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INteresting start. And you got me laughing with button's mother

You mean Sclerite changing herself into Button's mother?

Yes. Also, just as a sidenote, such stories always make me wonder about the fate of the foals, you know? No offense

Alright. That's a good question. I've silently been thinking about that, as well as those who were born after the conquest or from the breedings. Right now the only theory I have for this universe is that they're sealed off into cacoon chambers.

EXactly, I mean those foals that survived the fall of Canterlot and were born from ponies after the fall. Hmm...I think I got an idea. How about the changelings try to show a caring/merciful side, like giving shelter and such?


Of course, showing love is a rarity, changelings are born to be aggressive, but with a basically infinite supply of love, I guess some are designated to take on that role to take care of them, using their excess love to appear calmer.

Yeah. I mean, even when raised as soldiers, they should realize/notice the when they just face civilians/children

It's hard to tell how the changelings would treat them. To many, they'd be love batteries basically. Children love their parents, parents love their kids. Batteries. Not ponies, but things. That most likely would be the fate of Pre-Conquest Foals. Post though? Might be a bit more tricky as time passes one, more and more hybrids will be born, and thus the issue of where both regular ponies, regular changelings, and hybrids go. Regular Changelings will probably always be at the top for many, however, hybrids might interest Chrysalis enough to make them just a bit lower than changelings, it not on par. The regular ponies though again would be treated as things sadly, at least with a better chance for 'a relatively good life' compared to their Pre-Conquest counterparts, but still, for the pony race, things are dark.

Of course, I just wondered how life would be for the foals of ponies after everything went down the drain and Ocellus, she kinda looked like she would care for them, having pity and such

Oh, remember how you said that the Changelings would respect citizens?

Well.... Erm...


I think it's safe to say that they wouldn't care who they're facing, ponies are just things to changelings. but of course, you do have the more hesitant ones like Thorax and some of proto queens/princesses who see no need to continue being as aggressive as they are if victory has been completed.

Sure, sure, I just meant when it comes to ocellus and such, or expecting enemies, only to see unarmed civilians/foals. Plus, at this time in the show, the Changelings were meant to be portrayed as hostile creatures. Your story, however, shows a certain aspect of humanization and such.

If you feel more comfortable with talking more privately, just say the word

Nah it's ok.
So look. Since around 5 years have passed since the conquest, obviously some hybrids would've been born, and thus the issue of where they'd place would be. They're still Chrysalis and the Hive's children, but not completely. Since by that point, various female changelings would've chosen pony breeders and are fed by their love directly, instead of just stealing it, this would obviously cause some to believe that Hybrids should at least be treated around the same level of changelings, which basically translates to if they're strong enough against the rest, they should be respected (Thorax and Pharynx are brothers, but the former is weak and thus has a lower status while the latter is stronger and has a high role).

Of course, as more and more love is translated directly into changelings, some would shift to a different form of love. Now, I'm not saying we'll suddenly see a changeling transform into a Changed-ling, but some have reached the point Thorax is. They're... sympathetic to the ponies. Most will simply blame Thorax for messing with their head or it's just simply the heat from using them, but deep down they admit they don't know what is going on. Why sometimes they have these impulses. Even Chrysalis has begun to become affected (after all she reached various points in the regular timeline where she seemed to be ready to accept friendship but rejects it at the last second. The most prominent of this example is when the Legion of Doom was capturing Grogar's Bell.)

This story is meant to be short, but if it had been made longer, I probably would go over these points.

Ah, okay. As I said, was just wondering,, as this is an interesting aspect with such kind of stories. Suppose, maybe, some pones could be captured, leaving to be protecting some foals, with Occelus and THrorax trying to comfort/calm down the kids?

Again, if this story had been designed to be longer, I would be covering those points. Ocellus probably never ended taking that role (she's a proto-queen), but Thorax, being somewhat of a brother to her, would have taught Ocellus some of his ideals.

Sure thing. Could do in a bonus chapter or separate story. Just popped in how Hanzal and/or Candy could have appeared that way

Ok, let's see! The story pointed to a very interesting timeline of "What if," which caught my attention, because it is a version where the events of the wedding and various others, took action in favor of the invaders. For a moment I thought you would take the different version. What do I mean? When Starlight travels in time, and there is a version where Chrysalis wins. I thought you would start from there, when I read the summary. Fortunately it was better than expected. (Not what I expected but I'm satisfied)

Now, the history of the proto-queens is interesting, although I expected it to be taken into account that only queens could spawn eggs for the hive ... Or so I still want to believe, since you did not cover this topic, but it is normal. Still the story is very interesting.

Another thing, apparently the "initiation rites" to be a proto-queen, is something interesting. And I see that you take the idea of ​​termites, ants and bees, which, when more than one queen is born, these young queens choose to start another hive. (Nice touch by the way because I studied for entomology)

Ocellus, good God, she's my favorite Young Six, and that you made her so gifted with her pleases me. Like her wishes to make another hive. Which brings me to the next point in question.

The proto-queens that make another hive. Will they end up fighting Chrysalis for more territory? or will there be the hive effect? which mentions that a whole race of insects will always follow the orders of the primary queen. Including the other queens who are descended from the first queen? If so, it would be interesting, as Chrysalis would be virtually ubiquitous.

