• Published 15th Dec 2012
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Bedtime introspection - Sugar Moon

Applejack is lying awake in bed. Why hasn't she been able to sleep lately? And is it sending her a little bit loopy? When she imagines that the ceiling is talking to her it may just be the time to confess some feelings. 1st pov Rarijack

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Chapter one

Ceilings are kinda boring.

Honestly I never gave much thought to 'em but lying here, looking up at it, I can safely say they're just plum boring.

Maybe it's the fact that I haven’t had a good nights sleep that’s making me think about the utter forgettableness of this here ceiling or other things, I don't know but ceilings? They are just sooooo bland.

You think ponies would paint pretty pictures on 'em or other such fancy stuff but nope. They just leave it blank. Probably thinking “when would anypony look at the ceiling? Beds are for sleeping and cuddling and such not worrying if the ceilings a bit bare.”

Yep on any other night I would agree.

Who cares about it? I'm a practical pony and it ain't practical painting all that space if ya ain't gonna look at it.

Yet I am looking at it. Just like I have these last few weeks. I should be sleeping off the day's labour. You know how hard it is to buck 30 acres, huh ceiling? Course you don't you're a god-damn ceiling. You just shirk about the house all day and don't do nuthin'. You are the Rainbow Dash of household construction. Don't even have the sense to look pretty just squatting there over me like some kind of dumb idiot.

But I suppose you take offence to that? You must think you do a whole lotta work dontcha big boy? What is lying there really that hard? Shoot I could do that.

But I suppose you gotta carry all that weight on your shoulders.

All the stuff above you is your responsibility. You have to be responsible and dependable to look after that. I guess without you around the whole house might fall down.

I never really thought of it that way before. I must of been taking you for granted. The fact that you're always here doing your job, it kinda makes you forget that that job ain't always so easy.

Ponies must never thank you for what you do, do they? No I reckon they just shuffle along not caring about your feelings and instead just expect you to do what you do.

Well thank you..uh...

Hmm well I guess you need a name.

Neil. Yep that sounds about right to me. What about you?

I'll take that for a yes.

Thanks Neil.

Listen I think me and you are a lot alike you know? Ponies call me dependable Applejack. The pony who would do anything for her friends. And they're right. I would go through Tartarus for those girls. But sometimes just sometimes I feel a little taken for granted. I know, I know they don't mean to but it hurts.

You know how I feel? You would Neil. We both feel a little taken for granted. We both do mighty important jobs. And I know that without either one of us this farm wouldn't function pretty well. We go and everything crashes down. Course we won't leave will we?

We have an important job to do. Sheltering our loved ones and holding up even when its raining and howling outside. We may not be the prettiest of objects that's for dang sure but we get the job done.

We do it with outta complaint cause we know somepony has to do it.

It isn't how I imagined my life though. Don't get me wrong or nuthin' I'm as happy as a Pinkie in cakes working on the farm and I couldn't imagine still living in Manehattan with all those fancy britches but it seems to me that something is missing in my life.

You ever feel like that Neil?

You do?

Huh I told ya we were alike you and I. 'Cept you being made outta wood.

I think I know what I'm missing though. It's the thing thats been keeping me up all these nights and making me talk to ya.

You see me and you ain't exactly the prettiest of things are we? No before you start getting mad Neil I'm talking about both of us. I ain't gonna be winning no beauty contest and you won't be neither. Now simmer down sally.

Ahem as I was saying we are not beautiful. Maybe it's just the way the dice was rolled. Maybe its because we're too practical

If you added a splash of paint over you Neil, maybe one of them fancy designs I reckon you'd look mighty handsome. Huh? You think I'd look good with a bit of make up? Kind of ya to say so but we both know neither of that is gonna happen. I think we are just too practical to try beautifying ourselves up. Plus I ain't gonna change who I am just because some ponies don't like it. No sir that wouldn't be honest. If I can't be me I don't want to be anypony at all.

We just go around with what Celestia gave and be happy with our lot. Even if it means we don't get the girl.

Hmm? Which girl? The damn prettiest mare you'll ever lay your eyes on.


Woohoo even her name is beautiful ain't it? Rarity. Rarity. I could say it for years and never tire of it.
Its her that I'm missing sugarcube.

Don't ask me how I know but I know it. I want her here with me now in my arms just cuddling. That's all I'd need. If she was here all would be right with me.

