• Published 23rd Sep 2011
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Moving on: Silver Spoon's story - Hollyfern

one filly coping with moving on in life

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A kind voice

The laughter of yesterday’s events had faded into a dull aching pain in Silver Spoon’s body as she came to consciousness. Her legs burned and her back bore an alien sensation that she never once felt before. A knot of pain that hurt with the pride of accomplishment. Her pampered body was still coping with recovering from the race, as her legs involuntarily twitched with the motions of overexertion.

However, that pain dulled when the sense of accomplishment and pride welled up in her heart once more. She had stepped out of her now predictable and boring comfort zone to enjoy herself along with her new friends. Experiencing something that she never would have attempted before. This newfound pain was now a badge of honor.

Without her glasses, Silver Spoon’s violet eyes strained, forcing the trappings of her room into a distorted focus. Her once beloved objects now felt flea market cheap and bland. She mused the thought of meeting up with her fellow crusaders at lunch. Nothing could replace the feverish feeling she felt yesterday. A smile came about as she sat with her face in her hooves on the window sill, watching as a few birds flew by. She even caught the faint rainbow trail of a certain weather pegasus and the comical flight patterns of a special mail mare.

Though serene, the sight quickly lost interest in Silver Spoons eyes. The Cutie Mark Crusaders won’t meet until lunchtime... so what to do. The filly’s mind wandered back to the almost unreal memories of the Diamond Tiara that only she knew. Memories that contrasted her public facade in every aspect. Times Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had fun without anypony being the punch line.In private with nopony else around, only while alone is where her magenta friend let down her stalwart persona and showed only Silver Spoon tenderness. I understood her and she understood me. Silvy nodded. My little miss perfect.

Let’s go shopping, Silver Spoon!” even now, Diamond Tiara’s voice echoed in Silvy’s ears. “Like, hurry up you silly filly!” the sarcastic tone, even in Silver Spoon’s imagination, commanded attention.

But, the Diamond Tiara she knew behind closed doors is where Diamond Tiara’s true colors shined. The Diamond Tiara she befriended. Her cruelty to other ponies was a means of protection against her mother and her own emotions, emotions only I see. Silver Spoon knowingly nodded.

Inside, both ponies a type of solace found in one another, making them very close when alone. Able to almost read each other’s feelings. Though, Diamond Tiara sometimes hinted to something more. Silvy’s eyes watered as she little by little became lost in her own reverie.

A light knock came to her room door; she shook her head and wiped away her tears, dislodging the bittersweet thoughts. “Come in...” Silver Spoon let out long weary yawn, covering her mouth in embarrassment.

“Hi, Silver Spoon!” Sweetie Belle chirped as she trotted in.

Silver Spoon snapped awake, her ears alert and pricked at the sound of the unicorn’s voice. “Sweetie Belle?” She strained her eyes. Without her glasses, the unicorn filly looked like a glob of marshmallow. “What are you doing here?” Silvy giggled at the thought, reaching for her glasses on her bedside window sill.

"Rarity sent me," the young unicorn proudly replied. "Something about measurements."

"Measurements?" Silver Spoon echoed, cocking a brow. "Like for a dress? A saddle maybe?"

Sweetie Belle placed a hoof to her chin then shook her head. "Hmm...she didn't say."

Silver Spoon placed a hoof over her mouth as she loosed a long yawn. "Well," she stretched. "Give me a moment..."
Silver Spoon sighed happily. The sun warmed her coat along with her brushed straight mane and tail. She and Sweetie Belle made their way to town; a few ponies trotted about, tending to their own business and offering warm greetings to the two fillies as they approached Carousel Boutique. They laughed as they reminisced about yesterday.

“Why were you giving me the wrong directions, Sweetie Belle?” Silver Spoon giggled.

“I was not!” The unicorn protested. “It was just... a little confusing.”

“Umm...Silver Spoon?” a somewhat familiar voice sheepish called from behind the two fillies.

Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle stopped and turned. The voice came from a messy green maned gangly orange unicorn colt. He blushed lightly as his blue eyes met with her violet ones. His dumbfounded expression made him look all the more familiar.

