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Reviving the Past - TalB

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Being Recognized Again

As the Mane 5 brought Megan into town, the showed her were some of them worked. For Sunny, it was a smoothie stand that she owned. Pipp showed her Mane Melody where she was known for being a hair stylist. Last but not least, Hitch and Zipp showed Megan the police station where he was a sheriff while she was a detective.

After seeing Martime Bay, Megan became surprised and said, "Maretime Bay looks a lot more modern than what I have seen in Ponyville or even Canterlot when I last came to Equestria."

Pipp stated, "If you think Maratime Bay is something, you should check out Zephyr Heights were me and Zipp are from."

Izzy added, "I originally came from Bridlewood, though it's not much compared to those two places."

Megan noted, "I will consider seeing those places should I return in the near future."

Zipp mentioned, "I'm sure our mother, Queen Haven, would love to meet you at some point as would her pet Cloudpuff."

Sunny then asked Megan, "Do you still carry that locket that contains the Rainbow of Light?"

Megan showed the locket and answered, "It has been with me for the last couple of years or thousands of years according to your time."

"That's good to hear from you" replied Sunny.

"This calls for a live event!" stated Pipp.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Megan.

"She thinks that it you give a display of the Rainbow of Light, the ponies will know you better." answered Sunny.

"I see." replied Megan.

Pipp started to make a big announcement, "Everypony, I would like to introduce you all to Megan Williams who is both the savior of Pony Land and the keeper of the Rainbow of Light."

Megan then noticed a yellow earth pony that looked familiar to her and even had a green bow that almost made her feel as if she saw someone she once knew.

Megan mentioned to that said pony, "You sort of remind of me of Posey, who used to remember when I originally came to what was known as Pony Land."

The pony then identified herself and responded with a couple of complaints, "First of all, I don't know how you name, which is Posey Bloom. Next, I have never seen anyone like you before let alone a creature such as yourself. More importantly, I have no idea what is this Pony Land you speak of."

Sunny stated to Posey, "Don't take it personally, Posey. Your appearance just reminded Megan of a pony that she once knew a long time ago. A similar thing happened when she last came to Equestria and met Twilight and her friends otherwise known as the Mane 6 as she calls them, and they happened to be descendants of ponies that she once knew."

"Who's Megan again?" asked Posey.

"The creature that just talked to you" answered Sunny.

"She looks very strange." stated Posey.

"That is because I'm a human who comes from a place known as Earth." replied Megan.

After getting through that conversation Megan was ready to open up the locket and bring out the Rainbow of Light and show the new ponies what it was like. Many of them were impressed to see that said rainbow as it went around the sky. As the display went on, a blue unicorn known as Misty Brightdawn, wandered away from the crowd when she heard Opaline call her on her medallion that she has around her neck. Megan was a little curious to why that pony left the crowd in the middle of the show but was told by the Mane 5 not to worry about that. After it all ended, Megan returned the rainbow to the locket and wanted to know more about that unicorn that left the crowd.

"Do you know who that unicorn that left in the middle of the show is?" asked Megan.

"Her name is Misty, though she can be shy at times." answered Izzy.

"Why is that case for her? as Megan continued to ask.

"It's not clear why she is like that, but knowing that unicorn, she is usually not the social type." replied Sunny.

"Maybe I can talk to her, because the last time I was in Equestria, I was able to help some ponies that had problems when it didn't involve adventures." stated Megan.

Zipp mentioned, "I sort of feel that Misty is a lost cause."

Megan replied, "I don't believe there is anything as a lost cause unless you believe in it."

Meanwhile, Misty got to a deserted area and opened her locket to talk to Opaline and asked, "What do you want Opaline?"

Opaline answered, "I would like to know what has been going on with Sunny and her friends."

Misty mentioned, "I saw them with some strange creature in the middle of Maretime Bay putting on a show involving some rainbow."

Now with interest Opaline asked, "I would like to more about this strange creature who was with as well as its name assuming you heard it."

