Silver Spoon." Apple Bloom chuckled. "Yer smarter t' know yer more n' that!"

Silver Spoon looked to her friend, her eyes wide in disbelief and confusion. "Wh-What are you talking about?!"

"A cutie mark is what ya make it." Apple Bloom nodded. "Pinkie tells me that our cutie marks could mean anything; some ponies don't even know what their cutie mark means! Take that mail pony fer example. Derpy has bubbles on her flank."

"So..?" Silver Spoon tilted her head, unable to make any obvious connection.

"So what ah'm sayin’ is, you're worried fer nothin’!" Apple Bloom smiled as she playfully prodded her friend. "You've got yer cutie mark, be thankful fer that much. Yer not so bad when it comes t' art neither!"

"I... I guess you're right..." Silver Spoon admitted with a nod of her head. "Thanks Apple Bloom," she offered with a genuine smile.

"Ya need t' loosen up some Silvy!" Apple Bloom said pointing an accusing hoof. "Wait here," the energetic filly commanded before she galloped off, leaving Silver Spoon to herself.

The gray filly sat patiently inside the clubhouse, awaiting the return of her fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders. Her gaze fell upon the map of Ponyville. The drawing irked at her.

I could like, do WAY better! Silver Spoon peered outside, nopony coming. With that assurance, she raced back in and gently removed the map from the wall. She placed it on the floor and gathered up a few art supplies.
With a satisfied sigh of relief, Silver Spoon drew away from her drawing and smiled happily down at a revised version of a map of Ponyville. Complete with the train station, a compass rose and extensions to other cities, Fluttershy’s cottage and even Cloudsdale!

The revision itself only took up a little more than a half hour, but it was definitely a great waste of time. A familiar sarcastic tone echoed in her mind. This is like, much better than that foalish eyesore. She thought to herself with a nod of satisfaction. Realization hit her in that moment, she was showing off. Her old tendencies were returning What if they kick me out? Her mind swirled with those questions, all pointed toward her ending up at square one again, being all alone.

"I'm telling you Sweetie Belle, I KNOW that filly is in there right now!" Scootaloo’s voice rang from outside. "It's just like her to be so... prompt."

Silver Spoon’s heart sank. That was literally the last voice she wanted to hear. And, it sounded like she was talking to somepony else too.

"All I'm saying is, Silver Spoon always showed up late to other parties," Sweetie Belle pointed out. "Then again... that was the old Silvy."

"Omigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigosh!" The gray filly was in full panic mode now. She frantically paced around the room, trying to think of something. A gentle breeze blew in from the window, spurring an idea. Silver Spoon quickly snatched up the map and balled it up. She chucked it through the window only to have the wind blow it back at her face and roll to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle’s hooves.

"What are you..." The orange pegasus looked at the crumpled up scrap of paper before her then back up at Silver Spoon, casting an accusing look at the filly whose eyes were already watering.

"I-I'm sorry, I j-just wanted t-to-" Terrified, Silver Spoon couldn't even form a straight thought together, her mind spurring to the worst case scenario as she backed into a corner.

Too late. Scootaloo’s brows furrowed as she recognized the paper. Sweetie Belle remained blissfully unaware as she opened and smoothened out the paper. Her eyes widened in amazement as she laid eyes on the map.

"Wooow..." Sweetie Belle gasped.

Scootaloo looked back at the paper and her anger faded to confusion. "Silver Spoon, did you do this?" She inquired, her eyes slowly widening in amazement like Sweetie Belle’s.

"Y-yes," the gray filly sobbed. "I didn't mean to! I just wanted to help so, I drew a better map! N-Not that yours isn't good Scootaloo, it's just-"

The orange pegasus grinned ear to ear, which only served to confuse Silver Spoon all the more. "This is AWESOME!" She squeaked. "This will make getting around ALOT easier!"

"I made it!" A voice squeaked from outside. "And I brought candy cane'th!" Twist trotted in, beaming a warm smile as she strutted about, proudly showing off her cape.

"So... wait, Scootaloo, you AREN'T mad at me..?" Silver Spoon said, a little hope in her voice.

"Well, not really," the pegasus admitted. "Though, if you wanted to do this, you could have just asked." She shrugged.

"Besides, Silver Spoon," Sweetie Belle continued. "You are pretty handy when it comes to drawing."

"That's what ah told her!" Apple Bloom giggled as she trotted in, drenched with sweat and panting. "An t' loosen up!"

"Hi Apple Bloom!" Twist chirped. "Why are you ‘tho all worn out?"

"Well, I figure the best way t' loosen up is t' have a bit of fun!" The pale yellow filly replied with a wide Pinkie-esque grin. "Come outside an' I'll show ya!"

The Cutie Mark Crusaders trotted out after Apple Bloom, who proudly presented a small makeshift maze made out of cardboard boxes and assorted toys with twists and turns, ending near the pond.

"What's... what's this Apple Bloom?" Sweetie Belle asked, her eyes wide in amazement.

"It's a maze, you have to get from the front, to the end!" The pale yellow filly stated. "There is a catch though..." Apple Bloom picked up a few blindfolds and smiled.