I know him from somewhere... Silver Spoon looked closer at him, his name escaping her at the moment, though she definitely recognized the simple look on his face.

“Ummm...hi!” The colt grinned goofilly.

“Hello...you,” Silver Spoon offered with an awkward smile.

“Hi Snails!” Sweetie Belle waved a hoof with a smile.

Oh yeah! That’s his name. Silver Spoon nodded to herself. “Did you want something from me, Snails?”

The orange colt seemed to melt at the sound of his own name, his face becoming bright red as he chuckled nervously. “Uhhh...hi Silver Spoon!” He offered again with a grin.

Ok... weird. Silver Spoon mused to herself. “Hello, Snails.” The gray filly giggled.

“Are you... ok?” Sweetie Belle asked as she noticed Snail’s face feverishly red and sweating.

Snail’s ears perked up, Sweetie Belle’s voice snapping him out of his daze. “I-I-I gotta go!” He half shouted before galloping off in the opposite direction.

“What was... that?” Silver Spoon asked, her ears dropping down as she watching the colt go. Oh no...did I scare him away..? “D-Did I do...? Was it something I said?”

Sweetie Belle shrugged a reply, obviously just as confused. “I don’t know,” she said, shaking her head. “Snails is kinda on the weird side though, so don’t worry about it.” The young unicorn nodded knowingly. "Come on, Rarity is waiting on us!"
“Well darling, I’m glad to see you could make it.” Rarity giggled as tape measure ran the length of Silver Spoon’s back.

Silvy stood taut yet comfortable. Being fitted was nothing new to this filly. "May I ask a question, Miss Rarity?"

"Silver Spoon, please, I'm not a 'Miss' as of yet." The fashionista giggled, measuring the waist next.

"Yes ma'am." Silver Spoon nodded as she went through the motions of being measured for clothes.

Rarity groaned in response. "What is it dear?"

"What are you fitting me for?"

The unicorn winked and giggled. "That is my surprise."

A light meow interrupted Silver Spoon’s concentration. She looked down and saw a somewhat overfed snowy white persian, offering a bemused look as sat atop some fabrics, watching Rarity work.

Rarity didn't seem to notice her feline companion’s call. A red fabric slid from under her, causing Opal to slide onto the next one. The fashionisa narrowed her eyes through her glasses as she held the fabric to Silver Spoon’s gray coat.

"Mmm..." Rarity rhythmically tapped her hoof to her chin. She placed the red fabric down and brought over a yellow piece, but quickly discarded that after giving it a glance. "You have such a beautiful cool gray coat, Silver Spoon..."

"Th-Thank you..." Silvy blushed, humbled and taken aback by the generous comment.

Several times from head to flank, Rarity’s pristine azure gaze seemed to be analyzing the filly before her, down to the last detail like a piece of fine art. Silver Spoon shifted uncomfortably under the Seamstress' gaze; it was then that the unicorn’s gaze fell upon the turquoise keepsake around Silver Spoon’s neck.

"Ideeeeaaaa!" Rarity sang, surprising Silver Spoon a bit.

“Thank you, Silver Spoon,” Rarity offered. “I’m sure you’ll find Sweetie Belle in the back, probably putting something together herself. Just stay away from my back room.“ The unicorn shuddered as something crossed her mind. “I do not wish for another incident to happen again.”

“Yes ma’am.” Silver Spoon nodded as she stepped down and wandered through the stately store.

Silver Spoon’s eyes widened at the beautiful sights of the gorgeous saddles and dresses, all expertly hoof stitched. It puzzled her as to why such a talented Seamstress wasted her time in a town where ponies seldom wear such lavish formal wear, if any clothes at all. Ponyquins sat in the display up front, sporting an example of Rarity’s expertise. Silver Spoon remembered when Sapphire Shores and Hoity Toity visited to put in a commission. That must've been an honor. Silver Spoon nodded as she admired the detail of each dress she passed.

"Thread by thread, stitching it together..."

