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Moving on: Silver Spoon's story - Hollyfern

one filly coping with moving on in life

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The Best Policy

“You sure you want to go through with this, Silvy?” Sweetie Belle’s voice rang with a tone of worry behind it. “We will come with you if you like...”

Silver Spoon smiled warmly at her young unicorn friend. “I’m sure I can do this alone.” she nodded. “Diamond Tiara is my best friend and I’m sure she still thinks the same.”

“I dunno,” Scootaloo said shaking her head. “I’d feel alot better if at least I came along to make sure you go through it.”

“Yea,” Apple Bloom added with a nod. “No offence, Silver Spoon, but yer kinda soft hearted.”

“Are you ‘thure you don’t want u’th coming along?” Twist offered.

“I-I think... I can do this.” Silver Spoon shakily said. “This is something she needs and... and I-I’m the on-only one she listens to... mostly,” she giggled.

"Ah guess so...” Apple Bloom said, obviously not assured.

“If you can’t get through to her, you still have us, Silvy,” Sweetie Belle noted, hugging Silver Spoon.

“That means alot, Sweetie Belle.” Silver Spoon smiled, returning the filly’s hug. “Right, I’m off!” She headed to the front door, a faint smile on her face highlighted by a weak feeling of confidence.

“I’m not sure you can handle this,” Scootaloo snorted. “I’m coming with you—at least to her house, anyway.” The pegasus trotted up next to her friend and smiled. “All for one and one for all!”

“Ah like that...” Apple Bloom nodded. “All fer one and one fer all huh...” she echoed, a smile slowly appearing on her face. “Cutie Mark Crusader policy!” the filly announced as she joined Scootaloo at Silver Spoon’s side.

“I’m coming too!” Sweetie Belle eagerly added. “I hope things work out between you two.”

“Don’t back down, no matter what!” Twist smiled. “We’re rooting for you!”

“Thanks girls...” Silver Spoon looked to the gift she received from Diamond Tiara the other day. It glowed gray, almost blending in with the tone of her coat. Slowly the gray began to turn to a pinkish color, reminding her all the more of Diamond Tiara.
The fillies arrived at Diamond Tiara’s manor. The white and gold trimmed outside was a dead giveaway. The filly’s house was a lot more lavish than Silver Spoon’s; a balcony overlooked them from above, and two others protruded from the house at separate areas.

Silver Spoon turned her head to the balcony on the far left, where she knew Diamond Tiara’s room would be. White curtains were lapping at the breeze. For just a beat, Silver Spoon’s heart stopped, thinking she caught just a brief flash of pink among the pale curtains. She’s home...

Apple Bloom raised a hoof and knocked on the door. Her knock boomed as it echoed on the inside. For awhile nothing happened. Silver Spoon tensed up, the silence unnerved her as she waited patiently with her friends. Maybe she really doesn’t want to see me... The filly teared up.

“Hey...” Silver Spoon felt Sweetie Belle’s hoof on her shoulder. “It’s alright...”

“Yeah,” Scootaloo confidently added. “It’s her loss!”

The sounds of hooves came from the other side of the door. Within moments, the door creaked open; one of Diamond Tiara’s maids smiled upon the fillies. “Ah, Sterling’s filly, Silver Spoon, correct?”

“Yes, would Diamond Tiara happen to be home?” Silver Spoon asked, casting another glance to the balcony.

The maid frowned up, “U-uh, the young princess is not quite in the mood for visitors this evening, perhaps some other time?”

“Please,” the gray filly pleaded. “I need to talk to her!”

The maid sighed then moved out of the filly’s way. “Maybe her friends can put her in a better mood...” she mumbled.

Apple Bloom slightly reeled. “But we ain’t—” The filly was silenced by Twist and Sweetie Belle’s hooves. The two fillies glared at her for a moment, then allowed her to speak. “We noticed her actin funny the other day...” she trailed off, not even wanting to complete the sentence.

The party made their way upstairs, following Silver Spoon who trotted about as if it were her own home. Her heart began to beat louder the closer she got to Diamond Tiara, until she could hear it beat in her ears.They arrived by her room door, embroidered by her initials set in, of course, diamonds.

A silence fell among the group. They turned to Silver Spoon, expecting her to open the door.

“Well,” Sweetie Belle said, breaking the silence. “We’re here.”

