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Caramel is a pony of many secrets, one of which being that he isn't actually a pony at all. Revealing his true identity to his beloved marefriend Applejack turns out to be a far more painful experience than he had originally believed, and now he is left alone and heartbroken. Perhaps, with the help of the professional tips on mare courting everypony seems so inclined to give him, he can win her back? With advice like this, not likely.

Be warned, this fic includes terrible dating advice.

Cover art created by a very generous MindEdge.

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1991784 Score one for the squid!

This gonna be gud gif here!

Intresting......fave :P

Hmm. I would like to see where this goes, and we could all use terrible dating advice.

Not bad... Fave!!

This should be an interesting read.... Glad I faved this.

I sense potential! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Please don't tell me this is another "character was changeling the whole time and must be accepted" fic :ajbemused:

1994433 Well, I was actually going to focus more on the character himself and his attempts to win back Applejack. I don't plan to make that big of a deal of him being a changeling or anything.

Well, aren't you a wonderful little ball of joy:trollestia:
Pleased to make your acquaintance:moustache:

Comment posted by airbournesquid deleted Jan 23rd, 2013

Oh damn... Betrayal within breakups.
Well, I"m sure there is a reason Caramel kept his identity, just hope it isn't 'Taking a pony's place' kind of explanation.

2007900 Don't worry, I've got something a little different in mind

Then I'm sure one possible explanation, Caramel fell in love with Applejack though hiding his true form.

Not feeling all the that bad for AJ. Poor Caramel. Should have kept his trap shut. Now he might be killed or stuck in jail forever.

2007913 I guess that's partly what I have in mind but also he's- gah! I'm giving away plot elements! Somebody taze me, quick!


Don't worry, Caramel was sincere in the first chap, so it was to be expected.

Poor Caramel... Applejack sure is hard on him.:applecry:

2007985 That she is, but when you think about it, he WAS kinda lying to her about his identity for over a year. Changelings. They're natural trolls.

Ohhhh.... Hot damn AJ... Remind me not to get you mad. Even if the Changling wasn't Caramel... I'd still feel pretty bad for him. Out of all the ponies to tick off...:twilightoops:

I wonder how long it will be till Applejack relizes that he never lied to her, except for his appeance



Ok, I gotta recommend this!

The tree isn't weeping, it's bleeding, you heartless monster.

Gonna read later. Pokemon on my phone now.

This is really good, I can't wait to read the next part!

Why there's only two chapters?! I want more! :flutterrage:

Also, say 'thank you' to Kishin, that's because of him I'm here. :raritywink:

...wow....I hope to see much more of this!

foetal position



This is really good. Though the title and description are misleading... unless Caramel will be looking to patch up things between them.

2011269 Wikipedia and the dictionary say otherwise.

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Fœtus or foetus is the British, Irish and Commonwealth spelling, which has been in use since at least 1594.[4] It arose as a hypercorrection based on an incorrect etymology (i.e. due to insufficient knowledge of Latin) that may have originated with an error by Saint Isidore of Seville, in AD 620.[5][6] This spelling is the most common in most Commonwealth nations (except in the medical literature, where its use is discouraged)[by whom?]. The etymologically correct original spelling, fetus, is used in Canada and the United States. In addition, fetus is now the standard English spelling throughout the world in medical journals.[7] The spelling "faetus" was used historically.[8]

2007925Update schedule...Is there one? Tell me, PL0X!

I can't agree with the "Caramel shoulda kept his trap shut" premise. When you love, you want no secrets. (Is a changeling actually capable of love? I'm inclined to give this one the benefit of the doubt.)

Aww, I feel so bad for poor Caramel! OnO
He needs a good hug.

I can't wait for the next chapter! O3O

Ooooo, excellent start to this! I'm really looking forward to more.

Poor AJ, poor Caramel, but most of all, poor Spike. Silly Twilight, not letting him poke the changeling.

P.S. It was like this when we found it. Honest.


2011390 Correct! You've earned yourself an internet cookie point, spend it well:rainbowwild:

2010457 Read what I said on your wall, it applies here:rainbowlaugh:

2010502 It's true, I truly am a heartless beast, and I'm damn proud of it:pinkiecrazy: Also, portal reference?

2010828 I've said thanks to Kishin, if somebody knows him personally, kiss that incredible SOB for me

2010880 and that you will, thanks for the support :pinkiehappy:

2011400 I don't really have a schedule (pfft, like I'm that organised) but I'm going to be cracking out chapters as hard as I can starting from... now!

2011770>>2011752>>2011455 A hearty thanks to each of you for your support. I hope that you all enjoy reading this fic as much as I enjoy writing it


I've said thanks to Kishin, if somebody knows him personally, kiss that incredible SOB for me

I'm still waiting....:pinkiecrazy:



Where is the next chapter.

I don't mean to prod, but where's that next chapter?!??!:flutterrage:

Hm... just thinking. Was AJ lying when she said she'd still love him as a changeling? In theory, yes, but more likely, she wasn't aware of her own feelings at the time, so no... hm :trixieshiftright:

2026210 Why sure, I'm working on chapter three right now :twilightsmile:

whats the ETA of chapter 3? im going crazy waiting on another chunk of great story :applecry: ... lookin for some more great 'plot' :derpyderp2:

2030449 Ack, sorry, I've spent the last six hours typing homework... I swear if I press one more key my fingertips are going to pop off and run away to the nearest police station to file a harrasment claim on me.

2031914 LOL, no rush just really like your story :pinkiehappy:

2031928 thanks:ajsmug: I actually logged on to write more of the upcoming chapter, so I best get back on it. Thank you once again for the support, and I hope you like what I've got in store

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