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This is the pairing I was looking for the most during this contest! I'll have fun reading this **

Aggressive in their species, aren't they? ... I mean, I suppose that makes sense. Thorax was 'different than all the others' and he was about as simpering as they come before the upgrade.

Uh. Um. Wow I uh... *clears throat*
Sweet brotherly love, batbug. That was really incredible. From start to end, each scene titillated while adding value and emotional depth to the story. Funny, warm, and deliciously smutty is a hard trifecta to pull off, but this does it with seeming ease.

“And I’ll lick up your tears.”

How dare you take a line like that and make it sexy? 🤣

This was really, really well-written. Watersports is usually a deal-breaker for me, but it was such a small part and the rest of the story was wonderful enough that I'd have done myself a disservice.

P.S. I loved Spike in this.

This is exactly what I wanted from this contest.

That cover image is too perfect


Hot diggity damn, this was damn diggity hot. All the love and cute romancey bits were perfect.

This was good. I was genuinely getting irritated at Pharynx, which is precisely what the prose should be doing..

Though I had a strange moment where, after all that time building up an annoyance for Pharynx, I actually kinda wanted Thorax to punch him in the dick and toss him out one last time at the end. :twilightsheepish:

But then there wouldn't be much of an incest story, eh?

This was very well-written, and entertaining to read. The porn was great, of course, as was the not-porn. I really liked the way you wrote everyone, but especially Spike.

Speaking of, Spike and Pharanx is a pairing I’ve never seen before, and if you were writing it, I’d be very interested in a story like that.

I want to cosign that, I, too, would be interested in seeing a Spike and Pharanx pairing too

We haul ourselves fully onto the bed and hold each other close, cuddling for countless minutes. It’s not only his butt that’s warm. It’s his entire body. I curl around him, pressing my snout to the top of his head and inhaling his scent. It wasn’t long ago that this was the kind of thing I could never hope to do. It won’t be long before he’s back to not showing this kind of affection, instead protesting when he hugs or merely begging for a simple roll in the hay.

I savor this moment.

Yes, I am here for post-sex cuddly Thorax. :raritystarry:

One of the better pieces of Thorynx I've seen on this site, for sure. Pharynx felt a little outlandish at times but that's to be expected with the comedy and porn so, it's not really a complaint. Maybe he really is just in heat. :rainbowwild:

A fun piece! :moustache: Spike was great.

“…Fluttershy’s the one with like seven different shades of gray in her mane, right?”

“Oh, sweetie,” I reach across the table and take her claw. “We really need to get Starlight to re-administer that colorblindness cure.”

Ember looks like she’s about to protest, but she gives up. “Fine, fine. I guess it would help with telling all these ponies apart.”

That would make perfect sense, too. A color-blind individual would have a devil of a time telling ponies apart, unless they took the time to memorise cutie marks (which Ember doesn't do either, but okay)

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