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Melody Song

A Bisexual Pegasus with a talent in writing and singing. I can also do magic-long story. Also, Luna is best Princess and the Wonderbolts are awesome. Change my mind, I dare you.


This story is a sequel to Patrilineality

Metamorphosis has at long last returned to the Hive, his birthplace. He is eager to find a way to fit in among his fellow changelings despite not being reformed. His sons are of course by his side every step of the way. Together, the three of them will reintroduce Metamorphosis to Equestria, all while dealing with the normal drama and adventure that comes with being a family.

Author's Note: This story is rated Teen simply as a precaution, in case I decide to sometimes use themes that are not suitable for the Everyone rating. Edit: added Profanity tag just in case I have Phar use some language. Also, it should be known that this story will have multiple acts (details below).

Act one: Metamorphosis is reintroduced to society, while Pharynx's old issues with being an outcast begin to rear their head. Follow what happens when Metamorphosis discovers that a voice whispers to his eldest son. A voice he's all too familiar with...

Act two: Now that Pharynx's outcast-driven issues have been put to rest, Metamorphosis experiences daily life at the Hive, starting with preparing for the winter holidays.

Act three: Spring is coming to the Changeling Hive, and Metamorphosis believes he has finally beginning to belong among the reformed changelings, taking on a role as a grand patriarch. But not everyone is content to sit back and watch the rain fall outside. Will Metamorphosis be able to handle the new developments?
*Contains scenes that make the Death tag appropriate

Act Four: Spring has come and summer is looming on the horizon. Metamorphosis is forming even stronger bonds with his sons. But while everything between them is normally calm, Metamorphosis will discover nothing can be perfect for long, and not even twins get along all the time. And when secrets begin to rise to the surface, will Metamorphosis find that who he thought he was was never the truth?

Act Five: Summer has come, with new experiences for Metamorphosis and his family. With the brothers in harmony (for the time being), their Gemi-might be new knowledge to be gained and new bonds to create between Metamorphosis' sons and creatures he knows well. And Metamorphosis may just discover something new about himself as well.

Sweet Luna, made it to the popular page on the day it was approved!

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Heh, that’s a great first chapter. I can’t wait to see more.

Ah, well no, I'm not aware of that show, actually. But I'm glad you like it!

Alright then. Well, I'm glad you're enjoying the sequel

Keep it up melody you're doing great on the book like always

Can’t wait for young six’s reaction

Well, the next chapter is going to be Ocellus specifically. But the Young Six will find out eventually

Classic cliffhanger. Probably gonna be someone who isn’t fond of unreformed changelings.

Que classical twilighting (aka twily-nanas)?

Heh, it's okay, I tried not to make it too obvious, and for all you knew it could've been one of the other residents of the castle

I hope it's not Starlight! Since Metamorphosis does look like Chrysalis from afar. So yeah. Starlight could get scared.

Well at least Twi didn’t freak out and attack Metamorphosis then and there.

Yeah. I considered it but seeing as Tempest and Pharynx were in the room, I dubbed it highly unlikely she would have been able to get near Meta without those two stepping in

Okay, this is probably my favorite chapter so far.

She's coming into play later, there's a reason she hasn't interfered yet

aww, poor pharynx... and i like how he has a dragon plushie in his old colors :twilightsheepish: keep it up!

Heh, I actually did not mean connect it to his old colors, it's from a story I collaborated on with MlpHero (Enraged), A Changeling Hearth's Warming. But I'm glad you enjoyed! Don't worry, Pharynx will be doing better soon

Heh, yep. It's time for the other leaders to meet the Bug Brother's father

It will certainly be interesting

I’m really excited to see what’s gonna be done about Pharynx’s nightmares.

That will be in a couple chapters, but don't worry, he won't have to suffer for much longer

Yeah, as most people know, Pharynx is one of my favorite characters on the show.

Heh, well, he is best bug. The tsunderebug's dreams will be brought up again in a couple chapters

ah, so its pre-legion of doom stoning i guess.

Well, this does take place before the season 9 finale, so Chrysalis' whereabouts are still unknown, and Equestria is worried she'll return. So yeah, makes sense they'd seek her origin story

Good chapter, gives us some nice lore and keeps the Breeize/Changeling connection many older fics used before the show introduced it's version of breezies. Also nicely explains why the changelings seem to have undergone a personality change post reformation, they have expunged a good amount of the chaos magic that altered thier ancestors and taking on thier natural mental state, combine that will no longer suffering constant hunger and they become kind and friendly.

Huh, I didn't actually think of that last part. I was mentally going along the lines of NavelColt's theory, that the transformation was like coming out of a state of depression (Phar being exempt from this slightly due to having his own personal problems)

Well even amoung a species who's "default" is "happy cuddle bug" your going to have exceptions and mental illnesses, more over it wouldn't whipe out deep issues lke poor self image or PTSD. Chrysalis was a very cold and cruel ruler, young changelings like Ocelleus even have issues triggered by how she lead. We're all a mixture of our genetic tendencies and how our experiences shape us. It's not nature vs nurture it's the effects of both that shape a being.

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