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Twilight's Final Salvo - iAmSiNnEr

The villains team up to take Twilight down, once and for all. Too bad she's already experienced with this sort of thing.

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The Final Chapter

“I’m back. Now, let’s see who I can gather to conquer Equestria once more…” An evil laugh filled the cave, as the shadow of a large ram was cast on the wall from the fire.

Twilight’s Final Salvo

By iAmSiNnEr

“Lord Tirek,” Chrysalis greeted once she regained her bearings. “How...nice to meet you.”

“What do you want from me?” Tirek snapped. “I assume you have a reason for summoning me.”

“I didn’t summon you,” Chrysalis sounded bored. “I appeared in this...rather forlorn cave, just like you. I’d like to meet whoever has the magic to teleport both of us here without our consent.”

“A centaur and a changeling,” a voice hissed from the shadows in one of the tunnels. “Just my luck. Just when I thought I was finally free from the bucking time stream, I was teleported to some kind of posse meeting.”

“Show yourself, dear,” Chrysalis examined her hoof. It was charred black, blacker than usual, a reminder of her greatest enemy. “I’d hate to kill someone that could be a potential ally.”

An indigo-maned unicorn stepped out of the shadows, her scowl evident. “Why have you teleported me here?” Starlight Glimmer demanded. “I was on the brink of my revenge against Twilight Sparkle!”

“How coincidental,” a deep voice drawled as shadows pooled to form a unicorn clad in silver armor. “I was on my way to do so, too.” Sombra grinned. “It looks like we have a common enemy.”

“Same here!” a high-pitched filly chipped in. “She sabotaged my spell and my grand plan!” Cozy Glow grinned. “Golly, what a coincidence!”

“Enemy, schmoosh,” Discord popped into existence. “Seriously, you thought I wouldn’t notice all of you escaping your prisons at the same time? What kinda team up is this?”

“Discord,” Tirek snarled, “You’ll pay for assisting Sparkle to defeat me!” He breathed in deeply, before his horns lit up. Discord shook his head.

“Not this time, two-horns,” Discord snapped his fingers, and a cage appeared around Tirek, causing him to bang his head against the bars, canceling his spell. “I learnt my lesson from the last time.”

“Are you insane?” Chrysalis hissed to Tirek. “He’s the Lord of Chaos! What makes you think you can take him on?!”

“I did it once, I’ll do it again,” Tirek growled. “I was suffering for a year and a half because of Sparkle! They threw my burnt and broken body in Tartarus, and I almost died! It was only because of Tartarus’s potent healing and the immortality it grants you while in there that kept me alive!”

“Did you say Sparkle?” Chrysalis’s face twisted into one of hatred. “Her death could not come sooner for me. Her spell made me writhe in pain in their dungeons for hours, my skin burning! Only the mercy,” she spat the word with disgust. “Of the Sun Princess saved my life!”

“Now, now,” Discord sounded disappointed. “Sparkle’s a dear friend of mine. Do you really think I’d let you team up and go after her?”

“We’re not teaming up,” Starlight snarled, her horn lighting up in a crescendo of power. “I was teleported here by force!”

Discord blinked. “I didn’t do that. I’m pretty sure that was only supposed to happen a year later when I enact my plan to-” he looked deep in thought as he trailed off. “Ah. I see.”

Tirek squeezed through the bars, his thin frame allowing him to do so. “Buck off, Discord,” he growled. “I may not be able to take you now, but I will do so when I have enough magic.”

"Gentlecolts and fillies," Discord smoothly said. "I'm sure you're all overreacting-" he yelped as a magic bolt flew over his head. "What was that for?!"

"Of course you'd say that," Chrysalis sneered. "You're buddies with Sparkle now!"

"You know," Discord grinned. "I could capture you all right now. But I won't. I want to see the expression on your faces when none of you can beat her, when you team up against her. I wish you good luck. You're gonna need it."

“What?” Discord protested as he saw all of them advance upon him with glares on their faces. All of their horns lit up at the same time, and he recognized the spell building on their horns. “I suppose I shouldn’t have mentioned Sparkle.”

They blew him up.

“Now,” Chrysalis glanced around the room. “To order. If none of you summoned us here, then who did?”

“I did,” a commanding voice answered as a blue-colored goat stepped out of the shadows and onto a ledge above them. His horns were impressively big, curled backward.

“You.” Tirek sounded awed as he looked upon the ram.

