• Published 2nd Jan 2012
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Once More unto the Breach - Wheller

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

‘Rarity?!’ Fluttershy called out to her friend. ‘What are we running from?’

‘I’m not exactly sure, Fluttershy, but I don’t intend to stop and ask our new friend’, Rarity said, glancing back at the grey Pegasus mare that was running not far behind them.

‘Stop! Alto!’ The grey Pegasus mare cried out. Rarity and Fluttershy did as they were told and skidded to a halt. The grey Pegasus mare was looking at the ground, and reached down and grabbed something with her teeth, pulling on it to reveal a trap door. The Pegasus mare pointed to the opening repeatedly, indicating that she wanted Fluttershy and Rarity to get in.

They were in no position to argue, and did as she asked. The two leapt into the hole in the ground, and their pegasi friend dove in after them, and slammed the trapdoor shut behind them. She took her foreleg and brought it up pressing it to her lips, she wanted them to be quiet, and once again, Rarity and Fluttershy were in no position to argue.

They heard hoof steps above them; faint conversation, Fluttershy almost let out a cry in fear, but Rarity pulled the canary yellow Pegasus into her shoulder to keep her quiet and eventually the voices passed and everything went silent once again.

The grey Pegasus mare sighed in relief, and unclipped the rifle out of the Schäferhund Storm Harness and set it down on a table. Rarity took a look at her surroundings to discover that there was more to their hiding place than just a hole in the ground. It was a room that had been dug out, complete with a bed, a table with a wireless receiver on it. Rarity’s eyes light up. A radio! They could call for help!

Rarity stood up, forgetting entirely the events that lead her here and took several steps towards it before a grey foreleg extended in front of her, blocking her from taking any steps further. The grey Pegasus mare was giving her a death stare.

Rarity chuckled nervously. ‘I... uh, don’t suppose you would be willing to let us use your radio?’ Rarity asked.

‘Not a chance Wallish’, the Pegasus mare said, causing Rarity to take a step back in surprise, she didn’t think that the Pegasus mare had spoken their language.

‘You... you speak our language?’ Rarity asked.

‘Of course I do Wallish’, the Pegasus mare said, rolling her eyes. ‘What idiot doesn’t learn the languages of their neighbours?’ The Pegasus mare lowered her foreleg and went back to what she was doing; she was opening up a crate and pulled out a submachine gun of cheval origin, clipping it into her storm harness. ‘Come, we’re leaving’.

‘Leaving?’ Rarity asked. ‘What? I’m not leaving until’

‘Take a look around you’, the Pegasus said simply. ‘I guess if you want to stay... I can’t stop you’.

Rarity looked around and discovered that the entirety of the hole home was wired with bricks of explosives not unlike the ones that Pinkie Pie had brought with her. Rarity chuckled nervously. ‘No no no! I’ll go! Yes, let’s go! Let’s go now...’ Rarity said as her chuckles turned into coughs of uneasiness. The grey Pegasus smiled, clearly amused at Rarity’s nervousness, she picked up the rifle on the table in her teeth and handed it over to Rarity, who merely looked at it in confusion.

‘Take it!’ the Pegasus mare said.

Rarity did as she was told looking at it for a moment before looking back at the Pegasus mare. ‘I... I don’t know how to use this!’

The Pegasus mare rolled her eyes and pushed open the trap door and climbed out. Rarity and Fluttershy looked at each other for a moment before following. What had they gotten themselves into? The Pegasus mare looked up into the trees, discovering more pears and picked up a rock and used it to knock down one of them. She picked it up in her teeth, holding out her hoof and balancing it on it. She slid the pear onto the top of her head and looked directly at Rarity. Rarity looked back at her, not understanding in the slightest. The Pegasus mare rolled her eyes. ‘Well?’ she asked.

Rarity began to put two and two together. The rifle, the pear on her head... she didn’t... she couldn’t... ‘You don’t want me to shoot that pear do you?’ Rarity asked.

‘You’re brilliant, Wallish’, she said, rolling her eyes.

Rarity was starting to get annoyed with her. ‘First off, we are not wallish. We are Equestrians! Second off my name is Rarity, and I wish to be addressed as such!’

