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The title implies an underage anthro. This is against the rules for smut, by the by.

Someone who is nineteen years old is a teenager, technically.

Someone who is nineteen years old is a teenager, technically.

That's why I said "implies" rather than simply reporting you. It's probably not the best idea to put words like that in the title.


Barely-Legal exists as a Fetish...

Maybe a better word choice.

I'm sorry my guy. You lost this argument. I have read the rules. This is acceptable as a title because the character is over the age of consent.

That was very wholesome

Might want to put an "everyone is 18+" disclaimer in the description to ward off erroneous reports, though. I've seen it on stories where it should have gone without saying (eg. Princess Celestia Sucks You Off), so it couldn't hurt.

So dose petlight wear cloths when going out?

The intended implication was that Twilight normally doesn't wear anything more than her collar when she's with Shining Armor and Cadance in the Crystal Empire. Of course, on her off days, when she goes to visit Ponyville or wherever, I'd imagine she would dress normally, although she would still always wear her collar.

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do you actualy think that people care?

If you truly didn't care, why did you respond?

We leaned in and brought our lips together for a slow, intimate kiss.

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