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This Kid Ain't No Chicken - Carpetbagger

Scootafic told in the style of the Bastion Narrator.

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The Kid

Kid woke up at the crack of dawn, alarm clock on her nightstand sounded like it was gonna raise Tartarus by itself. The first morning light crept in to sting her eyes, but she felt another stinging in the pit of her gut. She was hungry. She searched about the kitchen to rustle up some grub. Gotta get a good meal before starting the day: good words to live by. Lucky for her there was a box of honey oats, just enough left for herself. Never had much of a taste for the sweet stuff myself, but it was the kid's favorite. After cleaning her bowl, it was time to pay a visit to a dear friend. Kid looks to her old scooter, busted and worn. She's had it for as long as she could remember. It was love at first sight. She revved those little wings up, shooting through the town, rumbling like thunder.

I've spent most my time traveling, listening to stories from anypony willing to tell one, and passing them on to ones willing to lend an ear. It was a good life. Least till I found this nice quiet patch of land called Ponyville. At first it felt strange setting my roots here, but I found an appreciation of the little things. Like the music. Yeah, it seemed like everypony here was willing to break out in song at the drop of a hat. Thought I would have my fill after hearing a little ditty about the importance of flossing from my dentist, but I didn't. Horeseapples, found myself getting so caught up, I was singing and dancing backup. Never could quite figure out why my dentist had an hourglass cutie mark; ain't my place to ask questions though. Been here for a good three years so far and still don't know anypony by name. I'm kind of a shut in- but I'm getting off topic.

Back to the Kid. Like the rest of the town, I don't know her all too well. Seen her ripping and running on that scooter from time to time. Wings buzzing like her life depended on it. Gotta respect somepony with ingenuity, but a filly that needs to go that fast must be running from something. At this rate it ain't gonna catch her. Hope it stays that way for her sake.

Looked like the rest of the town was still trying to wake up. Businesses were just opening their doors and flipping them closed signs around. You could smell a fresh aroma coming from that nice little bakery. I know I said I don't got much taste for the sweet stuff, but they got some good strong coffee and the couple that ran the joint had some nice stories to tell. Not too sure bout that pink mare they rent the place out to. She could be a bit random at times. Usually you can catch the mailmare out round this time, clumsily trying to shove letters into a mailbox. Ain't seen her lately now that I think about it. Maybe she moved to another town.

Kid finally caught up with her friends near the town square. It was rare to see the three of them apart. Whenever there was trouble you could find them right in the middle of it. Can't blame em' though. Part of growing up is seein' what kind of trouble you can get into. I had my hide tanned more than once at their age, just the way things go when you're young and dumb. But some of the stuff they got into did seem to get outta hoof real easy. Got me to wondering where's the adult supervision. In the end I realized they ain't my kids, so it ain't my problem.

"Hey Scootaloo, what took ya so long?" One of the Kid's partners in crime drawled. She looked like the one who called all the shots in their little trio. The Kid marched to the beat of her own drum, but after finding friends her age, she became more of a follower than a leader. Didn't stop her much from butting heads with that Little Apple there from time to time. They had a knack for getting under each others' coats

"Yeah, we've been waiting here forever." The last member of the group squeaked. She was the one who really rounded out the trio. Whenever Kid and Little Apple got into it, you could count on Sweetheart to be keep the peace. Some would say she was the real brains of the operation. I like to believe she's the glue that holds them all together. Every group of needs a voice of reason.

Kid let out a big a yawn. "Sorry, been kind of tired since I've been training with Rainbow Dash." The Kid was an only child, needed somepony to look up to, show her the ropes so to speak. That's when she found Rainbow. Too bad chasing after her wasn't any different from chasing after the real thing. Took some time before Rainbow started to notice the Kid. Been like two peas in a pod ever since. Took long enough if you ask me.

"Again? Ya'll haven't spent time with us since we got back from the campin' trip." Little Apple was getting a bit jealous. They did everything as one. Without the Kid, it was like a one winged pegasus trying to bust clouds. Looks bout as hard as it sounds. Near impossible to boot.

The Kid stood her ground. "Come on, Apple Bloom. This is really important to me." Ever since she noticed them appendages on her back, Kid wanted soar through the skies. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't figure out how. Probably a late bloomer, I guess. Didn't stop her from wanting, was part of her heritage after all.