“Me,” The ram agreed. “I brought you all here so that we could conquer Equestria. Sparkle and her friends are a menace, Sparkle even more so. All of you have a common enemy,” an orb levitated out onto the table. “Twilight Sparkle.” The orb flashed as an image of the lavender alicorn laughing was cast onto it.

Tirek snarled at that image, and the rest all had looks of hatred on them.

“She trapped me in the bucking time stream!” Starlight yelled. “She blew up the damned spell, and also took everything away from me. My town, my life! I was stuck in the past for four years because of her!”

“She blew me up!” Chrysalis snarled. “I was on the brink of my victory! Then she bucking just blew me up and destroyed my plans! Now my army of changelings are do-gooders, reformed by her and her friends!”

“She set traps for me beside the Crystal Heart,” Sombra recalled. “I was thrown to the wisps, barely alive as a sliver of shadow in the Frozen North.”

“Twilight Sparkle sabotaged my magic-stealing spell!” Cozy chirped. “I’ll do anything to defeat her! The spell blew up in my face!” she gestured at the burn scars on her face.

“You all have a mutual enemy,” Grogar grinned. “And together, you will take her down. Once that is done,” he threw his head back and did the evil villain laugh. “We’ll rule Equestria!”

Two Months Later

“Grogar, eh?” Twilight observed the spinning picture. “Equestria-destroying level threat? Why’d you wait two months to tell us? We could’ve prevented the Sombra attack.”

“Yep, and I needed intel,” Discord nodded. “What are your plans?”

“Oh, I’ve got one,” Twilight winked, before looking at her fellow princesses. “I know I promised not to blow anything up. But this one is a seriously evil villain. You gotta let me have this one.”

“For once,” Cadence shifted uncomfortably. “I am fine with it. All the villains you’ve defeated before have escaped from their prisons, assisted by this Grogar. And according to what you said, Discord, he has his bell. We can’t take any chances.”

“No, absolutely not,” Celestia snapped. “We’re not blowing anything up!”

“Oh, come on, sister,” Luna pouted. “It’d be fun! And we’d take down every villain at the same time, once and for all! Twilight went easy on them, which is why they’re still around to cause havoc.”

“Not only that,” Twilight added. “I need you three’s help too. Luna knows my spells, so she’ll be with me. But Princess Celestia, Cadence, you two don’t want to have anything to do with this, right?”

“That is correct,” Cadence nodded. “Even if they are evil, I hate the idea of just...ending someone that way.”

“And I, of course, will not support this!” Celestia answered. “You have the power of Friendship, Twilight! You can use it!”

“Friendship is useless here,” Twilight dismissed the idea. “The Elements were destroyed from the whole thing with Sombra. And I don’t think we can replicate what we did.”

“Then what are you going to do, Twilight?” Celestia sighed. “Even you can’t take all of them on at the same time.”

“I know,” Twilight nodded. “Which is why I’ll need your magic, and Cadance’s for Luna.”


“Oh, and evacuate Canterlot. Then get ready to hire builders.”


“Where are you hiding, Spaaaaarkle?” Chrysalis cooed. “I’ve got a present for you!” She blasted a hole into the wall of the throne room. “You can’t hide forever from me!”

Tirek smashed through the door of the throne room. “Sparkle!” he roared. “Come out from wherever you are hiding. Surrender, and I’ll make it quick. We have the Bell and Grogar’s magic. You are no match for us!”

“I agree,” Starlight tore a hole into the space-time barrier and trotted into the throne room through it, along with Cozy Glow. As her hooves stepped onto the marble, the rip closed behind her. She folded her wings in, the Bell having made her an alicorn. “We know you’re in here. My spell detects your magic.”

“I’m actually not,” A hologram of Twilight flickered into place. “I just left several presents behind that are filled with my magic. You see, I know you’d all come after me. You all hate me, don’t you? Well, just ten minutes before…”

Ten minutes ago...

“Here,” Twilight gestured at a section of the floor. Luna nodded, setting yet another trap there.

“Don’t you think this is overboard?” Luna asked as she glanced around the throne room, every section of it rigged to Tartarus with explosive traps. “You even are gonna trigger them all yourself with all of our magic combined.”

“I also have Trixie’s patented “Supremely Great and Powerful Fireworks™,” Twilight grinned. “She made those at my School of Explosions. They’re extremely good for loud explosions and stuff.”

“I wish Celestia would allow me to attend,” Luna pouted. “It sounds like fun, it really does. And how did you even get the E.E.A. to approve it?”