Silver Spoon nodded. “Y-yes.” The filly slowly reached for the door, her hoof trembled.Come on... I-I have to..!

Before she could reach the knob, the door creaked open itself. Diamond Tiara stood staring her in the eye. The magenta filly cocked a brow. “What?” she rolled her eyes. “You’re no friend of mine, why are you here?”

Silver Spoon shrank back, trembling like a leaf under Diamond Tiara’s gaze. Her courage and resolve quickly dashed.

“Figures.” Diamond Tiara shook her head.

“Hey!” Scootaloo stepped to her gray friend’s defense. "If I were you I’d watch talking to the only one of us who actually WANTS to try and make up with somepony like you!”

Diamond Tiara turned her icy blue gaze to Scootaloo. “Quiet, orphan.”

“Wh-WHAT did you just CALL ME?!”

“Woah now, honey!” Apple Bloom caught Scootaloo by her mane, rearing her back. “You’re better ‘n that, Scootaloo, she’s just messin with yer head.”

“Whatever, hayseed.” Diamond Tiara snorted. “Why are any of you losers here anyway?”

“Yer goin th right way t’ lose some front teeth, Diamond Tiara.” Apple Bloom growled. “If it ‘twernt fer Silver Spoon, ah... well, s’ probably best ah don’t say.”

“Are you alright, Silver Spoon?” Sweetie Belle asked.

Silver Spoon stood and nodded. “I’m fine” She smiled to Sweetie Belle and Twist. “Diamond Tiara, you’re NOT going to talk to MY friends that way!”

Diamond Tiara flinched. “I—I’ll talk to anypony anyway I want!”

Silver Spoon approached the filly, then shook her head. “I understand you feel hurt, but I’m the one you should be mad at.”

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo silently nodded to one another, leaving the two friends time to themselves. They joined up with the other crusaders and disappeared out of ear shot.

Thanks girls.

Once the door shut, Diamond Tiara edged closer. “I’m glad you came...” she smiled.

"Don't act like what just happened didn't." Silver Spoon stepped back. “Truth be told though, I missed you, Titi.” she admitted sniffling a bit. “I missed you so much, I was so happy to see you at my birthday party, so glad to see that you still thought of me.” Mustering up what little resolve was still there, Silver Spoon’s violet eyes met with Diamond Tiara’s watery blue ones. An all too familiar gaze stared back: the look of a pony who was all alone.

Tears fell from Diamond Tiara’s eyes as she buried her face into Silver Spoon’s chest. “B-But then...why?” she whined. “Why do you need more friends! Why them? I should be all you need! I thought I was special to you...”

“Of course you are.” Silver Spoon smiled. “I know you too well... you... you’re b-being selfish.” She choked on those last words. As soon as Diamond Tiara heard them a horrified expression came across her face.

“I’m not... it’s not my fault!” Diamond Tiara protested

“Diamond, what you said to Scootaloo was cruel, and you know it,” Silver Spoon snapped. “Then Apple Bloom, you shouldn’t have said what you said!”

Diamond Tiara began to back away, tears in her eyes. “Th-That’s not fair, Silver Spoon. S-Stop it.”

“You know I’m right, why can’t you be the way you are when we’re alone, Titi? I know firsthoof Mr. Rich didn’t raise you that way.”

Diamond Tiara fell silent, staring at her small puddle of tears.

“Why..?” Silver Spoon asked, going to the filly’s side. “You aren’t a bad pony, why do you pretend to be like that?”

“Mean, nice, none of it matters.” Diamond Tiara sniffed. “I didn’t care what anypony else thought... nopony but the one I cared for more so than myself, the pony I knew I was special to.”

“Maybe it’s partly my fault too.” Silver Spoon sighed. “You wouldn’t need to be so cold to everypony if I would just speak up. You know, that’s something the others have taught me though.”

Diamond Tiara looked over and saw that her gift still hung proudly around Silver Spoon’s neck, a weak smile appeared as she made eye contact with the gray filly. “You really... like it huh?”

“It’s a gift from you, of course I’ll treasure it, silly.” Silver Spoon smiled, embracing Diamond Tiara in a hug.

“I... just feel like you replaced me,” the magenta filly admitted, clinging to Silver Spoon. “I hated those Blank Flanks for that, for taking you away from me...”

