• Published 2nd Jan 2012
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Once More unto the Breach - Wheller

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Applejack took a deep breath, turned on her heels and kicked a bamboo plant as hard as she could, to send the plant toppling to the ground. Rarity caught the plant in her magic and she dragged it down to the beach where Rainbow Dash, machete in teeth was chopping it into manageable bits.

Rarity was beginning to get upset, the reality of their situation was beginning to set in. ‘What if nopony knows that we’re missing! I’m sure nopony thought to send out a cry for help over the wireless before the ship sank! What if nopony ever finds us!? What if we’re trapped on this island forever?! I don’t think I could stand it!’

This went on for a couple of minutes or so, and while Rarity didn’t actually stop working, and her incessant panicking didn’t really affect her work, it was starting to get on Applejack’s nerves.

‘RARITY!’ Applejack cried out to her. ‘Calm down will ya! We’re gonna be fine, so quit yer whining!’

Rarity glanced at Applejack with annoyance. ‘I am not whining! I am worrying! You want to see whining?’ Rarity asked, changing the pitch of her voice several octaves higher. ‘Thissssss is whining! Oh my Celesttttiiiaaaa! We’re going to be stuck on this island foreverrrrr! Somepony dooo somethingggggg!’

Applejack was beginning to get frustration, and Rainbow Dash quickly moved in between the two of them. ‘Okayyy... Hey, Rarity? How about you take Fluttershy and Spike and go look for some food? I know I’m getting pretty hungry, AJ and I can manage here for a while’.

‘Ah can’t think o’ a better idea’, Applejack said sarcastically as she turned around and brought another bamboo plant to the ground.

‘All right, we won’t go far’, Rarity said. She waved to Fluttershy and Spike and the trio trotted off into the jungle. ‘Oh... Applejack gets me all hot and bothered sometimes, that uncouth excuse for a mare! Somepony needs to teach her a thing or too’.

‘Don’t let her bother you Rarity’, Spike said as he kept pace along side. ‘We’re all under stress, once we get a roof over our heads and some food in our bellies, we’ll be a lot better off’.

‘Oh, I hope so’, Rarity said, looking up into the trees, her expression turned bright and she smiled at Fluttershy and Spike. ‘Look! Food!’


Rainbow Dash and Applejack had nearly completed work on their shelter, they’d gathered enough bamboo, and Rainbow Dash was finishing it cutting them up, while Applejack was tying them together. Rainbow Dash swung the machete hard, embedding it in the bamboo and looking up to Applejack.

‘Hey AJ? I know you and Rarity like to butt heads every now and then, but you think you can try to put it aside? It’s not helping, we’re all worried about being stuck here, and fighting isn’t going to make it any better’, Rainbow Dash said.

Applejack raised an eyebrow. ‘Since when did ya become tha voice o’ reason?’ she asked.

‘Heh, yeah, I know right? You know things are tough when I’m the voice of reason around here’, Rainbow Dash said with a chuckle. In the distance, they heard a twig snap and they turned to the jungle. ‘You came back awfully quick Rarity; I hope you got plenty of food!’ Rainbow Dash cried out, the Pegasus mare was more than just a little hungry, she was starving. Damn her pegasi metabolism! Rainbow Dash didn’t get a response. ‘Rarity?’ Rainbow Dash asked again, trotting over to the edge of the jungle and peering in. ‘Rarity? Where are you?’

Rainbow Dash was caught off guard when the wind rushed in her face as a gunny sack was forced over her head. Rainbow Dash cried out in surprise, but felt something kick her in the side.

Applejack let out a scream, Rainbow Dash could only imagine that something similar was happening to her. Rainbow Dash struggled to get free, but whoever this was was prepared, Rainbow Dash felt a rope being tightened around her neck and another being coiled around her wings. Whoever was on the other side of the hessian cloth gave the rope around Rainbow Dash’s neck a hard tug, partially closing off the pegasi’s airway and making it difficult for her to breath. The rope tugged again, slightly more gently this time; obviously, their captors meant them to walk. Not seeing much of a choice, Rainbow Dash went along with it; she did intend to kick the flanks of whoever it was.