“They didn’t,” Twilight smirked. “I just, um, did a little...bribery. You know how it goes. And pulling my Princess rank, of course. We’re now independent of the E.E.A.”

“Huzzah!” Luna cheered. “Thank you, Twilight, for not being as stuffy as Sister! I was worried you turn out like her when I heard you were her personal student.”

“I would’ve,” Twilight nodded. “If it wasn’t for, you know, blowing you up. I’m really sorry for that.”

“Naw,” Luna shook her head. “It wasn’t your fault. More of mine than anything for giving into the Nightmare.”

“Well then,” Twilight smiled as she examined the spells. “Time to give me all the magic. I’ll blow this place to Tartarus, and hopefully, those four, along with it.”

Luna clapped with her hooves. “I’ll get the popcorn.”

The Present Time

“I wish you good luck,” Twilight’s hologram winked. “As Discord once said,” the hologram winked out. Chrysalis rushed to the window, trying to see if Twilight was there. She was.

Twilight grinned. “Sometimes you just gotta revert to the basics.” A corona of magic had already formed on her horn, the spell’s power crackling in the air.

“We’re bucked, aren’t we?” Starlight whispered.

“Yep,” Cozy shrugged. “Golly, what a way to go-” The world blew up in a crescendo of fire and explosions as Twilight’s spell hit the throne room, every single trap activating.

Rubble flew everywhere as yet more spells ignited, fireworks launching into the air with thousands of explosions happening all at once. The throne room collapsed along with the wing of Canterlot Castle that it was in.

“Worth it,” Luna grinned as she chomped on the popcorn with Discord beside her. All of them were watching from the top of Mount Canterhorn. “The bill for the builders is gonna be expensive, but the sight alone is worth it.”

Celestia sighed and facehoofed. “Ugh…" She looked at Luna. "Give me some." Grabbing some of the popcorn, she started eating them too.

As more explosions went off, everyone could hear Twilight’s exuberant cheer.

“Curse you, Twilight Sparkle,” Grogar grumbled as he broke out of the cage the villains had put him in after betraying him. “I’ll have my revenge. Just not now.”

“Nope!” Discord popped into existence in front of him. “The author wants to finish the series here!”

“You’re gonna blow me up, aren’t you?” Grogar deadpanned.


Discord snapped his fingers, and Grogar blew up.

Author's Note:

Thank's everyone for the continuous support!

This will be the final instalment to the series, I hope you enjoy the bang that is the final one!

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I think it's about time Twilight took control of the sun away from Tia. After all, the sun is basically one big explosion so big that's it's still in the process of exploding.

TDR #2 · Oct 5th, 2021 · · ·

A proper ending to an explosive series.

I was instantly reminded of this and even played the music in my head over the description:

“They didn’t,” Twilight smirked. “I just, um, did a little...bribery."

Hey, I assume that's how the Flimflams got their school approved.

Brilliant capstone to the series. Thank you for it.

Next, Twilight should (G5 Spoilers) pop out of the crystals and blow up Sprout.

And so it end, in the same explosive fashion as before. Op Twilight did indeed go brrrrrr.

An explosion like that reminded me of this scene.

Xalok #9 · Oct 5th, 2021 · · 1 ·

“She trapped me in the bucking time stream!” Starlight yelled. “She blew up the damned spell, and also took everything away from me. My town, my life! I was stuck in the past for four years because of her!”

My love for this Twilight will never stop at this point

And at the end i even got to see my Dream team blow things up, It makes me feel all nice, and even Trixie got to play a part with here fireworks, You know if Celestia don't want the bil for a new castle she can alway move into Twilight's castle she Got a lot of rooms free

“Nope!” Discord popped into existence in front of him. “The author wants to finish the series here!”


Friendship is explosions. This was a fin series, but all good things must come to an end...unless it's Twilight's love for blowing up villains:rainbowlaugh:

This series gave me inspiration for a story or potentially series with Fluttershy owning villains. I don't know if I'm gonna go for it or not yet.

Now I know why Twilight wasn't in G5. She became the pony Mister High-five Torgue Flexington.

Well, I’m glad it ended with a bang

“Friendship is useless here,” Twilight dismissed the idea.

...She did it. She finally saw reason.


Twilight should have just stuffed the caves in the mountain full of plastic barrels of ammonium perchlorate and then lit a natural gas fire right next to them.

PEPCON disaster - Wikipedia

It was one of the bestest chemical booms of all time!