"The creature they were with is said to be something called a human and goes by the name of Megan Williams, but I didn't catch anything else about that said creature." replied Misty.

"Did you just say Megan Williams?" asked Opaline starting to feel as she has heard of her before.

Misty then asked in response, "Have you heard of this creature before?"

A flashback then occurred on Opaline when she remembered when Twilight brought up Megan to her.

"One creature you should never forget is Megan Williams." mentioned Twilight.

"What makes her so special?" asked Opaline.

"Besides being a special friend to me and my group, she is also the savior of Pony Land and the keeper of the Rainbow of Light, plus it was because of my rediscovery of her legacy that made her known once again." replied Twilight.

Opaline continued to ask, "What do you mean by that?"

Twilight explained, "It was that time I wandered through the Canterlot Library and accidentally stepped on a panel that opened up a portrait of Celestia that revealed a book that chronicled her time from when she was last here."

Opaline claimed, "That still doesn't explain why this creature was so special to you."

Twilight continued to explain, "It was more than just who she was, it was more of having a special attachment to her as if it was our destiny to meet with her."

"In what way?" asked Opaline.

"When I first got that book, it made me feel curious to who she was and why the book about her was hidden. I then decided to take it back with me. The rest of my friends joined me as I looked through the book to find out about ponies that Megan was with only to be similar to us. We then decided to go meet Celestia and Luna only to find out that we were descendants of ponies that she once knew. From that point on, it was clear that we had to bring her back to Equestria as our destinies became intertwined with hers." answered Twilight.

After remembering that moment, she came back to the present with Misty wondering if mentioning Megan did something to her.

"Are you alright, Opaline?" asked Misty.

"I'm fine!" shouted Opaline.

Misty continued to ask, "What exactly do you want me to do?"

Opaline answered, "I want to you to get Megan by whatever means you can."

As the conversation with Opaline concluded, Misty then went back into the town center to try to get Megan by herself.

Misty approached Megan and said, "I'm sorry that I left in the middle of your show, but I would like to talk to you alone."

Megan mentioned to her, "I don't see why you can't talk to me right here right now."

Misty stated, "This is just something I want to share with you in private."

The rest of the Mane 5 allowed for Megan to go off with Misty.

Misty opened her medallion to show Opaline who said, "Megan Williams, I presume."

Megan asked, "How do you know my name?"

Opaline answered, "I know quite a lot about you from Twilight Sparkle, and my name is Opaline, a student who had her as a mentor."

"I find this very interesting because this is the first time, I'm hearing about you. For some reason, Twilight has never mentioned you to me once, and I have kept in touch with her from time to time even after I stopped coming to Equestria for a while. More importantly, it's very interesting to see another alicorn after the ones that I have already met before along with Sunny, who can only become one temporarily" replied Megan.

"Just like the ponies before, even Twilight has a history of keeping such secrets, and I even know that famous battle that caused the destruction of Pony Land that you didn't even know about until you returned to Equestria with her, which surprised me too why you weren't even arrested for desertion for not being in the ponies when they needed the most despite being the savior of Pony Land and the keeper of the Rainbow of Light." stated Opaline.

"I later found out it was because the original ponies saw there wasn't anything I could have done to stop Grogar. Having me show up would have just been placing me into harm's way, and they would never ask me to make a sacrifice for them. Even after hearing that, I did feel bad for those ponies as the more current ponies at that time understood my reaction after hearing that. However, I wasn't seen as a deserter, because I never knew about it originally to which no crime can be charged to me for that. Nonetheless, I did help those said ponies defeat Grogar when he came back and was even knighted by Twilight along with my siblings Danny and Molly afterwards along with her coronation." replied Megan.

Opaline mentioned, "Despite all of that, I will promise that if you side with me, I won't keep any secrets from you unlike what other ponies have done to you in the past."

Megan then stated, "I still don't see why I should side with you"

Opaline claimed, "At least I know who you are unlike so many of the other ponies right now who have seemed to have forgotten about you."

Megan replied, "That might be true, but I still want to know why you want me to be with you."

