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This story is a sequel to Equestria: A New Generation

Sunset now joined the new generation ponies as she taught them more about the magic of friendship as they enjoyed their time together, while also seeing how much Equestria developed now that the magic and the magic of friendship returned. And now Sunset helps carried on Twilight's legacy now that Equestria needs to recovered what is lost while also trying to figure out how it came to be and what happened to Twilight and her friends while enjoying time with Sunny and her friends along the way.

To keep in mind, this is a side story that takes place after the movie of MLP: A New Generation, but also in between the Make Your Mark series so this story take place between them.

(Note: the inspiration goes to Phantom-Dragon since he came up with the idea from his last story Equestria: A new generation, so give credit for him for this inspiration)

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Not bad, very good.

Thanks, I have to make it base on Phantom Dragon story and well, in that storyline, the Lighthouse wasn't destroyed and you know the rest.

Zipp Storm: The Pegasus Princess who is a little rebellious and doesn’t like lying to her own kind, but always wanting what’s best for them and helping other ponies, reminds me of Rainbow Dash and her royalty. Royalty should be "Loyalty".

The Earth Pony/Alicorn who heard tales of Twilight and her friends from her father, who still believe that the three tripe can be friends. Tripes should be "tribes".

Zipp rolled her eyes with a smile at her little sister's antics. “As long as you're happy and not lian to them, I’m okay with that.” she stated as her sister smiled at her. "Lian" should be "lying".

I hope this helps you with the spelling errors that I have spotted for you.

We got a problem a here.
Ive been planning this myself for while..... what do i do now?

wait.....are you friends with the author of the other story?

Thanks very much for getting the prologue to this story series up. Certainly appreciated Sunset's reflections on how Sunny and her friends remind her so much of Twilight and the others that it is probable that they are among the descendants of the original Mane 6. Also really liked Zipp teaching Sunset and Sunny to fly, which is really good foreshadowing to "Zipp Gets Her Wings" which is, thus far, the best of the "Tell Your Tale" shorts. And, also enjoyed the gang getting ready to do some appropriate remodeling for the lighthouse.

Since the human versions of the original Mane 6 are still around (due to the time differences between the human world and Equestria), I wonder if Sci-Twi and the others will drop in once in a while to pay Sunset a few visits/help the new Mane 6 with particularly big adventures. And, if they do, could you just imagine the fangirl geek-outs on Sunny's part.

Or, given the multiverse is semi-canon in this franchise anyway, I also wonder if Sunny and her friends could end up sharing an adventure or two with alternate versions of the original Mane 6 (i.e. Twilight as an Earth pony as well as an inventor, a Pegasus version of Pinkie Pie, a unicorn version of Fluttershy, a more "urban south" version of Applejack, etc.) as references to the original plans for G5.

But that is just thoughts for later and more likely to be wrong than right anyway.


Well, there's still the upcoming "Make Your Mark" series (which is probably going to be more detailed and bigger stakes than "Tell Your Tale"), :-D Heck, Sci-Twi and the others might even drop in on those in this universe (given the massive time difference between the human world and Equestria) to pay Sunset a visit.

Well yeah but if it makes you feel better, you can still make the tell your tale story in your version, this is just my version but I’m still working on things, I’m know phantom dragon but I am doing my best, you can still work on your story on tell your tales, if that makes you feel better.

And too be fair this is my first story on this website so sorry and cut me a break.

Well your welcome and thanks for the compliments, with how equestria is now I figure I make sure it’s on the same timeline, and fyi, the crystal bright house in Make Your Mark been finished since tell your tales takes place between the new generation movie and make your mark, so yeah,

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Thanks for pointing that out. I keep misspelling the word tribes every time but thanks

You're welcome, I'm happy to help.

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No problem, always being helpful for you.

Zipp rolled her eyes with a smile at her little sister's antics. “As long as you're happy and not lian to them, I’m okay with that.” she stated as her sister smiled at her.


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Thanks for the correction

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You're welcome, happy to be a great helper

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This is a pretty interesting start of a story it looks like everything is pretty good and seen sunny and the others hanging out after all the craziness but happening since the events of the movie alongside with Sunset Shimmer and it's always nice to add and her into the mix and it's always been an interesting theory about Equestria Girl aka the human world and Equestria how the time flows differently kind of reminds me of Chronicles of Narnia at least a later sequels but anyway Sunset decided to stay with them and try to figure out what really happened to Equestria why did it happen and what happened to the other creatures like the Griffin's hippogryphs changelings Yaks dragons Kirins and other creatures well whatever happens I'm sure Sunset and her new friends we'll figure this thing out can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Great compliment you gave me there and glad you like it. And I’m still working on the next chapter but it’s gonna be a while and with the rate of this series coming up every unexpected time, I think I need help with the scenes and line in order to catch up

Good to know we're on good on terms.
My story and lore will be very different as well for 2 or 3 finallies and I'll take the story progression slow

Just wanted to make sure there wont be any problems.
Good luck:trollestia:

No problems at all, I just love to write and to be fair, I’m a lot behind because the tell your tales shorts keep popping up, and I’m not sure if I can get all the action and scenes right.

Our differences will be

Mine: Sunset trying to settle in her new life with new friends and try to restore/spread while also trying to find inner peace

yours: Sunsetbas the new princess of friendship is with a new generation of friends as she tries to restore Twilight's legacy and to figure out what happened.

like i said, i'll take it SLOW😇

Comment posted by FriendshipIsStillMagic deleted May 5th

Good call and true, gotta take it slow, and looking forward to your side of the story

We both have a lot of catching up to do.
6 episodes with some custom chapters

( why is mine taking so long to get public?)

(Id very much like the Friendship festival to return, or Friendship reunion festival?)

I think for G5, it would be the Friendship Reunion Festival because, well, you know, a new generation

You're welcome, happy to be a great editor for you

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You're welcome, always being helpful for you.

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Okay I appreciate the spelling corrections but do you have to keep going. It’s a little too much don’t you think, for one chapter

Well, yes. I didn't mean to stress you out, I could've just put them in one post. I should've just stop and let you have a break.

Yeah will that’s okay I already fix those you sent me when I edited them correctly

Thanks. I just got too swepted up of all that editing that I forgot to stop myself. I need to stop and think for a minute before I post them to you.

Yeah just remember to think before you do, take some time and then go for it

Okay, I'll try to remember that. Thanks for letting me know and it felt better for me to talked to you. I think my stress has vanished inside me now.

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