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Damn that was fast. No surprise with Chrysalis being a prime milf, orgy, and Mother's day jokes.

Thank you. This was a short and simple idea.

This just makes me want to see an Ember/Thorax story. Potentially with that mirrored form ;) (maybe even futa?)

Not enjoying this but totally enjoying every second,

I don’t get it.

Strange I remember writing that scene. But I can't see to find it. Trying to remember based on context alone. Chrysalis was in denial of loving the orgy. I'm sorry if I worded it horribly. Damn, spellcheck is not letting me find it.

Oh, it's from the spoilers, no wonder I couldn't find it. Yeah, the context is still exactly what I said, denial to the highest degree.

Yeah, the plan was to have a section between Thorax and Ember, but it felt too distracted from the main plot of a mother trying to connect with her kids. Plus, I couldn't expand the Pharynx and Trixie part at all beyond the joke so it would have felt so lopsided to give one brother more attention over the other.

Maybe I could create a separate story involving that idea.

Stories for both of those pairings would be great XD Pharynx/Trixie is not one I expected but I'm on board with! I can see her being with Starlight but banging Pharynx on the side :P

Any chance of a sequel where it shows the whole orgy?

I can understand changelings, but here Chrysalis is such a loser that even the villains in the form of Tirek and Cozy Glow kicked her out.
For some reason I feel sorry for her.

Chrysalis sure did not think that through.

Wonder how it gets even more crazy if she made a clone of Spike too.

I doubt it crossed her mind to even care about Spike. She just that vain.

Pharynx/Trixie has been a favorite of mine for a while, ever since another reader sold me the headcanon that Trixie might inadvertently be Ocellus' mother by giving Pharynx just enough love that he popped out an egg.

Yes, adding salt to the wound that was once her ego.

In my style of writing... no. I like doing sequels that either continue the story, or explore new angles. There is no new angle in giving you the same story again but with more details. The main idea of this story is Chrysalis trying to reconnect with her kids and it goes badly. This is also why I didn't see a reason to expand on the Thorax/Ember and Pharynx/Trixie ships beyond the jokes.

She and the whole Mean 6 might be at Mean Spike's mercy if she did made a Spike clone.

it seems that this version of Chrysalis did not even plan to create children and they were created by accident due to Chrysalis' lustful nature. And even after the first mistake, due to which she had her first cubs, she could not restrain herself for long, which led to the appearance of more and more changelings until a whole hive appeared.

Sure, if you want to go with that headcanon. I just chose to write like this because Fanon like to treat Thorax and Pharynx like her direct children since they took the throne. There's nothing in the canon for or against the idea, so have fun with that thought.

I'm not usually one for straight ships, but this and Thorax/Ember seem quite excellent! Hm, I Wonder if when Trixie was sleeping with Pharynx Starlight might have seduced Thorax... ;)

In canon, there is a scene of Thorax hatching where Chrysalis is shown surrounded by changeling larvae. Apart from Chrysalis, there were no other adult changelings there, which gives rise to certain thoughts.

Could you please share the image source in the very least?

Give me a few minutes. I need to get on a safer wifi

Damn, I legit can't seem to find it. I guess it was taken off of Derpibooru. Either way, it was an animated video by artist:realvinyl. Maybe find their twitter

Looked up the artist and found it on another site. Thanks

You're welcome. They make great models, but the pipping sounds leave me bored so quickly.

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