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The relationship that never was.


Although magic has been returned to Equestria, the Mane 5 are still curious about its origins. Discord tells them that if they want to know more, they have to look for someone who predates even Equestria itself. This leads them to discovering about Megan Williams, who had recently returned to Equestria not that long ago after her last time being there. Will this former savior be able to make friends with three generations of ponies or did she have enough? This is a crossover between G1 and G5

Cover Art: Squipy-Cheetah

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It was sort inevitable that there was going to be a Megan fic with G5 ponies.

Megan is a good throw back to when it all started and she's a good tool to use to bridge other humans in equestria. I'm leaning towards a human shows up and is puzzlesld by humans are seen as a myth but revered at the same time. Sort of how we see unicorns as a myth.

Thus story was nice to read btw. Thumbs up.

This was created as a bonus to the fanfics I have already done. I'm not sure if my next fanfics could be at this time. If I can't think of any others to continue the series I'm doing, they will probably be a standalone with no relation to what I just did. For anyone who had read my first fanfic, Megan isn't really some myth or legend, but more someone that time forgot and was only brought back after being rediscovered by accident.

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