• Published 2nd Jan 2012
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Once More unto the Breach - Wheller

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Rarity looked up into the trees above to the most wonderful sight. A tropical pear tree filled with nearly twenty of the most delicious looking fruit that they had ever seen. Sweet Apple Acres, eat your heart out. Rarity was grinning brightly and giggling madly with glee. Food! They were all so hungry, and here it was right before them. Rarity reached out with her magic, enveloping one of the fruits and giving it a tug.

Much to her surprise, it did not budge; Rarity gave another tug, still nothing. Rarity's stuck her lower lip out, making a quiet noise of frustration. 'It won't budge!' Rarity pouted. The effectiveness of her magic must have waned from being hungry. 'Ohhh Spikey-wikey!' Rarity sang as she turned to the baby dragon that was looking up into the tree, mesmerised by the pears.

'Huh?' Spike asked, having his attention broken and turned to Rarity. 'Y... yes Rarity?'

'Be a dear, climb up into that tree and get some of those pears down for us', Rarity said, batting her eyelashes at the baby dragon and giving him a warm smile. 'Pretty please?'

'Oh! Of course I will Rarity! Give me just a tick!' Spike said as he got a running start, he jumped into the air and grabbed a hold of the pear tree, climbing up into the thick leaves and out of the mare's view.

'Um... Rarity? I don't think Applejack even likes pears', Fluttershy said.

'Applejack doesn't like anything that isn't an apple!' Rarity said. 'She'll get over it if she's hungry enough... I know I am...'

A twig snapped behind them. Rarity and Fluttershy jumped slightly, and turned to look at the source of the sound. To their surprise there was a person behind them.

Behind them was a grey coated Pegasus mare, looking to be about the same age as Rarity, her eyes were a deep blue, and her mane was a brilliant emerald. She had no cutie mark, but was perhaps the most noticeable feature about her was the fact that she was wearing a schäferhund storm harness with a rifle clipped into it. The look in her eyes was one of shock; clearly she'd been trying to take them by surprise.

The Pegasus mare began to shout at them. At first it was not clear what she was saying, Rarity cocked her head in confusion, and then she realised that the mare was speaking in another language.

'Qui êtes-vous? Comment avez-vous arrivé ici?!' She cried out to them.

Rarity recognised the language as cheval, though that didn't really help them. Because neither she nor Fluttershy knew a few words in it, but they weren't very good, and not enough for them to understand what she was saying. 'Uh... Nous... Amiez... Vous?' Rarity tried, knowing full well that she had butchered the language into practical gibberish.

The mare was beginning to get frustrated, she gestured forward, the storm harness automatically cocked the rifle and brought it to bear on them. 'Débiles! Vous avez besoin de courir! J'essaie de vous aider!'

'Uh... Rarity?' Fluttershy asked. She was beginning to panic.

'I tried to tell her we're friendly!' Rarity said, beginning to get just as hysterical. 'Clearly it didn't work'.

Far off into the distance, they heard muffled shouting in cheval. The Pegasus mare face turned to panic. 'Les prisonniers!' she cried out, turning back to Rarity and Fluttershy, pointing her rifle directly at them. 'Marche!' she cried out.

Rarity and Fluttershy understood that perfectly. The mare began running toward them, and Rarity and Fluttershy took off in front of her.

Spike poked his head below the tree cover, he was holding an armful of pears, and he climbed down from the tree only to discover that he was alone. ‘Uh? Rarity? Fluttershy? Where did you go?’

Spike shrugged; maybe they had gone on to find more food? Spike didn’t know he figured it would be best to head back to camp with what he had; it wasn’t like he could carry any more than he already had to begin with.


Princess Luna was beginning to get annoyed with Pinkie Pie; the pink party pony wasn’t even trying to keep up anymore. She was lagging behind stopping to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at everything. Princess Luna half considered leaving her behind. She quickly shook the thought from her mind. She was frustrated, frustrated at the situation, not at Pinkie Pie. Being frustrated at the situation didn’t give her the right to be mean to Pinkie Pie. Princess Luna turned back to Pinkie Pie. The pink party pony was swaying gently back and forth looking up at the sky and smiling brightly.

‘Pinkie Pie?’ Princess Luna asked.

Pinkie Pie didn’t respond, instead she let out a scream and dove to the ground. ‘BATS! Get them away from me!’

Luna didn’t understand, there was nothing there.

Pinkie Pie lay on the ground wildly swinging her hooves, from her point of view, hundreds of brightly coloured bats were flying at her, she did everything she could to try and shoo them away, but they just kept coming. What made matters worse, closing her eyes didn’t seem to help. She could still see the bats plain as day even with her eyes closed. Pinkie Pie began to cry, she wanted it to stop.

