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"Inspiration does not come to the lazy. It only comes to those who call it." - P. I. Tchaikovsky


Warning: The following story is currently unedited and is currently a unique experiment.

On paper, this should have worked.

The young six didn't intend to be roped into Summer School, and Twilight knew it. She knew the reasons for their slipping grades given that they have saved Equestria a few times, and she knew that it was rather unfair that they have to study again to retake their final test. But upon remembering a game she played when she was in the human world, she hoped to try to make their time fun by borrowing it and having it altered. In hindsight, maybe she shouldn't have made a deal with Discord for a shortcut. Maybe she should have heeded Sunset's warning about magic and human technology mixing - especially one that was decades old.

Nevertheless, the game that was meant to teach her students about world history, culture, and geography, has turned into a race to stop a thief from unleashing chaos.

So it's up to her, her students, and you to find out... Where is Carmen Sandiego?

Note: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? is a game published by Broderbund. I do not own the rights to the game nor the character involved. Please support the official release.

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Well, she's not on earth. I'll tell you that much.

Someone queue up the music! :rainbowlaugh:

Discord stroked his chin, glancing over to Twilight on the other side of the desk. “But then again… what are you trying to gain from this easy fix?” He leaned forward, showing the black suit he had on with a red flower in its pocket. “You come to me on the eve of my dear Fluttershy’s bunny’s wedding for this favor? Even coming from you, this is quite strange.”

The Godfather reference

“Angle and his bride are about to have their dance; you should be there.”


For the riddle: I think either Twilight’s Castle, or Canterlot.

I don’t know what she’s going to steal though

I'm afraid that's not the answer.

One thing about Carmen is that she plays a lot of word games. These clues are no exception. Not only is there a pun, but sometimes the words can be pointing to something else. For example: What's another word for "Seat?"

The Crystal Empire? Because “seat” (according to Google) also mean room.
And the Crystal Empire has a change in view, because it recently appeared.
So is she going to steal the Crystal Heart?

I'm afraid this clue has nothing to do with the Crystal Empire.

Me aka Ullr the audience: Interesting

I hope they win

The word change leads me to believe that she is heading towards the changeling hive.
(1st edit) She talked about a seat and Chryssalis's old throne could nullify magic.
(2nd edit) Wait NEW seat the old throne broke and had to be replaced.

Here's a new thought to this puzzle. Carmen wants to change view and mentions change. While many people identified Ocellus's changeling hive because of the word change, I don't think many people took into consideration the word view.

I hypothesis that this clue has something to do with the hippogriffs, since they also "change" when they go from seaponies to hippogriffs and their view changes when they are in Seaquestria vs. Mt. Eris.

Additionally, the comment about seat could point to a central organization or "seat" of power. As we know, after the Storm King was vanquished, the seaponies and hippogriffs split and so it could refer to the fact that a seat of power was set up in Mt. Eris from hippogriffs that moved there from Seaquestria. In essence, creating a new seat of power (i.e. a new capital).

But, then again, I could be completely off basis.

Additional comments
I do like how Twilight's short-sighted idea really blew up in her face.

Great start for the story. I am interested to see if and how the Young Six will physically interact with Carmen (i.e. do they have to be C5'ed to the location) or do they simply interact with her through the computer interface?

An additional question, since Carmen has said she will give 6 clues and she has already taken her first heist. Will this track around the globe include the Peaks of Peril? I certainly hope so.

Yes, YES, YES, YES!!!!! Take all my yes! I love this concept!

On another note:

To gain a new seat, is to have a change in view.

Oh Drat, it's the Castle of Friendship's map room, isn't it?

Have a list of Carmen's most insane heists. Stealing chaos magic while not technically extant would go on here, but I'm not sure it'd even be one of the bolded ones.


Where in Equestria is Carmen Sandiego?


I never actually played the original. At least not until the later CD ROM enhanced edition. My first was Where in Time on DOS.

That said, damn Netflix for ending the reboot cartoon.

Of course, I watched the heck out of the PBS gameshow.


Isn't Twilight or Discord going to give them an Almanac? For the BS copy protection, if nothing else.

Hey, just a thought; how funny would it be if she stole Starswirl's Beard?




I'm impressed, one of you has guessed it correctly - as well as determined how the next chapter will play out. I will get to work on the new chapter right away!

He made them an offer they can't refuse

It's great that one of us got the correct answer.

However, I hope you include some dialogue where the Young Six bounce ideas off of each other, discuss them and make counterarguments on why each idea is not possible, until "hopefully" the correct answer is determined. Because, as Mr. Holmes said, "When you have eliminated the impossible, that which remains, no matter how improbable, MUST be the truth."