Sweetie Belle’s voice rang from within the store. The unmistakable sound of her angelic tone lead Silver Spoon by her ears. She rounded a corner and saw her unicorn friend hard at work behind a sewing machine, much like her big sister. Curious, Silver Spoon quietly trotted up behind Sweetie Belle and looked on.

The young unicorn continued singing, blissfully unaware of her audience. The rhythmic sound of the sewing needle going up and down provided an odd metronome for her timing.

"What are you doing?" Silver Spoon whispered, startling Sweetie Belle a bit.

"Oh! Silver Spoon!" The unicorn exclaimed. "I didn't know you and Rarity were done."

“Yeah, what are you doing?” Silver Spoon posed the question again, looking at what seemed like a scarf.

“Uhh...nothing!” Sweetie Belle half shouted, blocking Silver Spoons view of what she was working on.

“Then what were you singing just now?”

“Oh, a song I heard Rarity singing,” Sweetie Belle sheepishly replied.

“You sing so well,”Silver Spoon complimented. “Would you mind singing something for me?”

“Oh no...I can’t,” Sweetie Belle said, covering her mouth with her hoof and shaking her head.

“Alright,” Silver Spoon replied with a shrug. “That reminds me, thank you Sweetie Belle.”

The young unicorn tilted her head to the side, obviously baffled by the sudden thanks. “What for..? Not singing for you?”

“No,” Silver Spoon giggled as she shook her head. “For giving me a second chance.”

“Oh, well you're welcome!” Sweetie Belle smiled. “Its like I said, ev-

“Everypony needs a friend,” Silver Spoon interrupted, smiling. “I know, there is one thing I want to talk to you about though... promise to keep this between just us?”

Sweetie Belle nodded. “Cross my-”

Silver Spoon quickly placed a hoof over Sweetie Belle’s mouth before she could summon Pinkie Pie. “Just a yes will do.”

Sweetie Belle nodded as Silver Spoon removed her hoof. “What did you want to talk about?”

Silver Spoon remained silent for a moment, eyeing the ground and wondering if she should really bring up the subject or not.

“Whats wrong, Silvy?” Sweetie Belle asked, placing a hoof to her friend’s shoulder.

Come on now, you can talk to Sweetie Belle... Silver Spoon looked up, and caught the worry in her friend’s eyes. That was all the reassurance she needed. “I feel that you're the only pony I can talk to that will at least try to understand...” The gray filly fidgeted where she stood. “What if... I still thought of Diamond Tiara as my friend?”

Sweetie Belle didn't respond. She stared into Silver Spoon’s hopeful violet eyes struggling between the truth and what she knows. “Diamond... Tiara huh..?”

“I know, I don’t want to seem ungrateful to you all or anything, it’s just... Diamond has been there for me. I still want to be a Cutie Mark Crusader, I still want to be your friend.”

Sweetie Belle sat, absorbing what Silver Spoon was saying. The silence put Silver Spoon an edge, she bit her lip. I should have kept quiet! She scolded herself as she began shrinking away from Sweetie Belle.

“I think I understand,” Sweetie Belle finally said. “I don’t think I’d be able to stop being Apple Bloom or Scootaloo’s friend either.” She offered Silver Spoon a warm smile, reassuring the filly. “Who knows, maybe she has changed too!”

“Yeah.” Silver Spoon nodded. “I hope she can make my birthday party...”

“What about me and the others?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Well... maybe since you’re all my friends now she might ease up...” Silver Spoon sighed. She knew better than that; some part of her yearned for that to be true. Her mind spurred to the worst situation if Diamond did show, it wouldn't be pretty. “Actually, it’s probably best I don’t get my hopes up, I’m sure Diamond Tiara has friends in Manehattan.”

“But you just sai-” Sweetie Belle was silenced again by Silver Spoons hoof.

“I know what I said, but heh, you uhhh... you know Diamond.” Silver Spoon nervously laughed.

Sweetie Belle shrugged. “I guess.”

“Maybe we could hang out until the crusaders meet?” Silver Spoon suggested, desperate to change the subject.

“Sure!” Sweetie Belle squeaked, enthralled by the idea.

Silver Spoon smiled, sure that if nopony else Sweetie Belle was definitely the one pony she felt closest too.