‘Pinkie Pie! There are no bats!’ Princess Luna called out to her,

Pinkie Pie opened her eyes back up and discovered that this was in fact the truth; bats were no longer flying at her. Instead, a giant sewing need fell from the sky impacting the ground right next to Pinkie Pie’s head. Pinkie Pie watched as it sank into the ground and disappeared; she turned her head back up to discover another one coming right for her. Pinkie Pie rolled out of the way and the needle just barely missed her. Soon afterwards, another came, and another, and another, and Pinkie Pie began rolling around on the ground, fighting for her very life itself, in her mind, a hit from just one of these needles was sure to spell death to her. Pinkie Pie accidentally rolled into the path of one of the needles; it went right through her and kept on going. Pinkie Pie let out a scream, not in pain, but in surprise. The act had not actually hurt her, but the pink party pony was frightened none the less.

Tree roots sprouted out of the ground. Wrapping around her fore and hind legs and pinning her to the ground. Pinkie Pie struggled to free herself but the roots wouldn’t budge, there was a flash of bright light in the distance, and Pinkie Pie noticed a figure walking towards her. It was a pony, but unlike any normal pony in the world. This pony was three metres tall, a unicorn’s horn, and wings. The wings were unfolded, with a span of about five metres.

Pinkie Pie looked up at the creature as it closed on her. She noticed more features about it. The Alicorn before her had a grey coat, and an equally grey mane, cropped short, but what was the most noticeable feature was the eyes. They were blood red.

‘Overdrive’, Pinkie Pie cried quietly, trying to shield herself from him, but she was unable to look away, the tree roots were still holding.

Overdrive’s piercing red eyes bored through the pink party pony and he gave her a sadistic sneer. ‘You belong to me now!’ he said.

Pinkie Pie screamed and knew nothing more.


Princess Luna stood over Pinkie Pie, holding her down to keep her from struggling as she pressed her horn to the pink party pony’s head, sending her to sleep. She couldn’t stand to see her in the state she was in. Pinkie Pie was clearly hallucinating, but what had caused it?

Princess Luna looked to Pinkie Pie’s fallen saddlebags, and opened them up. She discovered the culprit instantly. With her magic, she pulled it out and examined it closely. A sole, white mushroom of the hallucinogenic kind, Pinkie Pie must have eaten some of them not realising what they were. Princess Luna put all her magical might into the mushroom and tossed it into the air, but found herself taken by surprise with what happened when she did.


Applejack and Rainbow Dash had been on their forced march for a good ten minutes before they came to a halt. Rainbow Dash felt someone push her down to the ground. The gunny sack was ripped off her face and she looked up to discover her captors were... ponies?

Not just any kind of ponies, but Pegasus ponies. Rainbow Dash looked up at her captor in confusion. The Pegasus before her had a pitch black coat, his mane was the colour of steel, he had no cutie mark, and Rainbow Dash, upon glancing round discovered that none of her captors did. The group of nine were all pegasi, and all blank flanks.

But what Rainbow Dash noticed about this Pegasus before her more than anything else were his eyes. They were bright amber, and they were full of hate. He smiled at her, but this smile was a cruel one and it made Rainbow Dash shudder. ‘Welcome’, the Pegasus pony said in an odd accent. ‘Welcome travellers misbegotten. You have picked a wonderful day to come to hell’.

‘Who... who are you?’ Rainbow Dash asked.

‘My name is Duval, I am being in charge of this place’, Duval said. ‘Bienvenue à l'île-prison de Sainte-Hélène, you’re going to be here a very, very long time’.

‘This island is a prison?’ Rainbow Dash asked.

‘Yes, that is what I just said. Did I not?’ Duval asked, rolling his eyes in annoyance.

‘Well, forgive me for asking a dumb question, you’re all pegasi, why don’t you just leave? You can fly!’ Rainbow Dash asked.

Duval and the rest of the pegasi prisoners broke into laughter. ‘Oh, ma chérie, do you not think that if we could, we would?’

Rainbow Dash nodded.

One of the other prisoners pointed out something that was flying into the air. Duval smiled at his good fortune. ‘Ma chérie. Watch, you are about to discover what happens when you fly’.

Rainbow Dash listened closely, and heard a high pitched whirring noise, followed by a series of shots.

Pom Pom Pom!

Light flashed and whatever had been flying through the air exploded violently.

‘What... what was that?’ Rainbow Dash asked.

‘That, is a canon d’HÉLIX’, Duval said. ‘Le quatrième République cheval uses it to keep us here. And now it keeps you here as well.’