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Another year, another miserable holiday season for Misty and Opaline. However, once Misty mentions a certain jolly pony with a belly full of jelly, it might just change things forever.

Featured on Christmas Day 2023!

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Well put together!

“Hello, I’d like to return this bear trap,” Misty said to the salespony.

I wanted to make a dark joke about why a pony store would be selling bear traps and harpoons (to hunt bears and whales), but I think it'd be abit too dark for a semi-comedic story like this one.

Nice story and it does make sense that Misty doesn’t know that Santa is just a story.

I get that this is just a short fic, but I wonder if Pipp would have noticed the slap, and maybe commented on it, if it would get her away from Opaline sooner. I would have liked to seen Misty together for Winter Wishday with her friends. I'd imagine Misty would 'forget' the snow globe at the Brighthouse, knowing Opaline wouldn't approve.

And Opaline of course

“Misty!” Pipp repeated before grabbing her. It was something that Misty had learned the hard way: all of her new… well, Opaline used the term “mortal enemies” but that didn’t quite sit right with her. All of her new… ponies of interest were all notorious huggers.

Doesn't that apply to most ponies?
It's probably a pony thing, just like solving every problem with songs, friendship, and songs about friendship.

Misty took the object from Pipp and looked at it. It was a small snow globe with a simple lighthouse inside.
“You… you bought this for me.”


Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Alternative ending:
After Santa fails to show up Opaline eventually hears Santa only visits ponies which had been nice thorough the year.
To lure him in she decides to be a nice, good pony from now on!

Edit: typo had been fixed by author.

Oh, she'd be back on the naughty list by New Years. Also I fixed the typo.

“I mean, if you’re free right now, that is.”

Gah, you did that on purpose didn't you?

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