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Part one of a planned five-part series, in 1947 Las Pegasus the renowned Private Eye, Detective Rarity, is called upon by the local police department to investigate only the first in a series of murders that have started to plague the idyllic coastal metropolis. It may start out routinely enough, like any other murder the famous detective might have worked, but things slowly start to take a turn for the sinister with each new piece of evidence that is uncovered. Many twists and turns will accompany the fair detective on her journey in search of the truth and she will have to take the greatest care to ensure that she does not become the next victim in this chilling and suspenseful Noire tale that pays homage to the real-life Black Dahlia murder. It will be her greatest challenge yet and Rarity will have to do more than remain steadfast if she hopes to bring justice to those who deserve it and close the case. The Black Zinnia will be her craftiest, most intelligent, and most sinister nemesis yet, so that begs the question: Is she capable? Through her, can the powers of justice prevail over the powers of evil?
On January 15, 1947 the city of Los Angeles, California was seized by terror and uncertainty when the horribly mangled remains of 22 year old Elizabeth Short were found during the morning hours in Leimert Park Neighborhood, South Los Angeles. The sheer brutality of the murder prompted unprecedented media coverage and, combined with botched investigative techniques and a suspected mishandling of information by the Los Angeles Police Department, the murder and identity of the killer remain unsolved to this day. This piece is intended to educate people about the Black Dahlia Murder and the terror and uncertainty that accompanied it, as well as provide to them an engaging and interesting read. In no way, shape, or form am I condoning, applauding, making fun of, or satirizing the tragedy itself. The utmost care was taken in writing this story to ensure that the real-life victim was totally respected and that, in regards to her portrayal through a fictional counterpart, only the facts as they are known were written. This is a work of fiction based on real events and real people, and anything further is intended for entertainment and speculative purposes only.

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Well it had to happen sooner or later. Princess Celestia and Ronald Reagan, two characters from a very different species in their same political prime have found a common goal and have deemed it necessary to meet. They've met only once in the past, and each respect the other's form of diplomacy, so could it be this is the beginning of a mutually benefical relationship between the two nations? Princess Celestia is a firm believer in the power of sharing, friendship, and all the things that make a "Good Communist" and Reagan leads a nation in which independence is pushed and the benefit of society overall is collectively disregarded, so is it possible to find common ground on the Soviet dilemma? Will the decisions be successful, or will the presiding leaders of each nation walk away with a new enemy?


Put the vacation on hiatus for a few hours. Unfortunately enough, yet fortunately, my nextdoor neighbor offered me some cash to fix his busted keyboard. It was a fairly simple thing to fix, but just to test it I decided to write this short story. That boring thing aside, I saw a special on TV about the cold war and noticed that I've got two new DVR episodes for My Little Pony AND was born when Reagan was president, so I put three and three together to get this little short!


Maybe this'll do good for such a short, super random story. I'm a politically minded man, so I'd like to see where the comments go with this one!

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Fleur De Lis is a beautiful mare, who could deny that? It's no wonder that she has such a reputation with the many modelling agencies around the big city of Canterlot. As most mares will, Fleur couldn't say yes fast enough when a stallion that she had been in a relationship for quite some time dropped to his knees and asked for her hoof in marriage. At first glance, it may seem like the marriage is everything it should be. It's perfect! But keep in mind that's only what's on the outside. It's what happens on the inside that can make or break a pony, that can build and destroy a relationship. Could it be that the model's marriage isn't everything she had always hope it would be? What will happen when a distraught mare finds a stallion who treats her right but is so under (or above?) her social class? We know such a thing exists as a 'Rags to Riches' story with a happy ending, but could it be, could it truly be that such a thing as a 'Riches to Rags' story exists with the same type of ending?

A simple one off, though you the reader(s) have a chance to determine that. To tell you the truth I don't quite know what this is. Continuation, if any, will depend on feedback. Thanks!

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