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Pipp Petals is many things. A princess. A drama queen. A fan of anything paranormal. But most of all, she is an entertainer, and after she and her friends had a spooky adventure renovating the abandoned Canterlogic building in Maretime Bay, she had an idea. Why not livestream a full-scale paranormal investigation? More than that, since they now know where it is, why not hold said investigation in the ruins of Canterlot Castle? It's rumored to be haunted, after all! Oh yeah, this livestream will blow the Pippsqueaks away!

If only Pipp knew the true nature of Canterlot Castle, or the things that still dwell within.

Sometimes, history is better left alone.

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very cool idea... I'm thinking dungeon first


Comment posted by overdue deleted Jun 19th, 2023

alright, best for last, 9 now

And here i was thinking that everyone, including everyone that relies on the sun to survive, was dead
This story had me engaged the whole time

Sunny quickens her pace. This hallway is much thinner than the previous ones, and the light from her flashlight covers both walls, allowing brief glimpses at the stained glass windows. In spite of her previous excitement, Sunny seems much more eager to reach the throne room than she is to look at the stained glass windows. One window depicts Princess Twilight's dragon assistant, Spike, saving the Crystal Empire. Another depicts the defeat of Queen Chrysalis. The next shows Princess Twilight being coronated. The one after that shows Princess Twilight being coronated. The one following that shows Princess Twilight being coronated. A sixth shows Princess Twilight being coronated. The last shows Princess Sunny Starscout being coronated.

A next one, and the next one, and etc.

"...It tastes pretty good. I know I'm not an earth pony, but I don't think it's supposed to taste good."

"W-wow, I probably shouldn't be surprised that it's so dusty in here. It has been thousands of moons since anypony has been in here, after all! Alright, let's get this ghost hunting started!"

"I-I can't do this any more! Pipp! Jazz! Anyone?! My flashlight is out! Please come help me!"


Comment posted by joElecTeen deleted Jun 19th, 2023

"I'm usually pretty good with animals, too. I sure hope there's nothing wrong with them. Maybe they're mad that I'm here?"

"Ugh, Ziiiiiip! Your video quality is terrible! It's all grainy and weird! Besides, you're getting distracted! We have more important matters at hand!"


Misty makes for the handle on the door and, with some effort, manages to pull it open. The old door hangs lower on its hinge than it is supposed to, causing it to scrape along the floor with a loud metallic screeching noise. Once it is open as far as Misty can pull it, she wipes a bit of sweat off of her brow.


No, NOT "it's"--"its" IS the proper form to use, as it's being used as a possessive pronoun, not as a contraction of "it is" or "it has."

Its vs. It's

Oh, and uh... something something purple guy, something something bite of '87, something something it's been so long, yadda yadda yadda haha beat you to it.

Is there a reference to that?

Oh good, everyone survived

Yes. As I suspected the whole time I was reading the story inspiration was taken from the FNAF series, the first three games of which have you playing as a night guard who’s shift is through the early hours of the morning and who switches between different camera feeds to monitor the building you’re in. ‘Purple Guy’ was the fan name for the killer in the series until his identity was revealed as William Afton, who later became Spring Trap. The bite of ‘87 was an important incident in the timeline as it caused Fazbear Entertainment (the company that built the animatronics) to decide that the animatronics could no longer roam around during the day, so they were instead allowed to wonder around the (mostly) empty building at night, placing the life of the night guard you’re playing as in mortal danger. Most information surrounding the bite is inconsistent though, such as whether the victim survived or not, the animatronic involved in the attack and even the year it happened (I’ve seen it also referred to as the bite of ‘83 or ‘85) though most sources seem to agree it took place in ‘87

The Bite of 83 is a separate event from the Bite of 87.

Thx. I'm a noob to these games(even being updating)

Quite a few questions left unanswered, but am interesting story nonetheless. Thank you for the story. :twilightsmile:

You’re welcome.
Thanks for the correction. I haven’t actually played any of the games (and I have no desire to, since I’m not a horror fan) but I have been researching the FNAF lore for a multi book G5 FNAF inspired story I’m planning. Most of said research has been through MatPat’s videos on the timeline, but two close friends of mine who are as big FNAF fans as I am an MLP fan disagree on whether his videos are an accurate source. One of them recommended his videos to me while the other said they were inaccurate

Ooh, encouraging the readers to read out of order, interesting.

