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Twilight is the new Princess of Equestria, and she's hosting her first Grand Galloping Gala. Celestia joins her, and Twilight asks her why she and Luna stepped down as Princesses. Celestia decides she's ready to answer.

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Celestia and Twilight looked out the window into the castle gardens, where two stone figures stood on a statue together. Two, not three.

A VERY good story, and I like what this implies.

A nice little story. I often hear people bemoan over why Celestia or Luna would want to retire at all, but I always figured in my head that...it was probably for reasons such as this. It was just time for them to. They had done their part for Equestria and now it was time to turn it over to someone else who could take it on to new horizons that they themselves could not. :twilightsmile:

Though that said...Cozy was all right to reform and release, but not Chrysalis and Tirek, hmm? :trixieshiftleft:

No, I think both of them absolutely were redeemable, given enough time and enough effort. And I figure both of them would have been freed, given enough time. But it's not even been a year, and releasing all three at the same time is probably a bad idea until they're a bit more sure on Cozy first- I sort of figure her to be around S4 Discord or early S6 Starlight levels at the point this story is written, where she's definitely trying to be good, but there's many ways where she isn't yet, and many ways where it's probably best to be a bit careful.

Oh hey, then you've actually put some thought into it! :raritystarry: That's actually a nice change from the norm, as I see far too many attempts at reformation stories that doesn't stop to consider that it probably would never be an overnight thing and thus come across as...implausible. Nice to hear that doesn't seem to be the case here.

Anyway, I didn't really want to get too into that, seeing it's more just an added bonus to the story rather than the core focus and didn't want to detract too much from what was really more important about it, because that part shines pretty well. :twilightsmile:

I really like this. Better explanation for why Twi took Celestia’s role than we ever got in the show. Like how you dissected Celestia’s main go-to line. Looking forward to read more from you!

Very nice! I like this interpretation of things a great deal!

Celestia looked down at the ground and briefly closed her eyes. “I… there was urgency. You are right about that. And you deserve to know the truth.” A sad smile touched her lips. “Celestia knows I’ve asked so much of you. You deserve to know why. But… please, give me some time to collect my thoughts. May we speak- in private- after the Gala?”

Celestia using her own name in this way strikes me as a bit off, but that's really all I noticed in the way of editing!

Great work! I hope to see more from you soon!

That was an intentional choice. I considered having her say “Twilight knows” as an indication of Twilight stepping up, but decided against it as too confusing. Her using her own name was meant as a sort of “I know what I’ve been doing”, combined with a sort of playing ironically with her having this image of being this flawless goddess while talking about her own flaws. Maybe it didn't come out well, but meh, I like it.


Celestia looked down at the ground and briefly closed her eyes. “I… there was urgency. You are right about that. And you deserve to know the truth.” A sad smile touched her lips. “Celestia knows I’ve asked so much of you. You deserve to know why. But… please, give me some time to collect my thoughts. May we speak- in private- after the Gala?”

...did she just.. :rainbowhuh:

Really enjoyed this fic!!

Oh, I see! That makes sense, and I like it as well!

I feel that that could be made a bit clearer, and to that end, I might recommend adding apostrophes around the word 'Celestia', or otherwise adding emphasis in how it's typed to show that she's saying it ironically. Alternatively, you could communicate some of her attitude outside of dialogue, i.e. by saying that she chuckled before speaking, or rolled her eyes, or otherwise spoke in a way meant to communicate irony without you needing to alter the way the dialogue is typed.

I'm not an expert, of course, but I hope this can be of some use to you.

Again, I genuinely really enjoyed the story! Thank you for writing it!

That’s what the “sad smile” was meant to do. I’m having trouble visualizing how to do the special way of writing the text, though. I’ll think about it, maybe change to “laughed ironically” or something, not sure! Thanks for advice!

Cozy Glow is a child and a pony. Tirek and Chrissy are not and repeatedly tried to destroy Equestrtia.