Another point I would like to know. Are the Changelings divided like insects? I mean, in the case of the aforementioned insects, there are the "Workers" (who only exist for heavy work, food gathering, etc.) the "Soldiers" (who are dedicated to the exploration, defense and protection of the workers in their collections) and the "Breeders" that are normally sangans, or insects that particularly emerge from the terminals, to provide the queen with the necessary sex to continue spawning eggs. Although the latter can be replaced by the stallions that Chrysalis and the proto-queens kidnap.

In the next chapter I also wait for the answers. What are all those factors that will make a stallion a "breeder"? Can proto-queens and Chrysalis make even a stallion grow in those aspects of manhood and size? because according to what I read and understood, they could make them bigger and more virile. Which would be interesting if they already kidnapped a Hyper-Stallion or Hyper-Futa. Interesting ...

A further point is the "resistance" that still exists in Equestria. which could tell us that there is still hope for the Equestrian. but being a Chrysalis fic, I hope she is the winner. (It's not because she's my favorite villain, but I would like her to be that way) which puts something else in question. which princesses and ponies are still in this "rebellion"? because that would give a moderately good point of morale for the Equestres. I will know that at least one of the rulers is still alive.

I hope Midnight's parents make an appearance in this story. Well, according to other stories, her parents had died or had been kidnapped by the Changelings.

To finish my good companion. I really hope this story is updated regularly, it has a theme that I love and the story is fascinating, that it should be constantly updated.

I think that's all for now, and I'll wait for the next chapter. Thanks for a good story :D

That's a lot of good questions.

Any proto-queen (or better said, princess, a mature proto-queen) that makes another hive is connected to Chrysalis still. Also the rebellion is basically nonexistent, Midnight was the last free pony. Ocellus wants to join the orgies, not necessarily make another hive (that's the wish of the more older proto-queens) This story is based on the Chrysalis Timeline. I'm not really sure, but probably yes, they are separated in those types of ranks (though I've added more as you can see). They check where a stallion breeder is best suited by checking their size. the bigger ones are meant for the higher ranks. I like to keep his parents a mystery, though for those who read my other stories you might find a connection.

This story will have three chapters, I want to keep this short. This is more of an experiment. Right now writing the second chapter.

A few repetitive words here and there, but overall, not a bad premise.

Aw. Thank you! Honestly, I was, and still am, a bit worried as to the reception of this story, but hearing this from you makes me happy! Though I have to admit though that this is an experiment to see if I'm fit to write this type of story (XXX).

What words exactly? Proto-queen is one, which I tried to fix by using 'Princess' as a synonym. Changeling as well. What else?

Not necessarily synonyms or titles, but mostly the reuse of actions in the same sentence.

Ah. Ok. I'll try checking for that with the next chapter.

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Now you know why I didn't want to announce this story! I feel it's just too contrast compared to my other ones. Heck even NNN is just meant as a joke!

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So, what are the Sex Fetishes for this? Hope that our Two Favorite Changeling Females give your OC a Nice Boobjobs/Paizuri and Blowjobs. Because I can see that both Chrysalis and Ocellus got Huge Tits!!!!!! And I bet they got good Tongues like a Snake! And going Vaginal is nice as well.😏 :moustache:

Although, I DON'T like Rape to happen.

Well I think we'll be using the more common things, like what you said. I guess when I create the second chapter I'll release those things.

Technically we already have technical incest due to Sclerite changing into Button's Mom? Idk I'm still managing things, but I assure you everything will end up being great!



Anyway, you didn't answer on what do you mean when you say the letter "E"?

I hope the next chapter ends up being good


Oh. You could have said that firstly?! Because, only putting a single letter like a "E". Doesn't help much on what you were trying to say.

Interesting story so far, like the mythology you've added to the changelings and a nice use of Ocellus.


Yeah I tried giving the changelings a more profound backstory. Feel that as a whole they were rarely discussed, and the parts we did see were basically how changelings replaced their old culture with pony culture, and the rare occasional detail.

Right now working on Chapter 2!

It unexpected to see it so late, but nice work, especially at first person.

“Let’s see how big you are Midnight.” Ocellus exclaimed greedily, pulling down my pelt, before suddenly getting smacked in the face by a large thick blue shaft. I winced as I felt the soft blow, and was about to ask if she was alright when she grabbed it with her hands, causing me to release a moan as she gently traced her fingers around it.

. Shouldn't here at a comma before his name?

Grammarly said nothing about that, but then yet again it's grammarly

Well, i was thought in school that a comma is to be made before a noun. Grammerly is good, just takes sometime a little to Work.

But as i said, you did a great job at first person. I liked how blitzer is scared, showing he's just a pony like anyone else

You're welcome! Keep up the good work!

And occellus, i know you potray her different but she just looks like the kind you see that tries good change/that Not all are bad

This is good. Hope to see more Blowjob action. And finally Boobjobs from their Huge tittes.

So, Both Ocellus, Chrysalis, and even Sclerite will join in on the sexy fun?

I wouldn't say that, it just gives the illusion/impression

Like the chemistry between Midnight/Ocellus, I ship them now.:heart:

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

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