Princess Luna and Pinkie Pie had taken a five minute rest, they’d been walking for several hours at this point and both of them were more than a little tired. They had all slept poorly last night while drifting in the lifeboat.

Pinkie Pie was hungry, more than anything else, she’d been keeping an eye out for any tropical fruits that she could eat, but so far, had yet to find anything, making matters worse, the further along they went the jungle seemed to get thinner. Made sense, she supposed, there wasn’t a lot of room for a jungle to grow on the side of a mountain. Pinkie Pie looked back over to Princess Luna, the royal mare was glancing around cautiously at their surroundings, like she was expecting someone, or something to come.

‘Princess Luna?’ Pinkie Pie asked. ‘Where is it that you think we are?’

‘I...’ Princess Luna began, her voice beginning to trail off. ‘I don’t know... Pinkie Pie, you have to understand, I’m a princess, I’m your ruler, I have to act like I know what I’m doing even when I don’t! Keeping morale up is very important if we’re going to survive here. If it looked like, even for a second, that I was losing hope, it would be detrimental to the well being of our friends...’ Luna said. ‘I expect that you’ll be keeping this a secret’.

Pinkie Pie nodded, dragging her left hoof across her mouth, flicking her wrist gently she then got to her hooves and began to drag her hooves back and forth against the ground. She touched her nose to the spot on the ground, and began to rub her hooves back over the spot again, she than sat down on the spot and drew a box with a point at the top around herself in the air.

‘So... does that mean you won’t be telling the others?’

‘Uh, yeah! Obviously that's why I... zipped my mouth closed, then locked it with a key, then dug a hole, then buried the key, then built the house up top of the hole where I buried the key, and then moved into the house on top of the hole!’ Pinkie Pie said offering the princess a bright smile.

‘Obviously...’ Princess Luna said, rolling her eyes slightly and beckoning for Pinkie Pie to follow.

Pinkie Pie respected Princess Luna’s request, and did not ask any more of it. She did know, however, that there was more to it than what Princess Luna was telling her. Pinkie Pie knew she was holding something back, but Princess Luna was not only the leader of her country, but also her friend, she would respect her friend’s wishes. A couple hours later, and still a long way to go, Pinkie Pie had become distracted, she was so hungry and looking around for anything that she could eat. Princess Luna trotted on in front, seemingly undaunted by any sort of physical or mental hindrances, like hunger.

Pinkie Pie trotted along behind at a somewhat slower pace. She was so hungry, and she had yet to notice that she was falling behind. Then, out of the corner of Pinkie Pie’s eye, she spotted something white lying on the ground. Pinkie Pie turned to look. Her eyes widened with joy and her belly rumbled again with hunger. Mushrooms! There were white mushrooms growing on the island! Pinkie Pie was so hungry that she trotted over to the mushrooms and picked one, taking it into her mouth without a second though and chewing it up for a few moments, savouring the delicious taste of the mushroom, eventually swallowing it.

It was so good that Pinkie Pie picked another one, and gave it the same treatment, and another one after that, and another one, and another one, and another one.

‘Pinkie Pie! Where are you? Come along now! Please, we’re almost there and we can’t afford to get separated in the dark!’ Princess Luna called out to her.

Pinkie Pie frowned, but picked one last mushroom, giving it a quick chew and swallow before bouncing back into Princess Luna’s view.

‘There you are!’ Princess Luna said. ‘I know you’re hungry, and I have some good news! I found a pear tree, I’ve got one here for me, and another for you, if you’d like’.

‘Oh! No thank you, I’m actually not all that hungry anymore, you can go ahead and eat both!’ Pinkie Pie said with a smile.

Princess Luna raised an eyebrow. ‘Are you sure?’ she asked.

Pinkie Pie nodded again in affirmation, causing Princess Luna to shrug, but regardless, she took a bite into the pear and the two continued along their way up the mountain.