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Whenever you feel small and insignificant, just remember: Middle Earth was saved by a nobody...and his gardener.


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I can see her eyes roll. She would add, "As long as you get a JOB!" :yay:

I hope even Shining Armor will be in this story, he deserve to have fun even him.

I'm sure his sister or mother..... Or daughter will be better than Cadance :3

More good

Sad in this story we cant see Celestia Luna and Cadance wish thay have some borther so he can make foals with them

So no the cover image has updated and we see Rarity and Hondo added to it. So i guess Hondo's knocking up his daughters next.

Leaving Twilight to get it from either Night Light or Shining Armor.


So no the cover image has updated and we see Rarity and Hondo added to it. So i guess Hondo's knocking up his daughters next.

I sure hope so!

Leaving Twilight to get it from either Night Light or Shining Armor.

Why not both?

You read it!… You can’t un-read it!… Stay tuned for more!… Tales...Of...INCESSSTTT....!

Her eyes began to cross and her tongue started hanging out as an empty pill bottle bounced off her forehead, but by then she was far too gone to care!

Although each chapter has its major focus, I also enjoy the little vignettes you add to the main story, showing life in this sex obsessed Ponyville. The Tuesday tradition and Derpy’s horny cameo were especially fun additions to this chapter! :derpytongue2:

This story is such smutty porny nonsense, and you strike a such an appealing and refreshing balance to it. There's an unpredictable, indulgent kayfabe to it — I can see why that might be offputting to some readers, who want a smoother sense of immersion or aren't comfortable with the themes — but the implicit, unquestioned and hammered in presentation of all mares (and fillies) as lust-obsessed, naive, and approval-seeking; and of stallions as confidently but not quite cruelly exploitative of that is really hot.

Strong agreement with this — one of the things I like about your writing is bouncing around a lot, and taking different scenes to complement each other. I kind of think the first half of the chapter is the hotter part — not to undersell the fun recognition Rarity gets as slut, or anything — but the unpredictability of how far you'll dive into a side story, and the talent at detailing just the hottest bits, (because presumably that's what motivates you): it creates an extremely enjoyable effect.

Thanks for writing, hope to find out what's next!

That "Tuesday" event was a completely random idea I had, as was Derpy's silly (but sexy!) adventure, and was really fun to write! I simply love throwing unexpected curves at my readers to keep them both guessing and (hopefully!) entertained!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Thanks for reading, and thank YOU for teaching me a new word: Kayfabe! I never heard that word before, and even after looking it up I had to ponder the meaning for a bit, but I can see how it applies to this story.

As an organic writer, I don't follow a set storyline, which frees me to add instances and sequences that are really fun and sexy, to keep my readers guessing. True, it doesn't always work out as I'd hoped (see my experiment in Estrus among Us and the HUGE amount of flak I received for that one!), but on the whole, my additions are welcomed. A lot of my jokes fly over most readers' heads, as I think I'm dealing with a younger audience, which is somewhat disappointing, but a few of them land, even when I don't realize how funny they are.

The next chapter will deal with my new favorite pony to lewd, our favorite Purple Smart, and alll the devious, sensual, immoral, slutty, unspeakable things that will be done to her!! :twilightoops:


Absolutely wonderful conclusion, thank you so much for writing. Everything about the Flower Trio's section was perfect and hit my kinks and pacing and teasing preferences in such an amazing way. Caramel is particularly hot, being the fuckable, slightly sleazy but somehow following through self-indulgent Master stud-muffin that he is.

The timeskip was pretty unexpected, in a great way, and I had no idea that I'd enjoy some of the imagery and scenes you conveyed with it until they were happening. Hot, though. It did start to make me wonder if you were leading up to some conspiratorial explanation or twist ending or something, but I think it's honestly hotter that all the dumb porn genre shifting just happens and there's no explanation for everypony's character change besides 'breeding be like that'. Why didn't it happen any earlier? Not a worthwhile question, and that's hot.

Twilight and Spike was hot and good, but Twilight and Shining was really fucking great, and you did a good job of making him feel very overbearingly attractive, in a way I really enjoy. And Spike and Cadance being complicitly manipulative about it is hotttttt

Above all else (maybe? hard to pick out my favorite aspects), I just really enjoy the shameless playful nature you've really developed. The non-sequitur with the Narrator fucking the heck out of Pinkie just for the sake of it was hot and silly, even if it feels like it tied into nothing else here, and could have been removed without changing the appreciation of everything else — it feels like any "good" writer would tell you it shouldn't be there, but it's fun. Even the thing with the dragonballs being just a really low hanging pun (snicker) you wanted to make, made me groan but still felt like such a reminder you're just writing to have fun and not take it seriously. I really, really appreciated it all, thank you.

You're quite welcome, and your intuition is spot on...for I did consider making it all one BIG conspiracy, with Celestia pulling the strings behind the scenes in order to increase the population, starting with Ponyville, and then, depending on the success, moving from city to city.

But then I thought...NAAAHHH, just make it one big, sexy, silly, porn romp, with no cloak-and-dagger innuendos or hidden messages; just a bunch o' bimbos gittin' riggity riggity WRECKED!

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your input! I'm glad I was able to entertain you and others, and I hope to keep improving!

This was very nice!! I cannot wait to see what else you do!!

What a crazy ending! It felt like you were throwing everything you could think of into the story... NOT a bad thing by any means! I thought Derpy’s lipstick tease at the town meeting was especially hot... not to mention her “performance review” later in the chapter, Twilight listening in on Rarity, and so much more!

But be careful with that fourth wall, my dude. You never know what... or who... might be lurking behind it! :pinkiecrazy:

I simply LUV messin' with Derpy, as she has an innocence and naiveté that is so exploitable, yet, as you can see, I take pains to make sure she's a willing participant in the "fun!" Give her a set of HUGE knockers, a sweet, bubble ass, and make her semi-allergic to clothing, and you have a guy's plaything! Woo HOO!!

And yeah, for this conclusion I was in a silly mood and just threw everything I could think of at it, hence the length. The Side Story with Button and his MILF Mom was actually part of this chapter, but at the last minute (a few weeks ago, actually) I took it out and made it its own story.

As far as that Fourth Wall? If there's busty mares waiting behind it, I'll take my chances!

Thanks for reading, and as always, thank you for commenting!

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