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Prob the best story I read in a while! Especially Twilight as a important character, hope to see more soon!

(btw first to comment I think)

Ooo! I’m glad I found this, it’s a real gem! Can’t wait for more, so many questions to be answered! :twilightsmile:


More will be on the way. The goal is to update every third day or so. The praise is much appreciated.

Questions will be answered. An equal amount of questions will arise.

This story is amazing. Definitely in my top ten. I can’t wait to see how magic will work in this story. A bunch of stories have different magic ways. I wonder if it will be science based or magic circles. I’m so excited for this


A little bit of both. The magic system will have a fairly detailed, if intentionally confusing description.

You might want to check out my other story if the magic system is part of the appeal. It goes into a fair amount of detail and is pretty unique on this site as far as I can tell. It's also nothing at all like this story in terms of the magic system.

TQueen of Storms
An endling drakoness finds her world taken from her. An ancient force as old as Life enacts his vengeance on the world - and the bells begin to ring, as the Queen of Storms begins to stir.
Via · 151k words  ·  91  3 · 1.9k views

What's the non-con tag for?


Minor spoilers for the story.

There will be no displays, graphic or otherwise of non-consensual sex or sex at all.
There will be implications and flat out mentions of it - and I thought it would be better safe than sorry to tag as such.

Great story! Can't wait to see how it goes!

great story can't wait for next chapter


Sooner than you might think.

Oooh, looks interesting! Will be following!

espescially since I see Twilight

Oh, and another thing. I love your writing style!


Thank you! Who doesn't love Twilight?

Good to hear that you enjoy my writing <3


Did I have your curiosity, before?

I hope to keep your attention - with a rather quick new chapter to bite into. Much sooner, rather than later.

A little insight into what attracted me, as I don't read as much as I used to, was the phrase, "fear the lady in lavender."

Lavender is usually associated with beauty, peace, relaxation, and soothing comfort. The connotation that it is to be related to fear, intrigues me.

I'll let you know my thoughts when I read.

Congrats! You've been featured!

i love this new chapter too


That's certainly a new experience. Pretty damn giddy that this many people liked it this much.

Powers beyond comprehension? Madness induced by eldritch deities from beyond the stars? Is this like a cross over with Darkest Dungeon? Will the magic of friendship prevail over madness? Has this read been good so far; yes.


Darkest Dungeon is indeed one of my favorite games! But it is not a cross-over: merely some form of subconscious inspiration.

Oh dear it appears a new god is born may all temple and perish before her

Is the lack of paragraphing a mistake, or on purpose?

Because I see some paragraphs that aren't supposed to be joined that are joined.


A quick glance, and I don't see what you're referring to - so maybe it's intentional? There is a more than likely possibility that I simply misformatted something. Or, some things.


"Tell me everything you know about it." He whispered. "Now."
"I - can't. I would - never betray my people-"
"No, you don't understand." The wolf stepped forward. "If you don't tell me everything you know - and I do mean everything, I will tear it out of your screaming, moaning body - and then I will kill you. I will kill you, I will kill everyone that you have ever known, everyone that you have ever crossed by in the street - and they will know exactly why."

Shouldn't there be a line space between paragraphs?

I see quite a few instances like this.


You’re right, there should be. I’m just about to turn in for the night though: so I’ll fix them in the morning, assuming I remember.

I love finishing a chapter and then suddenly there's just another chapter that wasn't their when I started. Anyways, definitely interested in some Twilight the filly God time. :twilightblush:

A full story instead of one-shots with Twilight being an all-powerful god. Count me in!

Can't wait to see how this goes. :twilightsmile:

You had my curiosity with the title and description, but at the end of this first chapter my good author, you have my attention. :moustache:

I want to see what kind of life Twilight can have when her mere presence can kill.

She is basically a walking sanity check for anyone who isn't as powerful as Celestia. :twilightoops:


Who doesn't a bit of Twilight taken to an extreme? As for one-shots: I'm inclined to agree. Stories like the Stars Ascendant are just - hauntingly short. The goal, ideally, is for a fill of some fledgling divine Twilight.

She does seem to have some form of control over it, considering that Steelshy wasn't crushed to a pulp. Regardless - life will be difficult for her, to put it lightly.

In the description you said this story was "part of Gods and monsters".

Where can I find that?

If there is a story before this one i need to read them in order.


There is another story set in the Of Gods of Monsters universe - called Freedom's unRule.

I would like to emphasize that this story will be standalone. It will not require reading Freedom's unRule, or any other Gods and Monsters story I decide to publish. It might give a bit more context, though.
You might find it more enjoyable - going into this with a slightly heavier hint of mystery. Alternatively, here's an embed.

EFreedom's unRule
The laws of the universe are his pet puppy dog. Physics are a suggestion at best, while logic and reason are his scorned ex-spouses. A preview into Discord's life, and the History of Equestria. Part of Of Gods and Monsters.
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haha funny joke amniomorphic haha


In this universe at least, it was originally amnionmorphic, and is used for the restoration of blood. Over time, people just referred to it as the amniomorphic spell.

Oooooh. Gods and monsters is a world. Got it. Well then imma give this twilight one a read!

Well shoot....now I'm VERY intrigued.

More please!!

one word

Aw... love the Celestia-Twilight relationship here. I feel like Fluttershy might actually be good for Twilight, if only she didn’t have that awful thing in her head. I also wonder what Fluttershy’s reaction to all of this will be - welp, guess I’ll have to wait to find out!

(PS. A warm cup of milk always helps me to sleep at night.)

Loving this so far. Looking forward to see where this goes.



The mythology you’ve created here is really interesting, just enough for us to understand but not too much so as to incentivize us to read more. Very well done. Excited to see where this goes.

That was good chapter. in the end Twilight was much more Princess of friendship that monster in start.
And Celestia must teach Twilight how defend herself againts mind magic better.


Thank you!

Even twisted and corrupted by this strange world - Twilight is still Twilight, and Twilight is kind.
For now, at least.

Kind to her friends.
... Horror to her enemies...

Sees incomplete.
Sorry, but I really don’t like reading a story just to have it breaking off in the middle. I put it in my “read later” list tho, so keep working! I really like the feel I get from the description, I’m sure I’ll love the story.


A respectable choice.

This story is... intense. Also, that Private, oof. He failed his sanity check and paid for it.

Another chapter already? Neat.


Clearly, I'm a vain creature that feeds off attention, and attention fuels my desire to write.

I dub you
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