She makes me feel like a million bits. Always calling me Darhlin' and such. Worrying but how I look but never in a mean way. She ain't out to change who I am by painting me into something I'm not. It's more like she's a miner chipping away the layers of dirt and stone to get at the gems beneath. To make 'em shine all the brighter.

For the past few weeks I've started having these feelings. I used to think all those things were for soft city folk. It had no practical place down here in the farm. Here we work and support the family. Not lying in bed at night all alone opening up to an inanimate bunch of planks. No offence intended of course.

But nope here I am, confessing all this to you Neil. I applejack the most dependable of ponies have let down myself.

Like I said earlier I feel a little taken for granted, a little in the background of my friends life but I wanna break out. I want to get what I want for a change. And I want Rarity.

I love her.

“Gasp” A demure voice sounded in the room.

I know Neil pretty shocking. Me in love with a mare. I'll never get her though.

“Applejack” said 'Neil'.

Whoa yer getting pretty good with talking now. That's good, hopefully this whole chinwag here won't be too one sided anymore.

“Applejack” said 'Neil' again this time laced with exasperation.

Yeah thats my name pardner don't wear it out.

“Applejack I swear by Celestia if you do not look to the hoof of your bed this instance I will shear off your lovely mane.”

“Rarity? Is that you?” I said groggily looking towards the edge of my bed. I could recognise that marshmallow shape anywhere. “What are you doing here.”

“I came to give Sweetie Belle her toothbrush. The little dear was so excited for the sleepover here tonight that she must have forgotten it.”

“Oh” My voice deflated a bit at that answer. Some part of me hoped she was here for me. Wait. She's in my room. “Um just how long have you been standing here?”

“Long enough Darling.”

“And was I talking out loud the whole time?”

“As long as I have been here anyway. I heard you mumbling and decided to check on you and this Neil fellow. Imagine my surprise when he turned out to be the ceiling.” she said with a little mischievous grin.

My face reddened at that. It was embarrassing knowing what a fool I've made of myself.

“You are wrong you know.” she continued “ I don't take you for granted. I value all your hard work so much. I always have. We are a lot alike in many ways Applejack. Both of us pride ourselves on our work and we are rather stubborn even if we don't admit it. In fact its this stubbornness that I admire in you and detest in myself.”

I didn't even get to ask her what she meant when she tackled me to the bed pinning my muzzle down with her lips.

They were as soft as I always imagined them as they pressed hotly onto my own in an passionate embrace. The fire of it spread quickly to mine as I returned the kiss fiercely but clumsly. It was happening and I didn't want it to end.

Course a pony has got to breathe at some point. And I have a question or two I want answering.

Her mouth left mine and before I could ask those questions she burned a trail of kisses down my neck and collar bone, continually going lower.

I guess those questions can wait til tomorrow.

Oh and Neil, please don't watch us. It's kinda creepy.

Author's Note:

I am sorry for what you have just read. For serious and good Rarijack please read An apple a day for hearts and hooves day by silentechos, regrets by donnysboy or the sweetest cider is diamond white by Casper B Wordsmith.

Again sorry for this ridiculousness but if I didn't post it I'd never forgive myself

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Comments ( 15 )

Not that Applejack invented the idea of talking to the ceiling or anything:

(Willie Nelson wrote this, and how often do I get a chance to quote Willie Nelson here?)

I find it a touch cute. And tis worthy of being added to my Rarijack group.

Heh that akward moment when you realize you're talking to an inaminate object and one of your friends was watching. :rainbowlaugh:

1802082 It's always fun to quote willie nelson :ajsmug:

1802258 It happens to me more than I'd like thats for sure

1802129 Thanks. Im glad you like it. :twilightsmile:


Dirty Neal is always watching. :ajsmug:

i really liked this

1802258 This happens to me far too often...:facehoof:

This was cute and funny. :rainbowkiss:

Don't feel embarrassed by this. I rather enjoyed it. It's Rarijack, silly, and sweet.
4 :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: and 1 :duck:

I used to talk to my ceiling, so don't feel too bad. Then again I now talk to myself...and sometimes I answer...

Is this over? There's more, right? ;-;

2028611 Hmm for now its done. No plans to continue it but who knows. It was really just a silly little idea that got stuck in my idea while just writing a constant stream of nonsense. This is the result. If I did continue it i doubt it'd go more than a chapter, just telling the same story from Rarity's POV.


it's perfectly fine to talk to inanimate objects thou when they start talking back you might have a bit of a problem...
so cute and lovable

That was adorable, in a strange sort of way.

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