However, just because one of your readers got the right answer does not guarantee that the Young Six will get the right answer. I remember a couple of times in the Carmen Sandiego show where the detectives messed up a clue and went to the wrong location (That also happened to me several times when I played the original game).

The Pearl of changing (maybe Queen novo's shard)
Wait no that is too obvious i do believe it is something hippogriff related but what i don't really know

(Ps i was right with the last one)

Well, I was off but now this next one seems like an insult.

The clue is obviously referring to the pearl of Queen Novo

Memo to Twilight: Don't make deals with Discord.

Extra Memo: Especially if he's acting like a mafia boss.

Okay, if this next clue isn't Hippogriff-related, someone needs to scale down the difficulty.



Correct! I'll be writing up the next chapter and I'll be sure to get it out as soon as I can.

While iconic, I think it's a little too mellow for this incarnation. So I'll see you your Rockapella and raise you an orchestra and chorus. :twilightsmile:


Ah, and a melody from Mozart - you have good tastes.


I never thought about it much until now, but I suspect the "Chief" AI in the original cartoon was probably at least partly inspired by Max Headroom. And if that exists in the same universe as Discord...

Oh, God...

Isn't the Idol of Boreas still at the bottom of that un-navigable canyon? The Griffons wouldn't even notice if she stole it.

I love the omage to the original Inspector Gadget cartoon in this chapter.

One thing I like is that Ocellus is starting to think ahead, rather than simply reacting to the immediate clue. This shows she (at least) is likely to get the initial benefit that Twilight was looking for when she picked up the game (i.e. learn more about history of their world and the various sentients living on it).

Either Carmen wouldn't care since it still belonged to the last king of Griffinstone or would make a big spectacle about getting it to make the griffins know.

11664804 11664938

Agreeing that the eagle wings and Bore reference do hint towards the Idol of Boreas, but how does a leaky cup/trophy tie into it? It's an idol and in no way resembles a cup or has holes in it. That is the part that has me stumped.

And if it is it, you can bet that Carman would make a spectacle out of it. Spectacles are her thing and the majority reason on why she does this.

It might mean something else, but the idol is kinda cup/trophy shaped.




While I will be on vacation, I'll see if I could write up the next chapter.

Something I realized: the Idol isn't something you can steal.
I don't mean Carmen couldn't obtain it, rather it's more in a "whosoever obtains me shall be king" status.
On second thought, this is probably even worse for her to pull off than the previous targets.

“Haven’t you guessed it yet? But then again, you always have been too preoccupied with gathering information. However, what you never learned from me is that sometimes the packaging is just as important as the information. That reminds me,” Reaching into her red trenchcoated, she pulled out a dark blue envelope. “You’ll need an oracle to Nyx this clue, Detectives.” She threw the envelope at them as hard as she could, yet given the winds, it flew upwards. “Antío gia tóra, Detectives!”

Capitalized for a Reason?

amoung other things, Nyx is a Greek Goddess, supposedly one of the few that Zeus didn't mess with. by what i could find, Nyx would change all of Creation at will, unless something actually was powerful enough to stop her. that being said, i would say that Luna's crown might be the next target, but i need more data to be sure...

Nyx is, in the MLP sphere, most associated with Past Sins, but there has been no hint to that being canon, so I doubt Nyx refers to a character.

Perhaps it is a red herring to make us think Luna, but it still could be here, Fengári means Moon in greek

Also diadem means crown

Luna's Crown does make sense!

Also "Antío gia tóra" is Greek, so a double connection to Greece

Dear Detectives,

I’ve gone to Fengári’s to get a diadem.

- Love Maria.

Okay, so looking up diadem, supposedly a crown. But who is Maria? And then there's this:

You’ll need an oracle to Nyx this clue, Detectives.” She threw the envelope at them as hard as she could, yet given the winds, it flew upwards. “Antío gia tóra, Detectives!”

Are we looking at Equestria's answer to Rome or Greece?

Maria may not be a person. I had Astronomy in college, and a LUNAR Maria is the youngest part of the Moon's Surface, and Luna is the younger sister...

I haven't seen all of MLP so this next one is lost to me.




Well, I'll be damned, that is correct!

Also, side note, Maria does refer to the Moon - Galileo when he was making his observations had thought that the dark spots on the moon were seas, so he named them after the Latin (or was it Italian?) word for sea - Maria.

So far I'm loving this story and can't wait to see what happens later on, of course I also remember the old game on my computer but I loved the cartoon series and the live action TV show.

Thanks everyone for the answer since this would be one question I wouldn't be able to answer due to not knowing anything of Greece or Astronomy.

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