‘Sure, whatever Wallish’, the mare said. She couldn’t help but let out a smirk as she thought about what Rarity had just told her. ‘Equestrian, huh? Well makes sense, considering you were dumb enough to come here. You want respect? You have to earn it, you’re already dumb enough’.

‘We didn’t choose to come here! We shipwrecked!’ Rarity cried out.

‘Uh... Rarity?’ Fluttershy asked, but Rarity was too angry to pay attention, and promptly ignored her.

‘Likely story, you’re all words and no action anyway’, the Pegasus said.

‘Uh... Rarity?’ Fluttershy asked again.

‘Oh? You want to see action is it? I’ll show you action!’ Rarity cried out, ignoring Fluttershy again, she brought the rifle to bear.

‘Um...RARITY!’ Fluttershy cried out.

‘I am waiting...’ the mare said with a yawn.

Rarity looked down the rifle’s aperture sights and pulled the trigger with her magic.

‘RARITY!’ Fluttershy shouted at her.

The bullet from the rifle impacted the pear on the Pegasus mare’s head, causing it to explode and sending the chunks of the fruit off in random directions. The Pegasus mare began to smile. ‘You do have guts Wallish’, she said.

The realisation of what Rarity had just done began to sink in; she couldn’t believe she had just done that. Fluttershy had hit the ground, covering her ears and shivering in fear.

The Pegasus mare walked up to her, continuing to smile. ‘My name is Danielle, Danielle Voltaire, and we are going to get off this island. Together’.


Pinkie Pie’s eyes began to open, it was dark outside. Her head was killing her and she felt as if she’d just come out of surgery. She also discovered that the ground was moving. Pinkie Pie looked up to discover that she was laying on Princess Luna’s back, the sun had set, and they were almost at the top of the mountain.

‘Princess Luna?’ Pinkie Pie asked.

‘Oh... good, you are awake, how do you feel?’ Princess Luna said.

‘Not so good... I... It was the mushrooms, wasn’t it? Had to be’, Pinkie Pie said. Princess Luna nodded her head in agreement, causing Pinkie Pie to groan. ‘I was just... so hungry, I saw one and I couldn’t stop... Princess Luna I was so scared!’ Pinkie Pie cried out, tears began to flow from her eyes and they splashed down silently on the ground. ‘He came back for me’.

‘Who?’ Princess Luna asked. ‘Who did you see Pinkie Pie?’

‘Overdrive... I saw Overdrive’, Pinkie Pie whimpered, causing Princess Luna to frown.

‘Yes... I imagine it was very frightening; my brother had that effect on others’, Princess Luna said. ‘He was never the most pleasant of ponies when we were young’.

‘What happened, I mean, you’re a good princess!’ Pinkie Pie said. ‘Princess Celestia’s okay too, I guess, how did Overdrive and the Siblings Nightmare get so bad?’

Princess Luna frowned at the question. ‘I do not exactly know, I was the youngest of us, nearly three thousand years separates myself from Celestia, Zephyr, that was the name Overdrive went by back then and Maelstrom, the name the Siblings Nightmare went by had a deep seeded hatred for one another by the time I was born’.

‘What do you think happened?’ Pinkie Pie asked.

‘My guess? Their feud began over something small, petty. Zephyr probably broke one of Maelstrom’s toys. He would have responded by breaking something that belonged to Zephyr, the two would go back and forth, pulling pranks, things that would have been harmless at the time... however, as time went on their one-upmanship got worse and worse, eventually, they started manipulating others into doing their dirty work for them. They hated each other, but they couldn’t get rid of the other, it was against the rules’, Princess Luna said.

‘The rules?’ Pinkie Pie asked.

‘I cannot talk about them’, Luna said. ‘Sorry, that is one of the rules, and the only one you are allowed to know’.

Pinkie Pie shrugged and said nothing more of it, soon enough, the two reached the top of the mountain, and the sky was clear and the stars shone brightly in the sky. Luna studied them for a moment and frowned.

‘What is it?’ Pinkie Pie asked.

‘Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is we are not where I thought we are’, Luna said.

‘What’s the bad news?’ Pinkie Pie asked.

Princess Luna looked at her friend and frowned. ‘This place is worse’.