Opaline noted, "With the Rainbow of Light we can do a lot of things to help make Equestria better."

Misty then interrupted the conversation and asked, "With her around, wouldn't that mean that you won't be needing me anymore?"

Megan added, "I would also like to know what would happen to Misty if I said yes to this."

Opaline, stated, "Misty will still be important, but in a different way."

Megan mentioned, "I really don't want to usurp anyone here, but for some reason I'm sort of iffy on siding with you."

Before Opaline could go any further, the Mane 5 was feeling worried about how long Megan was with Misty and decided to go find her, which caused Misty to immediately flee the scene.

Sunny said, "You have been gone for quite some time Megan."

Megan noted, "Misty introduced me to an alicorn known as Opaline, but I would like to know more about her."

Sunny claimed, "I'm very familiar with this alicorn you mentioned, and you should watch for what she is saying to you."

Megan asked, "Why's that?"

Sunny answered, "She is known for giving manipulations to get those who are gullible enough to take her side."

Megan stated, "For some reason Opaline knew about me through Twilight. However, I never recalled Twilight mentioning her once despite keeping up with her through a similar notebook that she gave Sunset Shimmer. Do you know why she kept Opaline a secret?"

Sunny replied, "In all honesty, we don't know why Twilight kept that from you, but we do know that Opaline had a bad past with her attitude towards other ponies such as Fluttershy after what she did to her in public one time as well as trying to turn on Twilight and take over Equestria, but Twilight stopped her by taking part of her alicorn magic from, though that didn't make her any less of a threat."

Megan noted, "Now that I know a little more about her, I can probably see why that's the case."

Sunny then stated, "It's probably time I start taking you back home."

Megan replied, "That would be nice, but I feel that even ponies remind me of ponies I have met previously."

Sunny asked, "How's that?"

Megan answered, "Sunny Starscout, your ability to bring back magic to Equestria reminds me of Twilight Sparkle."

Sunny noted, "I never thought about that."

Megan looked at Izzy and said, "Izzy Moonbow, seeing that you like to have parties at times makes me think of Pinkie Pie."

Izzy replied, "Maybe there is something I share with those ponies."

After that, Megan looked as Zipp and stated, "Zipp Storm, seeing how sometimes like to have an attitude reminds me of Rainbow Dash."

Zipp thought, "That's an interesting observation."

Next, Megan turned to Pipp and brought up, "Pipp Petals, seeing that you are fashion diva, I almost thought I was looking at Rarity."

Pipp acknowledged, "I will take that as a compliment."

Finally, Megan looked to Hitch and claimed, "Hitch Trailblazer, your dedication to the group reminded me of Applejack."

Hitch thought, "That's the first time I have heard about that."

Before Megan was ready to go, she then thought of something, "I feel that your group should also get a name, so I will call you the Mane 5."

Sunny replied, "That name has a nice ring to it."

After mentioning all of that, Sunny once again sprouted her wings and horn and flew Megan back home over the Rainbow Bridge as the very girl was happy to make friends with three generations of ponies.

Comments ( 6 )

It was sort inevitable that there was going to be a Megan fic with G5 ponies.

Megan is a good throw back to when it all started and she's a good tool to use to bridge other humans in equestria. I'm leaning towards a human shows up and is puzzlesld by humans are seen as a myth but revered at the same time. Sort of how we see unicorns as a myth.

Thus story was nice to read btw. Thumbs up.

This was created as a bonus to the fanfics I have already done. I'm not sure if my next fanfics could be at this time. If I can't think of any others to continue the series I'm doing, they will probably be a standalone with no relation to what I just did. For anyone who had read my first fanfic, Megan isn't really some myth or legend, but more someone that time forgot and was only brought back after being rediscovered by accident.

Is this the same Megan that appeared in those youtube videos like her vs Princess Dark Matter or an all grown up Megan or something? I'm just curious at this point.

It's the Megan that was originally part of G1 but is a little bit older than when she was on the show, though I think the one from Princess Dark Matter might also be that same one as well.

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