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The Cutie Map summons Luna on her first friendship mission, and she's doubly excited to learn she'll be going with her girlfriend, Fluttershy. The only hitch is that it seems to be sending them to another world entirely. Some place called... Hell, was it?

This story was written as a special thank you to my followers – all 666 of you, as of posting!

Additional thanks go to thedarkrep and Eddie Grammar for proofreading!
Cover art by the absolutely amazing Overlordneon :yay:

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Hey I live just a 30 minute's drive from Hell XP

It is quite lovely there this time of year :raritywink:

Ooh, Lunashy. Never thought of that one.

It's barely started and it's already so good~

Lunashy has been a favorite of mine since I started reading fanfic. But then, I ship every mare with Fluttershy lol

Thank you, I'm really glad you're enjoying it!

All the characters casually referring to one or another going to hell is weird. Usually it’d be an insult but here it’s just a fact that they’re going to hell.

I'm curious as to what you'll implement into this story? The Ars Goetia? The Seven Princes? Tortured souls of the damned? So many things to explore in the Inferno! I bet this is going to be something like Dante and Virgil's trip through the rings of Hell. Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!

Inspired at all by JoeShogun's Nine Days Down here on fimfic?

If not, I highly recommend it. Seems like a similar premise. Celestia, Twilight, and Tartarus though.






About halfway through the course of my life I had found myself in a stupor in a dark, unfamilar place.

And they were also horse. I can't decide if I need more wine or less

Pretty sure that's the joke. They all realize that they'll never be able to say this to Luna's face ever again.

I think some people might be genuinely surprised to discover how closely the tenets of TST align with the tone and message of MLP.

But very exciting premise, and I can't wait for more!

That's just wrong.

To everyone, thank you for reading, commenting, favoriting, upvoting, and all that stuff! I'm very pleased with the reception of this fic, as I had expected a lot more haters down here. It's nice to see (for the most part) this is going over pretty smoothly :twilightsmile:

lol I admit I had a bit of fun with that :twilightsheepish:

I tried to read the Inferno because it's very obviously relavent to my interests, but I never got very far into it. The language in the book (or at least in the translation I was reading) was just kinda hard to get through. Maybe I should pick it up again sometime. As for what's to come, I won't say too much except that this will not feature tortured souls of the damned. Within the context of this story, Hell is a place where demons live, not a place of punishment. A major difference between my Hell and Dante's is that Dante was a Christian, and I'm a Satanist. I enjoy stories about the Judeo-Christian Hell very much, but it's not the way I'd choose to depict it personally.

I haven't heard of this fic, but I've added it to my RiL shelf to check out. Seems like a good story from a quick glance. I don't have a solid source of inspiration here; I saw I was getting close to 666 followers and thought it'd be funny to write a story about ponies in Hell. Then as I started workshopping the ideas for the fic, it stopped being funny and started being something I was treating seriously. You can see a bit of the leftover humor in this chapter, just in the tongue-in-cheek nature of the ponies talking about going to Hell. I've never been a comedy writer anyway, so I thought it would be cool to treat it a little more like an episode of the show.

I agree, and in general of course I view the tenants as a good set of morals. I am not doing it for this fic because I've already planned the story out, but it would be amusing to do a story where every chapter had a moral lesson, like the show, but each lesson corresponded to one of the seven tenants. Could be almost indistinguishable from the show lol


.....gotta say, while I didn't expect this, somehow this feels completely on-brand even without knowing that little personal tidbit you shared with us.

Haha that actually really pleases me to hear, that this story feels like me even if you don't know about my beliefs :ajsmug:


They are in for quite a ride.

Love those goats on the cover and remind me of like this little guy from World of Warcraft static.wikia.nocookie.net/wowpedia/images/7/7f/Baa%27l.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/192?cb=20180822012149

They really are haha

Not sure if this is so much a spoiler since it'll be revealed early next chapter, but I'll spoiler tag it in case. If you're curious as to the identity of the demons on the cover, the white goat on the left is Baphomet, the primary demon of The Satanic Temple (while they're not the son of Satan, think of them as the equivalent of Jesus where they're not the actual God figure but they're the focal point to the religion), and the red alicorn is Satan, who I assume needs no introduction. I told the artist, Overlordneon, that she pretty much had free reign to design them, so I can't take credit for their appearances. My only stipulations were that the one on the left had to be very much a goat, and the one on the right a red and black alicorn edgelord, and that they both had to fit into the MLP design. Being a huge fan of demons (her sona is a sheep demon, actually), she was delighted with the challenge and came up with some great ideas, like giving the alicorn extra limbs, horns, and eyes.

Lol sorry for the rambles there, the cover is just one of my favorite aspects of this story, and I'm beside myself with how much I adore Neon's art here :raritystarry:

Interesting, can't wait to read more of it.

Thank you! Been a bit distracted from writing but will hopefully come back to this soon!

Don't worry, take your time ^^

I know no one asked, I'm aware not many care, and I can see that that little bit at the end was some humor, but this is a comment section, and I just want to say something I feel compelled to say.

Anyone who says you make Jesus cry is not a real Christian, anyone who says you will burn is not truly a Christian, because when they say these things they are neglecting the truth of Christianity, which is to be as much as Jesus Christ as possible, in his behavior and in compassion. This is not meant to "convert" anyone, this is just a reminder that these people who belittle you and say you are unworthy are wrong and in reality show that they are the true sinner. Jesus ate with the low class, kept company with prostitutes, and showed compassion to the outcast. He also pulled out a whip on the hypocritical and greedy sacks of meat that were the Pharisees(high priests) and rich businessmen they blatantly showed no respect for the religion they claimed to be a part of so feel free to call out these hypocrites :)

In short, God loves the sinner but hates sin itself, so any "Cristian" who shows hate for you is wrongggggg! Love yourself and don't worry about the others too much as they will get what they are due... Eventually...

(I hope that whatever anyone reading this is going through gets better, and I hope that at the very least you can feel better about yourself. Good night!)

I want to be clear in case I gave a wrong impression, I've got nothing against Christianity or Christians in the slightest. I'm all for anyone to practice the beliefs they want to practice. I have a problem with converting religions, like the kind that go door to door to convert people, but like... short of that I'm not opposed to religion itself. I do have a problem with people who use their religion as an excuse to be shitty to others, but like you say, that is not being a true Christian. I have actually got quite a high opinion of Jesus and people who truly live by his teachings and examples, and my little joke in the author's note was not directed at people like that.

As for the joke, it was a reaction to the fake Christians that I've often had to deal with (some of whom are even part of my extended family). As an openly queer woman, I've had seen a lot of pushback against myself and other people like me. I was in a tongue-in-cheek way trying to say to people that I don't care if they think I'm a sinner for writing a story like this or for having the beliefs that I have, I did not mean to target it at all Christians though.

I'm glad to say that this story really didn't get the hate that I anticipated it would get. People here are maybe more open minded than I give them credit for, or I'm just fortunate in the response. But in any event, I agree with and appreciate your comment!

I never read the joke as hate against Christians (I know who that joke is for) but thanks for the reply and clarification! I realize that I forgot to leave an actual comment about the story so I'll just leave this with a word of encouragement.

Your writing is amazing and flows wonderfully, I can't wait to see what happens next! I hope you have a great day and that you can enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading :) Also, that cover art is STUNNING kudos to the creator.

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