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After Twilight is taken from Equestria against her will, her friends, along with Princess Luna embark on a chase around the world to get her back. The world however, has other ideas.

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Icebergs: 2
Sea travel methods: 0

Bless Pinkie and her randomness.:pinkiehappy:

Not quite the titanic since people couldn't actually see this iceburg... but seriously, are they ever gonna learn to watch for those damn things?ts4.mm.bing.net/images/thumbnail.aspx?q=1512769532995&id=bbbabb26dbf9e763733ba6d434544a11

Great. They're thousands of kilometres from dry land and since Princess Nutjob Luddite hasn't seen fit to install any sort of wireless telegraphy in HER vessels, no one knows that there's a problem. Once this is all cleared up, I can readily see two things coming:

1) AJ never leaving her farm again because of the reduced risk of icebergs.
2) Luna staging a coup/setting up shop for herself.

Several things I gotta say:

1) At this rate, two more "stories", and Pinkie will have invented an antimatter bomb.
2) Rainbow Dash & Twilight: Don't think I said it, but I was thinking that might happen.
3) Princess Luna suffers from Hydrophobia. How else can you explain her not using her magic to blow a hole in the roof of their compartment? :rainbowwild:

Okay.....an island with a screwed-up magnetic field that gives Luna the screaming habdabs. I so want to know what kind of hellhole you've sent them to this time.

Also, nice to see a callback to Murdershy.:derpytongue2:


'Does it bother you that Fluttershy has a machete?' :pinkiecrazy:

I think that Luna is equally bothered by it. The last thing that anyone wants is for Fluttershy to remember what Chaos made her into.

Now where are they?

1) Magnetic Pole, though unlikely
2) Another archive "access point", very scary thought
3) Some kind of "Garden of Eden" sort of place, Very unlikely
4) Wallyworld, highly unlikely, but do want

Bermuda Triangle?:rainbowhuh:

My guess is Guantanamo Bay :pinkiecrazy:

Great. The natives are restless...or, perhaps, have wings. We could be looking at where all the Pegasi that don't live in Equestria have wound up.

oh god...pinkie on shrooms...we're doomed:pinkiegasp:

Pinkie Pie going even crazier than normal? The world will surely implode

Great.....they've landed on Devil's Island.:twilightangry2:

All that for a 'shroom!
Yay for the fireworks!!:pinkiegasp:

Can't stop here. This is bat country. :pinkiecrazy:

pinkie pie. you be trippin!:trollestia:

I've noticed that Wallish and Cheval ponies tend to have the same sort of personal name/family name structure that human beings do while Equestrians are generally named as if they're little more than draught animals that can speak. Is that a policy of Celestia or just a hold-over from the Gaian era?


Equestrian family names, like the Netherlands pre-Batavian republic, are generally unused. They exist, but are rare, and are generally only limited to peers and the upper and upper-middle classes in the larger cities. As with every rule, there are exceptions, such as the Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and the Pie family.

Ah. I'd forgotten that we are dealing with an agrarian society with a lack of physical and social mobility. Family names are thus usually not required.

what ever you do, don't feed me pears, i HATE, Pears!

OH! OH! Applejack i got a idea! the best creation, you're business will be booming! (Rahsaan starts chuckling) apple, pear pie! BEST, THING, EVER! Don't you agree?


So.....the Cheval/French are "Pegasus Nation"....good to know. Also, AJ's lack of education is a slightly more pressing concern than her dislike of pears.

So wheres the unicorn only nation?

up in space? :trollestia:

I think Applejack has died and come back to life more your work than every other significant pony combined :rainbowlaugh:

She's gotta be half Surprise

Great.....Applejack is the local version of Wolverine.

Its the pears :pinkiegasp:

thats why the doctor hates pears :pinkiecrazy:

Overdrives enhancements seem to be pretty good considering that they are still in effect despite the whole second chance thing.


Well, he was an all powerful god pony. :pinkiecrazy:

Applejack can't never just roll over and Die already! your like a plague! :flutterrage: or maybe more of a disease... Oh! abomination! thaaat's what you are :rainbowlaugh:

1) Large jungle
2) No fly zone
3) Luna being paranoid
Cuba? :pinkiecrazy:

Wait wait wait...
So, these pegasus ponies, would are trapped on the island, AND have guns, DON'T think of rebelling against this dude keeping them there?!


Uh, they did. That's how they got their guns.

Hmmmmm..........It's clear that
a) she doesn't remember being Murdershy (which is good)
b) she has no idea how the outside world works (which is maybe not so good)
c) she has no idea that she and her friends are the subjects of a Bourbon-style absolute monarch with paternalistic leanings and a hyper-active mother complex.


a) Yes it is... oh God yes it is
b) Eh, I don't know. Too lazy to think about it
c) Don't forget she is crazy anti-technology and has family issues as well :pinkiehappy:

Oh, and When I read Rarity beating Danielle over the head with the Rifle, all I could think was how badass Rarity just became in my book :raritywink:

Oh, I never forgot her hatred of any technology that could lead to depriving her 'beloved' subjects of her presence.


Rarity will not put up with your shite! :raritywink:

That's for sure. Most of the reason that the Nightmare Trio turned her into Apathy!Rarity is that they thought she would be TOO aggressive.

Gotta feel bad for her though after that explaination.

Danielle's message to all "Use the system or the system will use you."

Dude, this fic is so under-looked:ajsleepy:. Why don't you make the summary longer, the only reason I read this (which turned out to be a good read) was because it was the next story of the series.

I would have never read this if i only looked at the summary, I remember overlooking it, Increase the summary and more people will read it.
Also upload a picture to draw attention because your stories are not getting the recognition they deserve.

OH. crap.......let's hope that whatever kept AJ from dying is still on their side.

Oh fluttershy, you don't have to keep running, all you have to do is only...fly.:pinkiecrazy:

Interesting, second fic I've read in as many days that had a rotating compass, the first being Apotheosis.

I live in the pacific northwest, I know a thing or two about mushrooms. That was not smart pinkie :pinkiesick:

Damn,lets hope for the best


hardly possible in the thick jungle (at that speed they need to keep to survive) ,and if she goes up in the air then its *boom*

Full blown invasion of a prison island to rescue two ponies that might or might not be prisoners?

HELL YEAH!! :pinkiecrazy:

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