"So..?" Silver Spoon looked at the blindfolds questioningly, slowly beginning to put two and two together. "We have to wear them..?"

"Oh!" Twist giggled. "I know thi'th game! One pony 'thand'th at the end of the maze and call'th out to another pony the direction'th!"

"Yea!" Apple Bloom nodded. "Silver Spoon, who do you want to lead you?"

"W-Well..." The gray filly looked over her fellow crusaders, her eyes stopped on Sweetie Belle, a light blush rolled across her face. "Sweetie Belle, I wouldn't mind if you led me."

"Sure, Silvy!" The young unicorn squeaked. Sweetie Belle raced to the other end of the maze and stood grinning as she awaited the start of their little game.

"Scootaloo," Apple Bloom said as she turned to her pegasus friend. "Twist will lead you!"

"Alright!" The orange pegasus smiled to her partner. "Hey, what will you be doing?" Scootaloo asked as she turned to Apple Bloom.

"Well somepony has to make sure y'all don't step out of line!" She proudly stated. "Now..." The pale yellow crusader blindfolded both Scootaloo and Silver Spoon, and then coaxed them along to the starting line.

Silver Spoon grinned behind her blindfold. Heart raced, and her flank brushed one of Scootaloo’s wings. The gray filly giggled as her excitement built until she was bouncing in place.

"Are you ready Silver Spoon?" Sweetie Belle giggled as she called out.

"Yes!" The gray filly excitedly replied as a large grin streched across her face.

"How about you 'Thootaloo?" Twist asked, a grin of her own coming around.

"I'm good to go!" The orange pegasus cockily replied.

"On your mark..." Apple Bloom’s voice rang out right behind the two blindfolded ponies. "Get set..."

Silver Spoon grinned as her heart raced. "This feels great!" the gray filly squeaked, garnering giggles from her fellow crusaders.

"Go!" Apple Bloom announced.

"Ok, come forward a little Silver Spoon," Sweetie Belle instructed "Then, go to the left..."

"'Thootaloo 'thep forward about ten 'theps!" Twist instructed.

Ten huh...? Silver Spoon giggled as she hastily trotted forward, keeping Twist’s calculations in mind.

"WAIT!" Sweetie Belle cried, causing Silver Spoon to freeze just before she took her eighth step. "I said a little!" The unicorn playfully chided. "Go to the left!"

"Go to the right 'Thootaloo!" Twist called.

Wha..? Silver Spoon backed up and stood, unsure of which way to go. "Sweetie Belle, my left or yours?"

"Uhhh... mine!" Sweetie Belle replied. "Hurry!"

Silver Spoon nodded and turned to her left, quickly but carefully trotting along. The side of her hoof brushed the boundary slightly; she listed away from it and accidentally bumped into Scootaloo.

"Oh, so that’s how you want to play huh?" The orange pegasus playfully snorted. "Ok then!" Scootaloo shoved Silver Spoon down, then quickened her pace.

"Hey, Apple Bloom!" Sweetie Belle cried out. "That isn't fair!"

"Ah never said they couldn't mess with each other, as long as they stay inside the maze!" The temporary referee declared.

"Go left!" Twist shouted. The earth pony giggled and shot Sweetie Belle a playfully competitive glance, comfortable with the increasing gap between the racers.

"Alright then miss smarty flank!" Silver Spoon playfully growled. "It. Is. On." The gray filly started up at almost a gallop, being mindful of where her hooves landed and her pace.

"Go right!" Sweetie Belle shouted with more vigor behind her voice as she got caught up in the excitement.

I must be falling behind! Silver Spoon thought to herself as she quickly cut right. Her heart began to race; she wanted to win! She sped up, and Sweetie Belle didn't sound an objection. Scootaloo’s tail gently brushed against her nose, Bingo! Within a few more steps Silver Spoon rammed Scootaloo aside and cackled at her revenge.

"Go right!" Sweetie Belle called out as she laughed. "Serves you right," she teased Twist, sticking her tongue out.

"You're gonna pay for that, Silver Spoon!" Scootaloo grunted as she recklessly galloped after the gray filly.

"'Th-'Thcootaloo go left!" Twist quickly shouted. "LEFT!"

Apple Bloom fell to the ground in a laughing fit as she watched Scootaloo hound Silver Spoon. "Better keep it up, Silvy!" the filly cheered. "Don't let her get away Scooty!"

"Right!" Shouted Sweetie Belle to Silver Spoon.

"Left!" Twist ordered to Scootaloo.

Silver Spoon was now in a full gallop. She could hear Scootaloo laughing behind her. All she had to do was keep it that way and this race was hers.

"Now right, 'thootaloo!" Twist commanded.

Sweetie Belle huffed. The competition was heating up and getting to this normally composed filly. "She’s in front of you, hurry go left!"

"Right, again!" Twist ordered.

"LEFT!" Sweetie Belle shouted.

"RUUUUNNN!!!!" Both fillies screamed.

Must be the last leg! Silver Spoon pushed her legs to their limits, the sound of Scootaloo flapping her wings sounded behind her.

"SILVER SPOON!!!" The pegasus roared out, her voice startling the gray filly, causing her to speed up out of fear.

