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Gaze within the Holocron, and see what stories it has to tell. For every fable is but a thread in the weave of tales.


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“Well, well, looks like my sweet little breeding bitch wants to fuck even longer than I do.” Storm chuckled, smacking Ember’s tits with his *hand*. “That’s fine.” His breath sparked with some small, smug flames as he took a deep breath. “So let’s fuck this dragon whore in ground.” Pulling back, he brought his strength back down through his cock in the dragoness’ fuckhole.

How can he do that if his dick is still inside her?

“You hear that, Ember?” Storm laughed, smacking at her ass again, making her let out her whorish moans. “I get to show you off to the Princesses.” Then another thought crossed his mind, making his mouth twist into a wicked smirk. “I wonder if they’re just as breedable as you are.”

Harem route has been unlocked! :ajsmug:

P.S. And poor Shining, if Storm steals Cadence as well.

P.S.S. What's missing is some nice Boobjobs/Titjobs. Considering Ember and the Pony Princesses have massive breasts.

Actually, I was trying to type "claw", but I guess my fingers decided to write "cock". Thanks for the sharp eyes :twilightsmile:


Did you like what I said at the bottom?

And I didn't know this was completed? It was listed as incomplete before? Thought there was going to be another chapter with Luna, Celestia, and possibly Cadence?

I saw, looked interesting, and there may be a second chapter, but this is not confirmed at this time. For until then, the story is marked complete. I marked it as incomplete by accident.

Seems to be a converted ERP. a few slip-ups of using 'I' and such, and swapping perspective

This is very good. do you know if this will get a sequel?

Only if the client wants it. :twilightsmile:

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