Celestia and Luna had no real reason to retire, and to do so in the first place is OOC for them. Also, Cozy was rendered harmless after she was defeated, with no alicorn magic or any way to manipulate anyone, and they could've, no, should've just put her and the other villains in Tartarus instead of turning them to stone and taking away any chance to repent. That's two reasons Season 9 should be officially revised. I invite anyone who agrees to join the Save MLP campaign and help make Hasbro give FiM the well-thought-out ending it deserves.

Cozy also tried to destroy Equestria several times. And showed zero remorse for doing so. People seem to deliberately ignore that.

Again, she's a child and a pony. That's basically it.

What 11703782 said--Cozy committed many of the same crimes as Chrysalis and Tirek, and quite clearly did so entirely knowingly and voluntarily. Child or not, she should still be just as culpable for those crimes. Therefore, if it's okay to try and forgive Cozy's crimes and try and reform her, then it's okay to do the same for Chrysalis and Tirek. Conversely, if trying to reform Chrysalis and Tirek is deemed too risky, then it's too risky to try with Cozy as well. It is not a matter where you can have your cake and eat it too--it's either all or nothing.

I won't even get into how gravely flawed, not to mention extremely racist, the "because she's a pony" part of your comment is.

Cozy absolutely did commit the crimes and should be culpable. But she should also be reformed and allowed to be free when she is, assuming she's trying to make amends to those she's wronged. Those sentiments can exist at the same time. And yeah, I do think the others can be reformed, but for clarification- letting all three be free at the same time is the risky part as far as I'm concerned, and since they have both a better grasp on Cozy's psyche and a better ability to control her (she can't shapeshift or steal magic), it made sense to start with her in the hopes she might be able to get through to the others when she's better. So I agree that it's okay to reform Chrysalis and Tirek, but their abilities are inherently more dangerous and therefore reforming them is riskier.

I know, I'm totally okay with your particular approach to the matter. :twilightsmile:

I'm just less okay with HumanSVD's outlook at it.

Racist? Lol, please. It's well known different species will give preference to their own.

Furthermore, she is a child. A child for crying out loud. There's a reason children who commit crimes are generally treated differently than adults. Stop trying to act so morally offended.

You will get over it.

The fact she's a pony should have nothing to do with it. Besides, Equestria's already proved itself fully capable of reforming non-ponies too. Heck, they reformed all the rest of the changeling species, so I think that makes them more than a little qualified to try, y'know? :raritywink:

Basically though, my point is that if you're going to try and reform Cozy, then it's only fair to try and do the same for Chrysalis and Tirek too--if not at the same time then in sequential order of the reformer's choosing--or else you still don't exactly have the moral high ground here. There's no real reason to exclude them that wouldn't also apply to Cozy as well.

She's one of their own and a child. A society will always tend to pick their own. You don't have to like it but that's a big reason. As the author fair said, she doesn't have any special powers vs the other two.

I think you are the one who needs to chill.

And she's also fucking evil, it's better to nip that in the bud. Like, if a ten year old murdered their family would go easy on them because they're kids

I'm missing the part where Cozy killed someone.

Arguably worse, she was a domestic terrorist. If a 10 year old kid was knowingly and willingly working with people trying to overthrow the government, would you go easy on them?

She nearly did--remember that class of students that very nearly fell to their deaths because of her scheme to steal the magic of Equestria?

I actually have wondered if there were any other unfortunate victims who suffered physical harm off-screen because of her stealing the magic like that...

Take it up with the author or the princesses.

Ask the writers of the show then.

This is a very good one-shot.

pretty great for a first story
well done!

Damn, the first story and already featured? Bravo

Great work!! Especially as a first story!! I love introspective Celestia works so much

maybe ill take the stone BUT NOT FOREVER!

Cozy's age is just an excuse at this point for this fandom. Age shouldn't matter when the crime is this big. And Cozy was never once sorry about anything she did. She knew exactly what she was doing.

And didn't care.

Yet what she got was basically torture

It shouldn't Matter yes but
When the punishment is cruel and unusual? Thats where I draw the line
Besides if the elements weren't destroyed id use them against her to see if she can be reformed

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