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Gilda has a secret. An embarrassing, embarrassing secret, keeping her tethered to Ponyville in spite of everything. She's in love with the most amazing, adorable pony ever. But how could Derpy ever love a rude, brutish griffon like Gilda?

just wanted to write something for my most beloved and niche rarepair!! pls enjoy :)
cover art is made by me!

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Honestly, this Fiction is so Sweet~

After about a year of real life getting in the way of my time I use for writing and just being online in general this nice little story is a nice first thing to read on this website.

That was painfully sweet. Them finding the value in the other when they don't see it in themselves. Wasn't expecting to cry to a short fic. Well done.

as someone who also just came back to fimfiction im so happy to hear this!!!! glad it could welcome you back

this comment made me sooo happy, i wanna frame it! this may be the first time someone's found sm meaning in my work, and its DEFINITELY the first time someone's cried over my writing! :) tysm for reading

I see a Derpy shipfic occasionally, but seldom do I see it done so well, or so well AND so close to canon.

Welcome to the featured box, btw! (with 'show mature' turned off...SO FAR)

eee thats a huge compliment!! tysm! i was very worried about my writing not feeling close to canon or being seen as mischaracterizing, so this is nice to hear :)

I loved reading this sweet, wholesome, unusual romance. :twilightsmile:

This was cute, has two characters I really like.....and written by a sorcerer of ground meat patties!

Now I'm wanting a sequel/sister-story written from various other POVs, as a kind of outside-looking-in type of thing.

Huh, almost passed on this due to the title (not or improperly capitalizing it is often not a great sign for a story's writing quality), but the uniqueness of the ship convinced me and I'm glad it did - it was really cute and quite well done. Kudos.

ty!! on the topic of the title, i come from ao3 where not capitalizing the title is more of an aesthetic decision than a show of writing experience, and i just enjoyed the look of it a lot more as just personal preference hahaha ^^" im thankful it didn't deter you fully!!! i was hopeful this ship being so rare would bring people in rather than put them off, and im glad that was the case for you :derpytongue2:

That was a fun read. Just a cute romantic story. I personally think you can ship almost anything with anything if you write it well (that Twist/Gummy ship was a bit much, no thanks) but I can see how they might work well together. It makes a certain amount of sense somehow.

I love how Derpy schools Gilda just a little bit at the end there. The Wonderbolt thing I'm not sure about, it doesn't really seem to fit Derpy for me. But that's just personal preference and says nothing about the quality of the story.

That was adorable! Even the grumpiest griffon can't resist the bubble butt!

First fiction? This is really amazing work given that!

its actually canon she was in the same flight league as rd as a filly (not wonderbolts, though i can see that confusion coming from this)!! in one of the later episodes, the one where we meet rainbow dash's parents iirc, we see in a flashback that derpy used to be 1st place in races, and slowly went down in placement as her eye condition got worse. it's a background detail, but one i and others noticed :)

I haven't watched the show in ages, but that's a cool little detail. I also forgot she was in Sonic Rainboom in the best young flyers competition.

Okay, this is adorable. Absolutely wonderful job, we need more stuff like this out there! :yay:

wonderful gilda and derpy writing makes me feel good



thankyou both of you!! means a lot to hear :)

oh my god this is so good!!! <3

ARRRGH THIS IS SO CUTE! The pacing, the dialogue, it’s all so natural. Gilda’s confession was so adorable, and them seeing each other for what they are is just so SQUEEEEEE :derpytongue2::heart:

This ship came hurtling out of left field and kicked me right in the heart in the best kind of way.

Cute dynamic with such a rare ship!

While still upside down, Derpy catches Gilda's eye, and winks at her.

HAHAHA, this is adorable, I love it.:raritywink:

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