"Come on!" Sweetie Belle cheered.

"A little more 'Thootaloo!" Twist cheered as her partner competed with Silver Spoon.

"And the winner is...!" Apple Bloom crouched near the finish line,"Stop!" She cried just as both ponies arrived.

Silver Spoon tried to skid to a stop, unfortunately Scootaloo didn't stop. The pegasus' body collided into her competitor sending both ponies into the pond with a loud splash.

Silver Spoon surfaced and gasped for air. She removed her blindfold and laughed. Scootaloo came up next, also laughing hysterically.

"Scootaloo, you klutz!" Silver Spoon giggled.

"I'll admit," the pegasus started as she splashed at the gray filly, her own blindfold floating in the water. "I thought you'd be in a huge fit right now!"

Huh...she's right. Silver Spoon knowingly nodded to herself. Normally, anyway...

"Well, you tried and I'll admit I'm surprised you could move like that," Scootaloo giggled as she climbed out of the pond drenched, her dull purple mane drooping over an eye as water droplets fell. "But, I won."

"What! No way!" Silver Spoon protested, climbing out of the pond, and narrowing her eyes. "You ran into ME, you were behind me, so I won!"

"Actually," Apple Bloom giggled. "Neither of you won!" The pale filly declared. "While you two were shovin, both of you crossed the border!"

Both Scootaloo and Silver Spoons jaw dropped at the sound of the results. "So..." Silver Spoon started.

"...We did all that..." Scootaloo continued.

"...FOR NOTHING?!" Both drenched ponies shouted.

"Well what did you two expect?" Sweetie Belle giggled. "Both of you got too competitive."

"Though it wa'th hillariou'th!" Twist laughed.

Both soggy ponies glanced at one another and grinned mischievously before splashing water at their fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Twist shrieked happily as the torrent of water drenched their coats, mane, and tail.
"Sweetie Belle, Twist!" AppleJack called to the clubhouse. "Rarity an' Bon Bon are here fer yall!"

The sun began to recede behind the orchard of Sweet Apple Acres; a golden glow graced the fields, Celestia’s job was nearly complete. Soon, Luna would raise the moon in her prolific display of star constellations.

Inside the clubhouse the five filly friends sat, happily enjoying their candy canes as they dried off in a circle. Giggling in the middle of their current game,they were deaf to the fawn farm pony’s call due to a game of 'Rabbit, Rabbit, Hare'.

Twist circled the other crusaders calling out 'rabbit' until she came around to Silver Spoon and grinned. "Hare!" she cried out as she playfully bumped into the gray filly, who in response, sprang up and gave chase.

The three grown mares approached the clubhouse door, the laughter leaking outside the door. "Sweetie Belle, dear it is time to..." Rarity opened the door and saw the fillies enjoying themselves. Silver Spoon was chasing Twist around the room.

"Twist?" Bon Bon, a light creamy mare called to the filly in question, brushing a hoof through her blue-green mane streaked with magenta highlights.

"Awwwww!" The Cutie Mark Crusaders simultaneously grieved at the sight of the older mares.

"A little longer aunt Bon Bon!" Twist pleaded. "We are in the middle of a game!"

"No buts," Bon Bon chided. "Come along now."

The young curly maned filly hung her head as she brought herself over to her aunt of a similar, candy themed cutie mark. Twist waved a hoof to her friends before she disappeared with her aunt.

"You too, Sweetie Belle," Rarity called to her younger sister. The younger unicorn sighed, waving goodbye to her fellow crusaders and trotted over to her elder sister.

"I'll go with you, Sweetie Belle," Scootaloo offered as she trotted up to Rarity. "See ya, Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom!" She waved to the fillies respectively.

"What about you, Silvy?" Applejack asked the gray pony.

Silver Spoon thought for a moment, mulling around if she even wanted to leave. "Oh, Seabastion should be along soon."

"Well, alright." Apple Jack nodded. "Y’all come 'round front before sunset, ya hear?"

"Alright AJ!" Apple Bloom replied.

The six ponies left the club house, leaving Silver Spoon and Apple Bloom to themselves.

"I want to thank you, Apple Bloom," Silver Spoon admitted, once she was sure they were alone. "For earlier. Well, for today in general, really."

"What cha talkin 'bout?" Apple Bloom asked, cocking a brow.

"You said I needed to lighten up, and today was wonderful!" The gray filly hooked her hooves around Apple Bloom’s neck and giggled.

"Well ah said ah'd get ya t' lighten up!" The pale filly giggled as she hugged Silver Spoon back. "If ya... ah don't know, wanna hang out again or if ya need somepony t' talk to, ya can find me if ya come early."

"Thanks!" Silver Spoon giggled.

"Miss-Err... Silver Spoon," a familiar voice called.

In stepped Seabastion. Silver Spoon groaned. She knew it was time to go now. Her butler smiled warmly as his young mistress trotted over.

"Bye Apple Bloom..." Silver Spoon hung her head as they left the clubhouse. Another end to another wonderful day. The gray filly mused to herself the things she would do tomorrow. Games, adventure, whatever! "If only the day could last longer..."

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