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Ooh yes I like this~! It's always cool to see IDW characters in a fic and Abraxas too~

You might want to change the name there’s another story somewhat same premise except that Twilight and Cadence get transformed into zebras and get their minds altered to think that they had always lived in Zebrica and that the transformation was a gift.

why is there so much zebradom on this site?

Cause its great

White guilt? Black supremacy? Racially-based hatred being directed against those deemed the "right" sort of target for such discrimination? Take your pick.


If you actually read a forum thread for zebradom, then you'd know that is farthest from the truth.

Because the stupid and cancer universe named Fall of Equestria spread it. That's all

Ok I was thinking about the sequel “Fashion in Stripes” which involves Rarity and Fluttershy volunteering to become zebras to help the Zebra birth rate (the reason why Twilight and Cadence went there in the first one was to talk about ways to help before being MC’ed). The original one was called “To Serve a King

Nicely done man!

This kind of story is right up my alley, definately going to give this a read!

we need a sequel were adult flurry heart comes to find her mother and aunt and end up joining the harem


Glad you all enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:


Eh, some people just have that particular fetish. I don't judge.


Well, this was a commission. I wouldn't mind writing a sequel if there was enough fan-demand.

Ah, its nice to see a zebra Story where its consent...kinda.

Don't take this the wrong way, i thought at first would be dark as in...you know

I'd argue that Zebradom falls way more into the perceived white supremacist idea of black people being more animalistic. It relates to the ancient greek idea that sexual prowess (high libido and large penises) are bestial when compared to the more civilised people (white) who have more enlightened traits like the ability to move past sexual desires and find wisdom.

Then we move forward to slave and prohibition era America where a common reason to keep black men away from society was the idea that they were a danger to white women, being unable to resist their base instincts and therefore more susceptible to committing crimes like rape.

And happens when something has been a fear in society for too long? It becomes a fetish (whips and chains excite me.) So now we have an entire genre of porn based around white women who are usually in a relationship with a white man, who then meet and are sexually dominated by a more "savage" black man.

From greek philosophy and racist ideas about the savagery of the native African, to a popular genre of porn.

Would be nice to see a sequel!

Would be nice to see a sequel with Celestia

it has to much racial connotations and the supremacy stuff really starts getting ww2 vibe

It would have helped to add a little more with those wives. That they at least have names and they maybe keep Cadance turned on or something.

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