The OTHER thing to do is stuff the caves full of old munitions and dried picric acid... then kick it a few times.

Halifax Explosion - Wikipedia

Unstable chemicals grant so many hours of delight for all! :pinkiecrazy:

Discord snapped his fingers, and Grogar blew up.

anti-climactic, but hilarious anyway

*slices egg to initiate chain reaction which results in the sun going supernova*

:moustache: I'm not cleaning up after her!
:duck: Come Spikey we too can go out with a bang
:moustache: Really?
:rainbowlaugh: Dragon boy is going to get some!
:pinkiegasp: They exploded!
:facehoof: Duh
:ajbemused: You know... For kids
:moustache: What a blast, Can we do it again?
:raritystarry: ^-^
:twilightoops: "..."
:pinkiehappy: Everypony goes bang
:trollestia: I still do nothing, It's in my job description

Just another day in the Friendship is Explosions universe.

Such a short piece, but I still had to read it in two sittings.

That's because Twilight's School of Explosions had me in so many tears of laughter, that I couldn't see the screen.


Technically, the sun (like all main-sequence stars) is in a stable equilibrium, which is about as far from an explosion as you can get. The closest the sun will ever get to an explosion is at the end of its first red giant phase, when its degenerate helium core finally becomes hot and dense enough to begin fusing into carbon.

Of course, if as a white dwarf it were to either accrete a sufficient amount of material or collide with another white dwarf, that would be a different story entirely. KA-BOOM!

I'm so happy right know because we got six of these and they are all stupid funny

Six is the magic number, is it not?

A good stasis spell, and some Azaidoazide-Azide.

Any chemistry majors want to explain the molecule C2N14 and why that should be terrifying?

Even a single largeish coronal mass ejection contains more energy than every one of Twilight's explosions combined. The sun is plenty explosive.

well that was a blast

2000 words flat, and I didn't mind the fic, genius idea to have them go with that kind of blast, still laughed at the plan reveal

11004053 So many nitrogens, all stuck together. And they all have severe enochlophobia.

“You’re gonna blow me up, aren’t you?” Grogar deadpanned.


Discord snapped his fingers, and Grogar blew up.


well the only place i can see this going now is explosion twilight blowing a hole in the universe and going to the cannon timeline to teach the magic of explosions


On the other hand, if you zoom in really close on the atoms undergoing fusion in the middle, that's pretty explodey. Just not densely so (the power density roughly that of any of you sitting reading this)

What a way to end off an explosively spectacular story; especially with the literal ending of this too! The whole way through 'til the end is full of laughs, enjoyment, and so much more! Love every bit of it! Hope ya didn't mind, but I couldn't resist making a reading of this finale of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/fFdJYqoNcQ0

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

One ultimate explosion from Twilight...

"And that's how G5 was born."

Quite right. I guess I got some wires crossed in my head and thought we were talking about detonations specifically. Indeed, magnetic reconnection is a violent release of energy that produces a rapid expansion of the surrounding plasma, which is pretty much the definition of an explosion. So yes, while the sun as a whole is not exploding, its outer layers are literally a hotbed of explosions.

And then Twilight blew everything up so hard Gen 5 happened.

the sun is constantly exploding from the force or nuclear fusion, but its also imploding thanks to gravity and possibly plasma interactions with near equal force. When those get unbalanced is when you get things like Super Novas or Red Giants

Comment posted by Vulomalkirr deleted Oct 7th, 2021

Thank you for a wonderful series. :pinkiehappy:

I like this so much that I need to spam boom. Let’s gooooo!


Hehe…I am being an annoying bitch. :derpytongue2:

...wait, so Twilight didn't convert Starlight to her side through a shared love of explosions? Just Trixie? That's a little disappointing.

This AU in a nutshell:

Lots of prequels, lets see... oh... hmm... mmm...

Sorry about that, but I had to consider what would happen when they did meet.

Friendship is Magic.

Sometimes Explosions are Magic.

Thus Explosions are Friendship!

See Celestia? Twilight knows how to use the Magic of Friendship to take care of her enemies!

Chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom, don't you just love it!
Chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom, don't YOU just love it!
Chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom, don't you just love it now,
Chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom, BOOM, BOOM!

It's what came to mind. Fits, yes?

Even better representation:

When you think about it its odd that Tia isn’t on board with this stuff given that she is literally in charge of what is essentially a perpetual explosion in space.

Not really, when you consider it's far enough away to not kill ponies or cause property damage.

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