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Spike's got it goin' on...


Some grammar errors but it's still a really good read! :pinkiehappy:

The tension builds...

*Jaw's theme song beings playing*

*Jaw's theme ends, Usher's "Oh My Gosh" starts playing.*

Lol wut? Why spike run off like that? Too nervous I guess? didnt know how to react? damn... compaq cracker or whoever the author is, can you plz get us chapter 2 now? I need moar.

edit: omg, you've already given us 5 chapters, forgive me sir, I guess i'm just used to being kept in suspense.

*Usher's "Oh My Gosh" ends, A loud booming voice is heard.* "This pleases me!" it says.
Pleases you? Moron... This was best Spike x Rarity fic I ever read!
Fluttershy read and went :yay:
Pinkie read and went :pinkiehappy:
Dashie read and went :rainbowhuh:
AJ read and went :applejackunsure:
Twilight read and went :twilightsmile:
Rarity read and went :raritystarry:
Spike read and went :moustache:
Big Mac read and went :eeyup:
I read and went :heart:
Those who down vote this, I say one thing: :rainbowlaugh:
I bid you farewell HewlettPackardHacker and give you a thumbs up.

1522193 HewlettPackardHacker? Is that his name? and here I thought it was compaq cracker..... oh well, everyone makes mistakes....

Each of my comments was for a different chapter, so you you all know.

Lol, yes we do.

I completely enjoyed this. Great job!

Ok pretty good so far, You got a ton of potential here, just a few things i feel mention worthy, Lot of nervious stuttering, some is understandable, but i feel it was done a bit to much, espicially by rarity. The usage of "said" is a bit heavy aswell, but thats a common thing that people do. Aaaaan those 2 are really the only problems i have with it. good show.

good clop. Thumbs up

I greatly enjoyed this. MOAR LEIK DIS PLZ!!!

Wow, I didn't expect this kind of feedback on a story that is so old and short, and well... unperfect :twilightoops: Just WOW!

Thank you all :twilightsmile:


I am so very glad you like it :twilightsmile: Thanks a million, you seem like a very kind person!


Thanks for pointing all of those out. You are a VERY helpful person!

Thank you for the compliment. And I'm usually nice...until I'm mad. Alot like Fluttershy I guess. :twilightsheepish:

Um...not really. I don't want to scare you but I'm alot worse than her when I get mad. Just uh...wanted you to know what.


Whoa there Fluttertiger, back off, LAPD :rainbowwild:

NEVER! iM GOING TO KILL YOU! srry, evil side come out sometimes :twilightsheepish:

*Catacombkid's "The Driver's Anthem" begins to play*

Beautiful. Just Beautiful. *applauds*


Thank you :twilightsmile: I'm glad you're liking it!


Don't worry about it :twilightsmile: See everyone, I ENCOURAGE you to have a conversation with me. ALL of you guys are awesome!

If we're awesome, you are epic. But not as epic as the one and only Luna! I have a question, could you look at my stories and edit them? or give me some advice? Cuz I really suck


Now I KNOW you don't suck. I bet your writing skills are awesome, just as good as mine or anybody else's. I'll be glad to take a look at them for you! I don't normally ask for handouts, but would you follow me? So if you really do want me to look over your stories, all I have to do is click on your little box and send you a private message.

Thanks again!

Every time I click watch, nothing happens. kinda pisses me off...*turns green* Uh-oh. *starts to grow* Oh sheeeet! Run! Run 4 ur leif! hes gon keel u allll!

Aside from some capitalization errors and some other grammar errors, I enjoyed it. :raritywink:


oh that's right

they just fucked on Sweetie Belle's bed

Y'know that story where your parents say that to "spice things up," they did it on your bed?

Yeah... //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Sweetie_Belle.png

Some writing errors consisting of capitals and grammar... but I loved this.

Ugh, it's better than my Sparity clop. GRAH. Ah well, at least it's a good fanfic. :3 Congrats, and a watch to you.

I'd be pissed if everyone forgot my birthday

Great story! Can't wait for more to come out! :D :raritywink:

With the force of a thousand suns

1525427 They didn't so much forget as not get invitations. Probably figured with Twi out of town they were gonna celebrate on a different day.

Sequel to this maybe?

Sweetie is gonna be so pissed if she ever finds out.

well that escalated quickly.:unsuresweetie:

I take credit for asking him to put his last two stories up! :rainbowlaugh:

But, once again, I DEMAND a sequel to this story! :flutterrage:

Wow... I need a cigarette now... :rainbowkiss:


Thank you for your kind words sir or madam :heart:


Thank you very much for pointing all of those errors out. As I said, this was a VERY early piece of writing, but you have my word that I will set to correcting those as soon as possible!


I am a sir. If you have a youtube account feel free to add me as a friend! :twilightsmile:

Username: rarityfan87

1524972 My sudden urge to smack you is rising. Stop disregarding your work damn it. Hell, you're gonna end up catching my ass at the rate I'm going.

1542759 Your rate is 1 mph, bro. I'm totally doing at least 3 mph. //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Rarity_lolface.png

That's still Sweetbells bed...

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