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I felt like Bloodborne was bereft of any likable characters or sensible narrative that wasn't buried across several different item descriptions, so the cast of ponies are looking to remedy that.

Color this despicable fatty intrigued.

Oh definitely. Iosefka and the Doll were the only two I really felt any attraction to as characters, as I just expected Gehrman to go murder mode on me eventually anyways.

We'll see about whether the ponies we meet will be friendly, liars, or murderhobos. Although, I can guarantee you won't need to dig through sixteen item descriptions to figure out if you should want to tear their eyes out or help them.

Lore wise, Bloodborne is an onion that'd make even Lovecraft cry, when it's not busy leaving what you'd assume were critical plot elements almost entirely undefined. For example, Paleblood is mentioned about 3 times. Once at the beginning of the game, once as the color of the sky after the Mensis ritual, and last as an alternate name for the Moon Presence given by Mensis scholars. So what is Paleblood? Blood, a Great One, or a freaking color!? Come on, Miyazaki.

Looking good so far, I personally loved Bloodborne expecally Gehrman and Maria. Looking forward to more.

Why would being a Pale Blood keep Astral from becoming an Alicorn? Just get a transfusion like the Hunter does at the beginning of the game. Wait, that was Ash Blood that the guy needed a transfusion for... Then the Old Blood was the blood that the Yharnamites got from the Alien Gods that caused the Blood Maidens to start producing the Good Blood at the Healing Church, but also caused people to go crazy and turn into beasts on the night of the Hunt... So yeah, what IS Pale Blood? Just the Blood from someone who hasn't taken the Old Blood, yet?

It wasn't in Twilight's nature to leave a book she'd picked unread, and it technically was in Twilight's specified study area.

Stay the buck away from me, blood beast! I swear to Celestia, if you take one step closer, I'm gonna study the Tartarus out of you!

I've simplified things quite a bit with the blood lore. The blood types are not strictly "in line" with Bloodborne lore anymore, but they make vastly more sense, for me at least.

Old Blood for this story is the blood of a Great One. The Church's healing blood is distilled form of Old Blood, mixed with regular mortal blood. The blood maidens and saints are essentially the distilleries for the Old Blood. Old Blood is white in its pure form.

Pale blood is different. It's entirely natural, and thus why it has many of the same effects of healing blood without many of the side effects. I won't elaborate too much, but its roots stretch back even further than Yharnam's, and it is connected to the Old Blood, just not in the way one might expect.

Of all the blood types, Paleblood is the one I changed the most to suit my purposes, which was easy considering it has no true definition in Bloodborne outside of the color of the sky, a secondary name for Moon Presence (who's most likely Oedon anyways), and just as a type of blood, which is what I went with here.

Vileblood won't really be in this story (Cainhurst is just exposition on the nature of blood and the Church anyways), but it's an "experimental attempt" at recreating Pale blood. In this story, it also was what prompted Willem to say "no" to using the blood to attain enlightenment.

Astral very much could have become an Alicorn in time, much like Twilight, but as Celestia says, she hadn't been doing anything that could fill the prerequisites for ascension last time she saw her, thus her surprise at the ascension.

Hmm, this is interesting so far looking forward to seeing what happens next.

I'm sure the day can, and will, get worse. Not immdeiately, but there DO seem to be some very aggressive fishponies right over yonder...

Now that's an interesting idea, what with the influence the sea and other bodies of water have.

Eustace is going to die when Twilight attempts to befriend or show mercy to a beast, I just know it.

I was a little upset not to see the Doll Lady at the workshop, but then I realized that this isn't the Hunter's Dream, this is the real life.

But that makes me wonder how the game mechanics of respawning at lanterns, or using the Hunter's Dream, might work for in this story, if it has it at all.

In Dark Souls, the fact that you spawned at bonfires was really tied up in the lore, and of you being cursed with the Darksign. I still don't think anyone has a good idea how respawning is supposed to work in Bloodborne.

As everything is a layer within a dream. You as a hunter in bloodborne are sustained by the Hunter’s Dream. You exist in a more spiritual state in the world of Yharnam. This is why you obtain echoes of blood, and not blood itself. But reality shifts, you enter and remain within dreams where the dreamer is dead. You face threats that bend your mind so much you are constantly fooled, and only through insight or their destruction does it stop.

Gherman holds your contract, and only he can free you. But he needs you to kill the source. And so his power and that of the dream, sustain you.

In essence, your true physical self has been ensnared in the collective dream, and only through allowing Gherman to kill you will you truly awaken again

The Doll was left in the Old Abandoned Workshop, and what Twilight and the Gang are in is the Church Workshop. If they ever wind up down at the Abandoned Workshop you'll see her.

There won't be respawning, sadly. Nobody save the Hunter in Bloodborne has signed a contract, which is what enables them to regenerate after death, presumably.

I always saw respawning as an extension of the Moon Presence's power as a Great One, especially seeing as lamps are gateways to the Dream (aka. the Moon Presence's domain) and focal points for Messengers. Also since we can assume the contract is what binds the Hunter to the hunt, we can assume that the contract is less a deal with Gehrman and more a deal with Moonie with Gehrman acting as a witness to the contract's fulfilment.

At least, that's my perspective :P

i was just thinking about this game New game + is a lot more annoying than the first run

Not for power-grinders like me. I'm so bad at these kinds of games, I have to become massively-overleveled to get through the first time, and the second time around, enemies drop WAY more souls/echoes, making it quicker to grind further up to where I need to be the second time around.

Then you get people who beat NG+7 orphan of Kos with waste of skin unleveled, unarmored, weaponless, and hud disabled.

Competitive Korean Starcraft players, and Speedrunners in general are a different breed of human. Why do all the real-life superheroes just play videogames nowadays?