"Come on girls, we're going to be late for school!" Sweetheart had a point. Not much time for small talk when you had to be somewhere. The Kid and Little Apple shared one last belligerent glare and made their way to the schoolhouse.

Class let out a bit earlier than usual. The Kid thought it ran on longer and it would never end. Long division had that effect on her. Colts and fillies exploded out the schoolhouse, making a break for freedom.

"Now don't forget to review chapter four, we're going to have a test on it tomorrow!" Teacher should've given that reminder before she dismissed her class. Them young bucks had anything but studying on their minds. She gave a knowing smile and went back into the schoolhouse hoping for the best. Gotta love a woman with that kind of optimism, easy on the eyes too. Whoever managed to pluck that cherry was a lucky pony. All it took was a little potion to realize it. But you already know that story.

Kid snuck her way through the schoolyard. Looked like the coast was clear.

"Scootaloo! Where ya goin?" Spoke too soon, Little Apple always did have a good eye when she was looking for something. Just as the kid turned around and give an excuse for going off on her own, one rained down from the sky, kicking up a cloud of dust.

Rainbow flexed her wings, struck pose to look cool. "Hey squirt, ready to get going?" Judging by the Kid's face and the eager nod she gave, looks like it worked. Not like Rainbow had to do much, Kid looked up to her more than that big blue she wanted to feel through her little wings. Too bad Little Apple and Sweetheart didn't feel the same way. Can't do much crusading with a third of the group missing.

Kid revved up her wings, getting ready to follow the rainbow to her dreams. Only thing that stopped her was a pang of guilt her friends gave. "Sorry girls, maybe next time." Kid gave her parting words and flew off on that scooter like a rocket. Little Apple and Sweetheart stayed back, hoping that was true.

Yeah... next time.

The town's park was pretty empty this time of day. Folks was busy selling their wares at the local market, others were looking to buy. Gave Kid a chance for some quality one on one time with Rainbow. Makes it easier to learn the basics without being watched.

"Okay squirt, show me what you got." Rainbow and the Kid had been at it for a few days now. Rainbow taught the Kid everything she knew, the Kid listened. Only problem was, Kid had trouble putting that knowledge to practice. She would flutter those little wings with all her might just like everyday before. But just like everyday they were taking her nowhere fast. Kid never gave up though, too bad Rainbow didn't have the patience. Kid crumpled to the ground, lungs burning like the fires of Tartarus. Rainbow made her disappointment apparent with a loud snort. Looks like it was going to be one of those days.

"Maybe we should try something else." Rainbow tried to drown out her frustration with encouragement. Even if she was reckless and brash, she could see how important this was for the Kid. They didn't call Rainbow loyalty for nothing. Kid could still feel Rainbow getting upset. Still never stopped her from trying, just motivated her more. She looked around for something to make it easier, her eyes settled on a big tall oak not too far away. For a filly that just gave her all a few moments ago, Kid managed to get up pretty quick. Determination can do that for you. As she climbed that big tree, Rainbow started to worry.

"You sure that's a good idea?" Rainbow gulped. Kid covered a lot of wood and was making her way along one of the highest branches. When she said try something else, this wasn't what Rainbow had in mind. Better to stick with the basics--keep your hooves on the ground till you can get some lift, then work on the rest. I ain't a pegasus, but that's how I would go about it it. Kid didn't hear Rainbow, or maybe she didn't want to. She took a leap of faith, flapping for dear life. Still couldn't get get any lift. Took a nasty fall, only thing that broke it was a hard patch of dirt.

Thinking the worst, Rainbow rushed over fast as she could. Kid managed to sit up and shake it off for the most part. It wasn't just dumb luck she walked away from worse, 'side from a few bruises and some sap in her mane. Kid was made from stronger stuff. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was just an earth pony that just happened to have wings.

Rainbow scooped up the kid with haste. "Hey, you okay?!" She could feel the waterworks coming when she gave her a squeeze. "Don't do anything stupid like that again!" Kid liked the attention Rainbow gave her, just not like this. She squirmed out of Rainbow's hug and tested her legs and wings. Nothing broken, it looks like. But as the Kid looked up, Rainbow noticed a little trickle of red making its way down her forehead. Looks like even stronger stuff can break down sometimes. Rainbow didn't take no for an answer and hiked the Kid up on her back.

"Rainbow Dash, I'm okay." Kid slurred out. She really could be too stubborn for her own good.

