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It's a fun romp, going from the 'past' into this new future that has been made, with old faces in new places. Rather enjoy that Adagio and Sunset can get the chance to connect over bashing someone's brains in.

“Welcome! Slow night, so grab any seat and I’ll be right with you.” She might’ve been flashing a smile, but I didn’t need to probe her mind to feel that she was lying through her teeth.

i can't imagine anything more awful for Adagio than having to be a waitress to make ends meet. poor Adagio!

And don’t burn my bacon, please.

bacon for bacon hair!

“You looking for Aria?” The bartender, some skinny bachelor with a puke-green mohawk, tapped us both on the shoulder. He pointed to Adagio. “You must be the sister. Yeah, she complains about you all the time.”

so true!

“He’s going after magic,” I told her. “From what I've seen, magic tends to find girls more often. And if this is what it does to guys, I hope it stays that way.”

well, that is a fascinating thought! never realized until now that yeah, there are no male characters that ever had access to magic powers on that show

Twilight described it like playing Simon Says. Whatever my gemstone did with magic, we’d do with an AI chip and sets of electrodes on his brain.

that is neat! reminds me of how brain interfaces work currently, since we as of yet have absolutely no idea how the brain works internally in its details, and can only record what areas light up when thinking about certain things

“Until we get the hospital bill,” she muttered to herself.

nice callback to the lack of universal healthcare!

well, that was certainly a very genre thriller! really felt like the pilot of a gritty serial killer chasing detective TV show à la Dead Girl Town, which isn't really my cup of tea, but making the main character an older Sunset Shimmer covering up for the unintended consequences of Sci-Twi's ill-advised magical experiments definitely ups the appeal to me at least. i liked the bits here recontextualizing the magic in the Equestria Girls series (recreating the Empathy Stone and pony longevity, magic not working well with male hosts), and banter between Sunset and the Sirens is always fun. thanks for writing!

Well, now I know Sci Twi never stopped being a villain. She just did a better job of hiding Midnight and making better excuses for being a deranged lunatic.

Thanks! I enjoyed hearing your thoughts and I'm glad you felt the vibe of it.

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