“Diamond Tiara, I could never replace you nor would I want to.”

“I didn’t mean those things i said...”

“I know you didn’t.” Silver Spoon smiled. “My Diamond Tiara would never say those things.”

Diamond Tiara blushed and giggled. “Yeah.”

“Listen, Titi,” Silver Spoon said, breaking their hug.

“What’s wrong?”

“Sweetie Belle and the others are my friends now, too.” Silver Spoon sternly stated. “They forgave me and accepted me, heck I’m even a crusader now!” She proudly smiled. “I cannot thank them enough from giving me a second chance and helping me realize so much in the past few days.”

Diamond Tiara forced a smile as she listened to Silver Spoon continue. “I wanted to be that pony...” Diamond Tiara sighed.

“Of course, I learned from you too, you know.” The filly smiled, nuzzling Diamond Tiara.


“Of course,” Silver Spoon giggled. “You are really good at taking charge of things, even though sometimes you come off as mean. But, nopony can deny that!”

Diamond Tiara blushed brighter now, a goofy smile on her face.

“Come to think of it.” Silver Spoon looked to the tiara that represented her friend’s talent then nodded. “I think that’s your talent, Diamond.”

“What is?” she asked, cocking a brow.

“Being a leader! Think about it.”

“I guess...” Diamond Tiara shrugged. “Doubt I’m fit to lead anypony...”

“It’s alright,” Silver Spoon smiled. “Just try being a little friendlier and less prickly.”

“I... No,” Diamond Tiara sighed, staggering back. “I... can’t, I don’t want to go through that again!”

“Diamond Tiara, just list-”

“NO!” the filly barked, stomping a hoof. “You should know better than anypony...”

Silver Spoon paused. “Just give it some thought, if I kept on acting like that, I wouldn’t have had the guts to approach you like this. YOU should know that better than anypony...”

“You may trust those fillies to see the real you, Silver Spoon,” Diamond Tiara shook her head. “But they will only turn around and hurt you in the end.”

“Then that will be my mistake to make,” Silver Spoon sharply retorted. “You’re so afraid of opening up again, what about me? I’m still here and you know I would never in my right mind want to harm you.”

“...I can’t” Diamond Tiara admitted. “I don’t want to feel that way ever again.”

“Think about it, please.” Silver Spoon rested her head on Diamond Tiara’s shoulder. “You let me in, and I will never betray you.”

Diamond Tiara paused. “I’m... I’ll... I’m sorry.”

“Fine...” Silver Spoon shrugged.

“I almost wish I didn’t have to go tomorrow...” Diamond Tiara sighed.

“Hey..!” Silver Spoon’s face lit up. “Come by my place tomorrow! I have a wonderful idea!!”

“Umm... yeah...” Diamond Tiara nodded. “C-can I ask one thing of you though..?”

“Sure,” Silver Spoon smiled. “What is it?”

“Mind... spending the night?”

Silver Spoon sat watching the rest of the crusaders help Applejack collect the apples that fell from the trees, their capes trailing behind them. The gray filly sat, her face in her hooves; she was in no mood to do much. Only one filly seemed to be on her mind at the moment.

The whining of a brown and white dog caused her to look up, narrowing her eyes at the canine as if it was the sole source of her misery. The dog approached. She began to scoot away; the hair on her neck rose the closer the dog came. For a moment, it almost seemed as if the dog enjoyed Silver Spoon’s resistance.

“Hey, you. Dog!” Silver Spoon shakily said, backing away. “You-You stay away dog!” She tumbled back, then hid behind her cape.

The dog approached, no ill intention in it’s stride what so ever. The fearful filly backed herself into a tree, then began trembling.

Silver Spoon flinched as the dog sniffed her. She barked happily. Silver Spoon whimpered and shut her eyes tight. For a moment nothing happened. Silver Spoon slowly opened one of her eyes and peered from behind her cape. She saw the dog offering her head. Cautiously, the filly slowly ran a hoof across the friendly dog. Silver Spoon smiled, feeling oddly at ease now.

“The ol’ girl knows who she likes,” Applejack called, watching along with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. “Winona can often tell when somepony needs a friend.”

”Yer still thinkin ‘bout Diamond Tiara, huh?” Apple Bloom said as she and the crusaders approached her.