"To add to the scary vibe we've got going on, we specifically set up the walkie-talkies so that everypony can only contact me! I can contact any of them whenever I want, but they can't contact anyone but me."

Pipp... :facehoof:
Your friends are going to die now...

Well now, this was a rather haunting read.
The unanswered questions, the suspence, the eeriness of it all.

I especially enjoyed the non linear reading feature, which really lets the reader feel like they're watching the livestream themselves.

The ending however... left something to be desired.

The "everything is suddenly okay" reveal felt rather forced, and the team recap was rather clunky feeling, with rushed explanations.

That's not to say it's a bad story, quite the opposite in fact, it just feels like the ending was an afterthought.

Overall though, quite an enjoyable read.

I sincerely apologize is I sound overly critical, as that's not my intention.

I just wanted to share my honest opinion on this story.

Cheers, and keep up the good work.

I'm guessing Nightmare Moon's spirit was the one screwing with everyone?

Anyways, awesome story! :twilightsmile:

I love everything about this story, the originally high spirits live stream of a paranormal investigation at a spooky abandoned venue, the nonlinear storytelling, accidentally causing eternal night, knocking out all the cameras and leaving 9 isolated for last, not really showing anything, the creepy animals, the unmanned camera standing as an indifferent witness, the successful horror with an E rating. The only thing I'm sad about is that it didn't just end after chapter 10. The name of the story makes me think that was your original intent but then you pulled your punch at the last second.

There seems to be a lot of talk about FNAF in the comments so at the risk of dating myself, I'm going to set the record straight and tell everyone that this story is actually MTV's Fear.

I like the conclusion and how this story ended, though it got repetitive quite fast. Most chapters have the same build up and way of descriptions.
Overall an okay story with promising start and good ending though alsowith quite some skippable scenes.

"Alright Pippsqueaks, here's the game plan. To everypony present, consider this our final review of our plan of attack. We have nine cameras, with one going to each of us. Camera 1 will go to Sunny, who is going to investigate the throne room. Camera 2 will go to Izzy, who volunteered to check out the kitchen. Camera 3 will go to Rocky, who is probably the only pony here willing to go to the library and not get distracted by all the books. Not to worry all you history fans, we'll be back another day during the daytime for a more 'archaeological' approach to exploring the castle. Camera 4 will go to Hitch, who is going to explore the gardens around back. Camera 5 will be Zipp's, and she'll be checking out the bedchambers that used to belong to the princesses. Camera 6 is Misty's, and she's the brave soul going into the dungeons! Camera 7 is Jazz's, and she's going to act as our auxiliary explorer, weaving in and out of the different areas based on what we experience during the night. Camera 8 is going to be a stationary camera, and I'm going to double back and set it up right outside the entryway. You know, just in case. Finally, Camera 9 belongs to me. I'll be right here in the entrance hall all night with all of our equipment, maintaining the livestream and watching over all of you through the cameras and audio equipment we brought with us! Does everypony have their designated flashlights, walkie-talkies, and cameras?"


Okay...… Seems that there's some really weird sh*{ guarding the castle. Ruling out anything paranormal that doesn't quite fit with Equestria's magic, there's definitely at least two sets of illusion spells (one on the kitchen, one on the Throne Room & the Chamber leading to it), some sort of transmogrification if the sticky stuff in the library is anything to go by, & some extra kooky space-time-warping magics occurring if the hallways, Sunny finding three-or-four stained glass windows of Twilight's Coronation followed by one depicting her own!!!!

"This is it Pippsqueaks, we are about to be the first ponies in decades to see the inside of this castle!"

Minor nitpick: If the castle is really in such a state of disarray, it's probably been longer than decades. Centuries, maybe.

I agree, but until we're given a canon number of years between G4 and G5, I'm playing it safe with the terminology I'm using, haha!

The last shows Princess Sunny Starscout being coronated.

Wait, what?!

Wait a min...
It seems they forgot to unloop this part
...no wait THATS REAL!

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