Everything else in that list is fine, but NG+7 is where I draw the line lmao. Leave that to LobosJr.

Korean gamers in general are pretty goddamn mental gamers. They take it very seriously, like their education. Ever want to be carried without a choice in whether you get carried or not? Play with a Korean.

I think it actually was Lobosjr who did that fight as i described.

It was. I watched that stream live, took him like 50 mins to kill OoK. Probably can still find the videos of him doing it on YT without much trouble.

(Astral's involved with the Choir? ... ... Dang, no wonder she went crazy and tried to kill Celestia and Twilight. Or rather, whoever was using her as a mind-control puppet did so. Whatever the case... there are exactly zero good signs in her position.)

Sad part is twilight is just crazy enough to do that.… and that just might scare some of the beasts of yarnam

Looking to the Cathedral Ward, he saw the last thing he'd ever wanted to see again. A massive, ungainly creature, as tall as a six-story building, lumbered out of the space between the Ward's buildings, massive claw clutching its face. It slowly walked to the plaza that the bridge opened out to, and then jumped onto the bridge itself.

Hey cleric beast how are you this fine day. Jk SCREW YOU

Oh no gasacoin or however u spell it

What I like in this series is all the interactions

Thank you!

I try to strike a balance between environmental description and dialogue, its harder than I would have thought. A lot of what I have planned or want to say gets scrapped for the sake of pacing! Glad to hear that you like how the characters interact, that always consumes most of the time I spend drafting.

Do you want some help with it

I don't know what bloodborne is (it's a video game that's the extent of my knowledge) will I still be able to comprehend the story without knowing or do I have to play the game to fully understand?

If it took all three of them just to kill Gascoigne does that mean that the good Hunter is ridiculously strong. Both skill and strength wise plus you have to help the crow multiple times. Man they just need to run into the good Hunter he/she would fix all of their problems.

The fun part about this story is that you don't need to play the game. I explain the core elements (or at least the ones that matter to this story) during its run. So no, you can read and comprehend fully what's going on.

Later chapters will follow in the same vein as Bloodborne's later stages, so those might be a bit more confusing, but that's purely by design both in-game and here.

The Good Hunter gets smacked by a giant, glowy sword and just jumps away to stick a vial of go go juice into his leg. Later, he ascends to literal godhood. The Good Hunter is the embodiment of OP.

And yes, beasts are damn strong in this story. Doesn't help that Celestia wasn't very good at hunting, though :)

Yeah still can't believe my badass Hunter turned into a giant slug. Celestia just needs to practice and the night of the Hunt is definitely a good time to practice.

I don't know why I'm reading this but I can't stop it's just so good!
I never read dark or Gore and I've never played blood born before. But the description just drew me in and i cant put it down.
Keep up the good work! i love this story.

Thank you! It's readers like you that keep me going, the joy of creation is only truly experienced when you can share it with others :)

I certainly intend to see this story through, and maybe something(s) afterwards. I've got ideas knocking around inside, we'll see what they are when we get there though. Probably not something as dark as this if it's set in S3-4 Equestria.

I'm actually surprised this story has so few views / upvotes, with as good as it is I'd think that it would be more popular. Maybe you need better puplicity? Have you added this to any groups?

None haha. 0 publicity and I've got no idea how groups work. Probably should look that up :P

This is actually my first published work ever, of any kind, so the praise I've received so far from people like you and others has been really unexpected but cherished. Thank you :)

With your permission, I could add this to a few of the groups that I belong to if you like.
It should attract more readers that might enjoy your story, but it may also attract some trolls.

Now when you say major character deaths do you mean permanent or like how they come back to life after each death

Well I'm not entirely sure if that tag is actually applicable anymore. I haven't killed anyone major, though I'll keep it for just in case. In the case of a major character death, you wouldn't need to worry about any of the main series characters. It'd be my own that bite the dust, but it'd also be permanent.

I didn't know this existed. I need this. Guess its time to spend another 50 hrs purging.

A fellow Stellaris player, eh? You're very welcome. :twilightsmile:

I admit, I'm sceptical of the time-travel theory. Something here doesn't add up.

Also, why don't Celestia and twilight just use their magic to use the weapons?

Well, time travel is the most likely scenario, isn't it? What other explanations could there be?

At this point they haven't really had a chance to use them yet. Later you'll see Celestia use the Kirkhammer with magic, and I think I explain how, even with magic, the weapon is as unwieldy as it looks in game.

Twilight will be staying back most fights, using her rifle. Celestia doesn't want her to be more involved than she absolutely has to be, and Eustace is fine with that.

Are you alright now?

Don't worry, Celestia. Saving a few ponies will not change the future. After all, the past has already happened, and you are a part of it.

Astral is worrying over nothing. The past cannot be changed. Observe:

Time is a fickle mistress, and she offers many branching paths. In the S5 Finale we see multiple different possible timelines for if Rainbow had never performed the rainboom, courtesy of Starlight. Twilight eventually fixed the past so those alternative realities never come to pass, but the precedent is set for present actions observed in the past affecting the future of the past. We merely observe a timeline in which the past is restored, and the "unaltered" timeline continued.

Astral is in a similar situation to Starlight, though she doesn't want to annihilate the current progression. Are the ponies from the future from a future where she stayed behind, or from where she left with them? If she makes a wrong decision, she could destroy her own birth, seeing as her birth was after Yharnam's collapse and eventual erasure. The same goes for Celestia and Twilight's births.

It's quite the dilemma.

Ah, but the season 5 finale's time-travel only makes sense if one doesn't think about it too much.

(Also, you have to reply in the same chapter, or the one you are replying to won't get a notification. The only reason why I saw this is because I manually checked.)

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