"I don't want to hear it, you're getting checked out." Yeah, that's Rainbow alright. They don't call her loyalty for nothing.

Rainbow waited outside the emergency room for news on the kid. Didn't look all too serious, but she wasn't taking chances. Kid had been in there with the Doc for a while now. Judging by how many nurses ran in and out that room, it looked like Rainbow was going to be waiting a while longer.

Just as she decided to count some sheep, Doc made his appearance known. He glanced around till he looked down his nose at Rainbow. Literally and figuratively speaking. "Excuse me, but I'm looking for a member of Scootaloo's immediate family."

Rainbow didn't even hesitate. "Yeah, well you're looking at her sister. Anything you gotta say, you can tell me!" Now don't that beat all? Too bad Kid wasn't round to hear that. Might have made her feel better after what comes next.

Doc raised an eyebrow, but Rainbow looked like she wasn't gonna take no for an answer. All that medical school must've payed off, Doc was smart enough to back down. "Scootaloo suffered a minor contusion and a small gash on her forehead. The swelling should go down in a few days."

Sure enough, Rainbow felt better after hearing that. She jumped up and was ready to go see the kid. Least until the doc cleared his throat. Looks like he had more to say. "...but, after a followup x-ray for any other injuries, we did find something quite peculiar..."

Rainbow looked back, didn't sound like the good kind of peculiar. If that sort of thing exists. Doc looked around for a second and motioned towards an empty room. Whatever he had to say, he didn't want anypony else to catch wind of it. Doctor-patient confidentiality and all that I guess.

He gave his chart another read. Might be hoping deep down inside he was wrong. A pony's health ain't something you want to be wrong about, but it doesn't hurt to hope against fate. He cleared his throat again. Doc's been doing this gig for quite a while. Never got used to breaking bad news though.

Doc felt at a knot building at his throat. It's good to have a passion for your work, but maybe not a job like this. Things could get too personal too quick. "The bone structures in Scootaloo's... wings are severely underdeveloped for a child her age. I checked her records and their development has been declining compared an average growth chart.... "

Rainbow looked at the doc trying to follow all that jargon he was throwing out. The way her ears fell against her head, it looked like she got most of it. Doc paused one more time. There was no easy way of saying it. Best to just deliver the bottom line.

"I'm sorry, but Scootaloo will never be able to fly."

There it was, as clear as day. All that time of practicing, dreaming, hoping. Kid never had the chance. Rainbow rushed out that room like a bat out of Tartarus. Caught the Kid with her ear pressed against the wall to the next room. Waterfalls of tears ran down her cheeks as she trembled. She was going find out anyway, too bad it was like that. Rainbow stood there looking at the Kid, she could feel her own heart sinking. Wasn't any words out there to express how she felt for the Kid. Best thing she could do was give her a hug. Kid needed one then and there.

The news loomed over kid's head like like a bad storm cloud. Rainbow probably wished she could just buck it away and let the sunshine in. Best thing she could really do was sweeten the deal. They found their way to the bakery. Rainbow ordered up two scoops of prism sherbert with sprinkles- the kid's favorite. On any other day she would've dived in. Today, she just laid her head against the counter and offered it to Pink. She devoured the thing in one gulp and looked down at the Kid wondering what was eating at her.

"Hey Scootaloo, something wrong? I've never seen you turn down a double-decker Rainbow special before. The only time I ever seen you turn one down is if you were feeling down. *Gasp! You must be feeling down!" Pink sure had a way with words. Got into a talk with her one time--she did most of the talking of course. Wound up learning bout every kind of coffee from here to Saddle Arabia. I tend to be a good listener.

Kid cast a glance at Pink before letting out a groan. One thing I'll say about Pink is she hated to see somepony down. Never seen a girl want go so far above and beyond just to get a smile. She gave the Kid a good once over beaming the widest grin you'll ever see. Kid didn't respond though, don't think anything in Equestria could lift her heavy heart.

The Kid got up in a huff and made her way for the door. Patrons glanced up from their snacks and drinks wondering what was going on. As the door slammed Pink made her way round the counter to go after her--till she felt something tugging at her shoulder. She looked back, and Rainbow gave a shake of her head. Looked like whatever the Kid had to face, Rainbow figured she was better off coming to terms by herself. Laughter and loyalty can only go so far.