“C’mon Winona,” Applejack called to her companion. “Seems like this ain’t our place.”

Winona barked, then licked Silver Spoon’s cheek before hurrying to the mare’s side. The two went about their own business amongst the other apple trees.

“No point in keeping it to yourself,” Scootaloo frankly noted. “We all knew from the get go. You aren’t exactly the type to sit out.”

“Yeah,” Sweetie Belle nodded. “What are you going to do now?”

Silver Spoon replied with a shrug.

“That ain’t the Silver Spoon ah’ve come t’ know,” Apple Bloom said.

“Yeah,” Scootaloo added. “So, what, you’re just gonna sit here on your haunches and cry? I don’t want to sound mean, but you did what you had to do.”

“You can alway’th count on u’th.” Twist smiled.

“Ask yerself: Is she really worth being down about all the time?” The other fillies slightly reeled at the edge Apple Bloom’s words had to them. “What? It’s true. A real friend wouldn’t want another friend being sad all the time.”

“That’th true.” Twist nodded.

“What happened to you the other day though?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“I spent the night at her place, we talked but...” Silver Spoon sighed. “I don’t know if I actually got through to her. I even gave her my turquoise necklace to remember me by before she left...”

“Then, have a little faith in her.” Sweetie Belle smiled. “You have done all you can, the rest is up to her.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right. Thanks Belle.” The gray filly weakly smiled. “I still wish she didn’t have to leave though...”

“Ah, don’t start that again.” Scootaloo groaned.

“Yeah,” Twist added. “It’th not like you won’t ever ‘thee her again. It’th kinda like ‘thaying ‘thee ya later, not goodbye.”

“Thanks girls.” Silver Spoon turned her attention to Diamond Tiara’s gift and smiled. She had something to remember her by and Diamond Tiara now had something to remind her of Silver Spoon. Diamond Tiara...you’re missing out.

“C’mon, silly filly.” Apple Bloom chimed in. “We best get to catching up with AJ! You comin right, Silvy?”

“Sure!” Silver Spoon chirped, now full of pep. “Can’t let stuff like that get me down and keep me there, after all.”

“Yeah!” Scootaloo cheered.

The five fillies wandered through the apple trees. Silver Spoon followed at a somewhat slower pace, taking in the lush greens and reds of the ripe wooden guardians. Wow...I can’t wait until it’s Zap Apple season. She mused the thought of dressing as a rabbit with the others, hopping around and painting polka dots.

“What’s so funny?” Sweetie Belle’s voice rang in her ears. The unicorn filly trotted next to her, the others ahead in the distance. “You had as awkward smile on your face a second ago.”

“Like you’re one to talk about awkward.” Silver Spoon giggled. “I was thinking about Zap Apple season. I think you would look so cute in the bunny suit!” she teased, shoving Sweetie Belle playfully.

“So would you!” Sweetie Belle giggled, returning the shove.

“Do you think... one day, Diamond Tiara might change?”

Sweetie Belle shrugged. “Maybe, I don't know for sure. Some ponies change and some don’t.”

Silver Spoon flinched at those last words. I hope she does...

“Let’s hurry up, the others are leaving us behind!” Sweetie Belle galloped off, Silver Spoon keeping pace.

I suppose I tried, I have new friends now. Wonderful friends. I pray to Celestia that Diamond Tiara will experience the feeling I’m feeling at this moment.
---Few months later---
“C’mon girls! We haveta make sure things are right as rain before the next sign!” Granny Smith called as she easily leaped over a watering pail. “Hasta be done the ol’ fashioned way! No need fer none o’ then new fangled whatcha mahoosits!”

The Cutie Mark Crusaders followed behind the aged mare in bunny suits of their own.

“What’s a ‘fangled whatcha mahootis’?” Silver Spoon laughed.

“Ah honestly got no clue,” Apple Bloom replied shaking her head.

“Apple Bloom!” Granny Smith’s voice echoed.

Silver Spoon turned to see a large cauldron fixed on Granny Smith’s head. For a old mare, she sure is resilient! She inwardly giggled.

“Comin Granny Smith!” Apple Bloom hurried over to the mare, a large spoon in her mouth. “Ya ready?”

“Let ‘er rip yung’un!”

Apple Bloom reared back then struck the cauldron, causing it shake strongly, throwing Granny Smith off balance, but not off her hooves.


