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Brony form Northern Ireland. Think that kinda says it all really. For now at least


Applejack hasn't been sleeping well recently. In fact its almost driving her insane. The lack of sleep is making her imagine things. Course it is a good thing she has someone to talk to about why she can't sleep. A bit of introspection is good for the soul. Even if the pony you're talking with just happens to be made out of wood.

A 1st pony POV Rarijack fic that is completely nonsensical and should not be taken seriously. You have been warned.

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Not that Applejack invented the idea of talking to the ceiling or anything:

(Willie Nelson wrote this, and how often do I get a chance to quote Willie Nelson here?)

I find it a touch cute. And tis worthy of being added to my Rarijack group.

Heh that akward moment when you realize you're talking to an inaminate object and one of your friends was watching. :rainbowlaugh:

1802082 It's always fun to quote willie nelson :ajsmug:

1802258 It happens to me more than I'd like thats for sure

1802129 Thanks. Im glad you like it. :twilightsmile:


Dirty Neal is always watching. :ajsmug:

i really liked this

1802258 This happens to me far too often...:facehoof:

This was cute and funny. :rainbowkiss:

Don't feel embarrassed by this. I rather enjoyed it. It's Rarijack, silly, and sweet.
4 :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: and 1 :duck:

I used to talk to my ceiling, so don't feel too bad. Then again I now talk to myself...and sometimes I answer...

Is this over? There's more, right? ;-;

2028611 Hmm for now its done. No plans to continue it but who knows. It was really just a silly little idea that got stuck in my idea while just writing a constant stream of nonsense. This is the result. If I did continue it i doubt it'd go more than a chapter, just telling the same story from Rarity's POV.


it's perfectly fine to talk to inanimate objects thou when they start talking back you might have a bit of a problem...
so cute and lovable

That was adorable, in a strange sort of way.

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