Kid made her way through town on her scooter. Didn't care where she was going--just wanted to go. No matter how fast she went, Kid knew she couldn't escape her fate. Somehow she found her way to the next closest thing to call home. Looked up at the tree house--no sign of Little Apple or Sweetheart. Not like she expected them to talk to her. She let out sigh and shot down the road again to Celestia knows where.

I was just heading back home from some business I needed to attend to when it happened. Kid hit a rock in the street, took a nasty fall. Wound up getting caught up in the tumble. Got up and dusted myself off, noticed somethin' was missing--my hat. Wasn't nothin' special, just a keepsake from my old man. Had more practical uses, but I'm getting ahead of myself here. Looked around aimlessly for a bit, didn't even notice the tug of my tail from behind.

"Are you looking for this?" I looked down, Kid had my hat in her mouth. As she looked up with those violet, saucer-dish eyes I knew she wasn't just looking at me. Not like she didn't have a reason to gawk. I ain't something you see on a regular basis.

Might need to explain myself here. I ain't quite what you'd call a looker. Bout the same height as any other stallion, maybe a bit taller. My blue coat had since faded with age. Hell, my mane didn't fare well neither. Only semblance to one left was the dirty blonde locks running round a receding hairline behind my ears. Wound up growing a beard to try and make up for it. Didn't quite help though. But that wasn't what the kid was looking at.

When I was a colt, not much older than the Kid here, I had a nasty accident. Wound up getting clipped by a runaway cart. It managed to get a piece of me- my horn to be exact. Shattered the thing to bits. Old man was scared out of his wits when it happened. Took me to the best hospitals money could buy but always got the same answer: 'sorry, but there's nothing we can do.' Spent the good part of my life learning how to live without using magic. Did well for myself as I got older--even managed to get my cutie mark. Still never stopped the stares I would get, just walking down the street. Kind of why I wore my old man's hat.

I grabbed my hat and threw it back on my head fore somepony else could see. "Thanks, Kid." Made my way to the front porch searching for my key. Stopped when I heard a buzzing from behind.

"Hey! Don't call me a kid, Mister!" Kid was hopping mad, wings buzzing like an angry wasp. Literally and figuratively speaking of course. Called me mister too--damn. I know I was old, didn't need the constant reminder.

I tilted my worn stetson down and curled my mouth up in agitation. "The name's Fracas." Figured the least I could do was get a proper introduction in. Hope that would get her to stop calling me mister.

Kid finally stopped bouncing and looked back up at me. "Oh... my name's Scootaloo." She struck an aggressive posture, digging in the dirt like a bull getting ready to charge. Best I could do was stifle a chuckle. Looked too cute to be cool. I shook my head and finally got my front door open.

"Uhhh... Mister Fracas?" Damnit! I looked back down at the kid. She had flopped her ears down and nervously dug into the dirt. "I just wanted to say... sorry for knocking you over."

"No worries Kid, just watch where you're goin' next time." Kid ain't look too happy though.

"Stop calling me a kid!"

"No sense in ruining a good thing." I grinned. Kid looked up at me like a confused pup.


"Kind of an inside thing. Don't sweat it." She looked even more confused at that point but decided to leave her be. Got a hoof over my threshold fore I heard her cry out. When I looked back, the Kid was standing over her old friend--was busted up pretty bad. Didn't look like she'd ever ride again. Poor kid just sat there, I could see her getting ready to cry.

I hated seeing children cry.

I let out a snort and opened my door all the way. "C'mon in kid, let's have a look at that scooter of yours."

Kid watched me from the other side of my work bench. I took a sip of my coffee and gave her set of wheels a good once over. One of the front wheels had bent up under the board, scraping against it. Handle bars didn't fare too well as they were bent in opposite directions. Back wheels were hanging on by a thread and there was a nasty crack along the board's grain. Whole thing looked like a lost cause. I was going to break the news to the kid, but as a saw those hopeful eyes, I decided to at least give it a try.

I took another sip from my mug. "Hey Kid, do me a favor. You see that stick on that shelf over yonder?" I pointed over my shoulder to make sure she knew the one I was talking about. Kid reached up and managed to get it off the shelf. Kind of forgot I left up up kind of high. I gave her a nod in appreciation and set my coffee down. "Anypony else would probably say it'd be easier to get a new set of wheels. Good thing I'm not anypony." I said behind a laugh as I tapped the stick against my horn a few times. "Still kind of busted up--gonna have to use magic on this one."