Silver Spoon slightly flinched at the sight. “Is she going to be alright..?”

“Yeah,” Scootaloo nodded. “If there’s anything I’ve learned, Granny Smith’ll surprise ya. And That's saying something.”

“Hey girl’th, where did Granny ‘Thmith go..?” Twist asked, looking around.

A faint buzzing sound echoed; it started off soft and grew louder by the second.

“Must be time for the bees!” Sweetie Belle excitedly said.

“B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-” Silver Spoon grew pale, shuddering as the buzzing became louder.

“Uhh... Silver Spoon? You alright?” Apple Bloom asked.

Granny Smith approached, a buzzing beard of yellow and black hanging from her face. “Apple Bloom be a darlin and get me the jars. In the mean time, ah’m gonna see how our buzzing buddies have been!”

One of the bees landed on the end of Silver Spoon’s face. She went to scream but nothing came out. In a matter of moments the world began to spin and things began to fade to black, then the filly fainted.

“...Ah swear that filly is about as useful as a pogo stick in quicksand.” Apple Bloom giggled.

Silver Spoon groaned. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself in Apple Bloom’s bed.

“Silver Spoon!” Sweetie Belle chirped. “Hey! Are you ok?”

“You fainted.” Scootaloo chuckled. “Because of a bee...”

“Ya should have said something.” Apple Bloom chided. “If yer afraid of bees ah’d have warned ya.”

“Sorry.” Silver Spoon’s cheeks burned red from embarrassment. “Did I miss anything..?”

“Not really,” Twist said. “The be’tht part ha’thn’t come!”

“Still gotta paint the farm house with polka dots be-”

“Polka dots!!” Silver Spoon sprang up. “Well C’mon!!! Let’s go!!”

“Did... did that just happen?” Scootaloo smirked. “Over... polka dots..?”

Silver Spoon eagerly worked, painting a large dot on the wall. I’d never hear the end of this if I did it at home! she giggled, musing the thought as she continued. There is still one more thing though.
Ponies lined up to a stand at Sweet Apple Acres; a line that stretched back down the road, all waiting for a taste of the famous Zap Apple Jam. Silver Spoon anxiously sat, glazing over the line of ponies, looking for one pony in particular.

“Lookin fer Diamond Tiara, ain’t cha?” Apple Bloom’s voice rang.

“I’m kinda curious to see if she changed,” Silver Spoon said, smiling weakly.

“Ah s’ppose ah’d like t’ see too.” The pale yellow filly nodded. “Ah can’t quite put mah hoof on it, but ya kinda have a way with words, Silvy.”

“Really?” Silver Spoon blushed. “I mean, it’s nothing all that special.”

“...As always Granny Smith, it is a pleasure.” A familiar voice rang.

Mr. Rich!

“Ohh, you needn’t worry yerself ‘bout that, Filthy.” Granny Smith said. “Tell yer yung’un hai fer me!”

The tan stallion groaned and shook his head. “Rich...” The stallion gathered his jars of the rainbow treat. “Oh, Silver Spoon,” he smiled. “Hello.”

“Hi Mr. Rich.” Silver Spoon returned his smile.

“Thank you...” he muttered.

Silver Spoon giggled. “Did... did Diamond Tiara come..?”

“I am terribly sorry, she did not come,” he said, shaking his head.

“Oh... I see. Alright.” Silver Spoon sighed.

“It’s the strangest thing, really, she was invited to somepony’s party. I tried to talk her out of it, but she said you would understand.”

That can mean two things...

“I must be off now,” Filthy Rich said, dipping in respect to Granny Smith and Silver Spoon.

“Bye Mr. Rich!” Silver Spoon waved.

“So,” Scootaloo’s voice called. “You think you got through to her?” The other crusaders gathered around Silver Spoon, slightly on edge.

“I sure hope so...” Silver Spoon paused. “No, I’m confident I did. Mr. Rich said she was off at some party, so I guess I don’t have to worry about her.” I’m kinda curious. I wonder what it is she is doing. The gray filly looked to her pendant and smiled at the cool blue hue. She could picture Diamond Tiara in a somewhat similar situation. I don’t have to worry about her though. After all Belle and the others have taught me, I hope her new friends can teach her; hopefully they’re patient enough. She giggled at the last thought.