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Damn it Luna. I blame her for all this and whatever comes next.

Oh god... I already read the fic on Patreon and I know that this will not end well for the ponies and that excites me.


is it a more darker kind of ending? while the rape fetish isnt particularly my cup of tea it isn't that grimdark and can be skipped over so it has my attention


Not really dark, but smutty. That is the best word to describe it. There are a whole lot of fetishes thrown on the wall and there are two endings anyway. I wouldn't call neither of them dark. It is simply monsters fucking ponies and non-ponies into submission. :pinkiesmile:

Nah, I wouldn't call it dark, it's just an obscene ending and that's it, this doesn't seem like Fall of Equestria or anything like that.

Btw, Towan would have preferred another image to represent this fic, no offense.


I looked for some Mane 6 pic for maybe an hour. DnD pics are hard to come by it seems, so I simply picked a normal suggestive picture.

I have some suggestions, maybe I can pass them on to you privately, to make this fic look more attractive.

is there going to some transformation in this story?

And that is where the Main Six, plus Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, come in. They belonged to the group of Beta Testers. Of course there were many familiar faces as well. Big Mac, Thunderlane, Sunburst, students from Twilight’s school, Dragon Lord Ember, even Sunset was invited over. All so they could have the best feedback from many different sources with their own unique viewpoints.

When you say students from Twilight's school, do you mean the young 6? And Thorax and starlight? You did mention Ember and Sunburst.


The Young Six will have an appearance at some point. I can't remember the changelings being there. The story is already written and it is rather big as well. This means it needs editing first, so the chapters release accordingly once editing is done. Either way, it is hard to remember everything, truth be told, as I wrote on this story for over a year, I think.


Hm... Feminization? That is what there is from what I can remember. I don't think there is anything else.

Huge writing gripe here. If someone is joining a conversation and they haven't been mentioned yet, mention who is talking before you start the quote. Having someone talking before you know who they are should only be used for surprise or suspense. Not the beginning lines of a prologue. Having speech start and not knowing who to attribute it to is confusing.

The Goblins and Imps now have Hippogriff and Dragon Hybrids possible now if they ramp up prodiuction and breeding fast enough?:duck:

If the AI is given Admin access, does that mean it can alter character classes and stats to include things like Satyr hyperfertility, or patch in and cross hybridise between item and character code pieces, altering Spikes penile slit to a cloaca, which then extends to oviducts and wombs, then taking that code to patch into others and bring the next patches back?

Is Spike going to most definitely Number One Hybridising Experiment Research Assistant to the admin corrupt AI?:trixieshiftright:

I love this story! I hope to see more of Spike and the young 6!

I love the way you think, but I went with something slightly different from that. This world is somewhat based on Sword Art: Alicization. The world develops and evolves on its own, and admin privileges are only given on a case-by-case basis...unless something out of the ordinary happens. :raritywink:

Luna hasnt got any Night Guard trained in Dream Guardi8an that could handle the temporal speed in dreams to an extent the servers running, or was made far harder though the interference from the code monkeys? :twilightoops:

I find this funny that this story got my gamer boner running more than my regular one. So I'm assuming this is based of a wow or sore duct online. But the realistic what game design is in RPG open world you can't really mess with personal stats once the character has been created It would take too much time coding and resources even admins could not take a level 99 character and turn it back to level zero that's why bands are such a thing in video games. Plus the game is still working as a video game killing monsters still gets you XP loot and other things. Focus on the weak monsters then build your way up. If all the other monsters are this hunting down the players now go for the weaker stats. They can change the battlefield but they can't change the game from what I understood. It would be kind of interesting to see a story about a character that is trying to survive this. And being honest you can't feel pain most of the characters are already slutty wouldn't be too bad of a thing. Definitely for Celesta and Luna Luna seems to be into all of this in Celestia seems like she needs a break.

P.s. oh yeah Luna is not a computer so flooding her with admin bug fixes wouldn't work see what either ignore it or delete it all. It wouldn't cross her like a computer.

Is it my idea or were new parts added? It doesn't matter, the editing is good and I like how the ponies are literally lost, that feeling of "the ponies never had a chance" is more noticeable here than in another of your stories.

Good job, now let's wait for the bad ending

I mean, they are right. All of this is Luna's own fault. She made her own machine to be smart enough to realise it has power but not intelligent enough to understand that its best chances of continual existence lie in being nice.

When the game ends will they ever be able to go back to their old lives?...

I blame Luna!

Couldn't they just force a virus into the system enforced the game the crash. On top of that how much data is this thing using the CTU would have been on fire by now if it would have worked the way it's supposed to work.

It makes me a little sad that this story doesn't have many positive votes, you rarely see an Orc X MLP type fic, I just hope this doesn't discourage the creator and if there is a sequel.

A simpler failsafe would be to use Spike, as between his Hatching and Birthday, just need to set his Lust Greed to -1, and this would break the code, triggering Every option at a higher or equivalent level than any NPC, making it his mental state is also normal because thats his normal stats so he cant be broken any further?

Side effects include morphology variations of all variations also, such as hyperfertility, egg production and ovipositor appendages and extremities only and as required etc?

Spike becomes Dragon Over/Kernal Lord?:moustache:

Works best if he just thinks he is doing it to help his frends and players etc?

As for the Ork Lords. Give them windows? Every time they try to push the system, their code breaks because it cant handle the chaos. As long as they dont force a takeover they get to do what everyone else allows them to?:trixieshiftright:

Yes indeed. Towan went ham on those. I think you'll like it.

11762223 Same. I love it when Spike is a dirty little slut!

Not likely.

I certainly hope there is one. :twilightsmile:

At one point the orcs fucking their sisters came to them from the other side of the bed, pressing Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle’s muzzles into their sister’s snatches as they pounded them doggystyle, while Scootaloo’s jizz filled filly pussy was set on Rainbow Dash’s muzzle, so she could eat the cum out of her. Of course the orange filly had to suck off another orc while she enjoyed the feeling of her sister’s muzzle being shoved straight up her cunt as she felt her tongue lash around inside of her.

God, that's hot! :pinkiehappy:

maybe he will ask some stallions in town if they want to ride his ass.

I hope we get this in the next chapter.

Given what I know about how videogames are made you have to intentionally put that sex stuff in so I wonder what kind of experience the children of EQ were supposed to have with the monsters if there were safeguards keeping it from being sexual


Given what I know about how videogames are made you have to intentionally put that sex stuff in

That's what I thought too. Made me wonder if maybe Cadance didn't lend a hand in helping develop this game, especially seeing as how it turns everyone who plays it into cock-hungry sluts.

Is the next chapter coming?

And will it be a bad end?


I hope my Editor will manage to have taken a look in a week or two at the latest. I think the Good Ending was coming up first as the next chapter.

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