Kid gave me another head tilt. "But Mister Fracas," Wish she would stop calling me that. "How can you use magic if your horn is..." She stopped herself, probably realizing she was being a little insensitive. Bless youthful curiosity.

Decided to help the kid along. "Broken? Heh, now you're soundin' like them quacks when I was growin' up."

"Yeah... sorry..." Kid looked away like she just lost a best friend--she had a lot on her mind. Wasn't exactly my place to pry into another pony's life, but something right then and there told me I should.

"Somethin' bothering you, kid?"

"It's just that... " Kid had a bit of trouble, but she managed to spit it out. "...you ever wanted to do something, like something really important to you?"

"Course, who doesn't?"

"Yeah, but what if it's something you're supposed to do, but you found out you can't?"

Gave my staff a couple taps on the ground. "I gather somepony was saying you can't do something."

Kid looked up with moisture on her eyes. Her voice was so shaky I could barely make out what she was trying to say--but I did my best. She told me everything up to that point. Rainbow, her friends, her fall earlier that day. When she got to her visit to the hospital, everything started to make sense. Kid had been through a lot. As she started to talk about the Doc's diagnosis, that's where the waterworks came. All she could muster was a few squeaks and sobs, but she managed to get it out.

"I... I can't fly…"

Nearly broke my heart then and there. I didn't find out about my problem till I was at least twice the kid's age. I wanted to give her a hug or something as she stood there shaking and sobbing. But I knew it wasn't my place. Maybe I could at least give her a push in the right direction.

"Listen, all this takes a lot of getting used to. And you do get used to it--after a while. There's three things you can do." Started feeling a bit parched and made my way back to the work bench. Damn, that bakery sure had some good coffee. "One: Accept your fate and cope with it. No shame in doing it, just a whole heap of depression that follows. Two:" I looked back into the shred of hope lingering in the kid's eyes. Last thing I wanted to do was give her any crazy ideas. "Yeah... forget about two."


"And three: Don't take no for an answer. Find a way round your disability and prove them docs wrong. It ain't gonna be easy, but I can tell you got a lot of heart to find a way."

"But... the doctor said I can't..." As I expected, Kid latched on to option three. Her voice was still shaky with self doubt, but I knew I was reaching her. Funny, I was starting to see a lot of myself in the her. In hindsight, it might have been more than just a coincidence that we crossed paths. Looked like Kid at least got the point, now it was time to sell it home.

"Heh, never stopped me." I tapped my staff against my horn a few times and pointed it at the work table. Kid's scooter started to float, wrapped in a golden aura. Wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers drifted from my toolbox and danced around to patch up that old set of wheels. The kid looked on in awe like I knew she would. Did the best I could with that heap of wood and metal as I could manage. Even added a fresh coat of paint for the hell of it. When the job was done, I floated it over to the Kid and wiped the sweat from my brow. Even though I found a way to still use magic, it took a lot out of me. Probably could've fixed the thing with my hooves too, but I just wanted to prove my point. "There you go Kid, good as new." Kid was smiling ear to ear as she bounced around her old friend. Couldn't help but bring myself to a smile too.

I must be getting soft...

She jumped on her set of wheels and started fluttering them wings like a motor. Took a test run around my work room for good measure and skidded to a halt right in front of me. Sure had a lot of control on that thing. "Thanks a lot Mister Fracas!"

I shook my head. "Just call me Fracas, the mister makes me feel old. And don't worry about it, just remember what I said." Gave the Kid a nod expecting her to nod back. Instead found her nuzzling my front leg. Never felt right comfortable round children, probably why I never had none myself. I gave her a little pat on the back before I slipped away.

Walked the Kid out front and watched her rocket down the street. Just as she hit the clearing, she gave one last final wave before going off to find her own path in life. Kinda made me feel good inside helping another pony like that. Maybe I'll start getting to know everypony round town more.

Yeah, fat chance on that one...

Author's Note:

Special thanks to Alamais for editing and pre-reading.

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When you're rife with devastation
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You're a toymaker's creation
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Know that we must be resilient
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As we sing our silly song

When I was a little filly, a galloping blaze overtook my city
So they shipped me off to the orphanage. Said, "ditch those roots if you wanna fit in"
So I dug one thousand holes and cut a rug with orphan foals now
Memories are blurred, and their faces are obscured, but I still, know the words to this song

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